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At .17 per coin, you would be an idiot not to buy it.



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literally just found this out and dumped $300 for now to test waters

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I've been holding 50k for so long it's good to see all the newfags scrambling to get a stack

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I did the same. I bought like 1500 stellar. I should have bought a few hours ago at 12 cents.

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Damn 50k. holy shit

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this is actually my first crypto investment, i just saw xrp tank and quickly found this to be a reason so i went in

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Same. Got 7k worth of it yesterday when I saw the news. This news combined with US bank regulators giving the okay for crypto use are milestones. This is legitimately a historic moment for Crypto. I'm glad to be a part of it with you guys. We're all going to make it.

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Holy shit you just warmed my heart. Wtf.

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fake news

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Envy is a sin.

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Nice fud bro

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Hold on tight guys, i expect this pump to reach at least $0.22 before a pullback occurs.

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Why .22?

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My biggest holding since late 2017, holding 120k.

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Yeah, this is my long term investment. Beating myself over not cashing out at .90 but whatever, i'm confident XLM will go way over 1 dollar.

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Line go up.. but at what cost?

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Should I dump ripple for this? I'm already tired of this shit.

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Why do you think so?

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Ripple isn't even something you can say in public.

>"Yo bro I have ripple"
>"Uh, did you say nipple?"

It's better to have Stellar. STELLAR.

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Price target for next few days/week?

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I sold at .17 so my sacrifice can pump this to $1.
You're welcome.

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they used to be 3:1. I fucked up so many times I can try again.

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Also this.

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hello newfag, enjoying your first day in crypto?

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Can we break that 0.2 wall?

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We're at .196

That's an increase of 6 cents in a matter of 3 days.

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Holding until this shit hits $10. See you in 2024.

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That was the last big wall.

If you think 32k bitcoiners aren't going to invest in stellar and push it past .22, you are retarded.

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Hell yeah bro, i'm with you.

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Got 1k stack; aint much but is honest work.

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>being this new

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>replying with assumptions

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I bought a small $100 bag at .15 gonna throw more in soon.

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Swapped my whole XRP for this, at least there is no delisting in air for now.

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Hodl bro! Have had 100k for soooooo long. Learned about the project over a year ago. Solid team with laser beam focus on utility and acceptance, not making a quick buck. Super fast, super cheap transactions. Will XRP dead in the water, this is about to become the new backbone for world finance

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Yes, now it's .2. Get in before it hits 1.00.

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Biz is literally being super ironic when they say XRP is shit then went ahead to buy their shit cousin lol. Don't buy XRP please.

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>tfw we just hit 0.20

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WE PAMPING! .30 here we come!

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>tfw my favorite piece of shit that never does anything is the key to every nation in the world developing its own stablecoin

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You’re being disingenuous. XRP was a profit driven process from day one. It’s what got them noticed and in hot water. Stellar’s goal has been function, utility and adoption. It’s why their transaction costs are insanely low and they’ve tuned their network to have very fast transactions. Even the CEO has said he doesn’t care about token worth, but rather function. The trade off is I don’t see this suddenly jumping to $10/coin. It’s not designed to. It it will make steady gains and continue those gains as adoption spreads

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How the fuck can anyone look at this chart and not be bullish on this. Has nothing but good news going for it.

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We just zipped past Ripple BOYS

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Checked, but wouldn't that effort to quality help it pump, even if the team is genuine in their efforts of quality over financial value?

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Absolutely, but I don’t think it’s going to pump like most hope it will. It’s not going to 10x overnight. This is a hodl.

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ffs man, i sold yesterday because i thought it'd go down the same path as xrp

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Will I make it anons? I live in the third world and got these across a couple years.

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And I’m not fudding. I’ve been hodling 100k since I got in at $.05. Will probably take out my investment at .4 but letting the rest keep growing.

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You will always be remembered anon.

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same, fucking nightmare

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Gearing up for round 2

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Yes anon. That's the point of my thread. Take this opportunity while it lasts. This coin can easily be the next Chain link or Ethereum.

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You mean gearing up for $2, right?

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We got to stop listening to fgt bears. I'm retarded.

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buy back in anon youre not too late

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Holy shit nice portfolio. 0.1 BTC and a fuck ton of XLM.

Sorry to hear that.

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pumps cancelled. see you all in 3 years

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Seatbelts on, ready to go.

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Buckle up anons. It's going to be an amazing ride.

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In the third world? Yes, you will

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Are they building it on the XLM blockchain or using XLM?

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Yeah well okay. Buy more of this centralized shitcoin then.

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Is 7400 XLM enough to make it?

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250k stack reporting

....formerly 500k stack...

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Bought 20k last night at .15
We comfy bros

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Well what do you think XLM will be worth one day? Like $10?

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nah, probably $.10

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Have had a 40k stack (yeah i know its not much) for a long time, the only thing is that the market cap is already pretty high, even if it replaced XRP, that would be a 2.5x, which is awesome and a ton of money, but compared to a typical bullrun it'll be kinda average

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Rally want to buy, but you /biz/ faggots tricked me into buying GRT at 60 cents recently. this time I will wait for a dip, thank you

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Big price sir, very big

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Don't time the market, if you believe in a product you will eventually profit from it.

Examples of failure include:

ETH is way overpriced at $20
BTC is can never be $10000
XMR will never be $10

Rinse and repeat with every coin.

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you just missed the dip

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I'd ejaculate in my panties if XLM ever hit $410.82 lol

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the things id do with that money

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I'd be happy with $10 XLM. $400 XLM would let me buy Epsteins island.

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I have 120k and gain 10 xlm a day compounding

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same stack brah, gaining 9 xlm a day.

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We are gonna make it brother... 20k holder reporting in

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those highs are fiscally impossible. Look at the market cap at the current price. $410.82 market cap is hundreds of trillions of dollars: more money than currently exists.

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>Implying XLM won't replace the world money supply

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I’m gonna... IM GONNA


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There's no such thing as "Market Cap" in crypto. It is just Price x Token supply. Not every single XLM is on exchanges being actively traded. Same thing happens with BTC or ETH or many other coins. Volume and demand is all that matters.
That being said, over $5 per XLM would be absolute insanity.

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Should I trade my ETH for it?

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Apple has a 2.2 trillion market cap. It’s nothing more than a very gross valuation estimate. I’m not sure it really makes a difference, since it’s all about what is actually liquid and exchangeable

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Just a little.

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>most corrupt government in the world picks Stellar as its money laundering coin of choice
Not sure if this is bullish or bearish for the long-term. Either way, I'm not investing in this nigger welfare coin

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Schizos uniting when?

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2017 called, they want their fud back boomer

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How much was BTC or ETH worth before it got popular?

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How much XLM to have a night with her?

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Only .5 xlm

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