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How are we all doing today? Lets crab for a bit and then push for 30c today

wagmi chads

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Feelin cosy. Will 61k be enough to retire on some day?

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feeling real comfy

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I only have 7k. :(

I don't have the balls to go all in so I'm probably ngmi

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got only 10k ngmi and I feel priced out now

what to do anons

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Oh yeah I just started staking

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Good move!

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are the tokens on binance the mainnet version?

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yes just send them in the LTO network to the wallet adress starting with "3J"

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looks like you can withthdraw from binance on any chain you like, just select from the 3 options

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redpil me on staking LTO
I have 18k, what is reward and for how long I have to lock them?

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bought at .17

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merci anonyme

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Missed this ico, might hop on when it dips again. Will be jumping into another ico in 2 weeks (a solid project) but won’t shill it here until after so biz can pump my bags. It’s ok tho, you’ll be early af anyhow

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so write it and delete after 5min
sharing is caring

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This is insane:

even after this recent pump, exchange outflows are increasing. more and more people are starting to stake.

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No one who staked lit regretted it

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Could you give me a tl;dr on staking. Is there a minimum time before you can unlock them. Will the rewards be increasing with increased adoption?

I have a small 3k stack which I'm planning to expand a bit soon. I'm wondering if it's even worth delegating if it's gonna yield me like 5 dollars a month.

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there is no lock up, that's one of the major bonuses.
as for the rewards, i'm not 100% sure but it's at around 7% right now, with no lockup. kinda explains why the buy side pressure on exchanges is always present and no one is really trying to dump this

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lots of LTO jeet threads lately

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compare that with the street shitting rbc threads

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thats what happens when a dank coin does a 2.5x in a month with little shilling

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Pic rel is how LTO compares to the piss poor competition LMAO

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>Will 61k be enough to retire on some day?
How does 244000 usd by EOY sound like?

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LTO Network is up 40% in 2 days, yet exchange net outflows continue. Usually after a pump you see net inflows as people look to sell, yet lto is still getting bought and taken off exchanges.

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yeah It makes me unsecure. To be honest I jumped in to flip it but now I am really considering to hold it for another 40% at least

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Well I would hold for a while if I were you. This is ath breached (not counting the one from 3 years ago), it's like selling btc at 20k this year

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Staked 5k costs 10 LTO averaging 7-8 LTO a week. May double my stack

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what's so good about this project?

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You're looking at it the wrong way. It's not 4-5usd you're getting per month, it's 16LTO. Which is currently worth around that much. But if the price goes up, so will your reward. It's free money i dont see why you wouldnt lease if you plan on holding anyway

This is the usd ath, the btc one is 3yrs ago

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Some Major milestones LTO has achieved are:

* nearly hit 100k daily transactions and became Top 20 most used blockchains, (100k+ daily transaction will be achieved in Q1 2021)
* Working with alot of reputable parties like ISO/NEN, governments and big corps
* One of LTO's biggest news in 2020, partnered up with the UN working on a solution for the afghanistan goverment https://unhabitat.org/un-habitat-oict-and-lto-network-release-first-open-source-urban-land-registry-solution-for-the
* Growth of LTO mainnet stats in terms of staking and transactions numbers

For 2021 LTO recently just released the technical roadmap with a lot of exciting things such as:
* More details around LTO Network 3.0
* DID (Decentralized Identity) solution for businesses (business passports)
* A lot of Major partnerships with both crypto projects as well as traditional corporates and companies
* Even more use cases going live in 2021

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idk an anon shilled this at 0.13c with some paper saying LTO will get to $6, so I'm holding atleast there.
thanks fren who ever you are

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thanks for the rundown frens what's eoy price prediction on this?

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I really want a fat bag but I'm not buying here out of principal. I think a pullback will come soon

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>digital identities paper


What do you think about LTO's digital identities frens? It seems like the team is going in that direction and they must have some kind of use cases / clients waiting for it.

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You're welcome

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that feel when only 3k LTO poorfag

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tfw 100 lto super poor low bag fag

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Im buying this glorious coin all the way to 1 usd and then let it free until 5-10 usd. And will keep a moonbag.

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Waiting for my paycheck to do some DCA! Got in at 0.055, 0.067 and 0.085

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nice anon
great entries

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Doing good, keeping a 100k stack that I'll only sell once LTO reaches 10$ ($4bn MC is realistic). I will only increase my stack if it dumps below 0.16
Fees/Costs should be at 0.09 USD now

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The first NEN verified facemasks has been issued to the public today.

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All this because me and a couple other anons shilled at .14-.18 feels absolutely euphoric. You’re welcome

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buy more

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Full tilt .. swissa stack
LTO for the win
Bought and will stake on mainnet till $10

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In the LTO wallet, leasing = staking?
If so I suppose I should pick the node with the highest payout.

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Yea, staking is running your own node, setting up a server for it. With leasing you delegate , aka let the nodes stake for you, but the coins stay in your wallet so it;s safe

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OK, I leased to a 97% node with a daily payout because I like when numbers go up.

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Fucking stop. I was shilling too but now I need to get more LTO and it’s in short supply. So just fucking stop I’m trying to make it.

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ok. I heard that the daily one isn't exactly every day payout, but more like 2-3 days, still gives correct amount tho so no worries

Genius value capture

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this coin is literally the only one on this board that has rational people discussing it

there's usually 1-2 threads a day which isnt much

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I honestly hope this coin can become a 500m-1b mcap coin, i really do.

the only 10x i've ever had was with BTC kek

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I missed INJ because I'm a retard
>bought at 1.8
>sold at 1.6
>bought at 4
>sold at 3.8
>now its $10

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i know the feel anon

>buy sol at 3.48
>watch it dump to sub $3
>realise loss and sell at 3.22, 3.25 and 3.28
>instantly pumps to $4

im never emotional selling again, id rather just hold

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Would the LTO/USDT pair pump if eth decides to rip up? It seems to be following eth tightly on the fiat pair

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The team stated they wouldnt use their merger and acquistion fund until 1B mcap. I expect nice growth after that too.

This one's a nice long term hold, but we will see nice price action too.

I wish to live from leasing/staking one day, pic rel

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alts are moving together.
The action so far is btc halving related, and algorithm market makers. Lto still has a lot of news and work ahead this year

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LTO is sex

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More than 50% lto staked away, exchanges are getting drained.
I'm getting tired of these: stop i havent finished buying posts. Why don't you email the team to stop all work so you can accumulate....

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By the way there any point in running a node for the sake of running a node?

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Based duck poster. By running your own node, he rewards get auto staked again. The reason why they recommend 100k lto is server costs. When the price goes up, I'm guessing it will be better to stake.

The market is waiting for you to sell. The moment you do it will pump so SELL SELL SELL

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Dusk has partnered with LTO, will be a huge player in the platform and only 20m MC

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If you run the node on your own server/machine, would it be possible to run one with 20k?

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possible but not profitable

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