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Is DOT better than ETH?

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pls chose better girl this time she sucks

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her body ratios are all fucked

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A little. Remember AVAX is better than both.

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is BOOBA better than VAAJA?

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I hope she does

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She looks hot in the thumbnail then you open it up and its a 5/10 hooker

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Yes anything is, eth cant scale anyone who has used a swap app knows this

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onchain governance withmuch of the supply held by VCs/team
marketed heavily to china
gavin led the parity team which was responsible for gross incompetence multiple times, leading to several hacks
the guy has a pattern of arrogant behavior and hubris. not even reee'ing at his pedophile blog posts, but it's a good example of the mindset. it's the typical somewhat autistic IT guy is somewhat smart in a very narrow field and starts thinking he's a genius in everything, even though he's actually oblivious to things that are obvious to everyone else
on the pro side, fees most likely. sacrificing decentralization gets you better fees

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sure it is buddy

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she will never be white.

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Thats a man

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Nothing is better then ETH right now.

But in a year Cardano will

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In pretty much everyway
Will it overtake eth, maybe
It's gonna 10x this season at minimum this season either way

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hahahaha, no.

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