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alright so lets have a real discussion about the future of this shitcoin. i have been holding this piece of shit for a while now because it looked like the fundamentals were improving exponentially as the price was not moving which at the time looked like a great divergence aka VALUE PLAY. however - it turns out when the price is shitty its usually for a reason.

so now that BAT has lost ALL value on the iOS platform, where do we go from here? people using iphones spend 3x more per transaction when buying things than android users, and half of americans use them (the most valuable people to advertise to)

the main postive thing i see here - after this MASS fucking capitulation event where a shit ton of people sold that had been holding for years....the price honestly didnt move that much. so obviously somebody is on the other side of these sells with big buy orders. i sold A LOT of my stack (half of it) and i also know a lot of other people did too. so why isnt it dumping? capitulation events are usually bullish when everyone sells and the price doesnt dump...so lets talk about what happens from here. how you feeling batbros? how many of you sold, or lightened your position after this seemingly horrible death blow to the future of bat/brave?

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>gives free blowjobs to area homeless negroes
>wtf do i have all these stds?

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oh and by the way i also dont like how brave tried to kind of cover this up by releasing their gay little news feed right before announcing BAT is dead on iOS

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this is a very good point that cant be ignored thank you for your input

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I've been holding 50k of these dogshits for about 2 years.
At this point I cautiously figured we would be $2-$3 range.
I was willing to hold on despite the massive underperformance simply based on fundamentals (number of active users).
Now the fundamentals are gone. Probably 35-50% of the userbase has just been wiped out and will never return.
Next shoe to drop will be either Chrome, Edge, or Firefox stealing the idea directly.
It sucks.

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Im going to keep putting money into brave and just assume it goes to zero desu

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i think it would be difficult for another browser to steal the bat model. especially chrome. that mean google revises their entire business model around an unproven shitcoin. their entire business is collecting your data. firefox cant do it because they are cucked homos.

regardless, the apple news is definitely the worst fundamental shift to ever happen to BAT and it presents a huge uphill climb from here and i no longer think is an easy get-rich shitcoin as i once did. im not that invested in the future of this thing anymore and dont really care what happens from here, though i do hope they succeed obviously because i still have half my stack left that i didnt sell

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Yeah, that's pretty much the attitude I take with crypto. Any gains I make I'm always grateful and sell portions at a time.

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yeah im not putting another dime into this. wherever it goes from here is whatever. im going to pretend like what i have left is already worth zero.

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This, and only this.

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>seemingly horrible death blow
>faggot Tim Cook being a faggot

lol I'm sure Eich and the team are positively shaking in their boots. I bet tomorrow they'll scrap the dozen positions they're hiring for too because everything is so doomed.
You and your demoralization can get fucked OP.

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dont be a nigger and just buy more bat

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lol its not demoralization retard this is just facts. you can bury your head in the sand if you want but they just lost a huge chunk of their market dumbass.

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I am pretty off-put by BAT too. I only have 10k though, so my bag is not very weighty. It's more that BAT is my first shitcoin bag that I was excited about.

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Would the token itself dying also automatically doom brave? I have next to no bat, but this project is one of those that I would very much like to see adopted by normies. Could they pay you out in some other currency, or is that a no go?

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I still have ads enabled on my iOS Brave to support the project. This is a principled project not a get rich quick scheme.

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That's the mindset I have. It is however undeniable that the performance of the token will also influence the performance of the project, which makes me worry

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apple didnt ban the brave browser from their store, they just wont let them pay people with BAT and allow tipping anymore because it breaks the terms of "paying people for completing tasks". its a weird loophole that they used to kill BAT from brave on the iOS. the positive thing is that brave can still grow even though BAT is useless on iphones, and maybe eventually figure out some kind of value proposition for their shitcoin and somehow monetize the users in a different way or figure out a way to get BAT back into the ios version

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what they need to do is sync ios with desktop, somehow keep track of ads delivered on ios and then pay it out through desktop. yes a huge pain in the ass but i don't know how else they get around this. sold all my bat btw i don't want to hold this anymore after losing faith in the team to support bat for the long term.

