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she has moved on and you have not, simple as that.

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talking to yourself?

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Fuck you and die

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I'm 30 now. I waited over 10 years for my high school gf to reach out to me. She got married this year.

You dont even know what pain is.

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Bitch I moved on
She's the one making fake facebooks and shit to try to talk to me
And every time I say bitch blocked

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>20k did

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Why did you think waiting was going to work?

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This but like 4 years, finally blocked her last year and been motivated to make it since. Shouldve done this the day we broke up kek

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it hurts

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Feels alright man

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pls delet

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the best way to deal with this is just to write a journal about her and continue watching her from a distant. You can view her facebook and plenty of other social media outlets to see how she's doing.

When you work out and do other things, you can think about her so that you can feel that bliss.

Get a hooker, and think about her while sexing.

Buy the perfume she wears and spray it on some dresses for that reminder.

This is how you get out of that addiction anon!

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Ex gf bought link at $2 and sold it below $20. It was the right move to leave miss paper hand

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>no amount of money will bring her back

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yeah. 3 years for me.

>so far.

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I was happy ten years ago AMA

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you guys are a bunch of simp faggots. the problem isn't with her leaving at all, it's how you drew too much value from a relationship with a broad to cope with whatever bullshit you're not fixing.

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It's a straight men thing, trannies like you would never understand

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It's valentine's day in a couple weeks

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nah, it's more of a
>i've only been in 1 or 2 relationships my whole life
thing. when after you've been in a handful you learn to recognize that oneitis and putting pussy on a pedestal is gayer than actual homosexuality

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That is true. It's been a long 2.5 years. But I've doubled my income, gotten promoted at my job, moved out of the hell hole that is SoCal, and saved a fuckton of money since WFH.

Soon I'll move again into a new place, get a new job, and meet new people

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My whole life is dedicated to getting rich off crypto so I can flaunt it and make her regret

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Fuck you motherfucker!! You are damn right

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I’ve been in like 20 relationships and miss my first gf still

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Your post is devastating to the 1% of 4channers who have had a girlfriend

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same but last not first

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that's only because she was 14 at the time, you degenerate.

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Get fucked pajeet

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I am married and my wife and I love each other very much.
You are gonna make it too bros.

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Never had her in the first place, cry more over women faggot

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>letting someone live rent free in your mind


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>back in my hometown after a relative died
>not very close or anything, just a funeral and family bullshit
>in the bar later that week
>see my ex working there
>bitch cheated on me and broke my heart
>asks me how I'm doing after 3 years as if nothing happened
>get talking, what the hell
>heard from a friend I'm loaded, but doesn't directly mention it
>i see, still shallow as shit
>confirm her suspicions, but don't reveal my full power level
>apparently, she's in a shitty relationship with some rando alcoholic
>she's drinking a bit behind the bar and gets flirty
>lightbulb moment
>fast forward to the weekend i'm showing her to my new house in the mountains, 2 hours drive
>not a middle of nowhere, but pretty close, public transport and taxis are out of the question for a couple miles
>she's impressed, as if she didn't believe how good i was doing
>talk for a bit, show her the whole property
>in the meantime put on a voice recorder because i'm plotting
>fuck the ever living shit out of her later
>flush the condom, because i thought of everything bitch
>smoke a cig while she massages my neck
>mentions the 'good old times' every two damn sentences, no apology though
>clothes back on
>ask her to come outside to the front
>casually mention 3 of my other properties and gesture back at my mini villa
>'all this could've been yours, but you chose to be a dumb slut'
>walk inside and lock the door behind me
>expecting the whole shitshow, loud door knocking and i don't know
>okay, but i heard how this goes from other anons
>upload the recording for safety, send it to her boyfriend and have my best friend back it up just in case
>all ready for the police and false accusations fuck yeah
>never hear from her again though
>months pass
>somebody told me she's single, depressed and drinking herself to death every day
>'something just snapped one day and she's been like that ever since'
>still feel like i lost

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>haven't had a chance to have sex with someone new since the breakup, she sent me details about fucking her ex immediately after we broke up even though I blocked her
e-everything's gonna be ok...

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We broke up? Nah, she's broke and i'm up

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>no amount of money will bring her back

Sure there is an amount. And a group of people that will bring her back to you for that amount. How you keep her from leaving once delivered will be left to you.

Let me know if you are interested.We are close by always.

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based af

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I can't hear you over getting rich, opinion discarded.

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Ive had a crush on cassey face since i was 17. I used to talk to her on blog tv, I was overseas, and depressed of course, dealing with imsomnia. I used to watch her go to sleep.
15 years later and I still have a crush on her as she came to my mind randomly the other day. I found out she is dating some semi Chad. It's over.
She was the only girl I ever loved. Ive never had a gf, I dont care, the best years are behind me. I just want to get rich and cope.

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You did lose. All of that energy and effort and for what? To cause another human to suffer. Yes she did you wrong. Yes she caused you pain. Yes she is horrible. But YOU chose to spend time and effort to get her back. You became successful and instead of just accepting that you're better and being secure and happy with that fact, you went out of your way to inflict misery on another. You are no better than she is, anon.

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why the fuck would i ever go back to a broke bitch after becoming a millionaire? i am looking to upgrade lmao

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Wizard here. Jokes on you.

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>Every woman that I've ever been hung up on is a total fucking disaster today
Yeah, nah, I'm good.

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most beta shit ive ever read. grow the fuck up if this isnt a larp

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had she sucked any other cocks before she kissed you for the first time?


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Mega cringe

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You feel like you lost because it's not a game of win lose.

