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Deflationary Index Fund

5mil Marketcap

100mil total supply with 10% already burned. (87mil current supply)

STILL pre-Cex

Code finished and audited (Shit works whether you faggots buy it or not)

WSTA listed on CG this week

Balancer whitelisting coming this weekend

been buying since $0.03 and is now $0.06

zero fucking marketing yet

this will be a +$1,000 coin

you were warned

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Based, if you don't buy you must love being a poorfag.

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Idk about $1000 but $10-$20 is achievable if this bullrun is anything like 2017 considering the low supply + deflation and the fact that it actually works

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$10-20 is fine for this run

but next run....

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They’ll be lucky to hit $1.50, nobody is taking development seriously, it always tomorrow, tomorrow tomorrow, updates soon, and new excuses with a bull cycle going.

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stabros, i'm not a bag holder yet, but despite everything, howre you honestly feeling about its future? What's the general attitude in the stargazer telegram?

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Bags are getting heavier each day anon. I’m a 50K holder since September

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It's inevitable, but nobody expects shit overnight. Let the tokenomics to their thing for a year or two and you can retire.

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prolly sold his link for pennies

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>year or 2...
You'll make more just holding on to ur ETH KEK

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Do we might reach to $10+ legit? I am holding a 100k stack and it would be great if happens. Recently I have lost my faith to the project and thinking $1 will be the top for this cycle.

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Shut the fuck up pajeet

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The dedication of STA bagholders to peddle this shitcoin here is just fucking astounding. Literally what price did you suckers buy into this coin for you to be STILL shilling it? Give it a rest for the love of god, please. Accept your losses and invest your energy into something productive.

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price of STA has been supressed for months now. big whales are accumulating huge quantities so keep hodling for a few more years. will pump hard as fuck.

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How can the price of Sta possibly be suppressed? Token burn prevents it. People literally have no idea what the fuck this is but they can update the crackhead looking dashboard at any moment to not be stupid causing massive fomo as normies understand the concept.

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Sell low am I right? Should I go buy something that has mooned instead because number is green? Retard

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.02c, 17c, 7c, and then again at 3c. Gonna buy more if it dips below 6c again. Yes. I am a crazy person.

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I mean the halving was pretty obviously going to happen and people obviously weren’t going to focus on a DeFi low marketcap “shitcoin” during. We’re gonna have to wait for the bull run to blow off initial excitement for this to moon.

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The team has new leadership and so far everything they have said under the Dok have been on time and true. It’s always hard to predict a peak at the lowest point since everyone is blinded by negativity, while when we fast forward and we are approaching old ATH people will be calling for ridiculous numbers as the next top. Truth is statera has great fundamentals and it will happen, like it or not.

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Likely. Unless the dashboard works and I don’t have to explain what a liquidity pool, slippage, etc. or the circular logic that makes this coin function to people. I’m kinda done shilling it and am just going to buy more when the price dips and hope to time this one well.

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Nice dashboard bros. Is Megan still working on this project? “She” was always a cunt in the telegram.

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Not necessarily. Last bullrun smallcaps even smaller than sta went ballistic for no reason. They weren’t even listed on big exchanges. Ofc there’s nothing that says it will be like 2017. But if it is, it will happen during the bullrun. The ROI potential for sta in comparison to BTC for instance is way greater, so speculators could and probably will move cash into smaller coins to milk the most out of the hype. However it could also very well happen afterwards. Those are my 2 satoshis. Also I’m with you, I don’t gamble, I invest. I’ll keep buying and pooling statera until the inevitable happens

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Developers don’t care, i saw the dashboard, glitchy and slapped together. Why would anyone to care when the answer is we’d get to it when we can? A million pools not user friendly, no market, everything in a snail pace. Good luck with your dying project, idiots. More excuses incoming.

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It was already finished but then wSTA was introduced 2 weeks before EOY which meant it had to be re-done stop being a nigger

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Because it’s one of the only DeFi projects with a genuine use case that wasn’t a complete rugpool or complete scam - and it has a lot of room for growth because of it. It’s genuinely the only coin I can come up with zero competitors.

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Have a hit, bro. seems had a rough day. WAGMI.

