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Yukari's silver throne edition

>Why Gold?

>Bullion dealers

>Constitutional/"junk" silver info

https://findbullionprices.com/ (US)
https://eu.compare.pm (EU)


>Bullion tax info by state:


Nitric Acid

EU/ENGLAND sources
https://www.chards.co.uk/ [Much cheaper than BullionByPost]
https://goldprice.eu5.net/ [Website to compare gold prices for UK]

Russian/European coins

Relevant information regarding mining companies

Previous thread:>>26009016
Image from:>>26024344

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We need yukari currency soon

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isn't there a way to get gold at market price? seems retarded to have to pay a premium and start out with a huge loss on your investment.

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Just got an unexpected $2k bonus from work. What form of real money should I convert it to?

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>bought 100 shares of PAAS last week
What's the most painful way to kms?

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go to the a pawn shop or LCS thats really the only way to get at spot price or near spot price

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1 full ounce of gold if you don't have one yet. Buffalos, Indian heads, Britannias, Maple leafs are pretty cool imo. You should look through as many different types of gold coins as you can if it's your first and last gold coin for a while though

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Well considering you'll only net $1200 of that to your bank account, 2 tube of ASEs?

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no pawn shops in my country, the commie shitstate had trouble making full profits from them, so they shut them down

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Your not a true member of the gold club until you have a 1 ounce gold kruger

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past month run up surely made some new bag holders.

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hello frens, its time to post some yellow metal

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>greatest wealth transfer from west to east
>russia and china
>gold for goods and services

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I watched Lethal Weapon 2 recently and was thinking about that actually

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Jewelry jews are a special kind of jew. The one I worked for was dragon teir in terms of PMG, probably had hundreds of thousands of dollars in gold and silver bullion plus jewelry. It's what got me into stacking since they'd always end up buying bullion at 95% market rate (more than what anyone else did) so I'd get mine with no premium since they were turning a profit on my anyway. Was a win-win.

They loved hiring immigrant labor that they would point several cameras at because they'd never stop stealing gold dust when they got a chance. The work they would do was amazing, Mexico is such a wasted potential of a country. Had a Mexican adjusting a ring setting that looked like a golden vagina without the clit for some lawyer. The diamond inside of it was massive, $20,000 value but it was k colored (the color of stale bud-light) and shitty clarity but the lovely peasant woman he married didn't know any better. He tried removing the diamond and the gold vagina clapped, chipped the diamond right on the cleavage point. They jewed out of paying anything because they made the client sign a waver that this shit was expensive, retarded and we weren't liable. bad time all around.

I learned that a lot of the natural gemstones and gold we had was because the jew that owned the place had been in Namibia Africa and smuggled in krugerrands and natural gemstones that the African tribes had no idea what to do with. He did it under the premise that he was there to teach them how to cut their own gemstones. I should have known better than to believe that horse shit but I was young and stupid.

I have so much more, don't wanna shit up the PMG thread though.

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Wish I had more pictures of my AGEs.

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>tfw when your Waifu/ stack guardian is in the op
thank you the honors Baker-sampai

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>learned that a lot of the natural gemstones and gold we had was because the jew that owned the place had been in Namibia Africa and smuggled in krugerrands and natural gemstones that the African tribes had no idea what to do with.
Not gonna lie that Jew sounds pretty based

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>dragon teir
Can you (or anyone) post the tier?

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They're not mine, I just like posting the best I've seen

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For Pan Man:

You were asking about people's thoughts on Libero Copper & Gold a few threads back and I finally went through the company's Big Red asset. Still have to go through their Tomichi and Mocoa properties but since you seemed interested in Big Red specifically I guess I'll share my thoughts about that only for now. We both had thought that Ridge was the most prospective target in the property but that target didn't come out with very exciting results: 7 holes returned less than 1gpt Au in all assays though one hole assayed 4.57m @ 3.7gpt Au from about 144m to 149m. Granted, this was RC drilling so results may be less accurate than diamond drilling I suppose but initial results were surprisingly disappointing there. Their other target, ME18, also returned subeconomic grades.

However their new target, Terry, seems promising. Terry was found via surface prospecting, it's a 300x200m high-grade copper & anomalous gold bearing area with outcrop. There is a feldspar dike swarm intruding volcanic rocks in the area, a classic indication of mineralization if I'm not mistaken. Pyrite & chalcopyrite occur as fine disseminations within the dikes and the volcanic rocks so there definitely is a wide porphyry target there. They drilled six holes there in total, all of which had chalcopyrite & copper as detected onsite with XRF. Additionally, all assays start near-surface or immediately from surface. One hole intercepted 172.22m @ 0.29% CuEq, incl. 80.77m @ 0.43% CuEq & 13.72m @ 0.81% CuEq with copper and silver grades getting noticeably higher deeper down, gold also got a little bit more high-grade although grades remained tiny (0.06gpt -> 0.08gpt). Two more holes at Terry have pending assays. Terry will be a major focus for their follow-up diamond drilling program next June

I'm interested but it seems that Terry will decide whether the company is worth investing in. The conditions there are also unfavorable, seems like they can't work at Big Red for most of the year.

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very baseder of you, do you have a few pre33 st gaudens to further improve your collection?

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I bought some of this dip. Feels good liquidating some SPY @ profit and moving it into mining stocks while they are cheap.

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This one? I'm looking at the chart now and 100oz seems low for what he had. He didn't quite have that much silver, he was very partial towards gold.

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Nigger thought he hid it good enough lmfao.

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Thanks lads

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perfect timing with my coffee break!

Thank you for your opinion mate, and yes I think your right. The location is tough to access, and the ore just doesnt seem good enough to be worth looking at right now, Terry will decide if the location warrants further exploration work. I do still believe though that somewhere in that general area is likely one of the glacial feeder zones for the regional placer gold, it may though have already been destroyed by erosion or buried under overburden by now. I will keep watching them though.

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here you go

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was getting caught part of his plan?

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Wishing all you anons a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

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Of course!

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Yeah I agree there is still potential to find uneroded mineral deposits near those glaciers still, even if initial drill holes don't support that thesis yet. The grades going higher and mineralization remaining open at depth at Terry are the most "fire" points of the property at the moment. What puts me off is exactly the location and the problems that come with it. I wonder, can they not operate there for some times of the year? Seems like they don't have operations there in times of Winter and Spring, is that because of extreme conditions caused by the cold and danger caused by melting ice & snow?

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yellow fever

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Imagine having 10,000 ounces to silver and being like, oh great now I get to work towards 20,000k
I never want to part with my metals. I know I will at some point, but it is a real fun hobby knowing that silver price is being suppressed and it is a matter of time until the financial system is in dire straights and capital comes flooding in for my supply. It will be bitter sweet t.t

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This image makes me feel uncomfortable. I hate it.

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>Partial towards gold
Not surprised in the least.

My first job was at a pawn shop, right after the GFC my mom had lost her job and had to pawn a few family heirlooms to pay the bills. They also had a computer repair/resale business right next door and had a fallout with their tech guy so they asked me to take over the operation. It was a pretty sweet gig for them honestly, people would pawn their $500 laptops and get $85 for it, then they got to keep and flip the systems to other buyers for 3-5 times what they paid for them.

