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i am masturbating violently

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8 billion more tokens left to enter supply. I'm good.

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I'm getting a graph on my ass.

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this guy hates making money i guess

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Same people are pumping GRT. Hong Kong Whales are planning to pump it back to 70 cents or beyond. Make some money now, But be careful!

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People are going to get dumped on so hard in under 15 minutes

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The amount of money that just went in at .59 was disgusting. Many, many 10k - 30k. Them boys smart.

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Me and the 200 boys planning to casually poomp the coin

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>6mill sell wall at 0.77

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if this PND nigger is buying, I am buying:


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.59....just getting started

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Based and checked. Praise ye trips.

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Trips hella' checked. How high we going today?

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praise the trips
1$ Lessssgooo

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$3 confirmed

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3,33 eoy ? nice.

>> No.25056836

strap in, we are launching straight towards $69.69 EOY with no more dips!

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Dead cat bounce

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>Not even a week since listing
>Dead cat
The cat is barely starting to walk anon, give it time..

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It's been 5 fucking days since this shit was released. Maybe check a month from now

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>almost there
bros i might not kms after all

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Got myself a nice suicide stack

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10k ?

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kek, godspeed anon, i know for a fact you're going to sell at a small loss at this point, and that's okay, just dont regret not holding for the rest of your life

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Aaaaand its dumping. Ahhahaha

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>small loss
my chair will finally get a release from my anal clenching

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>1s chart
zoom out?

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what is this? what are you doing? is this a short???

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20x leverage long on top kek, the second pic is from earlier today

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Holy fuck anon i feel bad for you, it has been a rollercoaster for me too - and i made 2x profit already.

It'll be fine anon, this coin is not a scamcoin or anything. It has a real value and you should consider selling after mid january.

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Sir I think your anus permanently

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>Green ID

>> No.25057436

Titanium balls. Is this a usual play for you or is it just GRT lust? How often does that play go right/wrong?

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hello sirs,, please do the needful and buy now. This is new goggle of the internet

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>bought at 3200
>panic sold at 1900
>it starts to recover
fuck this manipulated market

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if there's a huge green candle i'm selling

>> No.25057502

Honestly what the fuck is happening, have you seen this volume to break .6?
This bullrun from .42 to .6 is... Unhealthy. It'll drop back soon anon.

>> No.25057550

Up 27% in 6 hours...

>> No.25057556

Maybe try not having paper hands

>> No.25057563


dumbass, we are going to 80 today

>> No.25057569

well it can go to 0 and i still wouldnt get liquidated but it doesnt feel good having such a large negative, i usually have stops with a loss at half my margin in that trade

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nah, i honestly believe there is a bot that is watching my trades on binance. as soon as i sell something at a loss, the coin immediately goes up again.

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that is not bot, and he has a name

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>There is a bot
There are always bots(BOGS), everywhere!

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Me too brother, maybe we should coordinate like the whales and manipulate the market?

See you on telegram

>> No.25057663

>sold my entire stack of GRT at .40
>bought all in PRQ at .39
>GRT hits .60
>PRQ hits .60
Guess I lost a bit in fees and that's it. Could've been much worse.

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Why would you ever sell anything at a loss? Stop investing more than you have.

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you still dont understand what the graph is. this is the next link brainlet

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when you feel a coin won't recover, it's best to just cut your losses. i regret selling at 1900 now but we'll see what happens in a week when it might be lower than 1900.

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> selling at a loss

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GRT, build me an army worthy of Mordor

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Why did you feel a brand new coin that already has utility and is in use on a broad scale, opened on every exchange at the same time, and is invested in heavily by whales, would not recover?

>> No.25057955

because he is a retarded brainlet with an over inflated sense of his own intelligence

>> No.25057968

Anyone who doesn't understand what Graph is deserves to be poor. Thousands of years, society allowed illiterate lazy individuals to live in poverty. Why change now?

>> No.25058058

im glad my web app dev experience compliments crypto. as soon as I read what graph is, i hopped in at 25 cents

>> No.25058096

are we the same person? the bogs are really behind us tracing every step. i sold high and bought low three times in GRT but hold REQ for two years what's wrong with me

>> No.25058177

Did you idiots seriously not sell at 0.75?

