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Friendly reminder that Avalanche will be the first non ethereum blockchain to have any serious dApps that people can use. Pangolin - a uniswap style Dex, and bZx, a margin trading, lending and borrowing platform, powered by chainlink.

NO other ethereum competitor has achieved this. Avalanche is the first. Despite this, avalanche's market cap is MUCH lower than most of the other well known ethereum competitors, like Tezos, Polkadot, and Cardano, despite being better than them.

Transactions cost a fraction of a cent and are instant, with the ability to scale massively.

bZx and Pangolin likely coming THIS MONTH.

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So glad I got into this at $5... Shame I don't have more money to buy more, but oh well.

I've just set up my node, if any bros want to delegate.


Saying I should get 30 AVAX for 1month staking 3,700. Not bad! - That's $180 at current price!

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Site wasn't updated properly before for some reason.

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how does one acquire this without buying it?
im new to crypto and the term "staking" is more confusing than mining

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Fuckin' exchanges taking so long to moving my money. I was ready to buy at 3.5 and I'm only ready to buy tomorrow. STOP PUMPING

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you buy it first

then you put your coins up as collateral to validate the network (staking)

then you get rewarded in free avax coins

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ready to take off sirs

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You don't "mine" it like BTC, you get rewards based on the coins you have. At the moment its like 10% per year - will go down as more nodes come online tho probably.

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been here since 3.6
this is the best ride ever.

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bad coin

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Noooooo - I need to buy more! I only have a 3,700k bag.

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How do i buy as an americuck plz frens

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Does your mother know you swallow semen every day?

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Once of these exchanges. If not, then RIP.

Check if there are any DEXs that aren't sketchy I guess.

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lol didn't these chink exchanges all ban burgers? It's not on binance.us. Never heard of Paribu though.

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No idea - guess Americans got cucked by the SEC again.

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The rocket is leaving

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I got in at 4 holding until we hit 40 no breaks

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I'll sign up to Binance to buy in. I have to use .US, right? Can I help an anon out using a referral code or just sign up clean?

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I know people say "easy x10", etc. But it really does seem like a no-brainer x10 to me.

The previous token unlocks didn't cause a dump, and most people will be locking in coins to stake anyway given the rewards are 10% right now. People are locking in coins for upto 1 yr.

Also I think like 50% of the coins are literally just for staking rewards (that means us). ALSO there is a cap on supply, and tokens get burned when used for TX fees. ALSO it supports Ethereum VM, and other cool stuff.

Even though my bags are modest compared to some people, I feel hyped to be on this one early.

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Guessing so bud.

Here's a code, see if it works. 10% kickback to me and 10% to you, if you can use it: GLUKFD3L

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Final ignition sequence

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How do I buy this my brother told me about this and he works as a blockchain developer at a crypto exchange

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If you are in the USA it seems you options are limited frend. Main exchange right now it Binance.

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In Canada, can't find it on Binance

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Thanks anon. I got you

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Please help me I'm retarded do I need to buy bitcoin first

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I actually posted the wrong image for this thread.

BTC is a safe bet of course, but the bigger it grows the lower your return will be.

You will be very lucky to get x3 from here imo (for this bull run anyway). Whilst this has a chance at moon (x100), but definately at least x10 imo which would give it a market cap of $5bn which is realistic. BUT, it's a longer term play - I'll be holding this for at least a year, probably more.

Make of that what you will.

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Dunno - might not be available in your country then? Ticker is AVAX.

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newcoiner here.

How do I buy this shit?

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Can't find it on binance in the US. are any of the exchanges trustworthy?

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How did everyone buy this staking meme? Mining is real crypto. Now in this cycle everyone has been duped into buying premined coins and locking them into staking contracts for a pitance while the developers dump on them. Oh wow, 10% per year. Doesn't matter when the crash comes and you'll be making 10% on 10% of your initial investment.

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I don't care I trust my brother he says this is a sure thing

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I don't mind AVAX, but this thread has strong pump and dump feels to it.

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the difference is AVAX actually solves a huge problem in crypto and the buy pressure will be insane once people figure it out.

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So are there any exchanges to buy this on in the US? Binance is a no go. It's on Okex but that shit seems shady. Not sure I want to transfer my BTC over there. Can anyone make a suggestion/referral?

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>Citizens and residents of the U.S.A(Not including Washington State and New York State), Canada and Japan are limited to trade only mainnet cryptocurrencies but not tokens.

What does this mean? Still learning. Guessing that it means I can buy individual shit like BTC or ETH but I can't buy anything that would require Uniswap or something like that?

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get your ass behind a VPN bro

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I can do that.

do they verify ID or can I transfer in BTH/ETH and swap? In the case of ETH, do they charge a gas fee?

I know these questions are annoying, but I have a lil extra right now and don't want to miss this. looks good.

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Proof of work is dead. Deal with it.

Also - Satoshi mined how many coins in the early days again?

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>do they verify ID
no but there is a daily withdrawal limit
>In the case of ETH, do they charge a gas fee?
no, you just pay gas to send to the exchange
and you pay a small fee to get your avax out.
no biggi

make a wallet here https://wallet.avax.network/

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Brother works at an exchange. *goes to 4chan to ask how to buy* this project reeks

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idk nigger he showed me how to get back some bitcoin I bought from an atm in 2014 and I have $1400 worth now and I asked him which altcoins he's investing in and he said avalanche that's all I know

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Avax is the chosen one.