I manged to last about two weeks there until one day I sold a laptop to a customer. All his wife wanted was to play Second Life and her old laptop had shit the bed. In retrospect I'm pretty sure the poor woman was beat and abused by this greaser boomer in a wheelchair, because she walked in looking like a shriveled version of Morticia Adams and was twitchy the entire time, but I didn't connect the dots back then since I was young. In any case I helped her set up and log in to her game and she left a happy woman. Husband gives me a 10 dollar tip for going the extra mile, which at the time was pretty nice.

After they leave, owner comes by and asks me to turn in that tip since he'd "lost money on the deal" already, even though I know that was a fucking lie and he pocketed hundreds. Needless to say I didn't go back after that.

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god I would be all over a yukari/anime coin.

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I wasn't aware that leaves are good for cooking. Will have to try this someday.

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they probably get 2 months at best of good weather out there, that region gets snow at high elevation even in august. Add to that its constantly socked in with cloud and fog cover as well as heavy winds. Really rough country and very dangerous even today to go into alone. My tahltan friends wont fly into that territory until late summer, its just too socked in to be safe, your liable to smash yourself into a mountain with no warning, like what happened to my mate Heather Longday.

Very few whites and even natives have ever wandered those mountains, very little has been properly explored since the 1870s.

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Thank you. You too anon!

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The collapse of fiat was never really a secret for them, we always talked about it. They knew that fiat was worthless but it just happened to be the system that they were under currently, and it was a rather easy one to exploit. Everything they did under the current debt system was a means to acquire more gold or land. Even weapons, though from what I gathered jews really don't like fighting their own wars. Not to mention they openly embraced globalism because they would immediately consider leaving the country with the gold. The old jew in fact went and retired in Mexico while his daughter collected social security for him and his dead father and didn't pay a dime in property tax because it was still being taxed form the dead father.

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>market price
paper price isnt the price

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Whew the area sounds like a death trap. How do you survive from an airplane crashing a mountain?

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your a big guy.

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I've asked this before, but why do I see so many people buying 1/10 oz gold coins? For more liquid trade with gold? The premiums would eventually add up to the cost of full ounces over time, but I recently saw a pic in the last thread of a bag full of what looked like fractionals less than 1/4 oz
Also, how do I escape hapless stacklet and how much time do I have left?

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They talk about a massive financial crash in the protocols of the learned elders of zion. They know if they make people poor enough, they will crawl on their knees to the jews and eat scraps from their hands.
This was their plan, not sure if it will play out the way they wanted, but they absolutely planned on destroying things so they can take over.

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there is no reason, the true chads would stack St. Gaudens Double Eagle (and maybe some Vrenelis on the side)

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helicopter actually but yea it happens. I ve been only in one real hard landing trying to get into a drill site where a cross wind picked the jet ranger up and nearly threw it on its side before the pilot got it back on solid ground. A few of my mates have been in some really bad crashes though where the heli was basically toast.

Much of the Golden Triangle is the same, its super remote, accessable only by jet boat, helicopter or ultra light. Float plane maybe, but your going to have a rough landing.

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I'd love to hear more of what you have to say, I wouldn't say that you're shitting up the thread in the slightest

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Funny you mention pawn shops, they'd cheat the ever loving shit out of anyone that came in, and especially with gold, often telling the sellers that it was fake or costume jewelry. They knew to look for any sign that it wasn't made in the U.S. and use that against them. We'd intentionally tell people never to sell to pawn shops because they'd never pay a good dollar amount for gold/silver anything. Of course, that was with us only paying out about 75% of the gold's actual worth, so it was easy to screw desperate people into thinking it was a great deal. Usually people who got divorced or were foreclosing on a house were the ones showing up.

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Went from happless to pirate to somewhere in between fledgling, i have 200 oz of silver and 1 oz of gold and 61 more oz of silver on the way, easiest cheapest way to stock up is junk 90% constitutional silver 50 bucks face value gives you 37.25oz buy 3 bags of those and you got 111.75 oz of silver for almost spot price. You could also buy 2nd hand bars or generics their choice, bars are cheaper than coins.

>> No.26037580

Bought at $13.50 last march, comfiest hold of the last year

>> No.26037585

did you hand in the tip?

>> No.26037731

Yeah, in the small amount of time I spent there I watched more than one person leave in tears because their engagement ring that was bought at a big jewelry store for $5000 was only worth about $100 to the pawn guys.

He'd tell them, "Ok, that's my offer and I can guarantee you it's the highest anywhere around - but shop around the other shops unfortunately they'll tell you the same thing". Sometimes they'd be back. I don't know if they were in on it, but it's definitely a fucking mafia.

I did, I was in my early 20s and too timid/socially awkward to tell him to fuck off.

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I'm moving to the UK later this year, and I was wondering if there are any US coins that have higher premiums over there?

I can (usually) buy ASEs for 2 over spot, think I buy low here and sell high at a UK LCS?

>> No.26037759

Hey man. Creightonmine anon here. Just wanted to say thanks for your take on CNC a few threads back. I did read every word you and others had chimed in to say but the thread was pruned before I got a chance to say I read it and thank you properly.


>> No.26037837

no problem! it was an interesting read!

>> No.26037849

>I'm moving to the UK
If you’re moving to the UK from America there is literally zero hope for you

>> No.26037896

To clarify, not moving permanently. Only a few years. I know it's bad though. But can you elaborate how I can expect to get raped?

>> No.26037984

Why would you move to the UK, you might aswell put yourself down

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You'll probably have to wait for an answer from someone who's actually from the UK, but my LCS guy says that Britannias aren't "bad" but not commonly sought in the US unlike the Maples, so I imagine the situation is reversed when you go across the pond. I.e., euros might prefer or be more inclined to own local coins versus American or Canadian ones, so you could take a hit on premiums.

But silver is silver, after all.

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Why does everything I buy always go to shit right after I buy it?

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I would had given it too, probably. Good for you on leaving that place, those pawn shops seem really scummy. I couldn't live with myself if I did that for a living.

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>B O G G E D

>> No.26038809

Well, since you asked. A few more before I have to go and actually be productive.

We had a Hindu that would come into the jewelry shop, friendly guy with a thick accent. We knew that he wanted to buy gold whenever he would carry this weight set and put it on the table that was apparently very expensive. Watching them sit there with gold scraps, shot and coin trying to perfectly balance the scale was a monthly routine for them. We had every gemstone color and cut imaginable, sometimes he'd like a ring enough to put in a gemstone that I'd cut for him.

Weirdest shit I had seen was with niggers. Jews love them because they're very easy to make money off of, and more so when it comes to gold since niggers love the stuff. Had one come into the shop regularly with an absurd amount of gold around his wrists, and neck, and carried a glock 9 that imprinted through his shirt hard. If he was doing a large trade with us, the daughter of the jew that owned the place would put a gun next to her on the counter, and he would put his gun on the counter next to him. Transaction took place right in the center. The idea according to her was that it was a show of good faith to leave your guns to the side while essentially dealing. Weird sight considering the store we were in was full of a bunch of oblivious geriatrics.

