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Can /biz/ please give me some honest advice to build a small stable portfolio 2021 before going to take bigger risk 2022+?


- 25 years old
- debt free/broke (20k cash, 30k debt)
- 7 years in software industry
- Last job was in 2019
- became a NEET 2020 to recover from gun violence trauma incident in 2019
- Have the capability/history to earn $135k+ income in single year

This year was not all lost. I would like to know where to put like $500 out of every single paycheck? I want to get out of Six Figure Hell, only work when I want to. I just want to be comfortable.

Pic Related, My definition of making it and in a year I will probably have the real estate by God's grace. I got to put in some other work to get the girl.

I'm black by the way.

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>I’m black

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I plan on getting a mortage within the year

I want something similar to https://www.noarq.com/mami

God willing, it will be my first/second piece of real estate and the start of my adult/grown man portfolio.

I have 2k cash to throw at investing right now. I have options enable don Robinhood, have made some successfull small plays but looking to up my game.

Please give me books, resources, guides, etc - I want it all

I'm a six figure earner, but would like to make even a quarter of that through investing and grow from there

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Start gambling on shitcoins like a true chad.

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Put as much money as you feel comfortable doing in DEXG, look up the threads on warosu.

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That's one big bitch.

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>I'm black by the way.

You already made it. Forget about everything else. Only black men are able to copulate with women who have that large of a buttocks. By the power vested in you as a black men you can use the power of BBC to conquer the world.

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25, lifetime earnings somewhere around $750k according to the lady I talked to @ the IRS when they audited that I owed them $40k (I won that)

Seriously, where can I put my money, and just fucking leave it.

I have three tiers.

1 - Leave it Alone
2 - Slow Steady Gains
3 - Stocks that need to be attended to (volatile because of news, executives, etc)

No Crypto - Help me change that, I'll give you $150.

I realized this year that even though I'm a high earner and can comfortably live the lifestyle I grew up in, if I want more, at this rate, I'll have to work forever

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With a flat ass for being that big. Ngmi

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I'm a 1st/2nd time /biz/ poster, I hang out on /g/ and /k/

Mods ban me for posting intellectual other shit, but seem to let softcore porn fly on this porn so I'm following the trend. None of the other pictures I posted have been of women I find desireable.

I appreciate the real response, will look that up.

Also, what is the best bitcoin wallet? Is ledger still ok?

Thinking of going Bitcoin Core + Ledger after getting my coinbase portfolio up some more.

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Grab some SOXL and UUUU for volatile stocks

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Imagine the smell of this ugly hogs breath in the morning

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Smells like fried fish and tartar sauce

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I know bruh, I'm just not in shape right now. Used all my energy in my early software career. I needed to take a break to get my mind right.

Getting ready to get back in the game, I've done a lot of things behind the scenes 2020. I just want to get my investment portfolio and vehicle/engine going.

I'm looking at 1,25 and 10 year investment strategies with of course the dynamic day to day trades.

Still looking for genuine advice, gentlemen

Black Man's Kryptonite

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She lives in SF - yeah, real Silivon Valley Programmer here

I was playing he Start-Up Options game instead of the stock/crypto game the past 5 years.

I didn't completely lose (have very valuable skills, experience) and as I said, I've made close to $750k lifetime earnings and if God willing, can do that again over the next 5 years.

This time though, the only thing the money is going into are

- Vacations
- Stock/Crypto
- Real Estate

That is it

She's thick

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I was a janitor once, but I think this board is undermoderated now, the official appropriate move here would to just delete your image.

I guess ledger is okay, (they did just get hacked - but not the wallets themselves, look into it. maybe also give trezor a look) just dont buy third party hardware wallets. Personally I have a ledger but I dont use it because im lazy and leave everything on metamask.

