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Now the dust have settled, what went wrong?

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A string of legitimate bad luck, incompetent dev team that lacks any transparency, and the best goddamn dashboard you've ever seen.

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They should never have given a deadline for the dashboard

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A whale getting hacked for 900k statera (1%+ of supply being dumped in two days)

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They are weird. They wanted to build bomb but people who invested in them wanted an index fund token but there was no index fund token.

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I am a statesman and will hold. But desu, they had already enough time to pull it off under any circumstances and from October, it was told that it is mostly ready. I don't think, coding such a dashboard take more than 1-2 weeks at most even as a part-time job.

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So nearly a ten-thousandth of the total STA in circulation is being burnt right now?

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we are just dumping

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You guys hyped this for months

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they are working on a fiat pair now. you heard it first here.

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Dubs decides how they fuck the fiat pair up

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by doing it at all

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one of mods in tg just said and then deleted it immediately.

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Which channel? Main? Price? Stargazers?

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price. pic related.

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Explain to me like brainlet why a fiat pair would make STA pump

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There's already two fiat pairs. Makes it easy to but sta, for the normies

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Just sold my stack for pnk.

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I think my wallet is going to get hacked when this hit ,1 again.

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Just use opera and download the legit .exe file from the well-known and not sketchy webpages for the metamask and you'll be fine.

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charge your phone before you post anything else faggot

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What's happening? I thought the dashboard had just been released and everything was fine. Did I miss something or is it just regular fudding?

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the dashboard seems fine to me but the price is going to shit

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Just regular fudding. Price has held up amazingly well when considering the china whale + hacker dumps, and also some people selling the news. Big marketing campaign is imminent, and the ecosystem is looking very healthy now with the re-emergence of Stanos.

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hacker dumped 500k of the 900k STA he stole, wtf did you expect

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It's the same price it was four days ago, that doesn't seem like such a big deal. I missed the thing about the hack though. Not the balancer hack? There was another one?

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when moon sirs? I am holding this bag from August and yet to break even. Moon needs to come out.

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Nah, its fine, its better to get it rolled out than sit there and keep changing every little thing about it. It might never be done.
Plus who knows who even works on it, this is decentralized, you wouldn't want the main person to end up moving on.

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i'm just waiting and hoping it gets to +0.4

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why don't the team ask the anons to help them to finish it sooner? It would not take much time to add all the pools and do all the required slight changes to make it look more professional and functional. It could be done in a couple of weeks.

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anyone that has skills is welcome to help. Just hit Abu on TG

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I doubt the issue is that they need help implementing the new changes. The new pools were created literally today. They need the time to do it.
One of the mods in the TG is talking about web3 and Uniswap integration, and you'd think pools would come before that so quite a bit of functionality is still to come.

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Whale installed metamask.exe

It's funny how so many people are sitting on potentially multiple years worth of salary yet they do nothing but complain.

To be honest now with the WSTA out and getting ignored because of the dashboard, I think we would be better off without it for now. WSTA on the other hand is huge as fuck and once the hacker and china whale (one dump left) are gone it's really a new era for Statera.

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I do believe the dashboard dev (he's not a part of the team afaik) could do with some help. If the team had enough funds they could have hired a dev full time to get it done, I think the current one (not sure how competent he is but at least he's doing something) is likely working on his free time for a little pay.

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He also took poor Mr. Catastrophic guy as his sex castle slave to do the chores and pimping for him.

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Is this the dashboard? This is a joke right? Now I understand why no one is posting it hahaha what the fuck, does the entire Statera dev team consist of incompetent pajeets/niggers and one mentally ill tranny? Embarrassing, imagine putting your money into this.

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funny thing, STA is still doing well. I almost dumped 5 hours ago, glad I didnt.

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>80% from ATH
I hope that you bought before the big pump in August.

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Nice I'm in the screenshot

Also I vouch for what this anon saw

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You are supposed to buy coins when they are down, not up anon. A week or two ago it was down 95%, that is when you should have bought.

