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>Buy 1,000,000 FTX 3x short tokens for ETH for 100 Bucks

Thank me later

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idk what this is but

fuck me

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Use a VPN

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Connect to vpn-choose crypto friendly country like malta or something, buy your shit , send to DECENtRALIZED wallet.

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interesting, jot this down when i get my stimmy later

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well 1mill short eth tokens cost around 650 bucks

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wait, youre saying to short ftx 3x? sory im lost lmao

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The token name is
>FRX 3x Short

Exactly what it looks like lol

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Sounds illegal

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where do I buy this? I can't find it

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I can do this from amerilard?

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it's this webiste: https://ftx.com/
there you buy the token which shorts eth 3x with 100 bucks and wait

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FTX leveraged tokes is the biggest scam in crypto history, you can have 10x in your direction and make 10% and when it goes tits up by 2.5-5% your whole position is fucked. If you have above 10 iq, dont touch it,

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So you're saying buy ethbear and the token goes boom when eth eventually crashes...what's the catch?

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If you must, at least use BLV (nance lev tokens) as chinks know ow to add 2+2 and have result of 4 unlike burgers where 100% = 5%

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Keep using your burger Pro Biden exchange that hopes to avoid regulations buy donating to his campaign

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There is no catch. If BTC corrects 30% then you will get a shit load of money that's it. I made a fortune in march 2020 buying ETHbull for 40 bucks, look at the price of the token now.

These leveraged token work best if there is a clear trend downwards or upwards... and even better on an avalanche downwards but they work absolutely shitty if the market goes up 30% on one day and down 20% the next day and then up 5% on the third day. Algobull is such a candidate. But BTC or ETH as leveraged token work fine.

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So wait buy FRX or FTX eth bear??

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Ftx ETHBear 3x

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Seems like with currently volatility you'd just get liquidated immediately even with token system

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other exchanges offer leveraged tokens.. why is ftx special?

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These tokens do not get liquidated. I was riding the waves from March up to now. No liquidation.

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They do not liquidate (FTX version) instead they sell their underlying asset to avoid liquidation, that is the unique selling point about them and in my opinion, they are also special because CZ banned them from his own exchange to create then a binance version of it. And believe me, the binance versions are made to scam you.

FTX leveraged tokens can be hodled and that was and is something that CZ doesn't like if it leads to a net loss for him, because if you buy them on certain events like on the covid crash and go long then the exchanges will lose a ton of money. Thus CZ banned them. He did that of course right after the covid crash. Clever chink.

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Thanks anon just bought $50 worth for shits & giggles

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what if it goes the other way?
will my next 10 Generations be in debt?

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help me out here, so if i put $100 usd in rn, i'd get
149253.731 FTX short 3x ETH shares, but if ETH goes down the share will increase to 0.002 maybe, and i'd only make $300 profit?

how does the math work, excuse me for my low intelligence

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>Ftx ETHBear 3x
WHat if it pumps? I owe FTX money?

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Thanks anon. I'm going to FTX bull on BTC. If i do 100$ and we get to 40k how much is that ? Im new

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Not op here. But buying on FTX is the same as a market order. You must have diamond hands. Market go down > Printer go brr. It's a good hedge if you're half in ETH and half in the down leverage tokens.

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