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in on bat saturday thread

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I dumped bat after hold for three years. Should I rebuy?

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big news 2021 $40

what happened to the $40 waiting room telegram group?
>what happened to the $40 waiting room telegram group?
what happened to the $40 waiting room telegram group?
>what happened to the $40 waiting room telegram group?

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Came in to post this tweet. Also i think it was nuked by telegram.

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you think the BAT team reported it and got it nuked? thats what i was thinking. it was fairly benign though.

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Oh good. I thought I was banned. I often get banned from various shitcoin telegrams.
Also. Watching the sats bleed to nothing is sickening.

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Meme atlas anon checking in. This is the sat night BAT thread correct?


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yeah fuck it lets chill here

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Nearly 7k of this shit.

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My favorite stable coin.

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what did he mean by this?

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Sounds good to me. Bitcorn definitely hitting 30k before 2021 tho which means that alts are gonna suffer in the meantime. I think it's underestimated how important it was that a lot of big institutions jumped on the bitcoin wagon for good this time. It's almost getting to the point for the big players that they're exposing themselves to more risk by not holding bitcoin on their books. Their investors will just go to other shops that are investing in it. I would think though that eventually as bitcoin cools off they'll be looking at other small cap tokens and that's were BAT will shine. It's one of the few alts that have a legitimate company behind it that is using the token as outlined. It would definitely be a shoo in for a potential crypto index fund. Also could see them being acquired by Apple down the line.

> t. delusional bag holder

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BAT being over $1 defeats the purpose of the coin.

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Sorry forgot to check em

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Been waiting to use the bateman double portal for a while.

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It just means it has more room to go up from here. Brave isn't dead and is actually the complete opposite. You make the most money by identifying gaps in a market. You could have made a 3x on bitcoin or you can be patient and wait for the 60x BAT rip.

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I agree. I'm also openly a doubled down overinvested delusional BAT bagholder for years - who can't help oneself from buying more and more. I feel stupid every day, but can't help but feel like i'm seeing something other people are blind to. I checkthe subreddit, telegram and batgrowth/brave transparency every day. In my head BAT seems like a sure bet, powder keg ready to blow. It seems like one of only a few cryptos that aren't vaporware. It boggles my mind when I occasionally look at twitter and see so called expert #fintech #crypto type operators that build a career around cryptos that aren't BAT verified nor ever mention BAT. Its like the world is blind or i'm on crazy pils. I don't understand.

I do feel like 2021 will be a huge year. SDK, Self serve and more coming. I feel that Brave will also start advertising harder to bring normies onboard. The only fear I have is that if somehow google nukes Brave from the appstore or likewise microsoft does something. We would all share stories of this perfect software solution that got stymied by greater powers.

Anywho thats my rant over. Also i'd like to take a moment to check those for you.

checked but cringe.

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I also find it interesting the dichotomy between linkers and bat bros. it seems that noone holds both simultaneously for the tech. it seems most bat supporters look at link as meme vaporware. I don't want to speak for others here, but most have tales of selling one for another or having to chance to buy one and bought another. I'm not sure which side of the bellcurve we sit.

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Just jumping in to say that I don't hold BAT or give a single fuck about it, but I do use Brave. It's a legit good browser and I like privacy.

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i want to believe

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We are all gonna make it bro's

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I don't think sats has been legitimate metric for a couple years now. You don't measure the value of all other stocks in terms of Amazon, Apple or Tesla. And I know its not apple to apples but the principle still holds.

Agreed. Any startup takes time to grow. But once it starts to get serious momentum behind it that's when the fun is going to start. Look at all the huge advertisers they already have on-boarded. That speaks volumes about how desperate the market is to have a viable solution to ad fraud. Which is good for Brave.

Well said anon. The google thing scares me too but once again Apple went up against IBM and won, so anything is possible.

I think you're way off base here. Chainlink is vaporware at this point (sorry stinkies) with 50 other competing projects that could easily replace it. Brave and BAT pull farther ahead each day with no crypto competitor in site.

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Are you me? I feel the exact same way and keep doubling down on more BAT purchases. It reminds me of ethereum in 2016. While everyone was heading for the exit I was doubling down. Back then I believed ethereum was a sure bet, but people were leaving for dash and bitcoin. It paid off big. BAT gives me the same vibes. Just look at the sentiment around it. Sentiment is bottomed out, price is bottomed out, but brave is hitting record users and record ad sales. Lots of people have wrote it off just as they are getting closer to rolling out basically v2 of the project. It really does feel like a powder keg. Could it be themis? Could it be a major news story? Who knows, theres literally too many catalysts.

