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Its Today, And the Crash will be HUGE. Tether scam + people nowing this little ride couldn't last= one of the biggest and reddest Dildos right into delusional holders asses And all of it in the span of the next 72 hours... juicy. Im gonna short the shit out of it

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My stop loss is at 36k

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Stopped reading as OP clearly cant fucking spell...

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Nigger. Im a belgian 130 IQ Male. I know 4 languages. So stfu u fat mutttard

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HA, Ur talking to a bong that knows 6 lang, fucking 3rd worlder... Get shat on...

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Belgium is a third world country now. Also 4 languages is the new normal, your IQ is average by schizo standards. Hope you are at least 6 feet and have a big dick to make up for your shortcomings. Good luck we are going to 45k

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Let's see your position you fucking faggot

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>king of the brainlets
130 is the 5’10” of IQ

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120 IQ central american sandnigger reporting in. I'll gladly work for you when you make it anon

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Belgium is made out of 3 languages already, big deal MF

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based les belges sont des idiots

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This is true im not gonna lie

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Time to dump

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