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>innovative dex, first mover in multiple areas
>multi-chain DEX and will soon add instant cross-chain trades
>will connect to dev team's previous project myWish, making it the only exchange with create and list your token function, among other unique functions
>integrated/partnered with binance, EOS, NEO, okex, etc.
>Layer 2 incoming
>100% anonymity when trading
>liquidity pool and staking coming
>non anon dev team
>$3m market cap

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Chose your destiny my friends

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inb4 fud

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I’m finally a rocket scientist, I’ve been getting promoted every dip and I can’t wait to become an astronaut. We GMI

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I was cautious at the beginning
Thought it was another scam by Pajeets
Not anymore
I'm convinced now
Gotta me a nice stack
Get in while you still can
FOMO sucks

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Sure putting 4% to good use with the pajeet crew for marketing

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Let's Gooooo

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It can't be this easy to get rich. It's too stupid to be true.

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I'm doing it for free. RBC to the fucking moon!!!

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I was like you
I thought the same thing at first
These memes are far too advanced for the normal Pajeet scams

This is real
Get in brother

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I can't wait to be rich boys.

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What kind of FUD, though?
Yes, the company has to pay their bills, it's an honest approach to reflect this in tokenomics.

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>It's too stupid to be true.
Linkies made it somehow. Why RBC cannot moon?

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Why does RBC hype always feel really unnatural

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think about it

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GET OUT. This is the top.


do you even.

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because it's a discord / tele / twitter tranny PND.


you've been warned.

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because people keep trying to fud the project

>t. missed the train

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Man. Now I have to buy more. Fuck being somewhere between engineer and rocket scientist.

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Read what you've said in this thread snownig. Now ask yourself, is this how English speakers truly speak?

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Don't you get tired of posting that same image again? You fucking newfag obviously wasnt here back in the 2018 bear season when half the fucking threads were Link

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>10 rubic threads
very organic sir thank you sir

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lol imma screencap this

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Its a perfect storm of
>legitimate product with working exchange and low MC
>telegram pajeets
>PnD group
>legitimate investors
>Fudders acting like the biggest retards
>brainlet apes
its fucking hilarious. I have 200k of these and I already got my money's worth

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we are all gonna make it boys

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You are only given an opportunity like this a handful of times in your existence. You gonna join the RUBIC MARINES or are you gonna sit on the sidelines and stroke your dick while u watch us make some serious gainz

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fucking bloody bastard there is only 7 threads up atm
do not slander rbc

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Gee I wonder

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>is this how English speakers truly speak?
This is an international board, amerimutt.

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>reddit tier names
>10 threads
>no name coin copying design from a well known coin
>very little whitepaper on it
>starting out so shitty and only now after being shilled is it rising
somethings wrong I can feel it

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eh nevermind there are 10 threads

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Where can I even buy these fuckers

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Uniswap, frenski

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I think we all get that vibe. I’m just hoping to make some money before the rug is pulled out the cunt.

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we should prolly make a few more, what do you think fellow pajeet

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you can buy on uniswap or the rubic exchange. only problem with rubic exchange is you have to use the MetaMask wallet rn

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why yes i do think an 11th rbc thread is in order ranjeet
would anyone like to do the honors?

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This Tranny won't stop
The seething continues

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Tranny has friends

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Where the fuck do you buy RBC? It's not on Binance or BTCMarkets

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rubic.exchange or Uniswap

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1) Buy Ethereum on Binance, Coinbase, wherever you buy efferium from 2) Transfer it to your metamask wallet (coinbase has its own wallet I think?) 3) Go to 1inch.exchange (or uniswap idc) 4) Click on the button under "You Receive" 5) Type "RBC" 6) It will say "Nothing found, add token" 7) Go to Coingecko or Coinmarketcap and look up the contract address. The contract ends with fa3e3. 8) Exchange your tokens. You will have to add RBC as a token in your Metamask wallet or it won't show up (don't worry though, you will receive it anyway)

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STDs aren’t friends

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>the founder of Rubic is Vladimir Tikhomirov
>83 years old
>from Russia
>serial scammer
>last coin he did merged with MyWish and became worthless
>he's airdropping Rubic to MyWish users
>there are only TWO articles on the internet about MyWish
yeah this is going to the moon you idiots
Shills should be put down.
It's sad because this project actually seems really good. But now there are too many reasons to doubt the ability of this team

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>working exchange
You can also wait a few days then we will see

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To any anons investing in this, I hope the team does pull through for you. I'm not opposed to putting some in. But now I'm really thinking there's something wrong with the picture here.
Read what this anon said here before you invest. There are too many oddities to invest without at least looking into these claims:

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The paid ranjeet shill has evolved

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The volume of 2 million was good to see for a project with such a low marketcap. I think you're right, I'll wait a few more days but I'd still say that people need to closely watch the dev team and judge for themselves if they look like a team willing to succeed.
Based off how they handled MyWish, I'm extremely skeptical and just don't want to see someone get scammed

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Theres some shit thats developing in a few days. They applied for a coinbase listing, the binanace smart chain test shit going down soon which is when we will see.

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Any idea when they applied and how long that shit takes? Could be the top.

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