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>when you realize $1.38 EOY wasn't a meme afterall

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1.38 was fud to begin with

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You could have reached 1.38$ since September if you faggots just advertised it yourselves outside of /biz/.

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Why hurry? Now that the bull is loose STA can reach much higher numbers with the help of daddy BTC & co. instead of doing it all by itself.

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STAstronaut checking in
comfy level 9/10
STA bros are all going to make it

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Enjoy missing the point and the boat

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you faggots have defeated me. I was the top fudder on biz. I was there for the versions and sold after balancer attack. I wrecked you in threads for months. and i may finally submit. About to go back in, all in. I salute you faggots but i still hate your guts

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Marketing campaign coming soon. This hasn't even begun yet.

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nigger prince pumping again for one last time his 200k volume shitcoin so it can dump it all once again with everyone else who FOMO.

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Mother Statera is unsinkable, and she always forgives. Welcome home, soldier.

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the rumours are true, turns out Abu and Megan were having sexual relations behind the devs backs and used all the funds to pay for her hormones and plane ticket to Nigeria. This is his last ditch attempt to pump the price up before rugging everyone and taking all the ether for himself. rumour has it he’s planned to build property in the jungles of Nigeria with his newly wed-to-be Megan. Last anyone heard of Souvlaki in the telegram was that he is in an unknown location in Turkey trying to infiltrate Turkish MIT intel to locate the whereabouts of Turkish bases in northern Cyprus, so he can retake it and organise armed mercenaries from Nigeria funding them with STA which was kept in the 0x account, to reunite with Greece again. This has been their plan the whole time.

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nice try, planes don't fly TO Nigeria idiot.

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Actually volume is over $500k on Uniswap alone

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Next ATH 88c confirmed

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88c seems reasonable actually. Mere 10x

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Reminder that $1 is not even $100,000,000
And current ATH is less than $40,000,000

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Jesus christ, this thing is going skull fuck every alt for the foreseeable future.

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yeah in the sense that no one trusts biz alts ever again after you delusional trannies tarnishing alt gains with this scam

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Seethe harder newfag

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sta shill buying May 2020 biz coin bags off of old fags that bought it for .0001 calling people newfag
i look forward to your pink wojaks you fucking slime

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Holy fucking based and checkd

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Another room temp IQ trying to tell me what they know. Shut the fuck up and buy in when it's $1.38

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>tfw we’re all gonna make it

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Skull fuck or absolute top decimations?
It’s both isn’t it

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I love how you can see the fudders getting desperate every time STA pumps

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Statera is crashing as I type this. $1.38 is delusion. Even 8 cents is delusional too.

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Checked. You know, I'm starting to believe that the community that coalesced around this coin and started calling themselves "the team" just got lucky and stumbled upon Scott's whitepaper in github. The creator is completely silent and the thing is being led by a Nigerian and a transvestite with no background in finance or technology. Abu Bakr Al-Bagholder literally worked at a road side sheet metal sign shop in nigeria before somehow becoming the LEAD. Let that sink in. Megan Skye Phoenix dm'd a TG member the other day asking for investment tips and has admitted to swinging the coin. And G C dude I know you are in here because you'll endlessly shill your youtube vids in any STA thread you get your hands on. in fact I wouldn't be surprised if you're responsible for most of the /stags/, you seem like a smart guy but you're clearly overinvested, which isn't very smart my dude.

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It’s over young fagboy

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200 STA whale here AMA

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>STA fud in a nutshell

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they need to take their meds and adjust their dosage. $10 EOY

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Watch the charts. Did I lie? It's a dead coin unable to reach 50% of what it was this summer.


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>top 5 biggest gainers yesterday
>dead coin
Take your meds dude, sorry you missed it but you had so much time.

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Ooooh! Impressive!! It doubled its all time low!!!

Seriously mate, stop doing meth, then zoom out and watch the charts. 40 cents in September.

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All time low? Wait, you are actually retarded aren’t you?

Dump from ATH to the current bottom wasn’t even the largest STA has gone through. Only thing dead here are your braincells, I’m sorry man.

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lmfao tick tock faggots. I feed off these desperate cope threads

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>Statera is crashing as I type this
No it isn't
Still at 7.6c
>40 cents in September
STA has big swings in both directions. Either hop on and enjoy the ride, or don't. But if you don't then gtfo our threads

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lower lows after pathetic break-out attempt
kek tick tock

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wulve of mumbais still holding this shit. imagine end of 2020 and you still holding this nigerian prince scam. lol you guys are hilarious losers. you all should be ashamed and kys

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We will see
If it drops below 3c I will concede to you

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>Fudding a coin without buying low


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>$1.38 EOY
>$10.38 EONY
>$100.38 EO2022

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Looks like there's a Statera post on r/cryptomoonshots
High IQ anons should get i there and explain STA to the plebs

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finally a gentlemen non-moonboi. I hope everyone else sells and it moons just for you.
you will have my sword if this breaks .10c
let the games begin

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It’s not if but when. STA is inevitable. It has been foretold.

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Imagine not holding even a suicide stack of this. The thought is absolutely frightening. Nightmare fuel for the Golden bull run.

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There's no way there's ANYONE on /Biz/ who doesn't hold at least 10k Sta... Right?