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Fucking ad shit doesn't work since 3 months if I dont get any free shitcoin for seeing same ads when opening a new tap Iam back to opera

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Is it true that if BAT becomes too expensive then its bad?

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>I think you're way off base here. Chainlink is vaporware at this point (sorry stinkies) with 50 other competing projects that could easily replace it. Brave and BAT pull farther ahead each day with no crypto competitor in site.

My friend I am agreeing with you. I wanted to seem as non-partisan towards either as possible. I hold 0 (zero) link. I also posted this pro-bat post>>25195838. We get many people in these threads cracking the shits about wishing they held link.

>Well said anon. The google thing scares me too but once again Apple went up against IBM and won, so anything is possible.
I'll have to look more into that battle, I don't know much about it.

Fingers crossed my friend. We will have to meet up on the brave zoom and have a few beers together for a laugh if, or when, we get to $40.

I struggle to understand how people struggle with brave. I use it on multiple devices in multiple locations and never once had any trouble with it - aside from the captcha's for a while.

Not really. The token is divisible up to a lot of zero's. You just get less BAT, but the equivalent FIAT value per advert as the price increases.

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Bro. Stop.
BAT is a useless token. It's utility is almost zero.
Hear me out, I know you are balls deep invested in this, but you are not buying something that captures the value created by Brave.

You're just not. BAT is a meme payment coin used as an intermediary for Brave to finance themselves. The BAT buybacks are a meme. Brave isn't a crypto project.
Even looking at unzoomed BAT price chart shows the lack of fundamentals

Get out of this

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Idiot fan shill boi faggot. Shit browser shows ads when opening a new tab but no payout or indication of any bat accumulated since I dared to cash out some. Nevermind browser deleted. You did it

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And monday uphold and brave will receive requests according to european data protection act, as I kycd. If they fail to deliver the requested data, the eu market closes for brave

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How retarded are you that you don't even know how to use a browser?

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fuck your dubs

Didn't mean to accuse you fellow BAT bro. My apologies.

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>noooooooo how many batterinos have i got for having a random image presented to me for the 3 seconds I spend opening a new tab!!! i need to know each time so I know how many noodles i can buy this week! im deleting the browser because of this!!

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And they'll comply too. Purists can't seem to grasp the fact that not all cryptography based projects have to be decentralized and not implement kyc. Get over it, the sooner the do the better for you, you'll make more money. Or go buy some monero, fluffy pony needs another 800k watch.

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Another thing I really just now considered is that paypal could add BAT as one of their tokens. They have already been advertising on brave for over a year. Watch the people with no patience sell this and then it rips straight to $8 on paypal news.

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>paypal could add BAT as one of their tokens
You can already do that in Japan. I think it's only for brave creators right now.

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It has been 0 since I withdrew, while I got ads served, but this is just your paid shill thread with a few low quality fail trolls. Getting sued for failing to comply to eu data protection laws will probably give you three people more saging this advertising and begging thread

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Could you explain a little bit more about how the process works? BAT goes to paypal, and paypal provides FIAT to the seller?

this. its literally no big deal that its KYC. if you want to be some fedora tipping privacy user enjoy never being to cash out. monero and zcash have already been effectively banned in my cunt-ry.

Both Paypal and Amazon. I wish those two could work out some integration with Brave.
One can hope.

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every holder here completely ignoring the reality

>> No.25197187

Sorry, but I have no clue how it works. I just heard the Japanese userbase talking about it a year ago.

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arigato anyway chief

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question to all BAT holders on this thread:

Don't you like money?

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What reality? We hold a fairly stable coin with a good chance of mooning. The other options are giving your money to a rug pull or bitcoin.

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Show us on the doll where Eich touched you. Or are you the guy who's ex-wife got rich off BAT? Biz has hundreds of threads each day pushing straight garbage and you choose this one to farm (you)s. Interesting...

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What about SNX, XMR, GRT, ALGO, INJ, ETH or ADA? What about VET or ZIL or TRB?

What about coins that actually capture the underlying value created by a network?

Buying BAT is like buying RLC, it's a rookie mistake. These kind of "coin that exist to facilitate payments" have no fundamentals. I'm talking about the mooning potential you are talking about: it's flawed from the start.

Some people won't ever get it, it's not that hard to understand. Good luck to you, I actually want you to not lose your time and money and miss potential gains because you like a particular Browser.

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Yeah people dont seem to get that. If this market pulled back 60% tomorrow which is a very real possibility theres a good chance you would never break even again depending on what coin you are holding. Most of this market is glorified POC's that are already extremely overvalued. A nice long bear market would have people swinging by their necks. BAT has a good potential to moon, and also has a company thats growing extremely fast to back it up. BAT could be a 330x over the course of 8 years. Few understand.