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Honestly anon, I have confidence in statera. It has huge potential. I just ignore the fud and keep throwing my neetbux in it

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No roadmap, no marketing, no dashboard developments. When will you faggots just drop it already? Doktor Funk is another cheek of the same ass, nothing has actually changed in terms of slow as fuck updates while the price bleeds. I'm so done.

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I have legitimately never seen a coin as heavily fudded as STA. Like if people are willing to spend day after day coming to this board to FUD a coin they supposedly don’t even own, it’s a little suspect. No one is that much of a loser. It’s almost as if it’s coordinated and they are accumulating. Really makes you think

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Because the same people keep making threads about this shitcoin, genius. I was shilled it and now after bagholding this hate all you guys. Stop thinking fud is bullish like a moron. Look at the shit team who make this coin a dumpster fire project without any help

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Also, the memes are great. Follow the memes, always follow the memes.

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Imagine not buying STA and buying other coins that are growing double digit a day instead. Just imagine.

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It is not FUD, but people got tired of bagholding while they are losing their HOPE. The hope part is important and somehow after dashboard launch was shattered and or at least got scratch.

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Anon I hate to break it to you but you are literally the classic /biz/ investor meme. You know you pretty much sold the bottom in terms of ETH valuation? Way to go, anon. Way to go.
Literally all of that is coming and while they haven’t provided and exact roadmap some anon managed to scramble an unofficial one together based om breadcrumbs dropped in the telegram and so far it seems to be following that exactly

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Fair enough. But you are not making any money in this space by hoping. Gotta be emotionless and not a fomo retard. It might work once or twice, next you know you are buying the top and baghold btc for 3 years.

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How long have you been around for? I’m a day 1 buyer. I could unironically write a book of all the fud statera has got thrown at it

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The "work" the team have done in the last week has been sending a couple emails off to coingecko and balancer. The rest has been sitting on tg memeing and doing fuck all. Dashboard still looks like a piece of shit and there talks of rebuilding it from scratch because the code is that broken. Keep bagholding tho I'm sure the team are super reliable and won't continue to break promises

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I’m selling today, all of it, at a loss.

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I am in from 3.5c and still not in loss and not planning to sell at least until EOY. Also there are anons like you who bough quite early under 1c. But for some anons, it is not easy to see all the pajeet coins pump left and right, but their bag is dumping or stagnating. Also after dashboard seems, more people are questioning the team's competency and it also gives them a weak hands.

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With the awful dashboard that the team thought would be a good idea to showcase it might as well be an actual pajeet coin dude. Good luck to anyone still hodling this shit during the bull. It has nothing going for it other than committed biz shillers. Even req was shilled hard were at one point

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Phil Collins and Dorsiapilled.

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Hello, Jolly Fellow.

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They had to release something, and now they realize that it would’ve been better dealing with all the fud from missing the deadline. Either way, no coin has survived a barrage of fud quite like statera.

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I just bought in and I hold over 1 million dollar in shitcoins. check scan if you don't believe

>> No.25755764

see what I mean lol. These same shillers know they can't refute the criticisms of that ugly piece of shit dashboard so they just post pointless stuff like this. honestly there is no point for these threads to exist anymore

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There's no way to know if what you said is true, and there's no way to know if STA is going to $10 EOY, but if you're acting in good faith: welcome to the club - see you at the yacht party.

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if you are that wealthy then put a few chips on it. The people who have large positions because they believed the team's lies might have down syndrome though

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Reminder that NOT buying STA has been one of the most profitable decisions you had made to date this year and will continue to be so. Do not buy this.

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This post lacks both jolliness and fellowship.

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how do i tell how much i earned from pooling? I have a decent amount in the STANOS pool, is the BPT token what I earn?

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Mate you can just watch the etherscan you know that buys are public?

then maybe it's not me but at least someone did


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Depends on when you chose not to buy Statera.

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My fellow biznessmen. Ask youself why someone would take time out of their day to 1PBTID a reply like this. Would YOU take time out of YOUR day to post this in a thread you had no interest in?

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Correct. No one knows if it's you. But on the off-chance you're the dude, welcome.

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Maybe. Soon we will be rich people with down syndrome though. $20 eoy

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>you're a downy
>ad homs are legitimate arguments
$20 EOY

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Let's go

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I don’t think it was you (the wallet had 60k already from September) but I find it more bullish that it might be somebody who actually has a $1M wallet and does not browse biz.