>> No.25058216

ur a giant fucking pussy lmao

>> No.25058234


not selling until $1

>> No.25058251

Man, I sold my bags when it was dumping 2 days ago. Sold at 53 and I got in at 25. Wish I would've just sold when it got to almost 80. I can't fucking predict this chart but I really hope it benefits you all

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>> No.25058258

If you say so. But I invested over 100k at 0.29 and sold at 0.75.. I'm fine with being a pussy. I'm sure you all will make it soon...

>> No.25058272

literally still in a downtrend. .65 then .35.

>> No.25058300

>been on the market 4 days
>calling downtrends

>> No.25058316

.43c‐.47c was so clearly the bottom. Whoever sold last night is a moron

>> No.25058350

Thanks fren I'm sure many opportunities await you in the near future

>> No.25058351

>t./Room temp IQ post

>> No.25058381

checked and keked

>> No.25058388

>watching all those anons panic sell at .46 from the other anons saying its going to crash to .3

LMFAO LAST NIGHT WAS SO FUCKING HILARIOUS. Are eurocucks just fragile creatures?

>> No.25058410

Is there any way of actually being able to tell? This shit seems completely random to me

>> No.25058426

there isn't

>> No.25058439

what is even more tragic is that the same thing will happen during the next dip. They will fomo in again at 80c and sell when it dips to 50's

>> No.25058441

Next sell off won't be until around 0.90.
Then again at 1.30.

>> No.25058445

How far will it go? I sold at .69 during the first dump. bought back in at .56

>> No.25058458

kek, it's just your assigned czbinance agent

>> No.25058466

easily $1

>> No.25058474

Thought as much
I'm hold til I die so doesn't really matter to me

>> No.25058481

let me guess you sold the top and bought the bottom?

>> No.25058507

maybe 80 cents max

>> No.25058542

No larp, I did the exact same thing. I'm selling either at $.89 or $.99, depending on how things will look, and then rebuying the inevitable correction around $.55-$.60

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Absolute chad

>> No.25058588

. 68 cents within 1 hour. 80 cents when asia joins.

>> No.25058625

Asia is in 8 hours bro

>> No.25058716

It's a kitten bouncing around, trying to catch a butterfly.

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>> No.25058765

okay pump's over everyone go home

>> No.25058800

no. every time I swing shit I fuck up.

>> No.25058824

i never sold from the start you mongs

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>> No.25058851

there’s no way this shit goes back to 70c today. did so few of you actually buy at 10c like you were supposed to?

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I sold there
this may go back to 50c

>> No.25058887

Tell me on reason why it would not go.

>> No.25058914

Rip profits

>> No.25058929

uh guys there is like no sell side volume at all

>> No.25058952

Ahahahha pump it

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>> No.25058991


only dumdums sell right now

>> No.25059029

Not to mention that at time we was around .61 the volume was much higher at 3 billion, but we at 1.6 billion. This looks like hope

>> No.25059036

i bought the top with some spare usdt, youre welcome

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bois I bought grt on uniswap and its currently sitting on my meta mask wallet, is there any way meta mask shows you how much you bought it for originally? just wanna track my holdings on blockfolio

>> No.25059102

We're flying too close to the sun bros, I'm out, and happy with the 50% pump. It's crashing to 52c within the hour

>> No.25059123

Not selling until $2. In fact, gonna buy more.

>> No.25059143

yes, buy at the local top KEK

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greedy cuck, never gonna make it

>> No.25059173


Just look at the cmc price at the time of the trade and multiply that by the amount of tokens you bought

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>these single cent swings
After losing/gaining thousands per second with Link this doesn't do anything for me anymore.

>> No.25059260

I bought 2k at .20, an another 1000 at .75.

>> No.25059268

...it's ogre?

>> No.25059274

sold the top :)

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>> No.25059294

The great ETH collapse was also something

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>> No.25059320

I warned you retard >>25058870
how can you be so stupid, do you think green candles just go on to infinity?