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BAT is not Brave's stock.

BAT is a meme payment token, like RLC.
Why would BAT 330x ??!

This is insane, I would actually prefer to hold NANO instead of this coin

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BAT's value represents the value of attention of the Brave ecosystem to competing companies wishing to advertise.

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Its code dude its not a marble sculpture. Lmfao. Peak /biz. Brave can and is adding more and more token utility and incentives. We should be getting an update on themis which could mean staking is coming. The sku allows for extended utility and so on. This is not a finished product, and they can literally build whatever they want. The only difference is that they will probably have hundreds of millions of users while everyone else is making cool shit nobody wants.

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Yes I am reading you and this is like the weakest fundamentals I could find in a coin in the top 150.

Anyway good luck to you

>> No.25197804

Thanks champ don't let the door hit you on the way out to continue on your quest of entering every thread to save biztards from losing their money.

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It's really like XRP to me. Ripple is a very succesful company and will do well, but XRP doesn't capture that and is a complete meme coin, like RLC and BAT.

Hope you guys make it, we're all going to die soon anyway

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You seem more like an oyster or prl guy to me desu.

>BAT is not Brave's stock.

So what? The second there's talk about Brave going public or getting acquired it won't matter. Shit's gonna pump. Investing isn't rational anymore. When's the last time you checked P/E ratio's? Shit hasn't mattered since buffet invested in coke.

Ahh, you're a ripple guy, it all makes sense now.

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Qrd me on the ripple guy pls. Is he the schizo?

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Not a schizo, just a poor person who has (to him) a significant amount of money invested in some heavy bags and see's all other crypto currency projects as a threat to his future earnings. He feels that way because deep down he know's that his "investment" is most likely worthless but he's gone so deep down the rabbit hole of convincing himself that there's no turning back now.

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i think you could be on to something with the paypal thing. on the basicattentiontoken.org website that they just made it says more coming soon. could be paypal yeah?

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Lol at people literally selling just as Brave is going mainstream. A userbase this size is literally where twitter started hitting all major finance circles. Honey wad acquired by paypal for $4B at 17m users. The acqui/hire was probably planned 6 months to a year in advance. At almost 25m users people are definitely watching. Just got a panera bread ad today too. Dont listen to anyone trying to shake you out on this. Literal crabs in a bucket.

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>somehow google nukes Brave from the appstore or likewise microsoft does something

Wouldn't worry about that. Goog is now spooked at a FTC hammer coming down on them. Anti trust.

BAT bros will report them to oblivion if they try anything sketchy.

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I do indeed like money. But I also have patience. I bought 10k of this at around twelve cents back in 2017 I think? It's on a hardware wallet just hanging out. Worse comes to worse it goes nowhere and I'm out my principal, more likely it crabs forever and I have an eternal 2x, or ideally it pumps at some point.

At this point it's just opportunity cost, but since I'm not poor I really don't care.

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yeah ive been getting a lot of good ads lately!

gala games
1044 (whatever the fuck that is - https://join1440.com/brave/)

those are all just within the past few DAYS. lots of new non-crypto stuff starting to pop up

>> No.25198616

oh and this one just popped up a second ago


says something about honey + paypal. theres too much shit with paypal and crypto and it being all over brave for them not to integrate something somehow

>> No.25198641

What is panera?

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damn this is actually kind of a convincing ad, i might even install this gay shit. it says they dont sell your data? is this correct?

panera bread, its a mid-tier (debatable) restaurant chain thats in the USA at least

>> No.25198739

Any chance of rewards coming back to ios?

>> No.25198771

once the price starts to go up, things magically fall into place. will they get back in soon? probably not. eventually? sure. at the end of the day apple like money

>> No.25198773

Good catch, didnt even see that one. Could be some partner they are working with for the SKU rollout.

>>25198641 its like an upper middle class deli. They sell sandwiches and bread bowls. I have like 15 of them in my city. Would imagine they are a pretty large American chain. Seeing them advertise is a good sign that brave is starting to attract more and more diverse advertisers. Levis was pretty big too. Brave is starting to look like a boiled frog in a good way. You wouldnt know unless you paid attention to it.

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Spicy meme. That's an addition for meme atlas


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$40 is an insane never going to happen price. 5 would be the top and that is enough for anyone to make it who stacks up now.

>> No.25199284

Why would it stop at 5. Its either sitting at 15-25 cents forever. Or going to 100 bucks plus on 5 years

>> No.25199302

we dont need your negativity here faggot bats hitting $40


got a lenovo ad too thats a pretty big one

>> No.25199319

Got some people on a discord who never heard of brave to try it out they all love it and got tons of rewards in a few days so i dont get the anons saying rewards dont work. Im not opted in so idk. One thing is brave has seemed slow to me lately not sure why.