Ignore the incels though, this is fundamentally based. Congrats fren.

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We're both married now.
I bet I could pay her for a blowjob.

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le epic revenge

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At least you had a gf, I'm 26 and never had a relationship and I'm not even bad looking, just always been too shy and no one told me how to get one.

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Honestly I have 3 girls I feel this way about and like 5 sluts whom I couldn't care less about but none of them stop texting me.

I want to be with one or more of the three girls, but I can't treat them the same way I treat the other five sluts because I love them. If I treated the girls I love like I treat the girls I don't give a shit about, I'd have it all, but I can't. I truly love them and so they want nothing to do with me.

How can I profit from this?

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just go to the bar and make the rounds saying looking good tonight ladies

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What changed?

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Where did you move to? I need to move out of California asap

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3 years and I still think of her every day. Very depressing. Don't know how much longer I can handle this shit.

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Once I make it I'll go get her because I am not a pussy like you. We're 27 now so time is running out.
Thing is I am a western euro Jew and she is a degenerate Amefricano hapa who spent too much time in uni.

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Yeah, like a nice beta simp fag buy them drinks. Kek

Work on yourself fren, invest the moolah and they will come. If not, you will still have money to attract boipussies.

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Same and I don’t want to like her anymore but everytime I laugh or feel happy I think of how she betrayed me, it’s absolute torture

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>I end relationship
>She meets a chad
>I instantly regret it
>after 6 months she texts me saying she still loves me
>I ignore it
>I've been suffering ever since

I dunno if she still thinks about me or not. I sound like a cuck but I'd take her back in a heartbeat and get lost in the euphoria her pussy gave me

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>he doesn't know
lurk moar retard

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>>I instantly regret it
>>after 6 months she texts me saying she still loves me
>>I ignore it

You play games like children because you most likely are children.

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You don't, love is about sacrifice. Betrayal is terrible, it might feel empowering to do it but being on the receiving end is the worst that can happen.
Noone told anyone. We're monkeys and mimic what we see.
It's been 10 years for me, every morning she is the first thing I think about, every night she is the last thing I think about.

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I moved on before she did.
But then I came back,
She kept moving on.

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We were in our early 20's. It was like a teenage romance though. I ruminate over those memories every day.

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You had a walk with her?

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>Shouldve done this the day we broke up kek

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make it stop. How do I short this?

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>all ready for the police and false accusations fuck yeah
>never hear from her again though
>months pass
yeah she kinda won. didn't even give you the satisfaction of a reaction. pretty based.

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You sound confused. Half of the utility money has is in letting you NOT spend more time with women than necessary.

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this to be honest anon

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I don't care about her anymore.

She can choose to keep fucking up her mind with excessive molly use and being suicidal.
Last time I talked to her was when she tried coming back to me after being dumped by an abusive piece of shit while pregnant.

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i hate this thread, she broke up with me for some dude and asked me to take her back shortly after. I didn't. I can't believe she broke up with me after 3 years just for a random fling. I want to die every time a female speaks to me now I don't want to know love ever again its not worth it bros.

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It could be worse, the girl I love moved out of country and just posted some pictures with lightskin blackguy on her instagram. It's over

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It could be worse. You could marry her, have kids, just to find out after 10 years that the real father is that lightskin dude. Sounds bullish to me.

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I know.

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Reminds me of this story

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She's pregnant from a methhead kek

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I would want to kill myself, but would not be able to leave my family shattered like this.
Which means hell would be on earth and I would have to suffer.

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My ex did something similar. She broke up with me to go be a roastie and study abroad. I still had her on Snapchat the whole time she was aboard and saw her going out every night.

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I miss her so much bros
I keep having dreams

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stopped reading

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and then just walk away

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also she works 70 hours a week and barely sees her newborn baby

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the only reason why i haven't moved on is because i miss the consistent pussy. now i have to work for it, and it fucking sucks

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it's been a month and she has not talked to me at all. I have to fight the urge to message her every waking second.

Why make money when the only thing I want to buy is not for sale

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>saw her going out every night.
she knows you're watching her daily anon, get into martial arts and start holding your chin high when you walk the street. Start respecting yourself
It's been 5 years since I met her, 3 years since I saw her, and not a single day since then, without her face appearing in my mind.

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>bartender at 30
>she totally won bro you are an asshole

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I miss her, bros. she was the perfect trad girl.

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Actually if I were a multi-millionaire overnight she'd be pounding down my door. The problem is that my brain understands that's a giant red flag but I don't know that the rest of me would listen.

>> No.26178420

>You can view her facebook and plenty of other social media outlets to see how she's doing.
but she doesn't have any social media

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thanks bro!

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Nobody knows what it is like
>to be the sad man
>to be the bad man
Behind blue eyes.

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lucky, I had a jewish libtard who left me out of the blue. I wish I could capture a trad wife. Maybe money will satisfy my happiness

>> No.26178536

she doesn't sound like a good girl at all if she would "regret" breaking up with you just because you are suddenly rich. Maybe you didn't lose anything valuable after all fren

>> No.26178584

My HS sweetheart got addicted to heroin and hasn't updated Facebook in 5 years
Feels bad man

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I wanna ask my highschool crush out for a date but I'm scared that if we have a relationship and I put in hard work that she'll at one point just leave me for something not important . She doesn't know about my crypto gainz.

>> No.26178683

fuck im sorry anon

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Woke up feeling extra shit about it today, this thread helped. wagmi

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You are a piece of shit

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Why are there so many pussywhipped faggots itt

>> No.26178757

I feel worse than before. But i've been in a trance thinking about her all day without realising it until this bread. What is this misery. Hell is hidden in the mind and it bends your reality according to your karma maybe?