>> No.25059328

I'll be honest anon, the Ripple lawsuit was the first thing I've felt since Link hit 20.00

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If you didn't just sell the top then you are beyond help.

>> No.25059350

Relax it's just a small pullback. We're going back up anon there's too much buzz surrounding it

>> No.25059361

don't worry bros, we'll be back at .60 in no time

>> No.25059366

Retards not understanding that resistance will be met at 0.60 cents.

>> No.25059375

thx but please explain cmc price 'as if' I was retarded haha

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>buying this dead cat

>> No.25059404

you're delusional. the buzz is all fake and will crumble very soon. get out now while still on top

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Post yfw 2.00 USD tonight.

>> No.25059427

Bought at 0.78 on the big pump night. At this point I'm just waiting for it to hit 1$ to get my money back

>> No.25059467

Where does one buy a shitcoin like this? It’s not on Uniswap or Coinbase

>> No.25059476


the price shown on coinmarketcap at the time of the sale

you should be keeping a spreadsheet or text document or something with a history of all your transactions.

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next stop .50

>> No.25059511

back to .54

>> No.25059512


It's on every exchange....

>> No.25059537

interesting though. dumping while BTC is faring well. do the whalebots know something we don't? anyway i tethered at the top.

>> No.25059546


>> No.25059557

This is the most coordinated pump and dump coin in the history of crypto. Discord and telegram pajeets, gypsies and jews need to be gassed.

>> No.25059577

get left behind faggot

>> No.25059608

>down 5% last night
>Wake up, up 15%
>It instantly starts dumping

Jesus, this shit is too much...

>> No.25059616

or back to .6?

>> No.25059629

no i unironically bought at the top

>> No.25059679

Just sold. Buy back at .45

>> No.25059717

same. crash is gonna repeat itself

>> No.25059734


>> No.25059741

This. It's extremely obvious what is happening. The Telegram and Discord groups are intentionally using all kind of tricks to make this violently swing between 0.60 and 0.40 to make a killing on panic sellers and FOMO buyers. Fuck them. Do the same shit they're doing that way you fuck up their shit.

>> No.25059760

Fuck this, i'm out. Almost sold yesterday, glad i didn't.. but this kind of swings are too much for me

>> No.25059766

this but unironically, we have to use this coin like the dirty whore it is

>> No.25059785

Keep a stack of 10k - 50k and expect it to burn to nothing. Go on with your life. That's what i would recommend depending on how high risk you wanna do it.

>> No.25059820

is there any other shitcoin that swings like this and is listed on coinbase?

>> No.25059823

Just sold... Feel so relieved.
Ill buy back later. Graph is amazing.

>> No.25059835

*coinbase pro

>> No.25059852

Yeah let me just pull 5k to 25k out of my ass that i can just "burn to nothing"

>> No.25059877

Seriously. And we still have like another year in this crypto bull market. There's soooooo much more for this coin to go.

Especially since companies like Coinbase have a financial incentive for it to be successful

>> No.25059901


>> No.25059912

It's so obvious you're all part of the same discord group. I can tell you're all new if you truly believe a discord group has enough capital to move a crypto of GRT's magnitude. I know you're baiting and/or fear mongering, but I really don't like people like you. We need flags

>> No.25059933

>sold at 53c
>rebought at 62c
just fucking kill me

>> No.25059940

I'm a piss poor yuropoor Incel, i went into 5k reds. Gambled around on here and now am trying to make it eventually. Borrow money, you can always kill yourself if you go bankrupt, not joking. I hate my life. I'd rather be dead than live miserably for the rest of my life as a wageslave.

>> No.25059960

are you an XRP holder because you need to take your meds

>> No.25059965

There is a 7 millon buy wall at .56

This wont dump

>> No.25059985

Shit anon..

>> No.25059987

I lost many thousands of dollars daytrading as well. I only started making good money thank God when I began holding for weeks or months

And stay away from the garbage. Only have a little bit in risky stuff like this and have the rest in the bigger stuff like ETH, etc.

