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Good morning and I love cunny

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I need advice frens. I bought MARA on Friday for $24. I panic sold for $20.50 on Monday and I see it's now up to $25.50 on pre-market. Is this going to moon afterall? Should I buy it again?

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>Cute anime girl faces are for ___?

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It's going to dump more this week. I'm going to buy back when it hits $16.

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The trash.

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You need to go back.

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Alright thanks I'll do the same. I'll invest in anime girls until then

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Ok serious question here, how are dividends paid on ADR's in an account that auto-invest's dividends (yes im talking about rycey lmao). Do i just get shares at the ask?

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is it a bad idea to fomo into STPK at open?
its up 20% yesterday, probably will be up another 20% by open

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just hold

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What settings should I use when screening stocks on finviz? looking to swing trade short-term

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I’ll ask in the new thread, about to buy into CCIV before the rumored merger news is confirmed. Anyone else in?

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buy high, sell low.

>> No.25870497

dont buy for atleast a few days

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It did 2x already since news on Jan 5. Question is then, is there potential for growth left there.

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>I'm not changing my living standards after having more money
that's a good thing, anon - it means the money you make will take you further, and not just instantly dissapear to fuel your more higher living expenses.
I would also skip the /pol/ 'self-improvement' threads that other anon was suggesting, trust me, those retards have literally nothing of worth to teach you. I spent a few years on that containment shithole and just emerged bitter and angry for no reason. Spending less time on the internet, exercising and reading a bit. There you go.

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thank you chinks,
Im all green with stocks americans dont even know about so they cant pump and dump it

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Anon... you need to improve at this.

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if not, can anyone suggest some swing trading books?

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>UVXY down
>futures green
it's not fair I want my cheapies!!!

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Cheapies were yesterday pal

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they weren't cheap enough, I want real cheapies

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About to buy BILI with the rest of my savings

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You're 10 months late then.

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checked, also don't worry about being emotional with the markets anon. The only solution is to control your impulses. The best way to do this is to invest in things you genuinely believe have a strong future; then a few red days won't scare you so much.

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I have 900$, where do I put them or just wait for the election thing to be over, tsm is in my eyes and I will probably sell LMT, I am down 7.80% on the fucker

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>Democrats lockdown the economies, ruin thousands of businesses and lives
>promise them 2000$ stimulus which these people need to survive

kinda sick if you think about it

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what's the next nio or palantir?

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you guys wont fall for this bull trap right?

the Q1 correction started yesterday.

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Good morning friends. Reminder to sell all your green meme energy today so I can buy back into my positions

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based, that's what I want to hear. Real cheapies soon.

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>Buy Every Dip guy says to get out
O my fuck, we're done for.

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Oh you will get cheapies soon, if the 10y keeps rising and earnings are only a little bit disappointing, companies will get crushed

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A new study has shown that if you're down on a position and you sell, you actually lose money.

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Where are my IPOE chads at, current price is looking good as it looks like it has found support around $19. Now we wait for the catalysts.

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Thanks fren. Well, I believed in Bitcoin so I was ok holding MARA over weekend. And then -10k dip hapenned, followed by MARA plummeting.
I guess crypto related stuff is not for me, it's way to volatile. I'll stick to commodities I think.

Yeah... I just hope person who made money on me won't spend it on drugs.

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Which site do you guys use to look at futures of your stonks

Please don't tell me yahoo

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this shit will set you guys back 20 years, congrats

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Do you guys spread your risk at all with any funds? I have 4 figure sums across various stock but have 5 figures in a couple of funds as I simply don't trust myself that much.

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is SOXX overvalued?

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DD is done on 4chan

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buy reasonable dividend-yield (1-3%) stocks of companies that make hardware machinery, manage industrial transportation and construction companies that make physical shit that people work with. Real Estate is OK but only if they they are commercial real estate investment trusts that work on b2b basis with manufacturers.
Then look at where these companies' plants and HQs are located and consider buying local utilities as well.

One of the biggest red flags on the big tech stocks is the complete failure of PCG in preceding years and its price performance being as terrible as California's handling of its shit last summer.

and keep LMT as Biden is about to start bombing the brown people.

don't be a moron.

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CLF isn't going back to $17 is it?

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>Well, I believed in Bitcoin
if you still believe in the crypto bull market over the next 12M then BTC mining stocks are a hold

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If you learn more about Bitcoin, you realize it is a giant scam. Whales can manipulate this shit at any time.

