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Shill me your projects

Currently holding

2. Penguin party Fish
3. Open Dao
4. CVP

Lmk urs and why

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Bonded Finance

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I'm gonna have to go with ZORA dog

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fire protocol son

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How many more threads like this will be made?
On a daily basis we’re asked.
On a daily basis I tell. PNK.
We’ve more than 10x’d this year, so you missed a 1000x, but that’s okay. You can still scrape a 100x out of it if you buy now.

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KNC, ifykyk

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G-give me the source

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Remember all those times you've thought to yourself, "Hey, surely gaming and crypto are a great match? Imagine being able to bet crypto!"?
Well up until now, nobody has been able to pull it off. Why, I hear you ask? Because it's fucking hard. You actually need to have brains to build something like this. This is the best shot at pulling off something as complex as (real) crypto gaming that I've come across. Forget Crypto Kitties, collectables are easy. This is actual skill-based gaming, and it's been a long time coming.

- actual legit skill-based crypto gaming (first game currently in testing is a Quake-like FPS <3)
- NFT backed asset ecosystem, items can be used between games and actually have in-game use
- PVP and spectator wagering, you can pretty much make a living getting good at these games
- Unique staking mechanics (The Generator), formulae being finalised for imminent release
- The team has recently be incorporated in Canada as Vidya Games Inc. Fully legit, locked liquidity and rug free

50m supply all in circulation with locked liqiduity on Uniswap
> 0x3d3d35bb9bec23b06ca00fe472b50e7a4c692c30

Also available on other CEX's, Whitebit, Bilaxy, Hotbit and P2PB2B

Under 1m marketcap. This is totally under the radar, and is probably one of the shiniest gems that is pretty much a minimum 20x from here. If you want to make it anon, this is the coin you want to ape the fuck into. Once the first game is released, there's going to be no stopping this monster.

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Quite complicated to explain, but basically the Growth platform's intention is to become a complete suite of DeFi tools that will offer its users optimized strategies for all existing DeFi protocols.

It is built around the GRO tokens, which are deflationary tokens that grant users voting and staking rights while also going after capital appreciation. Tied to the GRO tokens are the gTokens that provide a direct appreciation source for GRO tokens through fee burning.

While it initially seems that the gTokens are the interest-bearing tokens for the platform that payout based on a users deposited funds, it soon becomes clear that they offer more value since they benefit from the minting (deposit) and burning (withdrawal) fees charged by the platform. This fee is 1%, half of which gets locked into liquidity pools with varying GRO pairs. These locked gTokens are occasionally burned to increase the scarcity of the token and to lift demand.

As a result, users holding gTokens benefit from the yield of the underlying protocol along with the arbitrage profits of the minting and burning fees.

Additionally, users can always count on low slippage with near no impermanent loss because the protocol constantly locks up liquidity. This is critically important since one of the goals of Growth DeFi is introducing liquidity provider exposure without suffering from impermanent loss.

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S-somebody give me the source of that pic.

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>2. Penguin party Fish
strong sell signal

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