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It will be $4 in 30 days screencap this

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Shitcoin not needed. Great browser though

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The cult of TRIangles
The hypotenuse oppossed to the RIGHT(truth)angle
Pythagoreans of Samos – they never stopped
Egypt (pyramids), Greece (triangles), isREAL (holy trinity (father, son, holy spirit).
When you wake up, you will realise they never slept.
When you wake up, you will realeyes.
Navigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis – Paradise in the Atlantic
Saint Brendans Island – 15 days lived on the island = 1 year at sea

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Where planes enter, never leave
Ghost ships afloat, silent, sirens of the sea
Miami, San Juan, Hamilton
What shapes you, Bermuda
What secrets do you hold along your three(3) sides.
Navigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis
Saint Brendans Island – 15 days lived on the island = 1 year at sea
Saint Brendans Island – hidden in the Atlantic.
Biblical revelations.

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Secured my stack let's go le Javascript man make me rich!

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>VERY excited for a 10% pump
I feel bad for batties

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Sam(P)son was Brave
Western rendition of Sumerian Enkidu
Temporal Predicator of the Heracles
Between the pillars of creation
The bedrock of technology
The only option
The Sam(P)son Option
Bring it all down
Back to atomos
Like frogs in a pot of ice water, they will not feel their fate until it is too late.

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I bought 100k BAT when it was the same sat price as LINK. Feels bad man.

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Shit browser not needed. Great token though

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Pumps all over gents sell out now and buy again later

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Same. They're one tier above xrp bagholders but below ftm trannies. True suffering

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BAT is my one true love but this looks like a fake out pump. Low volume... :(


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a...are we gonna make it, BATboys?

>jk, this dumps back to 19 cents within 2 months

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Bat is excellent for swing trading. One day you will get priced out. This is not the time though swing away.

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>Doesn't know he bought a stablecoin

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So where is the facebook partnership you dickheads

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agreed, except about the getting priced out point. I don't know if that will ever happen.

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BAT always pumps just before whole market shits itself. Remember that.

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Agreed. One day it will pull a link and just like that everyone except the early adopters will be priced out. At least BAT has a real use case though and won't pump due to manipulation like the stinky did. I wish Brave did affiliate links for the merch products, I'd like to add them to the store.


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Saw BTC was down to 36k, figured I'd be down a couple thousand dollars from last night. Logged in, saw my portfolio was actually up a couple thousand despite BTC. Checked my UNI, same spot as before. Checked my BAT, and I realized based Brendan had delivered. Feels good. (Though slightly less good now that I see LINK touched $22 and I sold at $15)

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Yep, I've bought the hell out of every dip to 20c these last few months, and then sold with a DCA of 27c every time. Swinging shouldn't be this easy, but with BAT it is. I still keep a modest pile in case it does ever go to 40c and beyond again though.

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Ya one day it will go up and never come down. Don't get caught with your pants down. It's not hyperbolic to say that within two years this will easily be in the top 5, if not the top 3. This is one of the missing layers of the original OSI model and something that Marc Andreessen wanted to integrate into mosaic, but the necessary infrastructure wasn't there at the time. But it is now though. The issue isn't BAT competing with other crypto's for visibility, it's that other crypto's are pump and dumps which avert people's attention (ayyy) from the one true currency of the internet. Just wait bro's, it's going to be epic.

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you must be a paid shill
this level of delusion isnt possible unless you are paid to project it

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Every day that Eich says nothing is another day where I can safely swing my BATbois for 20% compounding monthly gains.

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There are no paid shills for token price, the Brave team does not care at all about the price. They only care about ad buys. Shills for the browser might exist, not for the token though.

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No more delusional than any other bag holder here. At least I built a nice website though and (used to) make decent money from Brave referral links. Make's up for all the time I've spent on this site.

> where's your meme website peasant

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Fucking epic failure right there nigga

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Don't be so sure anon. Reason being that no one can give a good reason WHY stinky linky pumped so hard so quick. I respect their meme game but outside of test nets and "partnerships" there's still no real world use case for link. It's always the eternal "a couple of years away" line with that project. No disrespect to the stinkies but be honest with yourselves, link can't even hold a candle to Brave when considering user's and market reach. It was a manufactured pump by whales which took advantage of a lot of people. The reason BAT hasn't pumped yet is unironically the price action is out of Brave's hands and has been for a couple of years. Not that they would manipulate it anyway but it's truly ruled by market forces. Sure right now it's been crabbing but with ads ramping up and a lot of new on-boarding features being rolled out for advertisers the price won't stay low for long. There's almost too many factors to account for when making the case for why seeing BAT in the .20 range will only last a little while longer. My only regret is I don't have more capital to buy more.

> inb4 someone didn't read my blog post

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Agreed. One day BAT will overtake link.

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Green ID's don't lie. Hopefully not too soon though, I need to accumulate though.

> yes I know I had 4 years.

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it's literally chrome

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shit coin and shit browser

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>It's all unironically binary numbers t b q h f a m

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Thanks for the lulz

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gotchu senpai

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delet dis

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I remember back when BAT was above LINK on CMC, and then LINK had a surge, and then BAT surged back above LINK before finally getting absolutely demolished by LINK's pump to $2. BAT never fucking recovered after that.

I have been here too long. Those were the days though. Should have gone all in on LINK

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Pick yourself up anon, I don't want to hear about your cope. I downloaded a bitcoin wallet in 2011 and went to a couple of faucets and didn't do anything else with it. I don't feel like wearing a dress to your pity party so pick yourself up and end this tea party. The second best time to invest is now. Whether it be BAT or whatever shitcoin you choose.

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Stop buying BAT and let me accumulate more bags on the fucking cheap you niggers. This token is fucking moon material.

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I buy BAT because im trying to be apart of a coin monopoly. I will own boardwalk, and the advertisers will land on it every time while I just pass GO.

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I buy BAT to help free ourselves from the fucking shitstain that is Woke Control of Social Media and Advertisement flows.

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Go tell it on the mountain!

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Is this the new schizo coin of /biz/ ?

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Fuck why not. $40 eoy.

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Don't feel bad. There was no way of knowing. BAT seemed like a good idea. I was going all in on either link or BAT and I only picked link because I'm not a fucking dumbass

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This too. I would like to make money while I watch woke tech suffer

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This right here. I can make my peace with a less-than-optimal choice as long it a) eventually moons and b) sticks it to every big social media babylon

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is this bar on ur cock wtf is this picture

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Checked. Come over and check for yourself cutie.

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I remember telling people months ago that BAT is not worth pouring money into. Price is still around 0.25. It's still going nowhere. But people will keep holding their heavy bags as everybody is doing 5x's

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wow nearly 1.5B 24h token volume.

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Telegram, Signal both blowing up. Brave too. Eich is no woke jannie trannies

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Kek and based pmg schizo

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> keyed

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Based behbs

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Is Eich getting the boomercons to pump this browser?

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Nah, he is just OG bigBrain and fucks

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The time has c00m

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Dark knighty

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1.36B BAT in 24hrs changed hands. The sellers will soon be gone.

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Thots on parade

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