Bitcoin is a safe bet overall id say, so if you arent in a rush thats not a bad call, but good money can be made on "shitcoins" - I dont think dexg is a shitcoin its addressing a real problem

i say set up a metamask wallet. most of the coins you see on here are traded through uniswap which is a decentralized exchange (what dexg is too, but its newer and has improvements over uniswap).

day to day trades in crypto on cancer, every single one is taxable. I personally dont plan on trying to hide my taxes.

do you know her? damn shes hot, I just moved away from berkeley recently.

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Don’t you want a big ass? Her face is aight. Who is she to you?

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This broad is disgusting wtf you on about

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her ugly face makes her 5x hotter imo. a braphog with a niceface is just going to get hit on by everyone

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I'm a nasty nigga

She's hot but she's way too fat now - of course I don't know here.

Seeing a little white girl become a thick white woman was probably top 2 hottest shit I've seen 2020. Like wow, it's crazy how her getting bigger like made me want here.

It's def genetics, but she has a fetish and is getting Obese, like gross obese.

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look at the size of that brapper


>imagine the smell

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well hello there

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Its 2020. Any women will be asked out, even if she is deformed. In fact, the uglier she is, the sluttier she'll be. The juggernaut law.

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she's dictionary definition Slam Pig

She was hot as fuck during the summer, but is jut plain gross now (but I'm a nasty ass nigga and would still smash)

On Bitcoin, do you guys think it's going to dip below 20k? I'm kind of waiting for that dip to buy.......Here I was thinking the 18k one was bad.

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I like niggas with taste man!!!!

Do you guys mind actually posting your crypto/stock postions?

Guides on strategy and other hangouts besides /biz/ and /r/wallstreetbets?

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going to start another thread after this dies about SCAM/Yahoo boys options

Just got my Nigerian Passport, would like to become a full time scammer

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shes pregnant

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she's thick

notice how when she was a little white girl there was nothing special about her

She literally built herself up to take BBC, I admire it

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80% index funds, gamble on meme shit you get from here with the other 20%, and you will unironically probably do great. just don't expose yourself to catastrophic losses and use stock to build wealth. if after a while you can't make money on the meme shit, just go all in index funds because it means you're too dumb to discriminate between good and bad advice. you'll know in a few months if that's so or not. just always stay 80% safe if you're dumb, and if you're asking for advice like this on biz, trust me you are dumb.

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I appreciate the honesty my man

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>Pic Related, My definition of making it
a bigger office space?

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Pretty Thick Bitch + Modern Condo/Flat/Home

If I brought this chick to the hood, every nigga within a square mile would be in a hyper aroused

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gawd i just wanna prop her legs up and go in balls deep

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Sir you have no idea, but I wouldn't want to get her pregnany where she's obese/borderline obese

Would make her truly disgusting and not in a good way

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absolutely asqueroso

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a man of high culture

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this is most of my portfolio btw. i'm selling snap, plan to be less than 3% when it hits $65 and plan to sell tpr @$45, everything else is long term hold.

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>to recover from gun violence trauma incident in 2019
>I'm black by the way.
Hmm, no wonder why
>to get the girl
ik youre a nigger and yall like pawgs but damn negro, couldnt you have picked a less slutty pawg or smthn

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Hey man, I genuinely appreciate you sticking around my thread, posting a screen, and dropping genuine good advice.

Is there a way to contact you outside of /biz/? my email is:

blackman (at) blacksexgifs (.) com

Looking for a mentor in my age range who has been serious about investing and can help me enter my 30s comfy.

Listening to the Intelligent Investor Audiobook rn too.

What do you do for work/carer & age?

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see first response >>25116937

I can't help it, it's genetics

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yeah, its suckmycock @ fuckniggers.net
i am a sports agent, i trade in nigger flesh.
you should read mein kampf.