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This thread hit me in the feels way too hard

>> No.26178781

What does it feel like?

>> No.26178834

Shouldn't have paid the bitch attention anon. Not even look her way or even think about her. Because the moment you do that you lose, and the moment you still think of vengeance she wins.

>> No.26178874

>t. has never known real love
it is the only thing in this world that feels even better than seeing your shitcoinfolio increase by 200% in a day

>> No.26178881

She won.

>> No.26178918

I didn’t have a high school sweetheart. I’m 27 now and unable to attract a woman who isn’t a bleeding heart leftist. All I want is a pretty woman who has half a brain and loves Jesus and loves me for who I am. I’m not even ugly or poor

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High school teenagers use that, so you're probably one. Let me teach you a life lesson based on history anon.
>soldier goes to war
>doesn't want to, want's to keep his wife at home safe and warm
>goes through hell at war
>friends die
>gets bathed in blood
>gets bathed in mud
>constant ear ringing from gunfights and explosions
>everyone is full of hate
>fear shakes your bones everyday
>yet when he's in the trench, sitting there only with his gun, watching his friends get shot, while his own face is all bloodied up; all he thinks about how much he would love to be with the woman of his life and hug her and feel her warmness from her soft angelic body and kiss her to let him know everything is okay

>> No.26178976

Maybe go to a church?

>> No.26178987

many of those around, stop putting politics into it just because you want your shared belief to be your way, you silly control freak

>> No.26178989

lol just admit you're ugly fags who get pussy once every few months

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>> No.26179035

True that

>> No.26179044

>control freak
I take it back, I hate this term
I'm handsome and have a fuckbuddy, but this is so fucking soulless. You're a teenager, you're too young to know

>> No.26179075

it is not about pussy you underage faggot

>> No.26179110

That's a dumb take anon. It's better to know her politics upfront than 3 years into the relationship when she wants to raise the son as a gender neutral xir.

>> No.26179129

I'm over it. I learned the valuable lesson to never date someone on benzos or has a script from their (((psychiatrist))). At the time, I was making half what she made at the time when I told her about LINK, but she chose to ignore my advice and continued to literally wageslave for some mid-level consulting firm. Funny how shit works.

No one should lose any sleep over an ex. Opining on what could have been is only going to prevent you from maturing and growing. You should be using your crypto gains to leave sub humanity and all of it's problems behind. Use that wealth to give yourself stability, the opportunity to do things you enjoy, and have new experiences.

Once I've "made it" I fully intend on fucking off to South America. Pristine beaches, cheap cost of living, no Tyrones or Mohammeds, legal OTC gear, and countless routes to do a motorcycle tour are calling my name boyos! I can honestly think of no better way to live the rest of my life than mogmaxxing and whoremaxxing my way through Latin and South America.

>> No.26179144

>I'm handsome

she left you and she's never coming back to your ugly ass just let her go beta faggot

>> No.26179148

I’m working on that. I haven’t been to church since the coof started
My last gf of a year dumped me because I was too conservative for her. I really loved her too. I can date women who think differently than me, but it sure would be nice to skip the political friction for a change

>> No.26179179

>I waited over 10 years
Guess how I know you're a beta cuck

>> No.26179189

>Caring about pussy
Pussies are attached to women and women are some of the most fallible creatures on Earth. Why do you worship such things?

>> No.26179229

>too conservative for her
What the fuck anon? How?

>> No.26179232

I'm not an eunuch or a faggot like you bro, sorry.

>> No.26179325

If you're looking for a soul partner then it can't always be on your terms. Soul pieces can be two opposite sides, the love comes in the naturally successful connection and discussion on topics. You would probably change each other's minds, drop both of your beliefs and agree to one new shared belief that you both would speak about to others.

>> No.26179331

>she left you
It was actually me, but it was a mistake
>she's never coming back
that is what this whole thread is about retard
this is the third time you are using this word itt. You must be extremely insecure and ugly yourself to keep projecting like this. I will always look better than you, you little faggot

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>I was an ass
>She left for a chad who pumped and dumped her
>Tried to come back
>Didn't even care about the guy just hurt that she lied to me
>She reaches out and wants to work things out
>Can't trust her

>Tfw the only time I don't think about her is when I'm with another girl

>> No.26179377

She's slobbering over someone else's dick every night while you cry out her name in your sleep.
>I will always look better than you, you little faggot
You wish

>> No.26179383

You barely hit 18, listening to rap music about fucking hoes will make you feel empty long-term. Have your fun though, don't skip it, you'll figure out what it's worth soon enough

>> No.26179420

When you are single and haven't had sex in a decade it's hard to want a relationship at this point.

>> No.26179434

wow. I am in the same situation brother. Too conservative for her because I didn't want her going to a fucking Floyd protest. insane.

>> No.26179450

bro you literally hit the jackpot. white girls that fuck niggie nogs are trash and always end up like trash. they're broken don't try to fix. you won this round bud trust me

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There is no her for me. I havent been in love in 10 years.

>> No.26179501

>She's slobbering over someone else's dick every night while you cry out her name in your sleep.
no, she isn't. If she was that type of girl I wouldn't miss her in the first place.

Hope you make some money from crypto so you can finally afford a therapist to help cope with your deep insecurity about your looks and your obsession with "getting pussy"

>> No.26179505


My Swiss fiance and I are getting married within the next month. I was a suicidal alcoholic living in my parents basement up until about 7 years ago.

