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>buying crypto during a bullrun
Why do people unironically do this? Is the power of FOMO that strong? The literal worst time to purchase crypto is during a bullrun. The bubble will absolutely pop, and people are dumping thousands into shit like BTC and ETH when they are at ATHs.

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People with that attitude see bitcoin hit 20k and instead of accepting the risk of a small loss with a sensible stop loss, they sit on the sidelines as it doubles in a few weeks.

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FOMO for sure. And that it always gets a bunch of publicity when it's shooting up, which reminds the normies of it.

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It'll be back at 15k by the end of the year.

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without retards and fomo we wouldnt have a bullrun. when you sell the top dont forget to thank boomers, niggers, amd celebrities for having the lower iq

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but the bullrun is not over

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where do you think you are?

buy high sell low

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If no one bought during a bullrun there wouldn't be a bullrun

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it is pretty much
a bit of altcoins action might follow but that's it then

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You have to remember how volatile and long-lasting these once-every-four-years bull runs are. They last about a year, starting from the point of breaking the previous cycle's ATH. So yes, it can be very lucrative for people to FOMO in, even now.

But yes, smart money was buying during the bear market and after the corona dump last march. But most people aren't that smart and don't have time horizons stretching that far out into the future. They can still make money, but they won't become rich off it.

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everything must be a 1usd stablecoin

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Buying alts that haven't hit alt season yet due to crypto dominance is not dumb

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Because this is where you make you're money dumb fuck. I've made $100k in the past month. Now is the time to swing, and you get out when we start crashing.

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why would you think this time is different?

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buy or stay poor

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I just logged into coinbase for the first time in like 8 months and I have $.14 worth of tezos. How do i turn this into 1 bitcoin?

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Makes sense to stack sats proportional to your current holdings as a method to still accumulate during a bull run using crypto lending. It's like getting increasing paychecks weekly when you use things like celsius and BlockFi.

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because they think that it will go even higher and that "bitcoin becomes less risky the higher the price"

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Stake it and wait until the heat death of the universe

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