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yeah you arent the only one that dumped. this was the breaking point for a lot of people, which makes it that much weirder that the price didnt dump that much. it always seemed like BAT needed some type of mass capitulation event to shake out all the bagholders that have been clinging onto this fucking shitcoin for years. could this actually be it? idk man

definitely strange that this didnt send it below 20c

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my guess is that the bat/btc ratio is essentially at an all time low, so there might be some technical support around that area. the real dump would occur if btc dumps. idk man, i want brave to succeed but i can just see them saying in 2 years sorry we are paying out ads in USDC now because most people are too scared to deal with volatile erc 20 tokens outside of our biz bubble.

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yeah batbtc is on its last leg of support before it breaks down completely, which looks likely from here. some people only care about the USD price but really BAT/BTC is just showing you the opportunity cost that you are losing hold this shit instead of btc. the entire point of shitcoins is for them to outperform btc, not to lose value against it.

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I don't deny the fact the Apple iOS guideline changes are a big problem, but you're the one using the phrase "horrible death blow", which is not only inaccurate, but also purposefully demoralizing language, hence my original statement.

Suck my hairy protuberance.

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ew thats gay

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i have like 10 bat because of the brave browser, you're telling me that now it's worth nothing?

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Dude thats like $2 before fees plus taxes and that will be $1.99 tip. You need to wipe the cum off your face too.

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It's worth exactly as much as it was the day before this alleged armageddon event happened, which should tell you how little that news mattered in the big picture.

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I think the main reason it didn't dump as much on the news is because all the top holders (the team) knew about this long before and were already dumping. When they released the QR code thing to transfer bat from iOS it was in anticipation of this, so they knew long before this. Since summer probably. Now it's just the retail cucks that are dumping last, but you still can't deny that bat being useless on iOS isn't a problem for the future of BAT price

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Smh, i will only say this once, and never again. Brave/BAT has some really really really big partnerships in the works behind the scenes. These are real and working and have been in development for years now. Remember that 80m user partner eich mentioned? Yeah well, its still a thing, and even bigger now in terms of users, but eich was told to pedal back on the marketing of it before the partnership is fully fleshed out. This is information that you will not hear anywhere else, and that I can assure you is true. Ignore it at your own peril, I am only doing this because Im on vacation, using a vpn, and if it werent for biz i would be literally dead right now. Ive been mulling over dropping this info for a longgggg time. Its time to payback biz. Keep a close watch on BAT q3.

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>google revises their entire business model around an unproven shitcoin.
nah. they will include 0 privacy protections. it will include even more privacy violations, maybe always on mic + camera.
public will love it and will become big big hit.

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Wait, you guys don't immediately dump it for another coin once you get paid?

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>where do we go from here?

The only fix here is to get Apple to change their minds or make an exception for Brave/BAT.

That's it. Without that, BAT is valueless on any iOS platform.

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Sell your BAT for a loss find out the precentage you are down and put it in a small market cap shitcoin during a golden bull run, you will make your money back. I never liked BAT and as far as i remember it hovered at 0.19p for the whole run. Buy PRQ it's at the bottom of a trend reversal and will easily do a x2 by the EOY

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Sounds larpish af

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Happy Saturday, lads. All I know is I'm buying 200-300k more if we dip to 15 cents.

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Can you post the rest brapbro?

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Based, bless your brapposting, anon. We're all gonna make it.

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Absolutely based pic.

I got you, lad.

Checked and based. We're all going to make it. I'm just doing my part to keep the morale up a bit, feel free to drop a request since you got blessed digits.

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Nice digits bro

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I think there's 1 more part, I'll dig a bit for it.

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>Keep a close watch on BAT q3
What the fuck thats like a year away

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Bless you

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women are interesting beings.

if apple fucks brave because new terms. wouldnt that mean that apple knows the potential of brave. So in order to fuck them they put some terms. And in the background theyre making their own brave business model to implement in safari?

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Thanks man. Dealer's choice, just happy to have you here.

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No problem, lad.

Occam's Razor. You're likely correct. Was just several months ago, Brave was featured on "apps we love" from them and was really high on the top charts for several months as well. Just doesn't make sense to cuck it so hard with some bullshit terms loophole.

>women are interesting beings
Nice way of putting it, kek.

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Couldn't wait to post this bat Saturday with all the fud in the world in it. Can you fud more so we can buy cheap? It's not even cheap yet.

I unironically have zero doubt brave/apple will work something out. Yes I am emotionally invested.

Emotionally invested in Brendans head.

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Large, bulbous, throbbing.

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>just happy to have you here.
Likewise, lad. I'll be here until the moon or 0.

I'll give you a bit of a different post. Pic related has a bunch of nudes, so here's 1 of the best compilations. Hopefully its your cup of tea.



