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Sorry I need one more dump to get 1 full BTC. So no 19k tonight fren.

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when moon

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Goy here reporting in

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>Nearly 2021
>Not even a whole coiner yet
Not going to make it

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lets go goyim

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bitcoin will never be under $19000 again

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we're going back to 6k
end of the story

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And praise ALLAH, we will NEVER be below 19k again!

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where does the wick peak before our journey to 3k?

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and wallah. budder bing budder boom bitcone will never be under 19km again

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based fuck the kaffir

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>18k to 19k is a 5% increase

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Is ok friend no rush

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and 28k to 29k will only be a 3.5% increase

48k to 49k a 2% move.

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I put 1k in did I do good?

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already 19k

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5 mins left lads

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Newf*g here, was thinking about getting into BTC (Bitcoin) but when do you think it will go down to 5k again like earlier this year? I will just wait for that because $19,000 is way too expensive Right now. Or does anyone have any good projects that are going to be the next bitcoin?

Thanks, friends.

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trips of kys

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yes sir buy xrp it only 50 cents if it goes to 19000 you will certainly be very wealthy

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and waited

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Oldf*g here, been here since May, seen some shit. To answer your question it’s hard, because we don’t know if the collateral really matches the principal, nobody can actually check, and it all comes down to kyc. Do you habe the money, or do you want to gamble that you do not, when the bill comes due, essentially. Buy just a little now, then dca when btc hits $5k and sell when it hits $7k for almost $2k profit.

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I said the same thing when it was $1200. I thought it was too expensive and wanted it to drop back to $700.
It never did.

The lesson I learned is to just buy every localized dip and dca in that way.

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what an incredible waste of trips lmao

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This. The citadel's doors are closing, don't hesitate.

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it's waiting for the signal desu. it'll wick to kill stupid bobos flash to 13-10-7-5k and then start a correction back to 10. long term 30k

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