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>boomer investing with 900 dollars
>defense stocks in general
This post is so boomer im going to..

>> No.25870991

Dont jump into trades because its mooning. Also if its not going your way have the steel to hold your trade through the volatility. I got WKHS at 19, LGVW at 14, PLTR at 13. I only really buy when its red and or pulling back. Check the chart to plan your entry

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I keep a portion of my portfolio in the SP500 ETF.

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You're doing the right thing anon, it just makes sense when you're playing with your own money to have the majority of it in more stable but promising funds, and try to get lucky with the rest of it; the percentages of each depending on your risk appetite.

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>10y yield
it used to be much higher before covid though, why is it such a big deal that it rises?

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Anime will never be real.

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How to swing trade by Brian Pezim

>> No.25871073

stock prices are so high because of the low yields, if they keep rising the costs for capital grow and the valuations are way too high

>> No.25871075

they promise trillions for covid relief
they also promise trillions for clean energy investment

Where do these trillions and trillions come from?

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>btc to volatile
> I'll stick to commodities
Thanks for the kek

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Thanks. The safe less exciting bets just seem a bit boomer, but I'm pretty sure they'll outperform me in the long term when I really do think about it.

>> No.25871126

yeah I made good money buying pfizer stock a week before they announced their "vaccine", after which I dumped it like a burning potato.
how did I know they gonna announce the vaccine? boomer hunch.

>> No.25871141

There is a lot that are thin and missing a lot of subject matter, essentially just bait for you to buy and make them money but this book is pretty good. Good luck anon

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10 yr is used as a benchmark for a lot of things as a baseline return rate on a lot of financial assets. Companies have been pumped on ZIRP without being profitable for so long that rising interest rates might crush their ability to refinance or freeze capital expenditures.

>> No.25871166

CRSRaider bros it's time

>> No.25871170

To the anon who mentioned BAYER, when's the news expected to hit ?

>> No.25871228

Anyone here hold SYME? There's a lot of talk about them creating a new asset class, and people seem quite bullish about it but it's almost a cult.

>> No.25871305

from your taxes.
expect a pleasant surprise this year from the IRS.

>> No.25871356

Learn the basics of probability theory, and afterwards quantitative finance. It's the real intuition you need, there is no system that works.

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Months of hodling are finally starting to pay out plus oilprices stable , juicy divvies and + 14% lmao stay mad ESGFags and faggots who told me "muh oil is dead , enjoy xombie and shit"
LMAO imagine not buying Americas most important up and downstream company with 10% yiel LMAOOOOOOOO

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i still see settlement dates on my margin account
is it safe to just ignore them?

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Q to europoors: we file taxes from investment gains with or separately from income tax? For example if my salary is 35k and I cash out 20k from investing does it counts as one so I pay my income tax for 55k yearly gains or no?

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Buying CLOV a good idea? Or am I going to be raped, in a wrong way?

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That's nice.

>> No.25871519

depends on the country, be more specific.

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>new day no news

>> No.25871667

>"dude, we might like..... from time to time..... do 50 million offerings LMAO..........."
sold my sneedful, may re buy at 60 cents

>> No.25871693

Depends on the country but I'd say yeah. In Poland I file a PIT-36 for my personal income witha 17% tax rate and a PIT-38 for capital gains with a 19% tax rate. But I have a tax advisor who does it for me, it's cheap, do that.

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i know this won't be much help, but I'm pretty sure it counts toward income tax.

I can't really say about my eastern savage country where no one is there to stop me and I'm basically doing tax evasion

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I'm selling all my MARA today and buying BKNU.

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This anon is right. With the 10y on the rise and interest rates low with a weak dollar there could be some real pain in the near future. It all has me pretty scared desu.

>> No.25871854

That meme is kind of weak because in a sense so did Fredonia and Sam.

>> No.25871867

is it too late for BBBY

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'Buy High & Sell Low' by Roby Retail, but seriously there's this thing called GOOGLE SEARCH

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>surely ARKG won't go back down below $96
OH NONONONO ARKG bros we're getting too cocky

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Based oil bro

>> No.25871936

>TEN (Tenneco Inc.) huge potential, dyor
>SKLZ (Skillz Inc.) next meme, dyor
>ODT (Odonate) huge potential, dyor

>> No.25871964

You guys did remember to buy calls on the SOYB dips, right?