The best decision I ever made was to get sober.

>> No.26179540

The only 2 viable options are :
She doesn't care about politics at all
Your political views at least somewhat allign with hers
If it's neither of those then it's not gonna work in the long term. You're not gonna agree on fundamental things.

>> No.26179558

>no, she isn't. If she was that type of girl I wouldn't miss her in the first place.
textbook cope

>> No.26179570

Your libido is low. Stop masturbating and within a week you'll have the drive again.
fuck that stucks, i take my politics comment back now

>> No.26179571

Implying he's not a morbidly obese incel who takes his virgin frustrations on anons on a Helvetic moustache trimming agora.

>> No.26179603

>get rich
>realize I'm fucking rich and now give literally zero shit about being in love anymore
It's that simple retard

>> No.26179626


Or you change yourself politically as you engage in meaningful discourse with other people. I was right-wing as a kid, then far left-wing for my early 20's, and now I'm just politically confused.

Worthwhile women admire open-mindedness. The others, the ideologues and dogmatists, aren't worth the time.

>> No.26179636

although is she's a simple girl that has falled for simple jewish trickery and was raised on buzzfeed and tumblr, it's possible to wake her up. All you need to do is to show her the truth, NOT tell her the truth directly, so when she asks "but why would they do that?" then you become the library she needs.

>> No.26179670

I got £300 and 5k debt, how do i profit from this?

>> No.26179672

Her words, not mine. Mostly because I don’t think trannies are to be accepted and I won’t be associated with the pride movement
This is a valid take, but such a connection is only possible when two people with different opinions respect each other and listen. If one isn’t capable of doing that, gl
Fuckin Floyd. Think long and hard about your future bro. If she doesn’t respect your beliefs or your wishes, it’s gonna be rough

>> No.26179704

here is your (You)
now go kys already loser

>> No.26179717

Imo the best scenario is if she has moral values and is a good person but just doesn't care about politics at all. Then you can shape her political values yourself and educate her on things.

>> No.26179760
File: 37 KB, 1024x427, 1600117296853.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The best decision I ever made was to get sober.
2 months sober here

>no one knows what it's like
>to be the bad man
>to be the sad man
but unironically

>> No.26179820
File: 14 KB, 607x581, 139623447_3977629818915184_4569737897691562972_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Money no

Learning yes

>> No.26179827
File: 821 KB, 2048x1536, 1603860336753.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26179835

yeeeeah no
she'll message me before I message her most likely
that cunt wants my money

>> No.26179849

If you couldn't tell three sentences in that this is just a reddit-cuck fanfic I don't know what to tell you.

You are either the product of, or a larping propagator of, Jewish tricks. It doesn't matter which you are but I just want to ask you hey whatcha doin rabbi?

>> No.26179889


Congratulations man;

I'm coming up on 3 years. The only way that works for me is to take it one day at a time.

>> No.26180104

Idk man I had Timothy dexter's level of luck in making decisions that would have made any normal person broke. Kind of crazy I made it looking back.

>> No.26180137

I once dated one who knew nothing about politics and I swear that was almost worse than dating a liberal. That might work with the right woman though

>> No.26180334

The problem usually is that if she doesn't care at all she probably accepts the bs from msm like police brutality and stuff. You need to explain to her that's it's all bs.

>> No.26180391

The Buffalo got away. Sharpen your spear and hunt for the next one. A buffalo greatly replaces a buffalo

>> No.26180496

Imagine deriving most of your entire sense of worth and overall happiness from some chick. Find something else to fill the void guys, chasing love will only let you down.

My personal prescription is: Find some goals worth chasing in life, then see if a woman is a worthy partner in that goal. Turn to other people out of strength, not weakness.

>> No.26180554

Bingo. I tried my best to do just that, but some women are a lost cause. Most are in some way or another desu

>> No.26180618

My head is resting on her thighs as I type this.

>> No.26180740

>You dont even know what pain is.
Retard, there are people out there who have had their children, parents, brothers, husbands, wives, etc die way too young. You’re a fucking cunt if you think some girl you banged ten years ago getting married is pain.

>> No.26180780
File: 194 KB, 1031x1600, 1610930596464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just buy a younger, hotter, dumber girlfriend.

>> No.26180805

Stick to one girl you can actually click with, and you'll do great.

I tried the thot nigga life and I fucking hated it, had to put on too many performances for shitty personality having chicks.

For real if you think your life will improve by fuvking a bunch of random girls you barely know or like you're in for a surprise

>> No.26180878

God damn, I would have still given other women a chance and just lived with forever wishing I had her instead. Did you never try other women?

>> No.26180931

The church option is probably the best one anon.

>> No.26180939

So move on, simple as.

dodged a bullet.

>> No.26181001

Feel you pain anon. Been 2 months for me and she’s been dating someone for a month. I died inside when I found out.

>> No.26181023

This is insane. Almost same situation except it's only been 1.5 years and I moved from the east coast to the west.

>> No.26181033

Sobriety absolute king move. One day at a time freedom. Its hard but its worth it. Lots of water. 5 years in and the state of the world has me down but I know u can do this. Christ is King!

>> No.26181102

I feel you in that. I live in a liberal area and look “alternative” so liberals flock to me. Shit sucks so bad. I might start going to church

>> No.26181137

I married her and we had children.

>> No.26181172

imagine simping for a girl who doesn't exist anymore.

>> No.26181174
File: 1.69 MB, 2736x3648, IMG_20210119_013817.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

in 2 minutes it won't matter for 10 minutes. Enjoy your suffering

>> No.26181226

>taking a break from my prescription vyvanse to get rid of the tolerance
>every night for the past 5 days has been a vivid dream about one of my past relationships

Bruhs is that normal? I dont like feeling...