>> No.25199347

$40 barely puts it over twitter in comparison. Twitter is topped out at 330m and has a horrible ad suite and bad brand safety. Twitter also has a much smaller addressable market. If brave plays its cards right it could overtake twitters userbase by around 2023-2024. Brave users are already worth a lot more than twitter users too, and brave will have a much larger product suite. I feel bad for anyone who has been holding BAT for 3 years. The last three years were a wash. The next three are what really matters. You either end up with a company that is niche, bankrupt, or stealing marketshare from the big dogs and fucking up their earnings call. If its the latter you are going to need more garages for your ferraris.

>> No.25199403

yup. brave encompasses far more than just browsing.

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oh damn i dont think i had seen the panera new tab page yet, just the notification. looks pretty nice


>> No.25199455

i think paying a monthly subscription for coffee is fucking gay by the way (unless starbucks did it, then i might prolly fucks wit it. the teenage white girl in me loves that gay shit)

>> No.25199490

How do I even earn more?

>> No.25199532

turn rewards on and then set the max amount of ads all the way up to 5 per hour. do it on your phone, laptop, etc. all your devices. also dont live in a third world shithole. thats the most important part.

>> No.25199561

I do. Have been doing so for about a year now. Started out getting decent amount but nowadays I barely get over 4 a month.

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Ya that has been an issue lately. Don't know why the ads dropped off lately.

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>> No.25199914

Its coffee and tea. At one point panera was the largest free wifi provider in the world. 2000+ restaurants in us and canada. This seems like their way to get some marketshare back from starbucks. I think this campaign will definitely appeal to some people. Secondary effect is people wont sign up for the subscription but will stop by panera just because of the ad. If I was one of those vanlife guys i would definitely jump on this deal.

>> No.25200028

fair enough. some of their breakfast shit looks pretty bomb. i havent been there in a while maybe ill actually stop by there tomorrow morning https://www.panerabread.com/en-us/menu/products/bacon--scrambled-egg---cheese-on-brioche.html

not a big fast food guy but once in a while i gotta eat some garbage ya know

>> No.25200230

oh and just in case anyone hadnt already seen this - eich himself commented that THEMIS isnt that far away which should give bat more utility

>> No.25200245


forgot to include the link

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He tweeted it too. Curious to see what they have planned. The last time I looked into it they proposed attribution pools. The advertiser could choose the level of trust and fee they wanted to take on. So a large advertiser like levis might go through a high profile pool made up NGO's or other trusted companies and pay a high attribution tax. Smaller companies like Gala might go through a community run pool made of smaller BAT whales that offers a lower tax. End result is that probably a lot of BAT is going to get locked up and earn lots of interest. Would be a cool metric to watch grow alongside everything else.

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>> No.25200653


the correct version of the screenshot is here>>25194551

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and i suggest everyone takes a look at this.

>> No.25201069

come back here you clowns. we aren't done talking.

>> No.25201385

Lots of people are sleeping on BAT. They cant see that brave can add more and more utility and more and more users. I think most of the pushback is because some people realize its going to destroy the value proposition of their bag of choice. I also dont think people understand just how insanely difficult it is to acquire 25m users. Its crazy how people are getting more bearish as brave is getting more bullish. I saw the same thing happen to ETH before it ripped from $7 to $1000

>> No.25201429

How's the numbers look for bat to hit $1k or impossible

>> No.25201581

it's easy. when bat starts moving (i.e. surpassing 40 cents) i'll buy back in. Until then it can fuck off.

>> No.25202071

>what happened to the $40 waiting room telegram group?

I used to be in that room and now there's a message saying it's private and I can't view anything. Did I get kicked or was the whole room banned?

>> No.25202923

Dunno was hoping one of the OG's explain. The group wasn't controversial, just had conversation outside of the official group.

>> No.25203058

Someone said it was nuked. I think the group was reported and telegram pulled it.

>> No.25203152

cameron reported it to take down all the chat about him lmao

>> No.25203370


>> No.25203630

kek at fuck masks eich

>> No.25204499

Eich is probably going to be the subject of more hit pieces. Not trying to be a Pr fag but it will take a toll on the project.

>> No.25204566

op, i hold no BAT, but ill hold you if you need tender feelings. Bless. <3

>> No.25204590

I dont think it will take a toll. The last hit piece backfired extremely hard. Fired up the brave base even more.

>> No.25205501

any publicity is good publicity eh?

>> No.25206291

I called 500 sats per BAT earlier this year and looks like I'm going to be right in the end.

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