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besides ETH? thx frens

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I suck at chess and immediately caught the pieces placed wrong, it's all so tiresome.

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Mallika Sherawat

Imagine trying to gatekeep like blurring out the name does anything. Literal retard

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she might be retarded but booba

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Haa, thanks for the laugh. What a dumb bitch.

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jesus christ why are women so dumb. Can only think about how to virtue signal

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Just pretend it’s chess 960

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She's playing advanced game. Probably too advanced for you. Like Fischer random on steroids.

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tell me more desu

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With two queens?

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Maybe she's signaling, she's okay with that multi-player / harem action.

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do your own research faggot. meme summary:

>what ETH aspired to be and more
>not shilled like 95% of memecoins on here
>virgin vitaly vs chad MIT professor silvio

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algo grt ltc

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It probably IS chess 960.

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oh just saw the two queens so it’s not fischer random. does this version have a name?

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I have a little ALGO because an anon shilled it here really expertly a few months back. And some AAVE and YFI so I can get a little defi exposure without having to fucking around with uniswap and dexes. Yes I'm a boomer.

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Statera bros there is a rumor it will be listed soon.

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Yeah right. Cardano and Polkadot aren't even listed.

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imagine the keks

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I’d rather be black in this position

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it looks like shes playing to save her life or not to lose a bet to get dicked down lol

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as opposed to being a mentally deficient indian woman?

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I used to randomly arrange pieces. Keeps your tactical game tight.
>t. Chess-Anon

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Shut. The. Fuck. Up. I’m still accumulating.

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Algo whats so special about that meme coin.

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Where did the second queen come from? Did she buy two chess sets?

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>what is fischer random

ok bobbo

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