>> No.26181236

There never was a her.

>> No.26181265


>> No.26181273
File: 30 KB, 331x307, 1582918253167.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have never fallen in love with a woman because no woman has been around me long enough for me to get to know her

>> No.26181279

Life is moving on while you are stuck in the past. Learn to let go and forgive her and most importantly, yourself. To grow as a human being you must learn to let go of things that you cannot control. The longer you are in stuck in the mud the harder is to get out. Live your life to the fullest.

I wish all of you the best.

>> No.26181343

My wife left me in October and I'm completely over it. I would've had 500k if I hadn't "day traded" 90 percent of my crypto away through the bear market, now I only have this shitty 50k, and that's what I'm having trouble moving on from.

>> No.26181422

you did lose. you became an extremely petty individual and attacked someone who wasn't even worth the effort, for entertainment. of course you didn't get any satisfaction from that, there was none to be had. all you did was further cripple a wounded animal.

>> No.26181456

I just want one of her sisters so fucking bad (Mom is fine too), I'm close with the family, how do I get them to look no longer see me as "her ex" so I can be an option in their heads?

>> No.26181583

>Mom is fine too
Anon wtf

>> No.26181847

please explain I'm very interested by your story

>> No.26181978

>even in fantasy you still sound like a cringe faggot

gj anon lol

>> No.26182047

post nut clarity nationalism is the ultimate political philosophy

>> No.26182062

hire a new, younger, hotter girl then drive up with your top down and dab on her.

wait until she sees how much KLEROS you own then take her to Kleros Court.

>> No.26182259

The real redpill is accelerating the global corporatocracy so that everyone becomes a slave cattle class except for the 0.1%, therefore making her suffer and dooming her and her offspring to eternal despair and wageslavery.

>> No.26182319


>> No.26182871

Hs sweetheart of over a year broke unexpectedly before going to uni. Still miss her almost a yr later. Wouldn't take her back tho, she just cast me away.


>> No.26183214

I literally just listened to shill threads on here without fulling understanding crypto and would go all in each time. I just traded whenever I felt like it was getting really high and put it into some new shill coin. Went from 10k to about 250k in a few months before I took a step back.

>> No.26183739

She's a shitty person if she's doing that for no reason. You can do better

>> No.26183748

In a similar boat; tall and handsome but a bit shy and one past gf. Stop watching porn and look up Dan Bacon's videos on how to chat with/attract/ask out women. I've put it into practice and instead of
>women acting initially interested, but moving on when I don't reciprocate
what happens now is
>women act interested, I gently tease and flirt with them, and they swoon
I've got multiple interested women at work, but I recently got out of a relationship and don't care to commit again so soon. Flirting with them is fun though; there's one super cute Italian girl at work who always says it's cold and shakes her hands like a bird whenever she sees me, and she only continues to do it because she loves me confidently teasing her for it. Women love confident men and being teased - remember that, and you'll have an advantage over the overwhelming majority of male simps who think being a nice guy will win women over.

>> No.26183891


>> No.26183946

Unrequited love is the best form of love.

>> No.26184461

he's still better than she is though because she is a woman

>> No.26184583

30 still has plenty of time. Don't wait, anon.

>> No.26184733

I lost someone very dear to me many years ago. You are right, no amount of money can bring a loved one back from the dead. You aren't alone amigo. You'll make it if you want to.

>> No.26185419

Mine went to Burkina Faso for a few years and when she came back I found out she had a child and burned the coal at the same time...
It made me give up on her quickly, but I still wonder to this day if the possibility of us being together ever existed in some kind of parallel universe and if I was not meant to be alone.
Now that I understand myself better I know that she was an extrovert and completely incompatible with my personality and IQ.
In that case who was I meant to meet in this life and have a family with?

>> No.26185465


>> No.26185506

I’d rather have the money

>> No.26185762

How do we make someone pay rent to live in our minds?

>> No.26185787

She was fucking him before you broke up.

>> No.26185857

fuck off. you know nothing. ive been waiting to see mine since you were an idea

>> No.26185958

Almost a haiku.

>> No.26186026

Should of just moved on and became successful.

It would be her feeling this not you in this case.

>> No.26186137

>Once I make it I'll go get her
>I am not a pussy
Pick one

>> No.26186322

Christ, this. I broke up with HER.
We've been split for a year - and I think about her everyday. I could've done better, I could've made it work.
If I could take a time machine in exchange for anything/everything I possess in this mortal world, I would. Can't help but feel that I made my greatest mistake less than a year ago.

>> No.26186522


>> No.26186758

Is it bad or odd that I’m still in love with all my exes? Maybe when I ge to heaven we’ll meet again

>> No.26186804
File: 9 KB, 249x243, 2e5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mega based and gains pilled

>> No.26186862

I broke up with my high school GF because I thought life had all these great experiences in store for me, and that I would easily do better. Never happened.

>> No.26187128


>it’s been 5 years since she died and I never got to ask her on a date.
Go for it anons, ask that girl. Because someday she will be gone and you will only be able to confess your love to her in a dream. Why does it hurt bros?

>> No.26187352

> no amount of money will bring her back

This is just laughably wrong.

>> No.26187382

That's cool

I'm moving on to money


>> No.26187412

goddamn ur all faggots

>> No.26187588

A man's heart never truly breaks. You are first. Chase your dreams then find a woman that will complement your life.