Before I left I had started doing faceting classes, taught a white woman how to cut stones, the sort that you'd find in the south from a rich ranch, nice woman, but MAN did that jew daughter hate her. Jew daughter would make everything incredibly uncomfortable the whole time I was trying to teach her by intentionally flashing her gun or abruptly locking the gold safe nearby as loud as shes could, it was so petty. Jew daughter tried to cheat my student out of gold whenever she had us mount a gemstone she had cut onto a gold watch frame. I had to smooth that one over hard, should have just let the whole thing crash and burn.

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Remember to put your old shiny gold in some comfy case anon

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Yeah, it was for the best since I landed an internship right after that that quickly escalated into being the main IT guy for a medium-sized company because my boss at the time was an old pervert and thought playing with a girl's bra strap on the job was appropriate. The pay was awful in the beginning but this is 2010/2011, $15 an hour straight out of college was alright.

10 years later I'm still there, but getting paid a much comfier wage.

You tell me, man. I made $2000 on Etherium in 4 days and quickly turned that into $700. Got tricked by the HODLr friends who bought in at $100.

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I was bored

>> No.26039424

I ended up going with a Britannia, for both patriotism and the security features. I've 100 silvern krugerrands though.

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This. If only mine didn't have the copper spots on the springbok.

>> No.26039725

I’m scaling out of all my gold investments I’m 80% BTC, 10% oil, 10% gold now.

>> No.26040225

See I like stories like this, it's fresh content that's still /pmg/ related

>> No.26040601

How do I sell this shit? Can I buy and sell gold from home?

>> No.26040640

its not old, those are modern day restrikes of old coins which have a premium only 250g and 500g gold bars can compete with

>> No.26040725

Gold is a scam faggots. Buy btc now or forever hold your peace.

>> No.26041024

Sure, can you tell me what Bitcoin does, first?

>> No.26041082

bought monday ~44.50 sold yesterday 48

>> No.26041143

it goes up! BRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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>> No.26041647

how much is a platinum oz worth on the tier list?

>> No.26041692

buy a Gold Eagle.
it's a great way to start your investment in precious metals
imo anyway

>> No.26041845

You put in fiat for BTC. Tether fiat pumps the price of BTC. You sell BTC to the next person for more than what you put in.
That is called a "store of value"

>> No.26041952

This sounds like you lived the plot to Uncut Gems

>> No.26042186

>What's the most painful way to kms?
lock yourself into that reeducation machine from A Clockwork Orange but set the video feed to Comedy Central and die of dehydration.

>> No.26042362

Bring Silver whatever, just hide it from customs, we have to pay vat (20%) on all silver

>> No.26042377

1/4 gold ounce.

>> No.26042617

How do I take the glass bottle out of the sterling silver casing?

>> No.26042690

1 Pt oz = 2 Au oz

>> No.26042817

no idea what your asking but melt the silver just enough before the glass stats to melt at around 1400 °C

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File: 245 KB, 640x785, 4C282BB0-3DDF-4B74-A4F5-0415A8C616E8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i-i-im goonna foooooomoooooo
I feel like paying 1.50 above melt value is kinda pricey but I really want them. Melt value is 2.50.
Yea or nay?? Please help me silverfags

>> No.26042858

You're a monster

>> No.26042892

I found the tether fudder

>> No.26042899

I bought a sterling silver salt shaker.
The silver incases a glass bottle.
It looks like there's a cap on the bottom, but do I really take a knife to it?

>> No.26042920

Ask your LCS if he has any foreign junk silver. If he does, chances are he'll sell that exact coin to you at spot.

>> No.26042953

That will be worth more to hold and use as currency than to melt it.

>> No.26042994

Do you think Schiff has a two tone sub or GMT. My bet is GMT.

>> No.26043302

I think its a GMT too

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File: 1.29 MB, 1357x820, Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 7.56.44 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26043643

>if a deal is too good to be true, it is.
Anon, its just like the Goodwill employees that deliberately put the price sticker on top of the 'plated' mark on 'sterling silver' pieces. Unless you intend to strip that plate off chemically, I'd pass.

Considering that the current value of plat is about 1/2 that of gold, but a few years ago it was 2x that of gold, would it be better to split the difference and call it 1:1 for the chart?

Anyone have any good ideas for an Etsy shop for making extra silver money? I used to make custom rave gear for the industrial scene by modifying painting respirators, I wonder if that might have a new market these days?

>> No.26044294

I know. I wouldn’t do that. I’m talking spot.

>> No.26044315

>I'd pass.
More meme than anything anon. These are all weighted. I just looked at my sterling pepper shaker & these are too. I paid $15 for it. I think its only 12% silver. I paid way too much for a few grams. I did however make up for it with a sugar cube sterling silver holder people used for tea & coffee. In total I paid $29 for it. Its not breaking the bank, but lesson learned.

The sugar cube holder is about 2 ounces.

>> No.26044427

If you live in Britian & Europe than yes buy this.
If you're U.S than buy American coins or at worst Canadian & Mexican.

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What about those scrap metal bars?

>> No.26044564

Not even 10k gold.
That's a hunk of copper.

>> No.26044602

>From Israel
>From Israel
>From Israel
>From Israel

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I didn't even notice that. I just took the first four off ebay.

>> No.26044699

Memes write themselves.

>> No.26044721

>from Israel
no fucking way

>> No.26044731
File: 336 KB, 1332x936, 1581146667884.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You got that right.

>> No.26044753

>Melted Computer pins
>BIN deals
Since computer pins have only the thinnest plating of Gold, those bars are probably almost pure Copper.

>> No.26044810

That's all the information you need to base your decision on.

>> No.26045116

>ng. Terry was found via surface prospecting, it's a 300x200m high-grade copper & anomalous gold bearing area with outcrop. There is a feldspar dike swarm intruding volcanic rocks in the area, a classic indication of mineralization if I'm not mistaken. Pyrite & chalcopyrite occur as fine disseminations within the dikes and the volcanic rocks so there d

This is the most interesting thing I've ever read.

>> No.26045163

American coins are soooo overrated and the premiums are high.

>> No.26045210


>> No.26045321
File: 3.71 MB, 1920x2560, fatsackspill.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26045505

Does anyone own any gemstones? Real or fake? Are they worth anything?

>> No.26045589
File: 399 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2021-01-15-17-58-05.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I buy this or two kilos of silver?

>> No.26045644

I own some diamonds. I just commissioned a moissanite ring for my wife. She really wanted a ring made of it.

>> No.26045709

Why not buy fractional gold at 1/10-1 oz or sovereigns? You are being rapped by premiums rn

>> No.26045784


>> No.26045788

Fractional premiums are rip offs. If you want small gold get European fractional as close to spot as possible. Premiums are high on silver right now too, so I'm only adding the mining stocks at the moment.

>> No.26045802

I own some 1 ounce coins and stuff. Feel like owning something weird. And those PAMP bars are beautiful.

