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Have patience faggot its not even been a week yet

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It has, against the ceiling.

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keep DCA'ing to zero. you will be top bag holder. the whale of whales.

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It's bouncing the way a head bounces on rocks after you remove it from the shoulders then kick it down the hill ahhhhh i bought $3000 worth of this shit at $1.50 ahhhh fuck this gay erf ahh how will i ever recover

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Is this shit worth buying at 25 cents?

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XRP really never fails to disappoint. I am glad I have none.

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Crypto is literally survival of the fittest. You've been eaten by smarter more fit humans.

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I'm sorry, It's dead. Lowest value in almost 4 years.
If I would feel like gambling, I would be buying now, but I don't want to catch the falling knife. It's going to 0.

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I don't know but I'm buying more at .25

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Seriously it’s over just cut your losses

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how does it feel to invest in an obvious shitcoin?

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I sold it at a loss and I'm still happy to be done with it.

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>literally investing in a centralized shitcoin that was more like a FOSS Central Banking system.

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Then you deserve financial ruin, why the fuck would it bounce? SEC's not going away, you remind me of the dumb cunts buying Bitconnect after it rugged

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Fibonacci expert here, it's going to moon within the next 3 weeks.

And just ask yourself, do you think Coinbase will delist it?The answer is NO, NEVER. If they do, LINK is next and they will have to trash allalts altogether.
So it is bound to moon, easiest ×100 ever.

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Link is the chosen one not xrp faghot

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Google: Elon Musk + SEC + fraud charges.

It sure ruined him right? And those people who bought TESLA stock back then, oh boy they sure have been ruined!! Right, retardo?

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Maybe try again in 2022

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>2018 Elon Musk get chraged by the SEC for fraud charges
retards go: it's over, sell everything
>2018 TESLA stock at $60
>2019 TESLA stock at $40
>april 2019 SEC fraud case settled
>2020 TESLA stock at $660

If you can hodl for a few month, find another hobbie and go fuck your whore moms.

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Completely different level of offence you utter fucking retard kek

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those were wildly different charges.

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Idiot tsla is at 2400

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Let's take a moment to laugh at the retards holding till 0

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Way to miss the point. Elon survived, period.
The SEC guy who prosecuted XRP resigned the day after, there's like 90% chances Ripple wins this.
And Coinbase will never delist it or else it delists all alts. So you know it will pump back to $0.50 at some point and then moon.

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I've a friend hold major bags he won't sell, I feel sorry for him.

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He got charged because he tweeted, probably under the influence, that TSLA should be $420 for the bants. That is literally it. Look how seriously they took that

Look at the charges of the SEC lawsuit, how much cope do you have to shill to delude yourself it’s not over ?

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Im going to buy some at 15 cents

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Buying xrp is stupid

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This but unironically

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It's going up

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Back to my previous post

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>i bought a low iq normie tron/nano/neo tier shitcoin and now i am losing money
wowee anon that's what happens when you listen to the faggots who came from twitter and just post twitter larp screenshots at each other in one of the dumbest running containment threads that this board has ever had

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except elon's business model didn't revolve around dumping an unregistered security on retarded bagholders - you do know what a security actually is, right anon? once it is forced to operate as a security after this - if jeb even wants to continue - it isn't anywhere near as accessible to the low iq poorfags that he uses as paypigs
the business model will collapse
game and match, s to spit on xrp's corpse

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The volume is half of yesterday, what does it mean?

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WTF. I don't know how many more days I can take waking up to red dildos in my ass every morning

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Buy more.

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Holy shit

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you thought wrong

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Are you retarded? It already bounced hard. How slow are you that you didn't notice the +50% dead cat bounce a day after it crashed?

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Looks like it's going up again

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It's not just a different cryptocurrency. It's a centralized and illegal scam that has been an IQ test for years. It's the same as Theranos (the only difference that Theranos kept its fraud behind close doors while Ripple had the audacity to pull this off in front of everyone).

The Ripple community is comprised of imbeciles who worship a bunch of criminals who run the company and enrich themselves. These braindead bots will never question whether their bags are actually worth more than zero.

Schwartz, Garlinghouse belong BEHIND BARS. They've been telling us with straight face that XRP is more decentralized than "Chinese" Bitcoin for years despite controlling XRPL's UNL.

They are corrupt, they are shameless, they are dangerous.

The SEC lawsuit is even more bullish for Bitcoin than all institutional investors combined because there's finally a good chance that Ripple and XRP will be finished off for good.

I wish nothing but pain, misery, and suffering for every single member of the XRP community.

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EOS charges would be a better comparison

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Wrong. Everything outside of BTC is about whale market manipulation

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