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Journalists are the worst scum on the face of the earth, worse than all the kikes combined.

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>worse than all the kikes combined
come on now.

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Maybe one of these kikiest articles in a good while.

> "these broadly nationalist figures we'll call extreme far right to sentiment seed received some alt right tokens to the sum of a few hundred thousands from a mysterious donor so you should think they're supported by shady billionaires so anti-whites can still pretend to be rebels. Oh and by the way a few weeks later the capitol riot happened, connect the two in your mind for me please without me having to say anything specific and libelous".

Anyone getting mighty tired of jews?

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>mfw BTC gets cancelled

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first it was drugs now it's far-right
what's next?

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No I'm serious

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Most journalists are kikes.

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China fud
Banker fud
Tether fud
Now we’re funding the extreme right, bullish

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be nice to her

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Oh look a non-white migrant trying to subvert their host nation. What a shocker.

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Digits of truth.

> ZOMG! A month before a few boomers ordered pizza from Nancy Pelosis office some e-celebs got donations in BTC! Please clap.

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> right wing fud

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>mysterious donor
Oh I'm real tired with their jews shenanigans, alright...

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They are literal vermin, in need of the delousing chamber.

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Some kind of contemptible crypto yuppie class. It'll get tamer and tamer. It's privacy coins that will start getting the heavy media fud next.

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dios mio la creatura

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I thought it would be made illegal because it's run by the Chinese.
But nope, far right extremists are using it!
Still will be illegal in the USA by 2022.

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You are posting a Fox News screenshot. No health expert ever said "unless it's to protest" that is just how Fox spun the experts saying that protests didn't seem to be spreader events

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Why is the tranny that deleted the previous thread allowed to delete on topic threads based on not liking the politics of some of the posters in the thread?
There's a log somewhere, the rest of the jannies can find out who did it. There's no factor that decreases the quality of posting more than this kind of attempted thought policing.

Kill all jannies.

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There were literally quotes by "experts" saying this. I save everything and can't find it...
Not sure why it wouldn't be believable in this current year.

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Agreed. Journalists are vermin.

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nocoiners seething heavy today air is full of fud they are desperate for a dip

>> No.26011452

Christine Lagarde president of the European central bank pleading for crypto to eb regulated heavily is alot more scary

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>oh nooo they are going to regulate math
wow literally shitting my pants

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Why pajeets love doing covert ops to destroy national cultural integrity?
The same kind of pajeets here who ruin the relation between culture and religion

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There are many situations where mass murder can be seen as the only reasonable option like when it comes to journalists, jannies and jews.

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the only thing they don't like about bitcoin is that you can also trade and hold it.
the goyim making it or being able to hedge against central bank fuckers is an anathema to (((them))).

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