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why did he have to financially ruin me?

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You missed the entire point of crypto. You don't trust. No one. Not a single person. You don't buy something just because it has a brand or a name attached to it. You only trust technology.
Did you buy Wozniak's coin because it's Wozniak's coin or because the technology convinced you? If the former you deserve to get rugged gambling fag. Crypto is the way we will innovate and evolve in the future. People who put their money into quick rich quick schemes and who can't hodl get the rope

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Was he even associated with the project? I read some article he was an advisor or had contributed a bit of time to look at some engineering aspect, but that was probably bullshit. Just a bunch of random Italians who probably got an email from him and used that as his endorsement.

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Based retard

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Woz is italian

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never trust a fat faggot who looks like a chipmunk

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I still have faith in my woz coins to go up.

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>looks like a chipmunk
Top kek that's what he reminded me of, now I see

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If it doesn’t reach higher than $3 again I’ll kill myself

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Curry Coin

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He gets off on WOZZING men who previously would have tested negative for being poor.

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>Crypto is the way we will innovate and evolve in the future.

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oy vey how so

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even I as a complete retard knew this was going to spike and the bleed for 6-12 months.. anons if you thought otherwise seek help

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Who is this?

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Keep getting rugged.

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I think Santa Claus?

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you gave your money to an ewok and now complain?

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i think it was interesting but the hype has kind of died down so i fear we've missed the boat... looking deeper into it, the tokenomics aren't that great on the value increasing side but actually quite bad in terms of driving price down as you have over 50% of the supply slowly vested day by day over time putting lots of sell-pressure on the market from holders who would have got in below $0.10 (the fact the 20% team allocation is vested over 20 years is basically a red-herring)...

and looking at the extremely shallow roadmap, there is no actual demand-generating features coming anytime soon to counter-balance this... so in short, I think the only reason it might rise is pure speculation, new listings, more paid press releases etc etc etc... all this could happen and it could pump but i would rather hold more NEC to be honest haha :smile: or find a more reliable bet

got out at a win a couple days ago, i recommend taking the hit and getting out now

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Please just go back to 0.0055 so I can get out! Please please please!!!!

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You still think the best tech is going to win? When this has almost never been the case in any emerging market up until this point?

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I really like the Woz, but he is downright a retarded commie.
>Gave away his Apple stocks
>didn't buy BTC when it was only $70
>bought in when it was $700, but they got stolen, kek
>sold the rest before 2017 because "too risky"
>tries to make up for his retardation, lends name to a team of sketchy italians
>launches EFFORCE
>sees EFFORCE as stocks 4 da peepul
>that alone clearly shows he knows jackshit about crypto
>REFUSES to tweet about wozx
>REFUSES to shill wozx anywhere
>only says vague shit like muh energy saving, but doesn't go all out and advertise it
>says time and time again that he doesn't like investing

He lives off his Apple past. Doing talks, babbling incessantly about Apple, selling his name, just like he did to EFFORCE. He was on Dancing with the Stars for crying out loud. A joke.

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Haha time to buy graph ;)

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a lot of faith
they haven't even started yet

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They are unlock 1mill coins a day untill they reach max supply?

That means someone has to buy 1 mill just to keep the price stable lmaaaaoooo

check tokenomics next time before you buy into absolute shit

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He has tweeted about Efforce. He shilled it on a stream yesterday:

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literally this.
well said.

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He has yet to tweet about wozx/EFFORCE. He only tweeted about his talk with ZzZZZzZZZz-alert fucking ITAU chile, which has a hag no one understands talking in Spanish at the beginning and somewhere he briefly mentions EFFORCE in it. 99% of the stream is him talking about his Apple past. He refuses to advertise this project out some stupid pride/principle.

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I tried to warn you

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He shilled it on twitter though. He's just subtle. He would probably harm his reputation and legacy by pumping unfinished projects on Twitter like McAfee. I'm sure he will tweet more about it when the platform is working.

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Bro, dont worry just hold I am new too but I’ve been reading trust me look what happened to bitcoin some people bought at 20k in 2018 so what? They held and know their in the money so just hold and even if it takes three years five years whatever everything will be good anon.

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>Dancing with the Stars

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How the fuck is his face so fucking FAT? It's like most of the food turned into fat instantly and stayed in his face/head.

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