>> No.25060012
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>> No.25060033

I'm looking for $15 over the next year

>> No.25060036
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>> No.25060081

make sure to sell at 40 cents again, right at my buy

>> No.25060090

seriously though, is there any reason this thing should be moving with this kind of volatility and trading volume? patient daytraders are probably making a killing.

>> No.25060141
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>> No.25060153

What in the god damn fuck is going on ?

>> No.25060157

its 3 days old you muppet

>> No.25060168

mostly hype for now and still less than a week old

>> No.25060191
File: 498 B, 35x52, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you call this pattern?

>> No.25060194

55k stacklet here, am i gonna make it ?

>> No.25060212
File: 69 KB, 629x711, 1608198838913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone likes big doompa

>> No.25060227

The 9/11 pattern

>> No.25060229

a wash

>> No.25060240

two in the pink

>> No.25060243


>> No.25060248

The 498 bytes pattern

>> No.25060253



>> No.25060267

massive buy order at the wrong time

>> No.25060270

Already did.

>> No.25060363

i will from now, assumed every wallet and exchange would in a clearer format, thanks anon

>> No.25060422

Literally the only bullshit talking point XRPtards have.
I can't wait for your shitcoin to go to zero once the SEC dumps it's load in Garlinghouse's ass.

>> No.25060425

My man Maxim plotting something

>> No.25060436

I got in at .14 and held. I could have purchased more at .40 something this morning. I just dumped my entire trading portfolio into GRT at around .58.... To the moon fuckers. I just don't care. HODL

>> No.25060442


>> No.25060477
File: 177 KB, 1004x1200, 1608492427077.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus fucking christ that dump
I'm rebuking back at .50, it's clear whales are just manipulating everyone right now

>> No.25060478

Nice quick pump. Can we get a few more today?

>> No.25060479

56c just melted like buttah

>> No.25060511

As i said, this is one of the most blatantly manipulated coins in history.

>> No.25060564

swung back to my original stack woo

>> No.25060569

b-bros? should I capitulate

>> No.25060575

You guys wanna stop the whales? Then stop fucking dumping you absolute smooth brained mooks. Holding is the only way to win. They have way more than your pathetic stacklets, but unironically depend on you panic selling. Stop selling!

>> No.25060603

check the 1h chart

>> No.25060614
File: 105 KB, 1440x1902, Screenshot_20201222-201900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hahaha nice graph faggots.

>> No.25060621

Scam coin...move along!!!

>> No.25060644

el fudster ataca otra vez

>> No.25060646

do you think a bunch of stacklets from biz have a sway on the price?

>> No.25060649

1 million buy order at .40
Maybe they're trying to drive the price down there

>> No.25060673

Are you me?

>> No.25060715
File: 88 KB, 1440x1730, Screenshot_20201222-202206.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25060719

Change thread name to it's dumping...

>> No.25060764

*YAWN* still not selling

>> No.25060775


>> No.25060793

Lol Right? shitposting > covid 2.0, vaccines, border closing, wall street, employment amd global trade.

>> No.25060797
File: 128 KB, 554x384, 1608572480102.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my oscilloscope tells me he's going to pump it into tens of billions of dollars market cap into third place with a liquidity and volume of a sun's core

>> No.25060805

Not buying your bags, moons already over.

>> No.25060809
File: 65 KB, 800x450, based.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Perfect bounce from the 0.382 fib level, next stop 0.68

>> No.25060833

See you at zero

>> No.25060858

Wrong, there's absolutely no buy pressure on 54c
This is going a lot lower

>> No.25060886

Buying based on the technology behind the coin is the best assurance imo.

>> No.25060920

>el ataque es imparavel!!

>> No.25060951

Seems like there is a lot of support at .54 and .52
Doubt it'll go lower than .52 at this rate.

>> No.25060973

>whenever there was a dump, another one followed
kek it's over

>> No.25061008

You will be QUIET and sell your Graph!

>> No.25061030

Also, the .618 is right at .54.