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do the needful sir and jump on the STA train, my village is going hungry

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We will moon EOM inshallah

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Ok listen closely...NO ONE is getting my STAs...I'm a motherf*cking STArboy to the end not just weekends ..early and not Selling the key to generational wealth...keep fudding as entertainment is necessary and very much appreciated here at biz..lol

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will the kufr taste the Statera pump?

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Yes, but only if it is Halal حلال

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I hold statera. What's the best way to kill myself? Not in a larp way, but in a permanent way?

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>not entering the Kingdom of Heaven

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pool ur sta for suicide

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100k burnt this week. I think that even the most ardent STA holders, myself included, do not fully understand how monumental what we're holding is. A deflationary liquidity magnet. Its the biggest ticking time bomb since BTC. STA is truly inevitable.

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honestly youre missing out on a lot if youre not holding sta, it truly is inevitable. and its comfy as fuck

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Yeah no, nice try

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Unironic oldfag, first bought BTC in 2013, literally never sold. I dont want to "make it", I do this for my children. Worth over 7 figures due to crypto and still work my 90k job with joy, and dont want to retire early or whatever the fuck. I have never been so sure of something since BTC. ETH was close and I still have my sub $15 bag, but its nothing to STA if you hold for 5+ years.

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How long do you think until we're blazing past $1, wise one?

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Just checked and it seems 20% of available supply is pulled in Wsta/Sta Pool. That’s impressive. Any idea of how much of the reminding supply is pooled in Phoenix and Stanos?

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I don’t even care if you’re larping, this gave me a stiffy

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Work keeps a man honest and grounded. I have bags of BTC and ETH from 2017 and I still go to work every day - although it's a job I derive some satisfaction from. I have a bag of doge from 2017 too. Never selling. STA will also have its day. Iron hands win.

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Screenshoting this, even if it's a larp, gonna remember this when I think of selling early
Thank you

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There is no sell, fren. STA isn't like a typical coin. Once a certain level of adoption is achieved the returns from hodling/pooling will be unimaginable.

>Suicide STAtistic
Didn't buy or sold below 0.01, will buy at $100

>slow STArters
5k stack or less

Between 5k and 10k

>Suicide STAckers
Between 10k and 20k

Between 20k and 30k

Between 30k and 60k

Between 60k and 100k

Between 100k and 250k

Between 250k and 500k

Between 500k and 1mil


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Where and how do I buy

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Confirmed that dashboard has to be remade from scratch. Might see it in Q2

>> No.25765448

apparently chatter in the tg says that dashboard will be reworked and re-released sometime q4 2021 eoy

>> No.25765530

Bros I already have 40k STA. Should I drop off 100 linky stinkies and pull up to STAutist-tier? My balls are telling me to do it but my brain is tripping since Link is pumping

fud me bros please for the glory of sthanos

>> No.25765533

Google search "balancer fees" or something along those lines. Should be easy to find.

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trust the plan
10$ eoy

>> No.25765907

Who the fuck said that?

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Why would you take something that's appreciating and buy into something that's been in red most of the day or crabbing at best? If the end result is making money, that sounds like a shit move.

>> No.25766022

LINK already has its chance and won't pump more at most 1.5-2x. However STA is quite low market cap and has all its pump ahead.

>> No.25766167

pooling in thanos so comfy

>> No.25766586

People are getting shit done in the stagazer group

>> No.25767721

I lost 5 XLM on this.

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Imagine taking a whole fucking year to update a webpage.

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how can anyone be mentally sane and hole this bleeding coin

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>bleeding coin

>> No.25769114


Zoom out lol

>> No.25770121

Pooling is comfy

>> No.25770369

Buy statera, check out the memes, we’re decentralized, awesome community, we’re doing big things.

>buys a bag and offers to help project

Oh, by the way, we forgot to mention there’s hardly anyone helping and by decentralized we mean the devs don’t really have any incentive to help further the project so we’ll spend our time patching holes and missing out on profit during a bull. Sorry about that. Did we mention impermanent loss when you pool? Oh, my bad, that’s a thing too.

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Based, fuck the FUDders

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