>> No.26045858

Why are you buying an ounce of Gold in the form of six 5 gram bars? It would be a lot cheaper to buy a 1 ounce bar or a bunch of fractional coins (vrenelis, sovereigns). I don't care if you buy Gold or Silver, just buy it in a way that won't result in you paying massive premiums.

>> No.26045881

Why not these then?

>> No.26045890

I thought that owning diamonds was not recommended due to their value not actually being as high as when sold from a store/distributor thanks to artificial scarcity. Am I wrong with thinking this or is it bullshit? Mildly curious about the precious gem market cause I know literally 0 about it other than that.

>> No.26045906
File: 296 KB, 755x935, C25E60D6-F524-48D2-8EBF-1C03C001536C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a list of "something weird" that you can get at much more reasonable prices than 5 gram bars.

>> No.26045928

Why is it important to stack silver when it is so cumbersome and worth less compared to gold? I dont get it

>> No.26045986

Diamonds are a scam. Its literally a Jewish scam. I own diamonds because I resell them or get them at cost. Other stones are beautiful, I love Aquamarine. Definitely don't hold diamonds as an investment.

>> No.26045987
File: 106 KB, 1280x720, loli coin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

get a loli coin

>> No.26045999

It is cumbersome now, but it has yet to reach it's all time high while gold has due to suppression from JP Morgan who provides cheapies on the daily. The silver gold ratio should be 1:20 based on old empire's histories or 1:8 based on how they are currently mining it. Thus the asymmetry until it happens is cumbersome.

>> No.26046150

Diamonds are just carbon, they don't have inherent scarcity. Normal jewelry diamonds (few carats) can now be grown in ovens, in fact ~30% of traded small diamonds are already artificial. Expect the prices to decline.

>> No.26046163

Thank you that's what I thought, I agree diamonds kinda blow although for me thats cause they're just kinda plain. I love a nice amethyst or sapphire though.

>> No.26046418
File: 11 KB, 450x282, bear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26046420

I ve bought a few diamonds but not because they were gem quality, I was after them for interesting inclusions and shapes.

>> No.26046479

So who is getting the vaccine?

>> No.26046531
File: 228 KB, 480x360, terry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26046566

is gold coming down? i want to buy a yellow coin but i'm moving into a new apartment.

>> No.26046739

Diamonds are beautiful, but the idea that they are worth 15 or 20 times their weight in other stones is crazy. The Debeers did a number on the world.

>> No.26046829

yea its bullshit what they still get away with, my favorites those blown low quality diamonds being sold at Carters and other jewelers as "Chocolate" gems meant for the black market.

>> No.26046868
File: 410 KB, 858x546, 1610638156265.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's only 90% pure, you sick fuck.

>> No.26046977

Regular diamonds are nothing. Blood/red diamonds have true value, but it is a highly immoral market.

>> No.26047013

Right there with you. Popped $5k into mining stocks. Literally the next day metal prices dropped. Down $800 in a day. Fortunately I also put $5k in crypto and made about $3.5k so I can live with it. I figure the mining stocks will come up again in the next 2-3 months.

>> No.26047022


>> No.26047050
File: 2.40 MB, 4704x3000, aurophilicity2withlinks-min.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been doing some research lately on gold because I decided to invest in it and wanted to know more about it. Even though it doesn't really have any bearing on the monetary/financial value to me (gold is gold), it's still an interesting material to know more about. I went to the wikipedia page and found out about this interesting property it has: aurophilicity. Basically, gold is attracted to itself in a way that no other element is, both in metal and molecular complex/compound form. This property is part of why it has other macro properties that we have come to know as gold such as divisibility, malleability, its yellow color, etc. Aurum is not just a yellow rock, it is an element set apart, unique, eternal. Gold is God's money.

I don't claim to understand many of the chemistry and physics concepts in depth, but I was able to gather enough from my entry level college chemistry and physics courses to make this collage. Hopefully Pan Man and others can expound upon it and share more knowledge that I didn't discover.
Here are the main sources, they are in the collage too:

>> No.26047187
File: 2 KB, 195x195, 1605215276994.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my sides

>> No.26047210

Interesting anon. How about silver?

>> No.26047250


>> No.26047262
File: 165 KB, 1000x651, E276A872-3A68-4D23-84BC-5546DBA160B4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but it is a highly immoral market.
Just my cup of tea!

>> No.26047263

>neighbors in local minimum are platinum and mercury
What does it mean?

>> No.26047291

>in excess of 1 million per carat
Holy fuck. This is ridiculous. Who is buying these, Jeff Bezos?

>> No.26047328

very interesting, in ore body formation in my understanding micro particles of both disolved atomic gold and solid metallic particles of metal work their way down in an ore body and than bond to more of its self, eventually generating gold nuggets. This process also surprisingly occurs in moving water ways, and explains why angular gold is often found further away from sources than it should, because new gold has grown on the particle while in transport through the river bed.

I ve been doing a ton of research into how atomic particles of gold can help reduce swelling in joints and nerves, as this explains many of the very elderly miners I know still having nearly no arthritis or similar afflictions. They drink water sourced from creeks that have gold sources at their headwaters.

Gold is truely a magic element.

>> No.26047343

Goddamn flying squirrels are back in my attic again. Any of you guys know good ways to nuke the fuckers? Gonna go to Home Depot tomorrow and get shit

>> No.26047345

From the cursory reading I did, it seems like gold is unique in its propensity to be metallophilic in a variety of situations, that's why the phenomenon is called aurophilicity. Other metals including silver do have the property, but it is expressed in far fewer complexes/environments than gold

>> No.26047353

The rich can sometimes literally send hit squads for one of these diamonds. It is that bad.
Ask ((((them)))). They and some glowies have them

>> No.26047385
File: 86 KB, 939x577, Screen Shot 2021-01-16 at 10.53.51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dont be fooled by 'rising' interest rates.

>> No.26047395

wow you really can see the pay layer in that photo, I still wish these miners would adopt tech from at least the 18th century instead of these tribal work pits.

>> No.26047522
File: 60 KB, 553x324, gold vs mercury silver aurophilia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are going to have similar characteristics but gold is obviously the strongest of all of them.

>> No.26047561

Here is the history behind it

>> No.26047654

So the question is where do pawn shops sell their gold? That's the place you wanna go to sell. How do they make money on the gold they buy?

>> No.26047725

Wow, aurophilicity must be the explanation for why gold particles grow on each other as you described! I don't know of other metals that do similarly, so I would assume that's the reason. They just seem to glom on to each other from the sounds of it, like magnetic attraction but on a molecular level. I know metals can weld together in space with no atmosphere to separate the surfaces from each other, and also if stacks of coins are left on top of each other stacked very high they can weld to each other but I think that is a different phenomenon than what you describe. There is no extreme pressure on the particles of gold to adhere to one another and there is water separating them

>> No.26047780

I wasn't around long enough to figure out what happens to jewelry that is pawned and never reclaimed, or that they buy. His shop also doubled as a jewelry store so I assume many of those items were sold back to customers after being cleaned/restored.

