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Why is everyone so hostile on this board. Aren't we supposed to make good financial decisions together? Instead it seems like people take pride in making people lose money here. Why is it like that? We shouldn't make fun of people losing money

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I bet I have more money than you

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If i have a roth IRA account and i dont know anything about stocks except theyre at all time highs and something needs to give, then what should I park my money in? anyone recomend a relatively safe fund or index? buying the 500 right now doesnt seem wise especially because of the weighting

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For some, it's not enough to succeed, they need to see others fail while they do it. stay poor moralfag

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Put it in any of top crypto and cash out after 2x then wait for dump then buy bottom

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>Why is everyone so hostile on this board?

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This is what I'm talking about

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a crypto fund or etf? or actual crypto in a wallet?

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It all serves a purpose retard.

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It is just a gay old time, friend. No worries. We like to take the piss but we are all frens here and looking to go to the moon together.

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>walk into wallstreet

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beacuse retards dont listen and keep buying pajeet scams instead of btc

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Crypto is a zero sum game. If you make money somebody else has to lose it.

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pepe meaning?

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i mainly hang out on other boards, but ive come here maybe 3 times... is it always 100% crypto talk or is there ever any discussion of normie mutual funds and indexes? some of us have no choice but to 401 or ira

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zero sun game

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your loss is my gain faggot.

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Because none of you here are my “frens”, I lost all of those years ago

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Its not a zero sum game and you are retarded.

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>Aren't we supposed to make good financial decisions together?
Fuck no. Success tastes sweeter if it comes at the expense of bizlets. Any coin I've shilled here is specifically because I want to dump on you cucks.

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Cool thanks. Now out you go, bye bye.

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its how we weed out weak hands and their scam coins

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Because this board is variably full of random shit
Sometimes a glistening nugget of corn pops out

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The group losing money often fudded other tokens, so the owners of the other tokens want revenge
Nocoiners also come to fud often (i.e. r/Buttcoin and gamers who blame Bitcoin for high GPU prices)

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look, there will be another pump on saturday, that's all i have for you. now make your own decision
discord döt gg släsh 5Tq7qxkkRv
either join the tranny group or fuck off

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I rarely post as people just tell you to kill yourself or your post is wrong and trash for whatever reason they can imagine up.

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diversified portfolio of large, mid and small cap US equities, international equities, bonds, real estate, and precious metals

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I thought about making this thread. But I remembered that I've been on 4chan since 2008.

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Its negative sum

Weird sense of tribalism

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>dude lets all just make money lmao
that's not how the market works

the vast majority loses, few win because that majority lost. that's it

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But you don't move the markets by manipulating bizlets to buy or sell. Our interests are aligned in attracting big money and thus supporting reliable projects.

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