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PLUG and CNX will never dump again

>> No.25871981

>weak dollar
idk, looks like dollar is up for bounce

>> No.25871982

It better be.
Got 50k in that shit

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>is SOXX overvalued?

>> No.25871987

I knew I should have bought BILI yesterday, fuck. what do i do now, wait for the next dip?

>> No.25872011

I have 10k, is GHIV a good short term investment? Sell off before merger on 20th? GHIV holders please shill me

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just gonna cap this and post it in 3 months from my lambo just to laugh at yo asses

>> No.25872091

God these are so cringe. I wish fashwave shit wasn't so cringey cause the asthetic is really good.

>> No.25872123

Why would there be approval ahead of the jp Morgan conference. Don't you know (((they))) have to get into position first.

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I'm gonna limit buy at 13. I will see you at 20 my brother

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Ur cringe

>> No.25872150

>GME premarket


>> No.25872158

Why are european markets so inert during american closed hours

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I never thought I would see the day I gett bogged.

I sold and then the motherfucker went up 3 times days later

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>> No.25872213

Anyone have an opinion on QS? At what price is it a good value?

>> No.25872264

Selling a third of my portfolio to buy CCIV
I'm so butt hurt because I missed out on NIO and TSLA I'm just going to buy this meme and pray to bog for the best

>> No.25872270

CLOV will disclose partnership with big retail chain today (already working with Walmart) on JP Morgan conference. Also, clintons bought the shares. Should I buy? Please I don't want to get bogged second time this week.

>> No.25872301


>6 more days (from tomorrow)
>buy OSMT

>> No.25872329

Is this why it dropped hard? https://finance.yahoo.com/news/lawsuit-filed-quantumscape-corp-sued-130000391.html

>> No.25872338

I believe in SKLZ but I want it to dip below 20 so I can buy in

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Fellow GTE chads, ready for another +10% day? It was worth the wait.

>> No.25872404

A lot of people are talking about skillz. But I went on there website/ app and tried there product and it's dog shit.

I love the idea and I know stock prices have nothing to do with the actual product, but still

>> No.25872406

I finally get to know what it’s like to hold a stock that has “huge” news. These TTOO bags have been so heavy for so long. Be gone demon.

>> No.25872426
File: 3.88 MB, 1477x2000, 78D6A862-A73F-4A2A-9E75-36BA4E691A8F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dump eet

>> No.25872433

at least the IRS will lower your tax burden out of pity.

>> No.25872453
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My ET bags are feeling a bit lighter. Midstream bros, are we finally gonna make it?

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only 6 more days bro

>> No.25872517

Any bro’s know what company PIPP is trying to acquire?

>> No.25872535

So is their product garbage? Must be if investors are willing to kill the stock price by suing like that.

>> No.25872559
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You guys still aren't all in CLF? Kek ok

>> No.25872579

> it went up so it must continue going up

>> No.25872580

QLGT TLGT holding me up

>> No.25872602

Try not being a cocksucking faggot. You might be able to enjoy them a bit more.

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put a buy order for 100 more positions into GHIV at 12.75 each, smart?

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They're fucking cringe man, they almost make me cringe as hard as nu-wojaks (pic related)

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Fucking sjw jannies banned be for posting a picture in support of the right. I wrote "short Twitter" in the comment field and was banned because my picture doesn't have to do with business, like every other picture here.

Fuck jannies.

>> No.25872708

Only long position I have is UUUU

>> No.25872709

Especially if you didn’t have the taxes taken out of your unemployment benefits

>> No.25872713
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I wiped so hard blood started coming out

today is a red day

>> No.25872721

my ip range is blocked from posting threads on /biz/

>> No.25872766

I'm about to get sauced on. I'm holding so many UVXY calls it's not even funny

Lockup ended is why it dumped

>> No.25872793

Institutions up stake in apxt. Up 7% in pre. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

>> No.25872810

Is BLNK going to keep going up or is it overvalued now?

>> No.25872818

Morning, we still playing CLF?

>> No.25872834

Fundamentals and DD my braindead child. Now get the fuck away from me, CLF is to good for you. Also, you have to be +18...