>> No.26047843

they make very little profit selling scrap gold, and most of it comes from underpaying their customers. The remainder comes from sitting on the scrap for months or years, and selling it by the ton to refiners by pooling purchases from multiple locations.

most of their gold they try to sell back to the public, since they'll make a lot more money selling it as jewelry or collectibles than they would for scrap.

>> No.26047846

Ok so we getting inflation or deflation?
Why do I even ask brainlet goldfags will tell you to buy gold in any scenario.

>> No.26047851
File: 443 KB, 245x184, buy gold.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm starting to think this gif isn't a joke

>> No.26047992

yea in most ideas behind reconcentration around gold veins and similar structures, the fluid that brings the gold / silver together is sulfuric acid generated by water and air interacting with the sulfide host of the PM. Once that ore breaks down it allows the particles to percolate down through the ore until it runs into more metal, where it just grows larger and larger until it fills the space. This is fascinating to think about, because in the river environment you would think the current would keep the gold particles from collecting, but if their drawn to each other this way this fills so many gaps. Very very interesting!

>> No.26048002
File: 16 KB, 188x218, 1591589054790.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She's only 90% pure, you sick fuck
If shes 10% impure shes basically a whore
925 sterling is more pure than this

>> No.26048107
File: 130 KB, 737x737, IMG_4156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i didn't read every post on this thread, but silver could go up in price soon because the need it for solar panels, and biden want to increase solar panels

>> No.26048116

i wonder too if this explains gold coinage and treasure fusing together on the sea floor. Gold atoms in sea water fusing to the coins creating a slow action weld.

>> No.26048183

Because unironically buy gold. Highest IQ are goldbugs.

>> No.26048211

Throw vials of fox urine up there. It works and you can buy it. Then go up there and patch the hole.

>> No.26048510

with a price tag of 75 trillion dollars

>> No.26048623
File: 6 KB, 257x196, 1597854902106.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>supply of circulating money increasing exponentially at never seen before levels

>Ok so we getting inflation or deflation?

>> No.26048626

>Golden ID

>> No.26048749

that's the key word. money supply with 0 movement is preventing inflation. it's a loaded spring however

>> No.26048798


Inflation can't happen if people aren't spending their money the way they could before a crisis. So we're probably getting neither deflation nor inflation - just a perpetual state of lockdowns, exponential growth in reported Covid cases, a new deadlier strain of the disease every time a vaccine exists for the previous one. And when that runs out, a new war in the middle east or a scarcity of food from a few billionaires purchasing insane amounts of farmland for no reason.

>> No.26048855

Inflation in financial assets.
Deflation in non-financial assets.
Repeat of 2008.

>> No.26048933
File: 136 KB, 1080x1254, 1609056254949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gold ID
buy gold confirmed.

>> No.26048948

oh you mean stagflaton and then inflation when spending increases?

>> No.26049001
File: 835 KB, 2832x3996, P1fcTqv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What does it all mean? The synchronicities are piling up. Any crypto enthusiasts who are listening in better repent and buy gold

>> No.26049371
File: 63 KB, 1184x882, JUST.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I guess, I'm not an expert. But the trillions the FED printed are out there, just not getting spent because so much of the economy is shut down or in a giant slump. Once that trend reverses, we're going to see some shit.

>> No.26049461

this is the only statement anyone needs to know. basic history would show you the outcome. once spending starts again we’re in for it.

>> No.26049617

Pawn shops have better prices than online?

>> No.26049702

Aside from owning precious metals, what's the best way to prepare for this for the average person?

>> No.26049719

Is the attention worth the mess?

>> No.26049760

they didn't pay shipping, they don't have to give a cut to paypal or ebay or whatever site you're buying from. They probably paid less than spot so even if they sell it to you for spot they make money. Also in most cases they didn't buy the metal outright, they loaned money on it and the owner paid interest on that loan several times over before letting the metal go to the shop. So they made even more money before they sold it to you.

also most people that buy metal end up broke and have to pawn it or sell it at some point because buying metal isn't a good way to make money. So they make even more money when you come back in to borrow against it or sell it back to them.

>> No.26049852

>Inflation in financial assets.
>Deflation in non-financial assets.
>Repeat of 2008.

how are tangible assets going to decrease in nominal value when the purchasing power of the currency is being diluted?

>> No.26049952
File: 2.09 MB, 2732x2028, homesteading after you make it the dream good life.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It could be. I just looked up the term I was looking for: cold welding. It happens in space and when pressure is applied for long periods of time. Aurophilicity would definitely speed up the process though. Metals do have crystal structure which have a certain energy needed to break them down, but they are basically just a bunch of bucky ball magnets with varying strengths of attraction depending on the metal. They don't have strong bonds to other metal atoms, the electrons flow freely between them, that's why metals are conductive usually. This makes them malleable and they will deform slowly under a small amount of pressure for a long time or a lot of pressure for a small time

>> No.26050029

>Casually educate normie relatives about Weimar Republic/Venezuela/Zimbabwe
>Make sure your house doesn't look attractive to the occasional looter
>Pay attention to prices of goods and certain assets to judge when the first wave of inflation will hit
>Avoid holding lots of fiat.
>If you have children, homeschool them, it'll protect them from the degeneracy that usually accompanies socioeconomic collapse
>Develop connections with people you think will be valuable to you during the hyperinflationary scenario.

>> No.26050066

Honestly not qualified to answer this question, I'm pretty new to this as well.

I imagine that in other situations, real estate would be a good place to park your money as well, since chances of land confiscation in the US are fairly small (also suicidal for any regime), except that the real estate market is in a massive bubble of its own like most other asset classes - I know since I made my money flipping homes and have a property that I can't get rid of quickly enough because it was a bad investment.

Lots of folks here will say that miners are a good way to protect yourself as well, but I think there are two trains of thought - 1) The next crash will be much like 2008 and we'll scrape by somehow, in which case people will flock to PMs, thus raising prices because of its historical safe haven status; in which case these companies will appreciate immensely or 2) The entire global financial system collapses, the dollar will go the way of Zimbabwe and we enter a very long period of instability a la Great Depression, in which case everything is so fucked that only owning physical will be a true safe haven.

There might be a third option as well where we return to a PM standard, whatever it may be, in which case miners are also a great bet. And ironically, it seems like the least likely of the three.

>> No.26050149
File: 233 KB, 1200x957, Meanwhile at the wizard fed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In that case, could you maybe finally create a functional sea gold harvesting system by designing a a high surface area material and coating with gold particles, dragging it behind a boat for a few months, then pulling it out and sending the mat off for collection? I remember Oak Ridge had a fairly successful project where they reclaimed uranium from the ocean by making a high surface area polymer brushes functionalized with a particular chemistry that bound uranium from the seawater. They just towed it behind a ship that was at sea for a while, pulled it up, and were able to recover the uranium. Obviously aurophilicity would be a slower process, but it would happen faster than in sea bed treasure piles since the amount of unique gold on gold exposure events would be higher under forced convection.

