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Pretty simple thread; post coins that aren't talked about often and that you feel will get bigger. Post one (1) coin and tell us why we should buy it

I'm goin with Zoracles for 2 reasons:
-smallest oracle marketcap (3.6mil) as far as I'm aware
-good name/logo/ticker (ZORA). I put as as much importance to name/logo than team and tech, which is why I feel a coin like Solana is doing so well (sounds like a hot latina chick's name)

PS: this isnt a thinly veiled zora shill thread, please share your pick, just don't say ETH or Chainlink or something obvious

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OIN Finance, criminally undervalued at 1mil MC, just take a quick look at their website and project

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API3 will be a top 30 coin EOY, screencap this

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The only platform that can scale linearly without roadblocks.
Also the only platform that maintains atomic composability when it scales (think defi apps need to connect across different shards or sidechains to work properly)
Rug pull proof smart contracts
Easy dapp deployment
Onboarding of eth smart contracts via noether
This could be where polkadot is or even higher within a year

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I like eRSDL, it seems to be a project with a good usecase.l, doxxed U.S based team and unlike 90% of coins the token has actual utility.
Rather than doing an ICO they chose to allow people to farm tokens which seems to be why there's weekly dumps but once the farming is over I can see this doing really well.
Currently less than a $2mil MC and according to their white paper the "conservative" token price is 96c so 150x from here. Even if it does half of that in the next year I'll be happy

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I like ersdl, though I feel it's more of a long-term hold. I got a moonbag but I can't see this thing getting traction within the upcoming days/weeks

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Never heard about it, whats the tl;dr and marketcap?

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Easy call: Radix (eXRD)

A chosen blue chip coin by the secret whale elite that has not been shilled too hard yet.

Meme power: 10/10 (search for chadix on twitter)

Tech potential: 11/10

Gets fudded by all competitors, especially Avax: Check

Has a 200 IQ super brain in the team: Check

Has price vesting to prevent big dumps from future token unlocks: Check

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its a long haul project anon. tech probably wont be ready for a long time. im talking this alt season

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Easily eXRD

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Was called a scam and rugpull by everyone because dev remains anon (but everyone is in crypto only because btc lol)
Liquidity on Uniswap is $3 million mcap only $2,5 million
Great ecosystem aiming for eternal passive income, there will be a huge airdrop sometime in the next month and everyone holding the airdropped token will receive passive income. Obviously that will bring a lot of attention to it and holding SURF will increase that passive income

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The Arch Protocol

>60k MC or so
>probably one of the most honest/based dev team I've talked to in any TG
>sister coin "Angel" coming up in a few days
>even though the volume is extremely low, no one is selling and floor slowly keeps going up

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ITT: your heavy bags

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>even if I multiply my money by 75 (seventy five) in a year, I'll be happy

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I'd recommend everyone to get a Hathor moonbag and keep it in cold storage. It's only available on Kucoin right now, but it will get released on more exchanges throughout the year, and the price will keep going up slowly but surely

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eXRD (Radix) is a sleeping monster, currently an Erc20 token but main net in Q2 this year. As some of the previous comments mentioned the tech is next gen. Nothing currently live comes close, these guys have been perfecting their protocol since starting in 2013 fully VC funded until a pre-sale of the Erc20 back in November. Still under $100m mcap which may sound big compared to micro caps, but this project is a Layer 1 protocol, it's competing with projects like Polkdot, Elrng, Avaxx, ETH etc. Should be worth billions when it picks up. Imagine being able to go back in time and buy Link in 2018, this is similar in my eyes assuming successful

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API3 will perform extremely well in the upcoming alt season (which has arguably started).

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I don't know...

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Newfag that fell for the Rubic pajeet scam here. Are the coins mentionned in this thread legits? Im tired of losing money :(

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Api3 is very legit, radix is a good mid/long term hold. Same for Hathor. Zora is a decent bet. Ersdl was a pump and dump

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I see its been mentioned above but yeah I gotta say check out Radix (eXRD). Best wp I've ever read, its tech is outrageous! And backed up with mathematical proof. This looks set to be one of the big big projects.

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What do you guys think about RNDR? I just bought some and it’s on the rise.

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Build finance

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What about it?

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10k soon........100k right after

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Which one is this
Isnt it supposed to be a 25c stable coin?..

Personally I really like ORAI

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Greetings fellow Zora bro

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>Best wp I've ever read, its tech is outrageous!
>sirs, please do the needful and buy many bags

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fucking based

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Working product, 4th biggest defi lender, $400mm+ eth locked in their contract


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Prophet Finance (PROPH) will grow very fast soon. $500k mcap and they've built a crypto lottery service which works using your wallet address. Actually surprised no one has thought of this before. Oh its built on LINK too so legit af

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Moon underway, don't know why and dont give a fuck, holding 850k


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I really like lgcy but I feel so late... fuck
Doesnt it have staking as well and you OGs all have millions of tokens ready to dump on new buyers? Convince me to get a bag

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NFT hype is at the gate and still, there are lots of NFT GEM around. Exeedme started to buidl an enormous ecosystem and did many partnerships for its play2earn tournament platform. it gonna achieve a huge adoption with CS:GO update.

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only qualifies for under the radar for /biz/
CAKE. Keep missing out on 20xs, curry niggers and communist south americans make bank

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Using a full package ethereum 2.0 with its high scalability feature might take years. so, L2 solutions are extremely important for ethereum dapps and chain. tokamak network has good staking rewards, low supply, and new generation scaling technology. that's why it is one of the best GEM options for the short and long term.

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Its still so early, I wish I had more to throw at it. That's all I got.

I actually missed the staking, I'm hoping they drop another opportunity to do it.

I just upped it to 1mil coins, felt like a poorfag having 856,904K

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The team is way ahead on their roadmap and I've heard whispers of another opportunity to stake

These whispers? Made up. I just really hope they do.


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