>> No.25872855

>.t x1000 leverage on forex chad
ever since i gave up on stocks and cripto my daily profit went like 10x

>> No.25872877

too much text here. should have had the black girl say 1 thing about "good hair" or something. negresses hate on each other at times since some of them fantasize about being with a white man to improve their children's hair

>> No.25872884

No it's over now go home

>> No.25872918

DD done, what makes you think steel production shortage is not already priced in? What makes you certain China won't increase export this year afteralll?

>> No.25872924
File: 58 KB, 600x651, A605036B-F447-47B6-A3E9-282A90A9E8D2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck basketball and janitor americans

>> No.25872935

nu-wojaks aren't funny either way, the racemixing shit in combination to some wehraboo projecting into femboy wojak just makes this shit awful

>> No.25872961

I dunno but its a dying company in a dying sector with a high stock price. Maybe Im gonna buy some

>> No.25872971

I'm confident that niggers like you don't do research. If you knew a single fucking thing you would know that china isnt an exporter you fucking mong. Go pretend to read somewhere else you stink

>> No.25872998

>you stink

>> No.25873028


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all right anons i have exactly $171.49 in my RH account. i want to be a millionare by tomorrow night so i can flex on my girlfriend's new boyfriend. What am i buying?

>> No.25873043

BCRX shill, have you seen the new clinical trial info

And the new corporate presentation slides on their website

Seems very bullish

>> No.25873053

Shut up , who told you about that

>> No.25873076
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Guys I can’t stop farding in bed

>> No.25873081

Ghiv and BFt, you waited to long to enter give dumbass

>> No.25873108

BFT yeah but you can still squeeze 25%+ out of GHIV

>> No.25873109

It's going up to 100. There will be some really sharp dips along the way, but it's going to get there.

>> No.25873111

Well I guess uh Covid's kinda on the back burner. Seems the only thing anyone's really talking about is impeachment and the horrible events that happened in d.c. Hopefully once Biden is in office they'll get back to what's important; passing the 4th check bill.. Hell Trump's getting the boot no mater what in just 8 days anyway.

>> No.25873113

eat healthy, anon

>> No.25873118

The constant retard shills on here are getting to me guys. I'm thinking about taking my tendies and migrating to /k/ indefinitely

>> No.25873125
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>clean it up wagie

>> No.25873137

Her boyfrien obviously.

>> No.25873140
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>citron made another post in the past 18 hours


>> No.25873158

Based BCRX Shill

>> No.25873168

CLF leaps because fuck it

>> No.25873174

Sell target for APXT? Can I get $30 out of selling the top of the merger?

>> No.25873183
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>dont have stress out about taxes because i dont pay income tax
I pity you amerimutts

>> No.25873191
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>What's the gamble today anon?

>> No.25873198

Point and case. Look at this absolute faggot retweeting SPACs...blackpill

>> No.25873211

as long as you're not sharding i dont see the issue here.

>> No.25873231

they used Covid to push Trump out of office and they use the event in Congress to make people forget about Covid

that´s how you play House of Cards Republicans

>> No.25873235

Another point and case, there's no target you dumb nigger, it's a SPAC

>> No.25873241
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>people who are gmi

>> No.25873244
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For me it’s her

>> No.25873246

>he has missed the emerging markets gainz
Why are you all so scared of the brown and yellow pills?

>> No.25873250

All of these women will have cushy jobs in management positions/ media & design/ scrum master/ communications and earn more than /smg/ combined.

>> No.25873259

im up to 1k shares at $7.5 so it better be lmao. but yeah im not the shill but i liked the slides enough to buy more.

>> No.25873274

im terified to think what the finance books of indian companies look like.

>> No.25873275
File: 34 KB, 1045x607, Harvard-Mar-2019-SLIDE-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/biz/ frens, what would you invest in if you realized the the Fed actually has no control over the markets and QE has never worked and never will?

>> No.25873277

What are the merger dates for ghiv and BFt, next week ?

>> No.25873278

>implying the GOP wasn't in on it

>> No.25873287
File: 153 KB, 955x675, 17106540635743270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's too big to say.