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I understand why people are skeptical. 99% of coins shilled on biz are absolute dog shit
It's just about finding the few gems within the shit. I truly believe that Statera is one of those gems

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HAHAHAHAHA NEVER SELLING https://youtu.be/q6Eo926hDU0

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And just like that *snap* Statera is 10¢

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nighty night statera faggots. hope you sold at the final top before this goes to the dust bin. You faggots sicken me. This is the most retarded biz shill campaign of the year and I can't wait til it dies. Im getting high off of your hope rn and the visions of a pink catalogue

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Never going to 10 cents again. Get real.

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>I can't wait til it dies.
Volume went from 30k two days ago to 433k as of right now. So yeah...keep waiting for it die you sad faggot LMAO

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Statera is inevitable.

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Yes, it's inevitable it drops to 3 cents again. It's already under 7 AGAIN.

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>Looking at the Coingecko price instead of Uniswap price

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>7 posts from this ID
Get the help you need anon I could only imagine how much of a cucked loser I would have to be to spew negativity on a mongolian basket weaving forum. I will say a prayer for you this evening at the dinner table while I break bread with thy family

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They call me max... Max comfy

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Kek. Look how mad you are. Last chance to get a suicide stack fren. $1.38 EOY

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>hurrrrr price goes up
>durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr price goes down
I bet you're refreshing the STA chart every 5 minutes. What a pathetic faggot

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I can see the uniswap price in coingecko. Says 0,062. Enough said.

>> No.24899441

It's a 0.073 right now

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kek you retards cant resist replying to me

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Amen brother.

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Stop crossing the street and go down the river you absolute wanker

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Can I buy this somewhere that isn’t unishit? I like statera as a concept but refuse to support anything (((CZ))) has his hands in, and that includes Uniswap since Binance holds the majority of ownership votes.

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We just wanna accumulate

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>demonstrates knowledge of crypto
>claims not to know where to buy sta
X to doubt.
For any genuine buyers lurking the thread thinking of going the Uniswap route, see pic related.

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And pic related for exchanges. Courtesy of:

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Crashing to 3 cents.

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>he thinks the dashboard is a nothingburger
>he thinks less than 3 million tokens being pooled in phoenix is because people simply dont want to pool
no you goof its because its too much of a hassle and people are too FUCKING STUPID, if they released the dashboard while the apy is above 100% we're literally going to see no.1 on dex tools no.1 on cmc, no.1 on cg, binance begging to list us and you knwo what we're going to say? fuck off you gook fuck because they cant facilitate the burn. SEVENTY WALLETS POOLING (seventy)(70) SEVEN OH wallets. out of FOURTY THREE HUNDRED (FOUR THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED (4300) the dashboard bring ONE CLICK (1) functionality when it comes to pooling and BUYING statera. ZERO (ZERO) click functionality when it comes to calculating the APY and supply left. if you cant understand this you're truly beyond help and you should probably just buy kleros or something, goodluck retard.

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>ask where to buy STA that isn’t Uniswap
>You’re a liar!
I do not follow your logic.

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Who cares about EOY. It’s all about next year when we break double digit dollars, how far will we go?

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Statera is a revolution just like Bitcoin was. Normies do not know even know about DeFi yet. Once they do, they still have to understand it. We are that early.

It’s a revolution against centralization and the everlasting wageslaving ratrace. Today there are a handful of ultra rich at Wall Street and a metric fuck ton of poor people. Statera envisions transferring the financial power back to the people. If for nothing else, this already should convince you to start accumulating. It’s for the sake of greater good and seriously has a massive potential to explode and make you rich on top of that. No larp, I mean every word.

Merry Christmas frens. Nothings gonna stop us now.

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Lol I’m telling you right fucking now
The rise will never end for the next couple of years. Guaranteed. I’m never sure about anything
>inb4 source; dude trust me

>> No.24903370

If any coin has the potential to keep snowballing it's Statera

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STAtesmen, I have 30k tokens.

Will I make it?

>> No.24903526

How does 3 million dollars sound?

>> No.24903541

The financial instrument that STA is, is actually god tier
I only own 2 assets and refuse to buy anything else.
Anything more is bloody gambling and delusional.
We are betting against the inefficiency of the financial system.
STA is fucking BTC on DMT

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I can't believe manvinder and co. are still shilling this hot garbage

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Assuming you don’t hold sta, is actually gross as fuck and the fate to be met is terrifying
Couldn’t fucking be me

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When you understand what Statera stands for. There is literally no fucking way you can't be excited. This thing is going to be so fucking big in the future. Fuck it's disgusting how early we are. Almost feels unfair to those who are unable to buy below a dollar.

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Yes you will make it. We all will.

>> No.24904382

I love this analogy

>> No.24904487

I missed this. It's so true. We are the resistance.

>> No.24904958

It still is low you fucking fudder

>> No.24905160

See? Now it's 5 cents. It's a dead coin.

>> No.24905441

5 cents?! Jesus I'm rich

>> No.24905660

You will neck
You will not fathom

>> No.24905911

>lol I don’t even care about my ex girlfriend I check her Instagram Facebook and Twitter 5 times a day just to verify she’s doing poorly because of how little I care no I don’t miss her at all she is so stupid lol I don’t even care trust me she is doing so bad haha

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Thats such a good way of putting it kek

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I have 80k STA and 80k eRSDL. Spent less than 1/5 of just my 401k contributions this year on it. But, I'm more emotionally invested in my shit coins than my IRA, 401k or ETFs. Those are boring and I play them all pretty safe so I can gamble on shit coins.

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>>24890100 Kek

>> No.24906484

Checked, actually funny top kek

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