>> No.26188048

I bought like 20 shares. That's all I'm willing to risk on this bullshit.

>> No.26188103
File: 427 KB, 1080x1063, 1602196839129.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know that feel. Had a oneitis back in 2011 and then she moved away for school. I decided to delete social media, change my number and completely ghosted her because Just didn't want to see her move on without me because it broke my heart. I still think about her from time to time and iv never met a woman since that tolerates my autism and can talk for hours about politics and current events.

>> No.26188412

It’s truly hell being a non-chad conservative male. I live in a suburban-rural area and don’t fit the conservative stereotypes so they don’t necessarily flock to me, but they’re all I seem to attract. Pick a based denomination and go for it bro. I’m about to give it another shot, myself

>> No.26188465

You need a crown

>> No.26188482

My ugly, oneitis, high school ex-girlfriend ended up having a kid with an old African (actually from Africa) guy who looks like Fred Sanford. I laughed and laughed.

>> No.26188577

And to elaborate on this: Wherever you’re goofy one-itis woman lives, open some trendy business and present yourself as the very public face of this successful venture. If she likes strip clubs, open one. Mexican restaurants? Do it. She wont be able to resist. Money = brought her back.

>> No.26188578

jfc this whole thread will never fucking make it considering how emotional a literal vagina can make you feel
paper hands all around

>> No.26188658

I sabotaged my rival and basically ruined his life just to steal his girl back in high school. 12 years later and I'm currently "engaged" to her but I have no plan to ever marry this bitch. I won but it all feels so shallow. Women are stupid, boring, shallow creatures. There is no profound thought that passes through their heads. They're stupid. Women are stupid. I haven't even told her about my crypto gains and I never will. She'd just want me to waste it on dumb shit like scented candles.

Feels good to get that off my chest. Thanks /biz/ haha.

>> No.26188795

i miss my first gf. it's all downhill after teenage love, frens.

>> No.26188944
File: 84 KB, 1200x1555, 1608733611597.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine caring about other people, let alone women

>> No.26188993

>The incel has never felt the loving touch of a woman and pretends to act like he don't care but inside he is seething...

>> No.26189417

You must be some dumb chick to like that shitty poetry.

>> No.26189576

The valuable parts of being loved: feeling secure, accepted, protected by someone you trust, can only be provided by your mother.
Women want you to provide the above to them. If you expect it in return you will be cucked overnight.

>> No.26189822

>t. havent smelt pussy in years

>> No.26189873

Maybe so. But stopping by the place she works just to grab a red bull on my way outta town in my yellow lambo with a certified semen demon in the passenger seat would make me feel sooooo much better about life.

>> No.26189889

women are insufferable

>> No.26189911

That feeling when you realized you have ACTUALLY moved on is like removing a 1000 pounds off your back. Remember fags, there was a time before you ever even met her. All the suffering is an illusion caused by you clinging.

>> No.26189953

The time before I met her sucked almost as bad as the time now.

>> No.26189971

My first ex tried to get back together, but I told her no and she married some dude months later. She used to text me but I think he got insecure. I wonder if she thinks of all the creampies I gave her.

My other ex tries to make me jealous, but she is shaped like SpongeBob now

My current gf is annoying and is taking too much effort to put out when there are soo many others willing to suck my dick for less effort. Just move on, OP. Once you get past the first oneitis, never put yourself in the same situation. I thought about killing myself after my first ex, but now she's uglier, less value. We all dodged bullets

>> No.26190069

kek But it’s the equivalent of taking a bum into your home and flaunting your wealth, they don’t really understand anon and it’s still a bum

>> No.26190223
File: 224 KB, 521x937, 9901DDA4-B370-4BC7-A03D-50440FD91A5F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26190271
File: 378 KB, 960x768, 1610929163647.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TFW always wear protections

>> No.26190279

Fiancè broke things off all of a sudden. One week before we planned on sending out our wedding date.

I hate her, but I've been and been with better since.

>> No.26190293

The fact you ignored it means she will still wonder about you, yes. It was likely just to see that she still had you as a fall back, you passed that test

>> No.26190311

That's because you're still clinging right now.
You're still carrying that weight. Your brain still has her installed somewhere in the background using up cpu, making pop up notifications all the time.

I one day made the decision about my 5 year crush, I'm never going to see her again PERIOD. Deleted her off my phone, never looked at her social media again. Just decided to "delete" any last inkling left of that small voice of hope in the back of my head or any "maybe if I make it look like I moved on then she'll notice", no just very strongly impress on your mind that you're DONE. I did a ritual of burning her name on a paper and stuff, and I did feel a very strong release. You can be fucking free if you decide it, and it'll feel great.

>> No.26190354


No sir

Have sex

>> No.26190403

not true anon

>> No.26190432

kek it sounds like you’re looking for a mommy anon, a lot of guys are dw

>> No.26190460

based, make sure you put a bread up when you make it

>> No.26190504

copelet, women like and need sex just as much as men

>> No.26190518

I've had fake "move ons" before where I lied to myself about moving on but in the back of my head kept an avenue open to maybe communicate with or see her again. But then there was still a pang of pain when I'd think of her. Then when I truly made the decision to "cross the rubicon" in my mind and truly decide to remove that weight, it's like cooming, it's amazing. Now if I think about her it's like remembering any other person.