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this, i only have 5k but it will still be a comfy bag when avalanche hits $50. I'll just provide liquidity or run a node and let the passive gains rack up.

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whats the make it stack?

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2000, a node.

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so do you get higher rewards as a validator than as a delegator?

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How the fuck am I supposed to buy these chink coins if I'm in the US? Binance.us doesn't have AVAX and I can't use Huobi or OKEx either.

Which DEXs would have it?

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Voyager has it but the fees are kinda high for an exchange that is supposed to not take a commission fee. They kinda just force you to buy at a shitter price

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just use a vpn

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Thanks, might give it a try
Sounds sketchy, will there be KYC shit? I'll still have to link my bank account or transfer from one of my wallets to Chinese Binance then. Not trying to get sodomized by the tax man either.

Overall, the current complexity of getting AVAX outside of the US seems like a major bottleneck. Not that the US is the only market, but why isn't AVAX on any of the US CEXs?

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Wondering this too. Do you have to show ID and SSN if go binance/vpn route ?

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it will be eventually. keep in mind that it was just released like 3 months ago. it takes time to get approval for US trading, and it's not an ERC20 shitcoin so it isn't as simple as trading on uniswap. Once the eth bridge comes out however it will be. Point is that those are reasons it's still cheap. to make gains you have to do the work tp get in before others can.

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Is the minimum stake amount still 2000 AVAX?
So i have to either put $12k into the ponzi to keep up with inflation, or get dumped on when the other 90% of the supply is minted/unlocked?

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you can delegate with any amount. node requires 2k.

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same boat, I would've gone in at $4 but have to wait for funds. Fuck me.

What's the short-term we're looking at though?

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I transferred 5k USD when it was still at 2.7$, I would have been able to get the 2k stack but instead I had to wait 10 FUCKING days I might have to break into my linky stack to get the 2k but Im worried it will crash down to like 5$.

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im priced out. waiting for a dip. or pass. its just another cardano/algo/polka anyways

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>its just another cardano/algo/polka anyways

That's where the cope start. There was never a project like AVAX in the market, There was never a legit non meme buzzwords threat to Ethereum until now.

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this is their website, unironically a work of 7 years old retarded nigger. They did private pre-sale in 2019. Literally only few whales have all the tokens ready to dump. There is nothing special about this coin. Muh consensus, smart contracts, nft ... just the usual clickbait shit for autistic white male. Enjoy bags

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And there never will be a legit non-meme buzzwords thread to Ethereum.
There is no ETH killer. The fact that something's only shilling "merit" is "muh eth killer" is a sign of a get-rich-quick scheme. And I have AVAX.

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No you're wrong. There was no reason for any meme blockchain to actually surpass Ethereum as they failed to tackle the same problems Ethereum has, There was no progress from any platform til now, From Zilliqa bottlenecked network sharding back in 2017 to centralized upgraded Dpos Polkadot in 2020, Non really solved the blockchain trilemma (Solving 2 of the 3 defeat the point and put you in the same unprogressive bracket as any old chain) Avalanche is the natural progress this space needed, If you weren't a newfag you would've known how much waves this paper did back in 2018, Nobody believed it's even possible to implement it yet Emin and his savant team provided a protocol on a whole another level that you can use rightnow.

Avalanche is the most robust network we have and will have for at least the next 5 years (So far no paper released to even proposed a better theoretical framework, let alone a running live network), And in the best position to eat dominance from Ethereum that ever was for any chain.

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I'll add that Perlin tried to implement Avalanche consensus (Btw which was written by emin and his AVAX team) and gave up in what looked like exit scam at mid point because they said "It's impossible".

>> No.25729573

Perlin is a project Andre Cronje creamed on in their initial stages, A low cost unsuccessful (Complete failure to be exact) version of AVAX. Just to demonstrate how powerful AVAX is.

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Nice pump for AVAX recently

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Thread approved.

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If anybody wants to buy AVAX, I can help (in exchange for a 2% fee). Write your telegram @ and we can have a call and set up specifics

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the ETH 2,0 savior

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Why don't you fight me shill?

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Instead of Pangolin (1 autistic dev) invest in Zero Exchange instead:

> http://zero.exchange/
10 man strong team developing this for months. Actually good UI/UX. Liquidity mining on ETH currently so the community can get tokens. Mainnet release on AVAX in January. Marketcap under 1 million currently.

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hey, it took off
I want to say thank you to whoever shilled this to me few weeks back

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Lol @ people ITT who bought at above $0.50.
Being a cashie pays off, coretards, I knew about the protocol since 2018 and registered 4 KYC-s, buying a total of 200k AVAX + 8k in airdrops before launch.

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>copy pasted text
atleast put some effort in you fucking street shitter.

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If it's the "last chance" does that mean you fags will stop making this bullshit thread every few hours? Please?

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AVAX pumped more than50% today just wow

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Fuck you I'm not buying the top again, faggot

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That was me buying

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