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- I regret not buying Amazon is 2015
- I regret not getting into Bitcoin 2010 (but I wouldn't have made it past the Mt. Gox hack)

My start-up options were worth half-a-mil at one point in time

I thought I was playing the best get rich quick game, I forgot the raffle tickets can quickly go to $0

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#2 is perfect. i wish there was sucha thing as 2.5 but its only for 2 weeks

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fuck i shouldnt have reverse searched this shit im on noporn rn FUUUUUCK time to cleanse

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I love it when Anons drop real genuine advice, then go straight to the schmuck/racist cult of personality

Reach out to me if you ever want to talk Software, I for sure would like to talk Stocks. I'm trying to get decent at this shit manually, then of course program some Day 2 Day bots.

I appreciate the genuine advice you dropped.

and my Start-Up was real and funded by Sand Hill Road VCs - giving the name is too much info for this thread.

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I bet she smells like strawberries, fresh cottage cheese, and a faint but pleasant scent of white people shit

She proved what the White Woman is capable of, I just wanna shove my 7inch black dick in here

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read about what DEXG are doing with impermanent loss and then make your decision accordingly, but just for your information, I'm all in.

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just get a pawg dude, ive seen so many with black guys. you have money right? even better.

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>I'm black by the way.

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I usually find any woman attractive but she is gross as fuck.

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#3 for me

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she is absolutely gross. and just buy bitcoin

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hot as fuck

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you probably have less earning power than you think you do. taking a year off to NEET isn't going to do you any favours.

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Somebody else told me that but as I said, I was working in the background this year

I've topped out my Market and I have the credentials/experience to easily commend 100k

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I had to get my mind right, anon

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God that beautiful belly does horrid things to my mind

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>Six figure hell

If only normies could see the shit you niggers post on here.

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>Six figure hell

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LTO network is not volatile, it's steady gains for 2021

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I also bought a lot of gunz

pic related

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This face yells autism + ADD. Bitch most likely dumb af.

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Ex-YouTube product manager

t. Me

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Came 3 times in the last 2 hours
Thanks my nigga

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Op that girl is a roastie
Wouldn't fuck with your dick

T. Chad

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buy Injective Protocol. Solid project, backed by Binance and Pantera Capital. One of 2020 best!

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based GGG poster

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>gun violence trauma incident in 2019
so surprising

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Grab TDAC and CFII warrants (TDACW TDAC.WS or TDAC+) depending on brokerage. Make 5x within a year 20x in 3-5 years.
AVCT warrants as a highhh risk/reward play. Could go 25x in a year or 2

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It was just some schmuck trespassing my yard. Became a shooting when I confronted him. Only thing I wish difference was that I killed him that night, and that I had my SBR ready. Also made me get even more pistol training and the importance of your sidearm/EDC is #1/

Not trying to prove anything to you because you're just another schmuck, like I said in>>25118954, I also bought a lot of firearms

Pic Related

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god i just want to eat then fuck with her so bad bros

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I seriously appreciate you guys taking your time to post in my thread

Can any of you stock/crypto chads give me the 5 Ws and an H on your strategy?

- How did you find these stocks?
- How did your strategy form?
- How long have you been in the game?
- Where you found these stocks?
- Do you trade stocks, crypto, or both?

and I'll ask a fuck nigga question since I've earned some rep this thread. How the fuck do I get rich quick with options? Like I had some Macy's Calls back in May or some shit (retail scare phase 1) that did well, but I didn't even understand options all the way and I was basically just gambling.

Pretty sure Robinhood only enabled them for me because I had $2k+ holding

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This is my second wife yall

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you mind posting your own personal positions on these securities?

How long have you held? When did you get in?

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1. get rid of that discusting blob in your picture
2. make sure you have a laptop
3. become part of the ecommerce revolution against bezos since he's going down anyway with Safex

>> No.25120470

Just fucking go 30% ETH, 30% XMR, 30% GRT and be done with it for a year.

>> No.25120749

>No new posts
if you really are a nigger working in software, how the fuck do you only make 135k per year after 7 years in industry?

>> No.25120783

yw my nigga

>> No.25120849

Can make 200k easily, but not my goal - the increased workload and responsibility isn't worth it

Are you a Software Engineer? Tell me how long you've been in the industry and income.

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