>> No.26050314

i am wondering if you could do it with charged thin sheets of gold foil the way copper anodes are made in refineries. I ll have to contact some chemistry friends about this, I dont think its scalable though.

>> No.26050322

That might actually work. My only question is, why does the concentration of gold in the ocean stay constant instead of dropping as gold attracts each other and precipitates out of solution? There must be something preventing the gold from doing that. Probably not too much that a little chemistry mixed with aurophilicity couldn't overcome though, but I'm no expert. Maybe the relatively higher turbulence of a river is why gold tends to agglomerate, because of occasionally higher maximum pressures than any waves on the ocean could create

>> No.26050454

Wow a non retarded comment in pmg

>hyperinflation tomorrow for reals

>> No.26050601

you blind or what m8?
>obongo spends as much as every president before him combined
>trump does the same amount in half the time
now we have biden. This shit sounds exponential to me nigger

>> No.26050663

it might be because the concentration is so small to begin with that over such a wide area the gold cant migrate together properly. Sea water also has an electric current which though tiny may also interfere as well.

>> No.26050713

Is massive national debt inflationary or deflationary? The answer could surprise you.

>> No.26050818

Funny enough I just did some research on this and found an article titled "Why you shouldn't fear Inflation or Government Debt"

>By (((JP Morgan)))

>> No.26050906

u still here anon? i got about 20 KG of old brit coins like that

>> No.26050969

One of the pawn shop guys I know is connected to some kind of Armenian smelting operation. All the Armenian pawn shops just smelt all of it into bars and prob just ship it back home.

>> No.26051092

inflationary bc the debt is monetized by federal reserve treasury purchases

>> No.26051176

Taking money to pass around to buy and sell shares of AAPL doesn't help the economy but does help those with equities.
The majority of the population meanwhile, has less money and if companies want to meet sales they have to lower prices.
Inflation "trickles down" from assets shared between all sectors of the population: child care, health care, education, and real estate. You see this is in anxiety about rising costs of those relative to wages and things like millennials having to move back in with their parents.
The exact same thing happened in 2008. We were in a decade long recession and we are entering into a new one. The market "learned" the lessons from last time and are dogpiling back into financial assets since that was the "winning trade" before. The Fed has never won the battle against deflation with QE. No one ever has.
Equities are going to the moon to defy ALL reason. And you are going to see money trying to find a home anywhere except the economy. Art, which is even more niche to the top 0.1%, is going to Mars for example. You have to play the casino or you will slide backwards. Berniebros and Qoomers are the start of the pushback. Financial instability leading to political instability.
So the end game is either some variation of UBI (to give the plebes their due) or a change of the political system.

>> No.26051244

I got 200+ pounds of copper in my grandparents' basement and I noticed copper has gone up it's highest since 2013. With Biden coming in do I save the copper or do I cash in ASAP?

>> No.26051251

Normally when you take on debt it fucks you over in the future because you have to pay back interest on that debt plus principle so debt is inflationary short term, deflationary long term.

Yeah the fed is printing monies right now but they only get to do that when there's massive loan destruction. For example restaurants are decimated and may never come back. It might not even be enough actually.

>> No.26051399

He might not be here, but I am. I'll pay you $45 for every £1 face value of 50% junk, but I'm not really looking to make any major purchases right now.

>> No.26051408

I would wait, there will be debt spending the question is will it be a only a couple trillion or eighty-eight trillion

>> No.26051459

A decade of ZIRP creates zombies that make market sectors inefficient.

>> No.26051634

Yeah so we're substituting the decimated sector's spending with debt. This is unsustainable, because on top of the lockdown pushing people out of business, the increase in input prices caused by the expanded money supply only makes it harder for businesses to start up again. Small businesses are dead and this is no longer capitalism. We're going to see exponential increases in national debt. All of it funded by the federal reserve to tax citizens through inflation

>> No.26051699

Yeah we headed towards socialist command economies.

>We're going to see exponential increases in national debt. All of it funded by the federal reserve to tax citizens through inflation
Japan's been through that. Where's the inflation?

>> No.26051759

Japan wasn't the world's reserve currency issuer, and similar to China, they had the US to export things to.

>> No.26052193

anyone got any projects they want info on? I am makin a stew and just sitting here watching a movie, loads of free time tonight.

>> No.26052253

Did Nicola ever mail you investor materials?

>> No.26052273

Yeah. I posted a while back about a box I found full of them that I bought for 20USD. If even half of them are genuine, that box is worth 10x what I bought it for.


>> No.26052317

I actually checked the tracking number today and yes its going to be here on monday by the looks of it. It should have come in today but got missed.

>> No.26052384
File: 1.19 MB, 2656x2609, E20B89CD-35EE-4B6A-9087-D64DEB84894E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I always think this particular round with Article 1 Sec. 10 on it is interesting because it was minted when we were off the Gold Standard, but it was still illegal to own Gold so they bought Silver, in the form of rounds like this one. I wonder what sorts of emotion the round and the text on it would elicit in its owner at the time, I'm sure it would've been more intense than what we have today because we had freshly switched to fiat at the time and you could still spend time in jail for owning Gold.

>> No.26052559

Panman you are the very best kind of based

>> No.26052790

its fun too reading through all these different companies.

Heres one that I am 50/50 on. Canagold Resources and their New Polaris mine on the Tulsequah River way up by Juneau AK. I have mentioned these guys before because there is gold in the ground on the project, but its got a major environmental mess to clean up as well. Amazing part of the province to hike around though, serious bear country too.

>> No.26052888

Nice, most good jewelry shops should be able to tell you which of those are genuine pretty easily.

>> No.26053380

Who else regrets not buying more Batbois last Spring? I only have one.

>> No.26053797

I wish I hadn't been so afraid of the premiums on them. In fact, I really should worry less about premiums the closers the dollar is to collapse.

>> No.26053865

I couldnt find any here and shipping / importing them into Canada would have come with a crazy fee. I should have a look later tonight if any have popped up recently.

>> No.26054125

How much space does that take up?

>> No.26054201

I have to admit that I'm starting to get a little demoralized right now boys. Even the big bulls on twitter are starting to push their estimates for higher metals up until August or later at this point. I know that our thesis is ultimately correct, but what do you guys see as the ultimate catalyst? Will it be UBI? Until the lockdowns end UBI won't be enough, and even then there is still the backlog of rents and mortgages that will need to be paid. Anyway WAGMI eventually, but I'm FUDing hard this last week. I noticed that a handful of mainstream outlets are finally starting to drop nuggets of counter lockdown narrative to prep the populace for a shift in brainwashing towards open ing up again, but here in Ontario we are going harder and dumber than ever. I can't even go to trade school to get a decent job because if this horseshit. Anyway, FUD blog over.

>> No.26054379

>but what do you guys see as the ultimate catalyst?
Yield curve control or some backhanded variation of it announced this year. Treasuries effectively become a guaranteed negative real return asset.
I don't buy this sell off at all. Feels like a rush for liquidity again. If you are overleveraged, the pain will be especially acute and I would suggest trying to cover with things like puts. Accumulate metal cheapies provided you can find them.