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Whens brave going to partner with Steam so I can buy games and return them when I find they are shit?

I wish, wish this were real. Did anyone ever find out what the 80mil was reference to?

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I think the 80m thing is dead and this guy's a larper, but I did post the link to this thread in the main BAT telegram channel so maybe one of the faggots from the team is the one saying this idk

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i remember people saying in one of these threads that someone came in dropping hi-res BAT logo photos and knowledge drops in here. i don't doubt some of the team lurk these threads at all

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Is the BAT telegram worth joining? Is it active?

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the BAT official telegram is fairly active, however most content is 'how do i get my bat out of my account!11'

>> No.24762712


Whether it's worth joining? Idk. But if you join hit me up on there my username is cryptofag

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oi were you the reddit bat giveaway fellow?

>> No.24763006

Do you still have that link to all the Belle Delphine pics?

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I'll still keep using Brave for now but not expecting anything big out of BAT

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Brendan “Big Lobes” Eich will reward only his most loyal followers.

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Think it smells good?

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Can we bring a class action lawsuit against apple for this? Killing a feature because they don’t get a cut is clearly anti competitive.

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Provably slow bleed because of exactly 0 bat development in the whole year....

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I figured, kek.

I'll hit you up if I join for sure. Was curious if there was any news, updates, etc on the TG.


I'll update it once she releases the porn on Christmas day.

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This could be a good idea. Open a post at batproject!

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When's brave going to partner with meme atlas? 400-500 people a day are exposed to brave and BAT from it. I want that joocy partnership.


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MAU base more than doubled in one year's time. I understand this is not strictly a "BAT development" but the key to mooning will be these developments in tandem with actual scarcity- only possible with a much higher userbase.

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its the best thing brave could do to save themselves.

memeatlas bridges the gap between iOS and android. its the sweat and body secretions between the android/iOS handshake of goodwill.

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I'm humbled by your words anon. Stay blessed.

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bless up homie

>> No.24764971

The IOS thing is a pretty big blow, but its not the end. Its going to slow down brave a little bit, but desktop is still on, and IOS is predominately a U.S. thing. Brave users on IOS can still be monetized also. There is the possibility that rewards could come back to IOS too. We are still on track.

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As soon as Brave and Apple come to an agreement about how Apple will get a cut they'll turn the rewards back on.

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Well you were granted dubs so the universe has spoken.

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Also looked into running an ad campaign on 4chan for meme atlas and for 30 days its going to run me around $500 dollars. You guys think I should pull the trigger on it? Obviously the site is extremely relevant to anyone who is a regular on here but that's not exactly pocket change for me. I'm thinking on waiting until I get a membership section set up on my website. The basic idea is that you'd be able to save the memes you like which would hopefully encourage repeat visitors. According to google analytics around 15% of my traffic is returning visitors so I don't know if that's good or not. Seems low to me though. Any webdev or SEO anons have any thoughts?

>> No.24765880

I think it is probably the closest thing you can get to smelling Eichs forehead

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jannies must have taken the night off.

>> No.24766168

Can you run one on brave when self serve gets here ? Cheers

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Depending on the price I absolutely will. Also hoping to use their SDK to host brave ads on my site when its live. I'm hoping that's sooner rather than later but I do appreciate the amount of work they have to do to get a steady product released. Hopefully they update the roadmap soon.

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lol wait people on /biz/ actually bought BAT?

>> No.24766775

That memeatlas misidentifies a lot of Apus as "Pepe", I notice...

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File: 1.19 MB, 400x400, chad-basketball-glasses.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ya well I needed a way to differentiate them for internal purposes. I did what I had to do and I won't apologize for it.

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Go to know your meme for your pepes, idc.

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haven’t read this thread yet but bumping because I want to keep the BAT thread alive

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one off and based friend. Thanks for the bump.

> semper fi

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Get ready. Final shakeout.

>> No.24768082

i think you might be right

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They’ve been saying that for years

>> No.24768778

Btw I think if you put kleros and link memes up in their own sections you would get heaps of traffic given how many memes they have

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Ya but there's no tipping. No incentive to host those homie.

>> No.24769300

yeah but this time it actually feels real

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ok you get dubs

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right that makes sense.

who is the 80mil partner??

>> No.24770003

"- Brendan Eich, the creator of the Basic Attention Token, hinted at a new publisher partnership, but didn't name any partners.