>> No.26190721

We all have that one ex from HS that leave the biggest impact. Especially when you went into the relationship as a generally shitty insecure person and left as a better person.
t. Someone who's married but still thinks of his ex from 12 years ago every other day

>> No.26190762

>2 ex gfs
>one of them is over me but the other one still wants me even after years of no contact and having multiple other bfs

i am based

>> No.26190789


Just wanna let you all know, you're under a spell, and it's an illusion. And it is possible to dispel if you choose to accept to never see her again. I think I did some sort of self hypnosis or NLP / some kind of mind magic with the burning her name ritual and closing all doors to her, irl and in my mind. But after a few weeks it was like the oneitis was an illusion. Craziest shit I've ever experienced

>> No.26190809

She sent me a 33 part message while I was asleep last night.

>> No.26191152


>> No.26191274

Sigh, same anon. What’s the point of life if you can’t have sex with all the women in the world

>> No.26191334

I still check instagram of this bitch i had crush on 10+ years ago. I'm 34 now. I wonder if I write to her how long she would laught.

>> No.26191587

Three rules,

1. She was not "the love of my life"
2. She had flaws either I didn't see, or I didn't know about
3. If I had flaws and she wasn't willing to work with me, then she would never have been good for me.

the rule is, when I catch myself calling her "the love of my life" I remind myself "rule 1 anon. Rule one."
When I catch myself thinking she was "the perfect girl" who would have been "the one" I remind myself "rule two"
When I catch myself thinking "But maybe I could have worked harder" I remind myself "Rule 3 anon. She was a risk and a person you can't really trust when its on the line".

So instead of moping around I just think to myself while I drive past her house "Rule 1. Rule 2. Rule 3." And I look forward to seeing the sweet smile of some other girl who'll have my precious babies. Imma suck her titties and put her milk in my coffee. Its gonna be dope.

>> No.26191715

Actually I'm fucking her best friend right now and she broke her ankle being fat.
Loving life right now.

>> No.26191906

Then, wear the the dresses and prance around your house in heels

>> No.26191946

My ex broke up with me 10 years ago, got a new gf 2 years after that. She is an upgrade in every way, smarter, friendly, pretty, you name it. I still think about that ex EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE, I don’t want her back at all but she lives in my head rent free and at times I’m thinking about blowing my brains out because of it. I hope we can legit erase certain memories one day with Neurolink or something guys.

>> No.26192033
File: 48 KB, 720x660, 1516255267695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she still writes me letters saying that she still loves me
Im unable to move on bc of this

>> No.26192079

Homies over hoes

>> No.26192135

That's not healthy you fucking moron you need to move on.

>> No.26192151

You know they made a movie about exactly that. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. It's super depression and I don't recommend watching it. Women aren't worth it bro, find happiness somewhere else in life.

>> No.26192222

Jokes on you, I never had anyone to begin with. All that matters is making it.

>> No.26192251

Checked. Lucky you.

>> No.26192312

the best revenge is success and happiness. all you did was make her misreble. that didn't address your own misery. so of course you lost. you did a bitter ritual to demonstrate that she lives rent free in your head and makes you unhappy even though you ahve every other reason to be happy and move on. you should reach out to her not to get back with her (neccessarily) but to atleast help undo the damage you did and try and help her out of drinking her self to death.

>> No.26192374

Yep... it was my fault though. We texted each other every day for months, but I never really visited her and so she got bored of me.
Also, even though I miss her a lot and even though she's attractive, I never really fell in "love" with her. Why is that? It's been 2 months. Every second of everyday I think about her, but I also don't think I was falling in "love". I don't understand. Like I didn't really have sexual thoughts of her.

WHY? She was perfect, so tell me, biz. Why am I obsessed with her, but never fell in love?

>> No.26192552

I giant guy held my arm in wristlock position, while I was almost paralyzed from too much alcohol, in my uni’s corridor during a party, stating that he would dislocate my shoulder, if I didn’t comply and his GF violated me. Then he dragged me naked, made fun of my mom for dying of cancer, threatened to smash my face against a wall until I pissed myself. His GF took pictures. Security guard didn’t do shit when I told them afterward. I know what pain is. Stop it with your dumbass heartbroken problem.

>> No.26192945
File: 59 KB, 587x558, 8E589B6B-417D-4232-96F9-3C481E62D5D4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ain’t that the fucking truth man. The girl I truly loved overdosed behind a McDonald’s two years ago now. She was a rich girl trying to fill a hole inside her that all the money in the world couldn’t fill; I was trying to do the same damn thing with the light in her smile. It took me a while to realize that wasn’t what I wanted. I want money, I want power and even though I started investing this month I’m going to get there. Never forget frens; it’s better to get what you want than it is to die unsatisfied.

>> No.26192980

>rich girl trying to fill a hole inside her
Sounds like she needed cum

>> No.26193048


>> No.26193084

my sociopath ex will come crawling back when she realises i'm loaded. but it will just be to try and manipulate me into giving her the money. can't wait to string her along lol

>> No.26193136

>guy on the left
lmao this dude looks like the miniboss that you fight in the lab

>> No.26193160
File: 173 KB, 600x630, 1501181039046.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ex gf's birthday on the 28th of January
>can't forget it after 12 years

>> No.26193220
File: 493 KB, 1002x843, 1604956312047.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>april 9th

>> No.26193272

Thats fucked up. What made him do that

>> No.26193325

I'm about to break up with my gf, sucks. It is up to her what happens. I'm a northern european and she is a foreigner who wants go back home. Cultural differences and her mental instability may be too much to handle. Will see what happens but I'm prepared for any outcome. I just hope I will make it.

>> No.26193363

That's really beta. You were drunk and still weren't in a blind rage after that? At minimum you should have kicked his balls lul

>> No.26193420

I’m still with my same wife. Chang has to share his wife because of his nations demographics.

