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Newfag here. How did you guys pick link back in the day? The way it’s talked about seems like /biz/ unanimously picked the alt and got dumb rich off it?

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Nobody's gonna tell you. You're gonna have to learn how the hive mind works around here on your own

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>Actually believing that's how it happened
Look around dummy, there's about 20-30 different shitcoins being shilled on here at any given time. Some hit, most don't, just ask RDD or XVG bag holders how good /biz/ is at predictions.

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this it was just luck

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I’ve been spending some decent time here for the past few weeks. Is it enough just to immerse yourself?

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Link became a meme and it was meme’d into a top 10 marketcap

Biz was a place where people encouraged you to buy shitty tokens that you would lose money on

Link was one of these, the problem was that biz was too convincing and turned it into a top tier marketcap

Let’s all just take a moment to remember is literally just a token running on the Eth network. Kek

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Just pay attention to the threads on when people are being genuine and thoughtful. DYOR and lurk more

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Link chose us.
When everything went to shit and Alts got smashed in Jan 2018. The only memes that kept happening were Link ones. And Link didn't even have an alt season during the alt season (relatively speaking).
Sergey's nail salon. The toilet speech. The office move with the google maps directions to Maccas.
It was difficult to resist. And in my time in cesspit - no token has been shilled like Link was shilled. And no token was counter-shilled like Link was

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> Made my first million thanks to buying LINK at ICO and still haven't read the whitepaper
> Saw they owned the smart contract.com domain and that was all I needed

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>No way man, SC, BTM, RDD, XVG, BAT, XRP, ARK, NAV, VTC will make us millionaires.
Even coins like NEO and OMG that used to be shilled relentlessly are nowhere near where 2017/18 /biz/ said they'd be.

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That’s fascinating stuff thanks for the reply. Meme magic I guess.

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>meme magic
this, kek

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I turned 10k into 800k by buying, it changed my life. Also there is "another link" that's been out for a fes months now...we're slowly accumulating under thr radar

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Jordan Peterson is a faggot.

Zizek is a chad. We would be friends. I don't think he would accept my obsession over number go up though.

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I bought 150k link little after the ICO in 2017. Then in 2018 sold them for peanuts to jump on some shitcoin I can't even remember now, but only to make quick gains and go back to link. That shitcoin crashed hard and I never got the chance to go back.

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Wdym “another link”? Can you extrapolate on how it has changed your life?

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time to hit the archives reditor

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You are a retard if you think /biz/ has any impact on the crypto market that is anything other than extremely, extremely, microscopically negligible at best.

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Nice Id slut

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in 2017 biz was just a little more autistic, or maybe autistic in a different way. turbo autism manifested itself in hyper focus on the oracle problem and what it meant for the growing eth dapp infrastructure. the turboautists dug up partnerships link had that weren't really frontfacing yet. and thus the link marine was born.

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It was a great time to be here

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As someone who bought in September of 2017, I'm not sure what you're talking about regarding another link. The only thing that looks remotely promising and is still lower mcap is avax

I don't see anything truly revolutionary like link is posing to be.

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A kind anon brought it to the attention of the hive mind, and /biz/ ran with it after dyor. The Catalog became all stinky linky threads. There were plenty other coins that came and went which were shilled sporadically, however link marines had the majority (by far) of threads. Same thing happened with ETH. Those were simpler times though; no pajeets / rugpulls / tranny discord pump and dump / telegram groups, and posting was done in good faith (even when shit posting / trolling).

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To be honest anon, you never know, I could bet most faggots here just come here buy a coin shilled here and hope it becomes the new link.

FUN Token was very shilled as well, and you don't see signs of it right now.

In the end if you make it out of a random token it's pure luck, just play "safe" and keep buying BTC.

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The meme’s and talk on biz helped but link wasn’t memed into a top 10 coin. It is a key piece to blockchain tech. Now it has ties to Google, Microsoft, and Coke-cola just to name a few. People read the white sheets and took it upon themselves to invest. As it started performing well more people joined in just for the sheer fact of it preforming so well last year.

Some people on here actually believe in it because they know it’s potential for finance and data as a whole. The memes and shit are just secondary.

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>read the white sheets
OK Rakesh
Haven't you got some food to deliver?

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Anyone who's not realizing that link was world's apart from most of the trash in 2017/2018 is ngmi. The whitepaper, the Sergey talks, the raw potential of it. I've not seen anything like it since ETH and BTC before it.

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>Let’s all just take a moment to remember is literally just a token running on the Eth network.

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>Anyone who's not realizing that link was world's apart from most of the trash in 2017/2018 is ngmi. The whitepaper, the Sergey talks, the raw potential of it. I've not seen anything like it since ETH and BTC before it.

like GRT

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Some advice to the linkies, when the coin is in the 80-90$ range you better sell. Next big alt run it'll peak around there and a month or so after it'll crash to 30-40 and within a year of that you'll have a coin that bounces from 10-20 for the rest of it's lifespan. You've been warned.

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Seeing how GRT threads have taken in almost the exact same content as link threads makes me feel tired of biz. You realise there’s a sort of stock formula and it gets boring.

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>29 slut F
Show bobs and vergana.

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/biz/, like any board, follows a cycle. There is a new cycle starting soon, whereupon a whole new load of memes and ways of shilling and fudding will be created. Patience.

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slut mF, you sure you want an MtF trannie?

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I feel the same energy with PRQ tbqh

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The only token that gets shilled/counter shilled more is XRP
But I suspect little of that is organic

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I fucking hope
This formula has gotten stale

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Shirt. LINK is unironically the only shirtcoin.

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meme magik ?

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I knew I wasn't the only one who thought cigarette anon looked like epstein

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