>> No.26054381

Maybe we’ll just silently moon anon. I’m prepared to accumulate for three years. But also Michael burry announces his Tesla short so unironically 6 months

>> No.26054429

Real estate is massively over valued right now. Wait for the crash.

>> No.26054467

Copper is going to bull as well. Just wait.

>> No.26054490


>> No.26054492

Viscount mining

>> No.26054530

I ll get back to you in a bit, I think I ve looked at these guys before.

>> No.26054669

What's the best "balance" between premiums and liquidity when buying gold? 1/4 oz? I'm thinking of either ASEs or Maples. I'm still working to work up to a full ounce. I foolishly bought a 1/10th oz. philharmonic and a 1/20th oz. Lunar Ox a few months ago without realizing how much the premiums cut into the value.

>> No.26054770

Don't feel obligated. I was just throwing one out because no one was biting. I'm actually much more interested in Goliath resources

>> No.26054879

Golden Goliath or Goliath Resources in the Golden Triangle near Dolly Varden? I ve walked all over their ground over the years if your talking about the later.

>> No.26054924

I'm about ready to start campaigning for black reparations. I think it might be the best way to break the COMEX gold charade.

>> No.26055069

just wait to see if Biden fulfills his campaign promises Green New Deal $75 Trillion, Medicare for All $22 Trillion, Black Reparation were Zimbabwe tier by then.

>> No.26055232

I regret not buying more because when I bought mine silver spot + premiums was like $17. Should've just gotten 200 oz of batbois instead of diversifying into worthless maples and krugerands.

>> No.26055367

EOY Predictions

Silver $35
Gold $2600

>> No.26055646

Gold $2800
Silver $50

>> No.26055718

I just made a few bucks on btc A friend has been preaching metal stocks to me for the last year and made a killing at it too What stock would you buy now with 30k all in

>> No.26055851

Sillver $40
Gold $2300

>> No.26055857

>A friend has been preaching metal stocks to me for the last year and made a killing at it too
why don't you ask your friend?

>> No.26055930
File: 177 KB, 920x475, previously-producing-exchequer-mine-crop-u21127.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok so some general info from the past few months for Viscount Mining.

One, they have had some pretty good luck with recent drill results in recent weeks, including 99.6 gpt Ag over 21m at their Silver Cliff property and 1925 g/t Silver and 76 g/t Gold from samples done from their Cherry Creek Property.

Two, Centerra Gold and Viscount are partnering up with an option on their Cherry Creek Property for exploration work over 4 years. This is a good sign as Centerra are experts in exploration and mine development.

I cant however for what ever reason right now look at many parts of their website, it seems down for changes or what not.

I am not good at looking at company finaincials though mate, so you should DD that part yourself. Also note, many of these ore bodies are like others looked at here over the past few weeks in that Mid west desert country. Hyper rich at surface and lower grade at depth, remember this when they release further drill results.

>> No.26055949

I have but his picks are already way up and I feel like I'd just be buying his bags

>> No.26056015

I am right there with you. Like what if the same happens that happened after GFC. The metal prices simply tank and we return to the most clowny "economy" ever. What if the banksters win and can prevent the metals from "mooning" and we are left with another decade of insane fiat bubble zombie economies all over the western world. I unironically couldn't take a decade more of this fake clowny zombie economy and stupid fucking bubbles all around me and paying over half of my paycheck for a roof over my head like seriously you are telling me there is no inflation? Yeah sure just get a 30 year mortgage to pay off an average house like WTF is wrong with this world can we have the collapse already and stop torturing ourselves? But then again thinking rationally I really cannot see the scenario in which we somehow manage to "returning to normal" without some type of yield curve control and metals mooning. Also since I am feeling so demoralized right now I am thinking that the bottom must soon be in and this will probably be one of the best buying opportunities in this bull market but it's hard to convince oneself that we are in a bull market right now.

>> No.26056112

any particular regions your looking for? Do you know the basics of these miners / explorers? If not go look at the Pastebin at the bottom of the OP, there is a ton of helpful info in there for people to look into.

>> No.26056172
File: 276 KB, 890x500, 1552495227369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Even the big bulls on twitter are starting to push their estimates for higher metals up until August or later at this point.
based. My PF will reach 10k invested in August, hope they are right ! Have to keep in mind this is a one chance in your whole lifetime, having a few more month to prepare is all but a bad thing ! God is on our side.

>> No.26056344

I'm not demoralized yet so the bottom isn't in, sorry bro. First they have to crush our spirits, then our long positions shortly thereafter.

>> No.26056776

Goliath Resources

Primarily focused on several projects in BC and another in Quebec.

Their two main projects for BC are the Gold Digger 30km south of Stewart BC in the Golden Triangle and Lucky Strike Prospect near the town of Terrace BC. Both properties are based around VMS hosting gold and silver in quartz veins. I ve walked the Gold Digger property personally a number of years ago for the previous land holder, the area is high elevation and often snow covered much of the year, however outcroppings of exceptional looking sulfide material appear erratically across the ridge lines. The project is currently being planned for drilling next spring and a detailed explanation can be found on their website.

At Lucky Strike the story is pretty much the same, VMS with quartz and free mill gold, likely one of the source deposits for near by placer gold discoveries at Lorne Creek from the 1890s and earlier.

I dont know much about their quebec holdings unfortunately, but I will research further in the coming days when I have time.

All in all very very interesting new ground to explore with drilling, when I was there we could get very little done anywhere on the land package due to being socked in with horrible weather and snow staying around til august. Goliaths teams have made far more progress than we ever did.

>> No.26056786

Yeah Goliath in the golden triangle. They're starting to become a hot topic. Sorry I passed out for a bit.

>> No.26056804

Why are maples worthless? >>26055367
Silver 50.

>> No.26056816

I was being dramatic, but maples don't really carry any premium upon reselling and they aren't remotely scarce.

>> No.26056821

Silver $50
Gold $2600

>> No.26056842

I knew they were getting stellar results on drills but for some reason the market just doesn't like them. I think it may be a debt issue.

>> No.26056872

i think so too, but their dam website keeps 404ing me on their financial info, I ll try again in the morning. I also get the feeling that areas been heavily explored before by the previous operators and words got out its not great territory for long lasting work. I ll keep looking though.

>> No.26056903

Very interesting. They are starting to become a hot topic. IL have to keep my eye on them. Is it possible for a mine to be profitable when they can only operate for two months out of the year?

>> No.26056931

Most Coin shops I've been to sell Maples at the same premium as generic rounds. The main difference between them and the generics is that the generic rounds don't have milk spots. I actually made a video on feelings about Canadian Maple Leafs on my Bitchute Channel that I've linked here in the past.

>> No.26056976

remember theres no garrantee for a long while that they will even find anything more than small scale veins, we need to wait for drilling to tell the true story of whats in the ground. However, they could operate the mine from far below on any number of the nearby valleys, and mine up to the vein from below. Gravity does half the work that way too, breaking ore down as it falls through passes to the mail haul level. I am very interested in what they find at Lucky Strike as well too, that area has produced fantastic placers for nearly 100 years, the natives guard those creek beds jealously.