>> No.25061036

It could go a lot lower, look at >>25059965
A whale put a 7 million wall at .56 and then quickly erased it
These fuckers are out to suck as much money as possible, no matter what
Fucking jews

>> No.25061075

>1 post by this id

>> No.25061103

Well I sold at .62 when there was a lot of resistance
I'll buy back in at .54

>> No.25061141

I bought back at 0.54 also, based

>> No.25061190

what if they reverse psychology your reverse psychology and they actually want to accumulate?

>> No.25061221

So many weak hands in here

>> No.25061245


>> No.25061298

Found one>>25061245

>> No.25061302

>bought at 0.13 and 0.19, sold at 0.65
Are we going up or down now?

>> No.25061309

was that the biggest dead cat bounce of the year?

>> No.25061314


>> No.25061327

wow what a chad

>> No.25061329

Seriously, why are you people unable to hodl? It's so obvious. STOP FUDDING.

>> No.25061370

It went up 50% in a matter of hours, of course it's going to retrace before continuing

>> No.25061415


>> No.25061417

Literally 0 buy pressure I think it's over

>> No.25061426

Come back at .40
Isn't it weird how the hype threads are gone?

>> No.25061428

Pump and dump dump dump dumpppppppp

>> No.25061456

this didn't age well..

>> No.25061526
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>> No.25061619

i envy people who bought this at 10c and forgot about it

>> No.25061656

you have 4 hours

>> No.25061697

Literally a dead cat bounce

>> No.25061703

Nice drawing...I made those in middle school too...

>> No.25061727

No volume
0 buying pressure
Literally no support until 40 cents

Its over

>> No.25061809

it just rose from 40c to 60c mere hours ago

but sure bro its over

>> No.25061821
File: 46 KB, 1055x427, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25061856

Close to 3M support before 0.5

>> No.25061870
File: 49 KB, 1280x720, 303AEFB8-BA66-4E86-A39C-B4EE884386B5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bitches only fomo once the coin moons and then they’ll ask when is the dump.

My friends didn’t want ALBT until they heard their liquidity mining is getting Huge, now all these bitches want in. I told them to wait, hahaha I’ll tell them to buy once it moons

>> No.25061994

All the coke is finished, u got another contact, meth is also fine.

Just waiting for xdb to pump then I’ll stock up on the meth. Gotta have enough for new years

>> No.25061999


>> No.25062051

my thoughts on this is that a lot of people made some profits the first few days and now it naturally went down again. But the same people who made money probably want that feeling again, this last pump is just a tease to that feeling. Don't be worried /biz/ when the cinks wake up in 8 hours it's going to be the new golden age for GRT BABY

>> No.25062054
File: 10 KB, 225x225, 264C6AF1-B0E2-478F-B928-AC30A595A0EE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your stack is wack, get more alts, oro, ramp, link.

U should just quite crypto u not gonna make it with only 5 coins, diversifying is the key to making it in investing, read a book mate

>> No.25062128
File: 133 KB, 375x502, 1606779713209.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25062144

I just tried buying some grt. Coinbase won't let me. It says 'account restricted contact support' ... it ONLY does this with grt for me. Wtf

>> No.25062162
File: 31 KB, 639x480, 0ECF90AA-FED3-4543-A927-17F5F78F41AE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just hodl bro, u need to have patience, I’ve had ALBT for 2 months now and I’m never leaving it until it gives me the money I deserve.

Gonna receive a payday soon, I can feel it

>> No.25062163


>> No.25062166

They are going to remove those walls you baka
They did it too with the 7 million one .56

>> No.25062174

anybody else feeling depressed here? :( price is so disappointing, so much hype and then it dumps :(

>> No.25062180

fuck this I cna't take this any more i'm taking my grt and getting out of this god forsaken place

>> No.25062206

please don t leave us! we need more people here not less :(

>> No.25062208


>> No.25062228

Do you guys not understand the resistance we have at 40 cent. You love to look at graphs. but you miss the most important thing when you Fud. THE ZOOM OUT.

