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So I've recently acquired $2000. I dont know anything about stocks, investing, or crypto. I just installed Robinhood and I made an account on Coinbase Pro.

What should I do? If I put money into Crypto or stocks, which ones? I'm so damn new to this, any advice would be appreciated.

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Listen at 6:13

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All in on LINK

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wait for a massive dump on famous stocks and buy it when they reach the bare minimum

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Okay OP, listen to my post any nobody elses. Don't fucking buy crypto. It is clearly a scam.
Put the $2000 into call options on the SPY stock. If you don't know what a call is it's basically like buying a leveraged share. This will be your first 2x and teach you the ropes.
Once agian, everyone suggesting crypto to you is a PAJEET. People only trade this shit because they cannot trade stocks like YOU CAN.

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wait for the dip then buy btc, eth, ltc, etc.

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I bought Tilray ($TLRY) and Aphria ($APHA) stocks and they've been doing well every single day. The companies merged and new US administration is driving the price up, but there's still lots of time to get in assuming the MORE act gets passed and legalizes weed

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Sounds interesting. Electric cars are probably going to be the norm soon. All in on this?

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Yes, clean energy and electric cars are a huge buy right now

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So what are call options exactly and how do I do them?

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they are contracts that give you the right to buy 100 shares of a stock at a certain price. There's many different variables that go into it but believe me learning to trade them is where money is made. They are very easy to trade on robinhood.
look up some youtube tutorials.

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After a bunch of videos I didn't understand it until I watched this. This one explains it the clearest to me

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Get foreskin restoration surgery.

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Look up radix op

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Interesting. How risky are these? I dont want to lose all my money right away because I'm new.

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If you're going crypto, go mostly into BTC and ETH. It's your safest bet. If you want something a little riskier, LINK and XLM would be my advice, maybe Algo too.
But, you need to be prepared to see red, and not sell. If you think that if you will see your $2000 become $1800 or less and then sell, don't even bother investing in crypto, this isn't how it works and it's not for you.
Also, really valuable tip for a new starter that I wish I knew. If anyone here tells you to buy a coin that isn't among the coinbase.com listed 40~ coins, just don't fucking do it, no matter what they say or how promising it looks. It's 99.99% a scam coin. This is even more the case if it's posted here on /biz/. Most of these scam coins don't just 'steal your money' outright, they work by someone (or some group) putting money into the coin the moment it launches to make it look legit, but they buy the coin at like £0.00001 each, and they buy 100,000's of them. Then when a regular guy like you comes along and invests in it for more than the £0.00001 they paid, these original investors will just take out your investment into their wallet immediately. They will probably keep the coin looking ok for a few days to milk as much possible, but sooner or later, they will just pull out all their coins and take everyone else's investments with them. Just stick to what's on coinbase and you can know these coins are not going to be scams. If you're in the game long enough you can actually profit off these scams but you really need to know what you're doing, plus it's highly morally questionable, because you basically ride the wave with the scammers and steal investors money too, but honestly just forget I even said that last bit. Hope this helps

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pajeet detected

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what in the fuck is that supposed to be

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In a similar position to you, never invested in crypto before, try to make a coinbase, and get this. Why?? I havent done shit

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Since you're dealing with leverage if the stock goes up you will make a shitload but if it goes down you will lose a shitload. If you buy calls with a further away expiration this won't matter as much.
Buy one just to start off anon. Also I am not discouraging just buying shares of whatever you'd like, it's just that with $2000 you will see a much more significant return with options. Don't let greed take over don't "fomo" into anything you buy. If you take your time to learn the market you will do 100x better than the gamblers you see in /smg/ who have fried dopamine receptors from trying to score a 2x every day.

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100% BTC here. Don't just buy if you don't know anything or you'll sell when it dips, do research first. My recommendations are the bitcoin podcasts by Preston Pysh, and The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous.

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Nah, white British, just fell victim to one of these and managed to luck out by buying in so early that I actually profited quite decently, learned some serious lessons on how that side of things worked as a result. A whole lot of people weren't as early/lucky as me though, and they all got fucked. Wasn't very nice

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So whats the entry point in call options? Like I said I only have 2k. Am I able to do these calls for like $100 and potentially 2x it?

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How much are you expecting to make? Are these 2000$ leftover money that you can afford to lose or is it 90% of your salary?

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Yes, you could spend as little as $1 for a call contract but that depends on the strike price. For example if a stock is $10 a call with a $10 strike or below will catch a high premium. As you go higher in the option chain the options become cheaper.

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Its money I can afford to lose.

I'm going to do a lot of research into this thanks anon. Im very intrigued.

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>white British
It’s a sad state of affairs you even felt the need to add white.

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How did you find biz?

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I've been frequenting 4chan since like 2006.

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That guy is trying to make you broke. Just buy LINK. At least you can't expire out of the money on LINK. If anything it's less risky because if you're not above your strike price on a call on expiry, it expires worthless and you lose everything. Anybody who tells you to buy options us scamming you, don't listen to anyone who tells you to buy options. With pockets that shallow, you should only be buying crypto. Don't fall for scammers.

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Jesus fucking Christ. So you are presumably in your 30s and getting 2k is significant to you? Fuck me dead mate you need to get your life in order.

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True. Britain is second only to scandi countries

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>Just buy LINK
Audibly kekked. But this guy does have a point. Your options could expire worthless. You shouldn't be buying weeklies anyway.

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Seems fishy.

I think made a lot of assumptions there fren.

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Phew that's a long time fren. I guess I can tell you what I'm hodling rn.
0.2 btc
200 uni
500 sushi
300 linkies
I'm very green today.

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What’s your net worth than? If it doesn’t have two commas you should be ashamed.

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Do you need a good credit scorr

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So those link coins aren't just a scam?

Ask ur mum

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Youre ngmi if youre not willing to scam

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I don't know for sure anon. I got in at about 10$ and am riding the green wave since then.

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could you explain it a little further like what timing is usually best??
I see contract for 2000 at 396 strike price expiring on Dec 31

since SPY is usually consistent upward trend. if we assume it'll be up by 21% by above date the price will be 460 compared to today which is 380
profit will be about 4400
which is indeed 2X the investment of $2000, however up 21% is pretty stretching it for SPY too, right??

what is usually the best timing for options on such consistent upward ETF??

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BTC and ETH.

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Depends are you a calm patient guy or a pink wojack?

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link is a 14.88 coin. buy when it drops to that point or below, sell when it rises a day to few days later. Rinse and repeat.

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Buy high, sell low, always use as much leverage as possible

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Buy whatever sounds coolest to you on coinbase that youre most likely to hold and explore and use. Check these out:
lots of very interesting options instantly available

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Go to reddit, it's the newfag spot to be

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Buy Carnival, it'll explode after this bullshit

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This is my 1k allocation...

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1. Buy VT
2. Never come here for advice again
3. Become more successful than 99% of this board.

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All cryptos, search in coin gecko.com, buy on uniswap with ETH via the metamask wallet you download to your chrome browser

Hold for 5 years and retire

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