>> No.26057392

anyone need anything else? If not i am off to bed.

>> No.26057404

I have been hearing celebrities dropping such quotes as we are entering the roaring 20s. I say we have max 8 years before clown world implodes. This will be a repeat of 1929

>> No.26057566

We're going to experience the 2020s like the Weimar Republic experienced the 1920s with hyperinflation, debt and societal collapse.

>> No.26057609

i hear margins are great

>> No.26057637

>I have been hearing celebrities dropping such quotes as we are entering the roaring 20s

There will be exuberance and euphoria just before the correction. It'll happen when there are more or less no bears left and everyone has capitulated to the melt-up. It sounds like we aren't far off.

>> No.26057940
File: 86 KB, 937x531, Screen Shot 2021-01-16 at 17.25.52.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but it's hard to convince oneself that we are in a bull market right now.

its clear as day to me

>> No.26058315

I like to recall the 1920's and the (((recovery))) from the Spanish flu. I'm not saying we have to wait until 2029 by any means because we printed 33% of our current supply of fiat circulating THIS YEAR. That alone is going to speed up the timeline. Now add that more money is about to just be printed, and let's say for the sake of this post, it's enough to bump it up to 50% by EOY. So in those terms, what was the % of fiat vs. gold and silver backing the dollar in 1929 before reality set in? Just keep stacking and enjoy the discount, and remember this is a hedge against this sort of economic irresponsibility by the fed.

>> No.26058565

If you look at platinum, oil and copper you can see we're in a clear commodities bull market. Gold and silver will catch up suddenly at some point

>> No.26058671


>> No.26059141

This stuff is pretty interesting yeah. I barely understand half of it but I'm slowly getting the hang of things by reading technical reports and stuff. Sometimes it's just too complicated for me with all the geology words being stacked on top of each other but it's fun to read when you begin understanding it

>> No.26059196

Thoughts on NGD?

>> No.26059309

I'll add it to my pile, will check it out sometime although "environmental mess" doesn't spark enthusiasm in me. I've got other companies I'm more interested in looking at but I'll look at it at some point. Thanks for sharing.

>> No.26059383

Moose Mountain does have a very attractive after-tax net present value though... Maybe I'll bump the company up a little in my backlog after all

>> No.26060010
File: 13 KB, 652x128, junior mining in a nutshell.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bumping, also reminding junior miner investors about patience

>> No.26060612
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I JUST WON AN EBAY AUCTION FOR 100x 5 silver Francs for 640€ pmgbros!
I'm super happy, it's about 32.2oz of silver i paid for below spot. I ended up paying 20€/oz. I'm so thrilled frens, it's the first time i win an auction and it is such a good deal compared to how we frogs are cucked by insane premiums usually.
I'm really happy!

>> No.26060637
File: 401 KB, 1600x900, 5F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is the pic of the cuties i just bought.

>> No.26060667
File: 49 KB, 368x504, Pan Man Au Ag ore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anybody else here watch prospecting channels? I've been watching Dan Hurd and 911 Mining & Prospecting a bunch recently, interesting stuff especially the videos by 911 Mining & Prospecting. Lots of things to learn just by watching, about what kinds of rocks there are. Beginning to notice the difference between arsenopyrite and chalcopyrite for example, and sphalerite with its metallic gleam is easy to recognize. Still having a little trouble differentiating between breccia and quartz; pyrite and chalcopyrite; malachite and azurite. Galena also is just black rock, it could be anything in my eyes lol. Interesting stuff regardless.

>> No.26060684

A little off-topic, but the memes/predictions of a “deadlier” variant of Covid19 appearing in 2021 are coming true. Harsher lockdowns around the corner.

>> No.26060696
File: 350 KB, 1600x900, s-l1600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26060721

VERY nice haul anon!
I thought Covid was getting less deadly and more contagious? Thanks for the heads up in any case, might be deflation round two soon then

>> No.26060729

Congrats. I find it out that someone would ebay something with an easily known base value

>> No.26060737

Reminder the next step is the construction of concentration camps for ppl who refuse to get vaccinated.

>> No.26061015
File: 41 KB, 593x194, Screen Shot 2021-01-16 at 19.46.32.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

god i hate this retard

>> No.26061062
File: 69 KB, 450x405, 1573072546348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>super shiny

They are incredibly well preserved frogbro

>> No.26061169
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Thanks dear gentlefrens, today is a good day. It will help me forget how i got raped by miners tanking to oblivion this week.

>> No.26061213

This guy seems disingenuous. Like he is purposefully misleading people.

>> No.26061230
File: 145 KB, 1075x677, CRAB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah seems like miners struggled this week a little, mine were crabbing for the most part, refusing to go down or up much

>> No.26061408

are you into lithium miners riding the battery recycling fad?

I "missed" ABML but im gonna ride neometals hard.

Also, are you gonna follow AME remote roundup 18jan?

>> No.26061425

That won’t go smoothly.

>> No.26061737

Sorry to ruin your party, but those are bank reserves, not actual money. Banks can lend against their newly created reserves, but they actually aren't. Banks lending is what creates currency in circulation, not Fed doing QE. QE lowers yields, which pushes investors and savers further down the risk curve (because the passive income from bonds is too low), hence why assets are inflating (due to demand, not increased money supply). It's true that there is too much debt, which is why inflation will eventually come, but not before they can force banks to lend, or bypass them (digital currency). They will need to amend the Federal reserve act (or ignore it) for it to happen. Of course people could lose confidence in FIAT, but the average normie doesn't have a clue. After the second equity crash, that is when things will roll on to the next gear.

>> No.26061780

Also, velocity of money doesn't mean anything because of how it is calculated

>> No.26061948

looks like you got the corona virus fren

>> No.26062064

Beautiful francs, I personally prefer the 10 francs, lower premium, higher silver percentage

>> No.26062094

But congratulation for finding it under spot

>> No.26062288

Perhaps new gold dissipates from the sea bed, keeping consentration constant?

>> No.26062449

I remember gold under $300 less than 20 years ago and nobody wanted to touch it. Then suddenly that began to change.

>> No.26062496

This. QE does nothing to inflation, at least measured by the CPI. It is too bad that housing is an asset class

>> No.26062681

He’s definitely overboard. These Bitcoin maxis don’tever talk about the technology at all. It’s being blown away by so many smaller players. Bitcoin is 100% promotion and basically a rich boomer’s club. It’s nothing more than that.

>> No.26062963
File: 321 KB, 2048x1536, stack.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Francs friend

>> No.26062974

If they do "Black reparations" I'm fucking leaving this country. i don't care if i have to swim all the way to Australia, fuck that fake inequality nonsense

>> No.26063007
File: 15 KB, 250x201, 1610708912246.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ya did real good fren

>> No.26063638

Is this a good time to buy gold?? Fuck im having a hard time making sense of the current situation.

>> No.26063791

Is your colleague at work or your taxi driver talking to you about gold? If not it's still a good time to buy

>> No.26064231

who's baking?

>> No.26064315

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