>> No.25062240

I don't want to sell this bottom :(

>> No.25062242

Say again, anonkun

>> No.25062282
File: 275 KB, 1589x948, OHnononononon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

100% got over 60k in Linkies.. Look at the Fudding. Its getting weird. Hey buddie. Show me on any graph that this isnt supported heavy at 40 cent. go ahead. make my dead.

>> No.25062283
File: 16 KB, 379x551, A998C97A-B3B6-4F8F-9DAA-089E9F695799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honey the opportunity is here in the fucking present I had no money to buy ORO so god created a meme competition by oro and when I win I’m gonna be $250 richer

God Is truly looKing out for me

>> No.25062306

>Checkd and kekd
Can't believe people buy the top and hodl this shit too

>> No.25062317

All the support is between .53 and .50 right now. wtf you talking about?

>> No.25062320

Just bought in, will ignore this for 7 months now

>> No.25062342

ive hodl since day one. you dont read what im saying.

>> No.25062351

Which is why I said to come back at .40
But keep strawmaning, you seem to love to do that

>> No.25062355

I got in at .28

>> No.25062385
File: 382 KB, 1079x1070, 1608127757932.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Monster pump

>> No.25062392

Only hope is selling now

>> No.25062415

watching the buy/sell walls go up and down is hilarious. This thing is insanely manipulated.

>> No.25062419

Keep fudding and fomo back in later like you always do Anon. for 5 days straight this token been stable 50. it can go down to 40. but if you find that weird in crypto and on a 5 DAY FUCKING OLD TOKEN. stay the fuck out of it. And i dont think you understand how the token is used and just Fud like a fucking Link spastic because you see your world collapse around you. Fuck you nigger

>> No.25062435

but if I look tomorrow and i see the price is up I feel even more depressed :(

>> No.25062468

you said the N-word

>> No.25062472

this shit needs to go down

>> No.25062479

You need to get out of crypto. It seems you bet with money you cant afford too loose. Which is why you will never make it.

>> No.25062508

FUCK I wanted to buy INJ and now it s mooning dammit :(

>> No.25062520

Insanely manipulated is mildly expressed. These fuckers are worse than entirety of Global jewry. This is unprecedented schemery on levels kikes haven't done.

>> No.25062546

I can take losses, I consider my life a big loss anyway, what I got to lose? I look forward to die everday, but I am trapped since I don t want to make parents unhappy

>> No.25062565

This. Sold my X2, left the rest.

>> No.25062576

Keep seething
I'll be buying your bags at the premium price of .40

>> No.25062579

Stop talking about INJ I sold at 1.6

>> No.25062625


>> No.25062640
File: 84 KB, 801x499, first time.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Insanely manipulated

>> No.25062641

bought at .52 so I'm still good, I'm not selling until it reaches .90 AT LEAST

>> No.25062675 [DELETED] 

200 billion volume on testing in 10 days, that's 20 billion a day in testing mode, article said real dex will dwarf this volume, what you think an exchange token that has multiple use cases that are vital and essential and huge should be worth considering the fact that possibly more than a hundred billion dollar in volume a day will flow through that exchange, including the mainstream stocks like Google?

>> No.25062677

this won't age well. We're going to 40c at least

>> No.25062706
File: 36 KB, 637x921, aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25062748

This anon is mad at how much money I have already made off of the graph. It is not too late, faggot. You can also make some money.

>> No.25062752

it s like owning a piece of every stock exchange in the world and throwing it away, what you bought anon? a PS5? was it worth it? kek

>> No.25062764

that's fine, I'm not a newfag, I'm not selling at a loss

>> No.25062795

i swear to god if this goes over 90c i will sell, actually cash out and buy something like a good goy. just let me do it.

>> No.25062818

If GRT reached .77 at some point, I don't see no reason why it wouldn't do it again, it's a 5 days old coin and it actually has potential other than pump and dumps

>> No.25062830

I expect another moon mission.tm
But I also expect it to pump and dump hard at the same time.
Big dumps at .80 and $1.00 are guaranteed at this point.

>> No.25062833

I am not as experienced at app deb but I do have some shit degrees and I jumped in at .14 cents. Get on my pleb level, anon.

