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Penguin party fish, ZORA, BONDED


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Dev Protocol allows creators to tokenize open assets. Its main use case and focus is open source software (Github), but it could be expanded to other open services (Youtubers), open content (TradingView), music or other Artists. For the Github use case the OSS developers currently don't make anything off their packages. Furthermore, there’s no standard incentive model to align open asset creators and users. This is becoming a pressing issue as the world’s economy moves towards building open assets. A lot of these Open assets then stall due to lack of funding.

Yearn vault - Dev is getting its own Yearn vault which will also help support the Vyper Coding Language

Geyser and Liquidity - The Dev Protocol Geyser Liquidity Program went live on the 4th of November. This Geyser round ends on February 3, 2021 and is currently providing a return of 30% per month (scaled up or down based on the total amount of Liquidity provided). This has increased the amount of Liquidity by a massive $636k

The community voted to create the first ever OSS ETF. The team will be Implementing a Creator token fee of 5% which will be held by the Dev Protocol treasury to create an OSS ETF.

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I guess this?

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I've seen this getting shilled a lot, first time i hear something good about it
but all this time and its still at 3m mcap? why should it go up anon?

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I heard some extremely based things about this, anon what are the risks of qnt?

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