>> No.25873303


>> No.25873306

vote on Jan 20th and ticker change on 22th IIRC

>> No.25873318

Big tiddy anime goth girls

>> No.25873334

For you

>> No.25873335
File: 72 KB, 653x996, Screenshot 2021-01-12 at 13.09.49.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

guys please advise on my stock pics. i am down $15 since yesterday when i started.

pls help i am struggling atm

>> No.25873344

x1000 all my savings on forex

>> No.25873351
File: 49 KB, 598x574, 677.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Big tiddy

>> No.25873354

Wow so you'd still be a loser, cool story

>> No.25873384

>ZOM up 30% after yesterdays 90% gain
Fug, I was hoping for a drop today

>> No.25873386
File: 2.93 MB, 640x472, 1600467987148.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i might increase to 1000 shares today too


>> No.25873387

>boomer stocks
you might want to seek advice elsewhere

>> No.25873395

I think it's not really worth diversifying that much unless you have like a 7 figure account

>> No.25873396

why isnt the market moving?

>> No.25873397

Probably going to sell that morning of the merger in hopes the weekend built up anticipation. Unless people dump that Friday before close I don’t see why not.

>> No.25873412

Would you have said that in March?

>> No.25873418

imagine the smell

>> No.25873428

zoom out

>> No.25873436


>> No.25873469

everyone got fucked in march what's your point? unless you're talking about hedging or something but we all know how poorly hedge funds have performed historically.

>> No.25873492



>> No.25873504

1000 shares @.12
when tf am I going to get out? I don;t know if i ever will.

>> No.25873522

I make more money than you in the real world and investing. Suck a dick.

>> No.25873523

Why is this your source?

>> No.25873533

>he took the diversify advice

>> No.25873537

I mean starting positions after the crash, everything has gone up. As to where we go from here, your post implies you're bearish on the market?

>> No.25873540

Go back.

>> No.25873545

Just yesterday. It looks like a downtrend overall to me but I am not a professional.

>> No.25873550

>its real
Oh shidddd

>> No.25873559


gotta love these autists

>> No.25873560


>> No.25873584

Good morning I hate China

>> No.25873586

How did you find it in the first place?

>> No.25873590

Now we just need millions more to kick the bucket. I mean seriously how fucking long are the boomers gonna live!?

Threadly reminder that dividends are for faggots, in this market. I quit my job last month and I ain't looking back. Dividends did not get me there. Fuck riggers, niggers, jannys, tranny's and chomo animepedo posters!

>> No.25873609

Racist pepes dont get real advice/tips

>> No.25873624

nice job, I wish i had some cash flow to get in, money tied up in some slow moving stocks.. positive at least. how'd you find $ZOM so early if you don't mind me asking?

>> No.25873627

Lmao I did the same (fear based trade) anon thankfully recouped the losses. If MARA drops to 16-18 I may hop on.

>> No.25873634
File: 461 KB, 350x232, 96069F68-19F4-4CF2-8FB2-7AD02E8AAB24.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.25873635

na most people here just gamble with their stimulus money, are constantly larping and have no idea what they are talking about. Just your worst kind of people, methheads, drunks just retards overall.
They hate diversification because they need to 10x their money to pay rent next month

>> No.25873642

Doesn't change the fact that you are a dumb nigger who thinks buying SPACs is investing keksamillion. Also, I quit my job! Get back to work, nigger!

>> No.25873643

What should I drop a grand on today?

Any good stocks not SPACs?

>> No.25873657

Have that feeling too anon, iron hands I’ll see you on the summit.

>> No.25873671

>1 post by this ID
Go back.

>> No.25873675

be, sklz

>> No.25873676
File: 2.56 MB, 300x424, danceytime.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



I created the second /PTG/ thread ever made and wrote the fucking OP nigga.

>> No.25873683

Nigger lover

>> No.25873684

Doubt it, some not all

>> No.25873689

Are you stupid? Or just pumping CLF stock?

>> No.25873698

BNKU, it's a 3x leveraged etf on financials

>> No.25873706
File: 23 KB, 272x166, Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 15.24.21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no u

>> No.25873711

What up niggers? Feeling good about my SOYB calls.

>> No.25873712

Are you planning to dump before 22nd?

>> No.25873717

never selling GME

>> No.25873729

I’m an ophthalmologist in my retina fellowship, I love my job. On the way right now.

>> No.25873732

What's everyone's sentiments on Chink focused etfs right now? Timespan 6 months - 1 yr...

>> No.25873753

Been liking the KO drop. Kinda like a 2nd "march" event; perfect striking opportunity.

>> No.25873763

MARA dump incoming today.

>> No.25873772

take your meds

>> No.25873786

Ching Chong Bing Bong

>> No.25873803

That thread about finding a job really made me depressed .