>> No.25062844

its not support you smooth brain. Its accumulation zone by the big boys

>> No.25062874

yeah I was talking about INJ actually but yeah GRT is not done yet I think, lots of inflation coming though.

>> No.25062904

Just remember, When it hits 70. you will have sold at 40. when it hits 80. you will have sold at 50. it will never stop.

>> No.25062912
File: 221 KB, 400x300, 1607414847592.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought XRP man

>> No.25062925

The next pump is about to happen. Get in now! Or stay poor..

>> No.25062954

lol I hope not, XRP is the worst scamcoin you can possibly buy, and now with the SEC going after it it seems doomed to fail, you should have bought anything but XRP, but I presume you are being sarcastic, kek

>> No.25062982

dammit there go my cheap INJ's :(

>> No.25063045

It is on Coinbase you fucking moran. You should not be allowed to breathe our air.

>> No.25063068

Look Ranjeet, It's not my fault you're mother reeks of shit

>> No.25063093
File: 46 KB, 480x480, 2B99F2D6-AF8E-4303-B5A8-05C05E9AC85C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25063190

I will literally bend over and diarrhea on you for talking about me mother like that rajesh

>> No.25063214

fuck it bros i just closed my swing i opened at 0.75

>> No.25063229

right here bro. Why are people selling this after fucking four days? Are you all high on fentanyl?

>> No.25063254

could have been better but youre doing far far better than most my fren

>> No.25063265

>he doesn't know we are in wave 3

>> No.25063300
File: 22 KB, 474x448, 1583179306081.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25063310

not for NY. its rough out here for ny crypo kids

>> No.25063348

I want you to know that I got in a few bottles of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout. It is fucking impossible to find. I am going to drink one when while I masterbate to the candles on my graph charts. Then i will drink the other once it goes to zero and I lose all my money. Although poor, I will have a bottle a 14.6% abv that can be aged up to 5 years.
Oh shit, maybe I will stick one in the cupboard and wait five years. Then I can sell my graph at that time, buy a slave, and have her pour my aged stout into a fine brap snifter for me.

>> No.25063382

Anon, what does that mean? I dont understand. Does NY have different laws on the books for cryptos? Wtf. Why would you not leave that awful state and tell Cuomo to suck your nuts?

>> No.25063396

>what is vpn

>> No.25063432

Swinging like a retard for a bigger stack now that I took my profits

>> No.25063464
File: 145 KB, 680x530, wagonwheels.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How much XRP will this cost Ranjeet?

>> No.25063469
File: 379 KB, 610x407, wat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25063520

No, i get that. I would likely do that too. really I should have been buying a bit of crypto every few weeks these last few years but I am a retard that just saved it as useless fiat instead of putting every penny into something that inflates. But I have a farm and I need to save for pigs and bunnies and for a new windmill/hand pump so I cannot invest every penny. Being poor is not fun bros. Let us use the new age of aquarius to share our crypto knowledge and telekinetically pump our shitcoins to the moon.

>> No.25063558

Absolutely based. I am poor but want to make it and buy a farm. Hard life of a farmer but I want it.

>> No.25063577


>> No.25063719

Is it took late to get in now anons?

>> No.25063738

Only thing to do with XRP now is swing it for entertainment while the value sinks to 0

>> No.25063813

Im going to make a pt2 of this as soon as it dies. This is a safe haven for GRT holders

>> No.25063847

when GRT dies yes?

>> No.25063875

Disgusting. I'll take a nice cold pilsner anyday

>> No.25063931

comfy as fuck

>> No.25063957

Pilsners are the fucking nigger trash of all beers. Lagers and ales. Dunkels, hefeweizens, stouts and porters. All are better than a disgusting rat ass pilsner. A pilsner beer tastes like a serbian somehow convinced a dying horse to brew up a batch of beer. YOu can taste the horse hooves, shit, hay, and despair in every sip. Please leave this board and may all of your crypto gains be lost.

>> No.25063968

Nope...you have a small window to go all in and lose it all.

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