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How many BATties did you get this month BAT bros?

> computer 1: 17
> computer 2: 12
> phone: 6
> total: 35 == $7.35

> inb4 no one will browse for free money

Post BAT memes to make PRL holders, cameron, and the guy who's ex-wife got rich from BAT seethe.


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i still need to figure a way to transfer BAT from old computer browser to current one. i really only use the mobile browser though

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You get the seed phrase mate.

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BAT bros??

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21 on desktop
0 on mobile

weird. i enabled ads this month on android and ive been getting them but just noticed i did not get paid for some reason

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Its cheaper if you wait till you have over 100 I think.

Might rollover into next month. Or just restart the Brave app.

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Its the eth fees killing this. Do eth fees also apply to tipping bat? I dont want to loose 75% transfering mobile to my uphold.

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I got 7 on desktop pretty happy given I'm not a burger

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The payouts were a lot better this month for some reason. Glad to see it again.

I think it works out to .05 BAT or something but I could be wrong.

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>PRL holders

Damn, those were the days. Back when holding BAT actually made me feel like a winner.

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Yeah I think they fixed it after so many people complained for like two months which is good too see they care

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About 18 BAT wich is about $4.20.
Getting pocket change for for ignoring adds makes me want to start trading.

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Are you a bot? Beep once for yes and two for no.

Checked and ya they do have good support at least on the BAT sub. Or there were a lot more ad campaigns this time around.

You playing the long game or the short game here. That will dictate how much of a winner you feel like in the next couple of years. No other token has more utility than BAT, they all just pump on hype and test nets. No other project is being used en masse like Brave and BAT. This is a tangible working product which I think most of us take for granted. Boggles the mind that anons don't take this fact into consideration more.

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so how does BAT work on my iphone now? I still have Brave ads on, but I can’t collect the BAT because of >Apple. Will Brave still tell me how much BAT I earned and was cucked into donating/tipping against my will?

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Ultimate cuck, sitting around clicking worthless ads just to make a few cents with of an ERC20 shittoken called BAT, which was printed for free out of thin air, that Brenden and his colleagues lined their pockets with, and that you can't even transfer on the overcrowded ethereum network without paying more fees than the shittoken is worth in the first place.

Why in the fuck would anyone willingly subject themselves to this hell?

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> found the salty PRL holder
> be gone thot

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>thinks he has to click the ads to get the payout
make sure you update the fud notes

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Didnt you know its also a spyware browser? I read this one geocities article about it back in 2014. Also they steal your binance bucks. Terrible company.

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its got a big explot

but the mind seriously boggles that all of biz doesn't use brave. i just don't understand.

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All the rewards you earn via iOS are automatically tipped to verified publishers. If you visit verified publisher sites, etc they get a portion of it.

They don't tell you how much you earned anymore. Use the QR code and transfer them to another device; it works pretty well. I've done it like 4 times now.

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Could someone explain to me camerons complaints?

He has issues with Brave sending BAT to Uphold, who then sends it to Huobi each month for the ad payouts. Whats the issue with this?

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Apple really is shit, why people are sucking shit right out of thier asshole ill never know.

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You have to turn that off dummy. And its opt in now because a lot of people complained. And before anyone says that was scammy think it about it from Braves perspective: they wanted to sweeten the pot for both users and publishers. So they said to publishers "hey you should verify with us because if users use your site a lot you'll get tipped a percentage of their attention". For users the draw was they get free money. Unfortunatley they fucked up the rollout of it and all of the BAT in users wallets was getting tipped to sites. What they should have done is only taken 20% of a users funds for this, not 100. But that's another story.

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> absolutely based trips
> I do love my MacBook Pro tho...

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> what a rump

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im too retarded to get it from my phone I tryd to sink it to my computer but my batties aren't here

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5 on my desktop
4 on my laptop
and 3 on my phone

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Fucking PRL.

The coin that made me rich and then took it all.

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Well Bruno is in jail now so...

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She needs to lose about 20lbs

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Is he really?

I remember arguing in dozens of threads with PRL bagholders. It was so funny. I don’t know who really won in the end, BAT is probably at a lower price now than it was then. At least PRL losers got closure

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Damn max file size is now 3 not 4? I got a funny one for you Brapper Bro. I need to reformat it.

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Why the FUCK can’t I see webbums on my iphone Brave browser. Somebody get Sampson to fix this ASAP

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Heard that too
I heard that he was arrested some time ago (month or month and a half).

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Will we finally push through $1 this year and kill that stable coin meme?

I think it's about time to do that.

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what rank would it put bat at? we deserve top 20 at a minimum.

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>Tablet: 5.15
>Browser: 0
>Phone: 0
Sort your shit out Brendan!

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Top 20 sounds about right. Long-term (5 years+) though, I would be disappointed if BAT wasn't worth at least $20 per token.

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>Damn max file size is now 3 not 4?
Its fucking hell. I have to convert and cut all my webms into parts since I refuse to sacrifice the quality for you lads.

Let's see it when you get it done though, BATChad.

You want some pics while I'm active let me know what you want to see and they'll be in my next few posts.

Checked. Sadly, I'm an Apple Consoooomer

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Main reason I even bother to check these threads anymore based brap poster

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The temptation to drop the bat stack and come back later with more funds to put in is so tempting, but you don't know when the bat train is about to depart.

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Yeah, I know what you mean. Let's hope for the best this year.

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Crossing my fingers friend

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I think this has crossed every BAT holders mind. Would suck to be out of BAT when the accumulation window finally closes. The BAT pump will be remembered.

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Thats why I refuse to sell until 2025 at least. Dont be the guy who sold bitcoin at $7.

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