>> No.25873804

>BILI moons premarket

>> No.25873817

diversification is bad because it encourages people to hold worse shares. Like, if your portfolio has 10 stocks, and I forced you to lower it to 3, you wouldn't flip coins to determine which stays, you'd know which you think are better than others. So why arent you holding those 3 to begin with? Because diversification.

>> No.25873821

Yeah. I would also buy more if i wasn’t fully invested

>> No.25873823

Niggers tongue my anus

>> No.25873850
File: 36 KB, 124x128, 790940360285224970.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


thanks, ETF looks promising.

>> No.25873860

This guy literally spent so much money on Trump/republicans it made them somewhat competitive against Biden and the money they spent (which includes the billions they got from the BLM shit) and Trump decided to bash him a couple of months before the election for not spending more. Kek'd. Oh well

>> No.25873873


>> No.25873886

>my XOM now has a higher return than my MSFT
uhhhhh...... yyyyyeahhhhh....

>> No.25873890


>> No.25873899
File: 2 KB, 125x107, 1602256783326s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Americans wake up and the level of discussion decreases significantly

>> No.25873906

All in CHAD

>> No.25873909
File: 145 KB, 720x592, 20210112_072741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd like to make my case for why 7 would be the most exceptional gf.
My reasons are as follows:
>light make up which means high self confidence
>pleasant looking demeanor
>seems least likely to be annoying long term
>likely enjoys downers which means pretty chill

>> No.25873915

So is CCIV gonna end up being Lucid Motors?

>> No.25873917

my portfolio has 31 stocks.. if the index is down 1% I'm down 0.5% if the index is up 1% I'm up 2%

My top holdings always fuck me... If I had to hold 3 stocks it would be shit like SNOW wich has fucked me very very much in the last weeks

>> No.25873940

is it too late to get into the ZOM train?

>> No.25873942

>Any good stocks not SPACs?
DKNG -> $50
SPCE -> $25
SKLZ -> $23
UTZ -> $21
QS -> $50
VLDR -> $30
(yo are here)
IPOE -> ???

>> No.25873951

>on american forum
>trading american stonks
>probably on an american device running american software

>> No.25873954

There's a balance to be struck.
If you cannot find quality, uncorrelated stocks to diversify, then don't do it.

>> No.25873980
File: 142 KB, 599x723, oyvey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Israel still drowning in American tax payer money, it was worth it.

>> No.25873982

7 does look like the sweetest but 2, despite only being able to see her eyes, is giving off the sexiest vibes. 0 is the most attractive but also looks extremely high maintenance.

>> No.25873985

obviously a solid long term. revenues will grow each quarter

>> No.25873986

Peepee poopoooo

>> No.25873996

The whole "just own 3 stocks" thing is a charlie munger / warren buffet thing. It worked for them but you won't be them you will be one of the millions of others who owned 3 stocks and all 3 went bankrupt

>> No.25873997

I wonder how IPOE is going to do? When is their merger?

>> No.25874009
File: 99 KB, 326x859, Screenshot from 2021-01-12 08-33-20.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow they are almost out of shares to short GME.

>> No.25874034
File: 2.15 MB, 320x240, 1604460741914.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's funny because he's right

>> No.25874036

my thinking is that if you have 1 stock and it goes down then you can't do anything but if you hold multiple and one of them rallies you can rebalance profits to the rest of the portfolio (put more on stocks you trust more or are dipping). opens you up to more plays to make gains IMO. but then again im a poorfag so what do i know

>> No.25874038

if you repeat their advice you are being such a fucking retard it is insane.. unless you invested in tesla then you are a genius

>> No.25874040

All I'm going to say is SPAC are hotshit right now, Lucid Motors is rumoured for SPAC and Proterra just announced they will going through SPACs

>> No.25874048

Bros I had a lewd dream with Cathie Woods last night

>> No.25874071

>Take your meds

So if he posted a CNN or FOX article, that would be ok with you? I’m just trying to figure out which sources are allowed by you.

>> No.25874079

we dont like self confidence we see it as pride

we like annoying

>> No.25874095

Dkng , BFt (their little brother ) and GHIV - housing

>> No.25874096

Was she fucking you in the ass with a strapon?

>> No.25874097

ding ding ding
The trend is your friend.