>> No.26193483

Inhales sharply

>> No.26193590

I can't even remember how many girls I've fucked but the hottest one was the one I lost my virginity to and I even forgot about that one. I only remembered just now.

>> No.26193859

I was told by a friend she blocked me and it really irritated me. Didn’t even peruse her social media.

>> No.26193884

>waited ten years for somebody to reach out
holy fucking kek

>> No.26193977

god damn Lol

>> No.26193997

Boomer here.

You'll get over it and move on. I was hung up for almost a year after breaking up after an 8 year relationship. I thought I'd never find another like her. Turns out she was a bit of a bitch in retrospect and seeing new people broadened my horizons. With a new woman now and just welcomed a little boy into the world

>> No.26194001

She's a broken person and one day she'll feel regret deeply over that.

>> No.26194020

so much simping on this thread. Dating in 2021 doesn't make sense...very few women bring anything to the table. They usually bring an used vagina, student loan debt, credit card debt and an entitled attitude.

Focus on you, make your money, don't chase girls. I guarantee you, if you have tons of money, and are social, not afraid to flaunt your status, women will show up.

Go on youtube and follow Better Bacherlor and Coach Greg Adams, you'll thank me in a year.

>> No.26194106


>> No.26194120

>no amount of money
Everyone has their price. But do you really want to be with a woman who is with you conditionally? It would quickly become something you don't want. Especially since new and improved models are coming on the market everyday. Rent the new models and trade them in before the tires need changing.

>> No.26194158

>10 pounds of makeup
Asians have to wear extreme amounts of makeup to look as aryan as possible because they look like moon faced monkeys without it

>> No.26194183

Na. Women like her don't have a conscious

>> No.26194213

4 here. are we all dead inside?

>> No.26194279


>> No.26194346


>> No.26194369


i think this is probably true of all races, but it's definitely true of my asian ex. looks incredible 9/10 when dolled up but really not so great with out make up and a push up bra. great ass tho

>> No.26194383


The worst break ups are the worst for men. When you start dating and get dumped that's the worst you'll ever feel

For women it's the last and it's much worse than men. While every breakup gets easier for men, it gets harder and harder for women. Even when they're the ones doing the breaking up it hurts.

When they get really old (35+) it gets existential and every relationship ends causes severe depression and anxiety. By forty it's rare to find a woman that doesn't have serious emotional problems. If they are single at that age they are suicidal. Yes, they can still get dates but no one takes them seriously.

That's because men at 40 have a lot more options than dating in their twenties and they give no fucks anymore. They have been broken up so much that they don't even feel it anymore and there is always another woman lined up.

But women get suicidal. Women over forty ending a relationship hurts them more than the 20 yo guy getting dumped.

>> No.26194419

Why did this faggot god give us simp brains and gave women serpent brains?

>> No.26194435

good for you man.

>> No.26194438

trippa snippas

>> No.26194442


Only way to short life is with suicide

>> No.26194489

A light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.
All women would benefit from marrying young.

>> No.26194493

10/10 boomer advice

>> No.26194502

>I waited

There is your mistake

>> No.26194670


You might as well steal a dog's food in revenge for him biting you. He doesn't get it. He'll never get it. All he understands is that in this particular moment, he's suffering.

There is no such thing as true revenge, because that implies a sense of satisfaction on the part of the man delivering it, and an understanding on the part of the person who deserves it. Neither occurs. There's only the infliction of pain - meaningless pain.

When you're young, the adage "the best revenge is living well" seems trite, even weak. But it's absolutely correct.

>> No.26194672


I'm not a boomer and I try not to date any women that age but when I give them a chance it's hopelesswojack.jpg. Some deep hopelessness under a fake smile. Depressing.

It's easy as hell to fuck them but if you do you get infected with their depressing shit. Even the pretty ones know it's over and are going through the motions. Fucked up thing is most of them had a loving husband and good life but then they got bored. Then they hate themselves.

>> No.26194742

you sound gay as fuck jesus

>> No.26194762

ITT: morons who think a girl can make them happy and complete

>no amount of money will bring her back
Nice larp but you probably have less than a hundred bucks in your bank account. FUCK YOUR LARPING ASS.

>> No.26194772

the fuck is this normie thread? i havent even held a girl's hand

>> No.26194838
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High school crushes really are different.
Looking back I realized that even if I wanted to get married to a high school sweetheart, it was for the better that time went on. Otherwise, I might not have been able to change and become who I am now. Hope some anons can see that and it helps them.
The one high school crush I wish I actually did things differently with is with this one semi-goth girl who like photography and was a Christian. We chatted only for a little bit in junior year. And soon I decided I wasn't really interested in chasing her anymore. I wanted to focus more on my friends and doing fun stuff, which was fun and good.
After we graduated, she moved to Chicago for school.
Then I realized that I should've tried to know her more. And even though I did a lot of cool and funny things, I didn't invest enough time in trying to have that high school relationship with someone I really wanted.
So I tried to think of how I can hangout with her when she came back for break but very soon she started dating some guy there. So again, I figured there was no point in spending the time on her since she was far and with someone. Just three years after high school married some hipster guy out there.
It's an important ability to recognize when there's nothing that can be done, accept it, and move on.
Regardless, this all made me realize that I should've prioritized that high school experience of having a gf would be. I know my high school time was valuable and not to waste it. But I bought into the "don't date unless you're planning on getting married" idea. My sons will know they have the option to date if they want to.

>> No.26194903

Yeah you'll held a girl's hand, have sex with her, kiss her, then what? You'll definitely go for the next pussy available without ever looking back.

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