- Per his words, it has 80 million adblocking users, plus many more that don't block ads."

>> No.24770034

"’m going to tell a story about a site, and you can guess which it is. It has 80 million adblocking unique visitors per month – it has […] many more non-adblocking, but it’s a high adblocking incidence. And they are ready to try something with us that would convert those adblocker users […] to Brave."

>> No.24770045

This staff writer has done some back-of-the-napkin sleuthing, in an attempt – just for fun, not investment advice! – to narrow down which website Eich could have referred to.

The key piece of evidence is “80 million adblocking unique visitors per month.” According to Statista, a well-known and used web traffic statistics aggregator, 27% of global users on average use adblocking software. A website counting 80 million unique adblocked users should therefore garner about 300 million total unique monthly visitors.

According to another trusted data tracker, SimilarWeb, there are a number of publishing-style content websites hitting in this general range. WordPress ranks at the top, with 327 million per month; Pinterest falls perfectly in the zone, at 303 million; Quora, Reddit, XHamster and IMDB fill out the bottom of the range, with 270, 245, 241, and 233 million respectively.

Neither WordPress, nor Pinterest, nor Quora are currently registered under the BAT payment scheme. Of these three, WordPress has already proved to be a crypto-friendly platform, being registered as a Civic Secure Identity Platform (CVC). In a convenient triangulation, Brave itself is also partnered with Civic for identity and know-your-customer services.

>> No.24770061

>plebbit coin

>> No.24770095

Although Eich did not give the name of the partner, he revealed enough details to provoke speculation among the community. Speculators have previously suggested that WordPress, Pinterest, and Quora could be Brave’s new verified publisher. However, new details suggest that Imgur is most likely to be the unnamed partner.

For one thing, Imgur meets the criteria that Eich describes: Imgur receives over 250 million visitors a month, and the site’s visitors are largely men under 35, who disproportionately use ad blockers. This makes Imgur a prime target for Brave’s reformed advertising model.

In addition to meeting the criteria that Eich revealed, the image hosting site has uploaded a Brave publisher verification file (archived here). It seems undeniable that Imgur intends to use Brave’s BAT token in some way, although it is possible that Eich was referring to a different publisher in his statement.

>> No.24770108


>> No.24770128

would it matter though

>> No.24770140

I have already bought CVR on presale with top benefits and you will stay poor without brains to understand why this will become great

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Bro idk. I just run a meme website.

>> No.24770215

get off the IPA's chief.

i think imgur would be prime for pub adverts given they are in page.

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I'm actually fine because I already swung it and rebought it, taking back my initial
get cucked fudsters

>> No.24770297

why are girls on boats so boring. they make my peeper go down

>> No.24770379

I sold all my BAT after that thread where the guy proved how he farmed hundreds of thousands of tokens due to an exploit.

>> No.24770421

twas but a larp my friend

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Elle is never boring

>> No.24770870

U think the fundamentals are there for tron? I don’t think these whales care. This shitcoin will be pumped into existence.

>> No.24771680


>> No.24771955

This is what bat retards don't understand. Adoption and all those metrics they post don't mean shit. Crypto thrives on hype alone, nothing else. BAT only pumped this year thanks to the rumors of that portnoy kike getting interested in it and defi hype. People who pumped BAT didn't care about apple or any adoption metric, if they did BAT would've been over $1 in the last year.

BAT will recover, but it's not going to hit the previous highs. Understand that and you will have an easy time trading it.

>> No.24771961

will it hit $40 tho?

>> No.24771984

If BTC goes to $500k+ then I don't see why it couldn't. Even $100 doesn't seem that unrealistic if crypto mania kicks again.

>> No.24772013

What makes you think BAT cannot attract hype. It already has 22.2m users. If something kicks it off it could create a self perpetuating cycle, and it looks like its primed. Theres 1m creators and commercials are launching soon. Something could kick it off.

>> No.24772035

i cant tell if you are pro bat or not, but i like what im hearing

>> No.24772608

Phone got factory reset and the 103.5 BAT disappeared from my browser. Tho it was connected to uphold account (unverified) so i think i may be able to access it after i verify my account. IDK.
Anyway , such vulnerabilities will ensure this never takes off.

>> No.24773010

The vulnerability lies in what is reflected back off your phone screen when you look at it.

>> No.24773220

>now that BAT has lost ALL value on the iOS platform

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