>> No.25874098

ACTC merging with Proterra at $1.6 billion valuation. Look at CIIG going to $35 this will take off.


>> No.25874103

GHIVbros why are we down 1% premarket?
Oh well time to accumulate some more.

>> No.25874111

I'm looking into SPACs, but I need some stocks to play with.

What SPACs do you recommend? Is GHIV still viable?

Yea, GHIV is going to be short term for me.

>> No.25874112
File: 732 KB, 761x559, 1610337444057.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shit i drew 9. Here's my armchair analysis:
>slender appearance solid 7.5/10
>wearing decent amount of make up so not super confident/still in competition with the rest of the women
>is likely new (Freshman/Sophomore) to the sorority
>pained smile, has likely been hurt in the past
>will cheat on you within a year but will genuinely feel bad about it and not really understand why she did
>will end up wearing the pants in a loveless marriage with a Søylent

>> No.25874124

>oy vey goy
>you must only use sources we approve of
>independent journalism is terrorism

>> No.25874132

I didn't save the image but if you're gonna pick something like CLOV you might be interested in PIPP its like the same thing but run by people with big connections and "networks" from people in the govt. who work for biden

>> No.25874136


>> No.25874141

fucking retarded to have that discussion, you want to compare inventions? Guess how much of the shit you are using which got invented by Europeans, including all the patents and theoretical stuff.

Your population is the most retarded of all Western countries, you know it´s true

>> No.25874144
File: 40 KB, 825x231, 2cockybros.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just hold like uncle warren says goys

>> No.25874146


>> No.25874150

We get it, you suck the cock of the Washington Post and CNN.

>> No.25874151

Hey guys what stock broker do you use?
I can't use robinhood in europe, I have been using etoro which is fine but the miss alot of stocks.
Can you guys suggest me some?

>> No.25874156


>> No.25874172


>> No.25874176

we still have a week left before merger, so...
I'm just gonna hold tight

>> No.25874179
File: 229 KB, 750x858, 570A0AAF-649D-4CF6-9985-E6DFAFA8462D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s up over 1% in premarket. Is this thing gonna crash this week?

>> No.25874191

CLF Bros, what's your price target for 4-5m from now? Do we taper off in the summer?

>> No.25874202

Thanks haven't heard of both of those I'll check them out do they have mobile apps?

>> No.25874206

No, it only dipped because retards sold when they banned trump. No reason for it to dump again

>> No.25874208

>CNN or FOX article
No good either, leftist propaganda garbage. It’s hard.
I read seekingalpha a bit. Investing.com also is good. But in the end we need to read all sources anyways and form an opinion...

>> No.25874214

Chase You Invest because i'm already with Chase, but slowly moving to robinhood

>> No.25874216

No one has any idea. I think there will be a market correction between now and September.

>> No.25874221

So are they nationalizing BABA?

>> No.25874231

Rocket leaves soon

>> No.25874232


>> No.25874242

it's gonna go back up, dip is over

>> No.25874253

I hope so. Fuck Twitter.

>> No.25874254

ZH is obviously still better than fucking CNN but some of their stuff is all out schizo. Depends on the writer.

>> No.25874266




>> No.25874279

Market correction in general because everything is overheated or specific to the Steel sector?

>> No.25874283

I'm European, and even I know Europe after WW2 is just social welfare, we produce nothing, we discover nothing. Europe is a relic on an old civilization.

>> No.25874285

>all this projection
Big yikes bro

>> No.25874289

They snuck in

>> No.25874321

will be looking for a short, but I'm not expecting a huge move either way

>> No.25874398

>people are ready for a real holocaust
Me too. Long ZYCN

>> No.25874480

If I wasn't diversified in my options choices across 10 different things, if one goes to zero I go to zero. If one goes to 0 for me I still have 90% left.

>> No.25874581

But they banned plenty of others that accounted for human traffic and interaction. The bot percentage was high enough already.
I think too many people think all of Orange Man's "friendly" followers were old, quarter-squeezing Boomers, or that Trump wasn't a key driver of traffic/app usage. If people win buying TWTR that's great; I like to see people do well. Just wouldn't recommend buying that shit.

>> No.25874631


>> No.25874731

Forever crabbing

>> No.25874793

Maybe until a LOI is filed.

>> No.25874826

Plz. Shill them anon!

>> No.25874950
File: 7 KB, 261x193, bnooooo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



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