The china whale bought on the way DOWN from 4c all the way to 1c becoming a larger holder than the next two wallets combined. That is how you make it (or at least get a chance to do so)

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>You are supposed to buy coins when they are down
Show me where I said otherwise.
>A week or two ago it was down 95%, that is when you should have bought.
Market cap is the not the only thing that you should be considering, if a coin or project is shit then it´s price and market cap will never go up, no matter how low it is. I am more bullish about other projects so I am not buying Statera, simple as.

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dont buy faggot fuck off

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can you tell what other projects you are in which think might have better chance of pumping like 10x? I legit interested to know and if found them not bloated and with potential will sell a part of my stack for them.

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>if a coin or project is shit then it´s price and market cap will never go up
Okay, well Statera’s market cap just tripled and is still sitting at over double of what it was less than two weeks ago.

That is something we can agree on, this project is definitely not shit and will reach the moon sooner or later.

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How do we generate fomo for the Stanos pool like we did for the sta/wsta pool? We need to build up liquidity. Let's brainstorm sta bros

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normies can buy statera with their worthless fiat sheckles without a CEX listing

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you're stupid or trying to rip others off.

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fuck off jeet

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how am i trying to rip others off by telling them to fuck off so they wont make it?

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wSTA/STA pool was bc of arleady Stabros. we need more bros for the other pool which might happen with marketing and new fiat gateway.

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I WANT MY $10 back!!!

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eat a dick you ringworm cunt

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We need to get the stanos power stones happening again

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please elaborate fren

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we need to be the ones that make the pools look appealing anon, take 10-30% of what ur pooling in wsta/sta and put it into the sthanos pool if you actually want to help, everyone should do this

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hmm, but the mass pooling event was a massive flop because everyone is inherently selfish. the stanos pool has to be enticing in and of itself.

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i actually suspect one of the main reasons they havn't released the fully functioning dashboard with APY numbers is because the numbers would be complete ass right now, the sta/wsta fees dried up with the volume and high liquidity and the new pools have less than 10 people in them combined. dashboard was a bit of a letdown but souvlaki prepared us a week ago for the fact there would be no wsta pools displayed because wsta itself was created and released within the last 2-2.5 weeks by scott and noone really knew what he was doing until it happened - if you want to see statera succeed, pool some of your stack in the alpha pool (btc/link/eth/snx) and hodl until they can finish the pool integrations and add these features that theyve now promised:

Direct link to STANOS
Ability to wrap and unwrap STA without interacting with the smart contract.

Now that the framework is there i cant see them failing to deliver all this shit soon after people resume work after the holidays

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you can consider this a volume farming project, if theres no volume to start the machine then it wont start... the original alpha pool was just getting big enough to where it was producing massive numbers on its own but there was more participation (obviously because over 1.5million value was stolen) there are enough current hodlers that should be able to figure out how to pool and make the project succeed. its upto us to pool and the marketing to bring in new people now

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I think a first step is for the core team to explain just how important pooling of the og balancer pool is to jumpstart the engine. It's only become apparent to me now after doing some research and thinking about the tokenomics. I don't think the average normie holder understands though.

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yeah as long as abu doesnt write it, about half way through the announcements you can identify the point where souvlaki/mark/whoever stopped writing and abu began, his english is dogshit and needs to stay behind the scenes and have anything he writes proof read.. makes the project look cheap with his bad english

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I have to be honest with you. Today when I saw the dashboard getting released I really believed that Statera was going to moon. Now I think the team is laughing at you. The team is unskilled, incompetent. This project is doomed.

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anons we stopped fudding a while ago

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What are you retarded? Did you think it would be a magic dashboard? It's been less than 24 hours you fuckin' sped

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>less than 24 hours
Enough to see how the market reacts.

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>ran by literal nigerian price and tranny
>useless shitty dashboard released after 3 months of shilling
>imossible to list on coinbase/binance due to token burn

Sell while it's still pumped.

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>>ran by literal nigerian price and tranny
What could go wrong

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$1.38 EOQ1.

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Wtf. It is not even displaying properly. How incompetent, lazy or both do have to be to let something like this get released. That there in the pic is an unfinished product as far as I am concerned

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Yo. I said we were working on incorporating a 3rd party on ramp for the dashboard. There's no fiat pair, so let's squash that one right now.

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So you can purchase STA direct w credit/debit. Just to clarify.

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