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and I made the wrong choice. Turns out the universe doesn’t want me to make it because this always happens to me. Discuss.

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Rubic better get rugged

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This is the only thing that’ll make me feel better.

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Well, BAO isn't rugpulled as it's only week 6, if you expected actual returns or losses by now you're retarded. ngmi

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Rubic is still only rank 500 by marketcap. Exchange listing push in february/march. More than enough time to get a moonbag.

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Yeah but it’s too late because I went all in on BAO. I’m a poorfag in 3 digit hell.

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If you bought BAO without reading the website then I'm sorry for you. BAO is basically in a community ICO stage. You gotta pair eth with bao and uniswap it for an eth-bao liquidity token. Then farm it on the bao.finance website. If you bought BAO expecting it to go up then I'm sorry you need to dyor before going into a project that is so early. Bao is only a few weeks old, rubic team has been working on their product for months. They aren't comparable in terms of what you should expect for price action yet. I don't know why I typed all this because you clearly can't read.

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>buying the food memecoins

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i lol ty mate

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You do get that /biz owns most of the coins and the team already said they will have to start implementing buybacks.

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If you are staking your bao anon then you are still ok

If you just bought and held then RIP

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I hope everyone who bought this coin dies a horrible death for not giving me more convincing arguments.

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I guess I'm a retard but I still don't grasp the concept of BAO.
>dude just farm BAO and wait
But why though? To what end?

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>the universe doesn’t want me to make it
There exists a circa 2017 /biz/ greentext describing a hapless trader who tries to make good moves but one of the Bogs bogs his every move behind the scenes causing him growing frustration. This post reminds me of it, and I don't have it saved can anyone out there post it? It had me in tears laughing when i read it initially

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I was laying awake last night thinking about this
How for so many of us nothing ever seems to turn out
We are the bag-catching idiots of life, destined to never make it
Always one step behind

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It’s true tho. Bought PRQ, hit $1000, tried to swing back to GRT for a final pump, dumped all the way to .30 - sold at a huge loss. Put it in Bitcoin for a while and saw the BAO/RBC threads, BAO had more action and I guess memeable logo so I bought in thinking I’d get in early. RBC started mooning and BAO dumped. Worst part is I can’t farm cuz of fees and I’m already down 50%. The universe wants me to rope and I will happily oblige.

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I too went with BAO rather than RBC last week, and am about to fucking neck myself holy shit this is what inspires pink wojaks

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i just saw their chart fml why did i avoid it i thought i was pajeet

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not too late anon
I bought at 0.11

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i want to read this

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Pic related

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Cmon nigger show og ytt sauce for that green


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yes thank you

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Moral of the story is not to buy anything that has a sudden influx of spam on /biz/ better luck next time. The difference between chainlink and your “byteballz” shitcoins is that the threads are created organically. There are a bunch of conniving pajeets/rasheeds that spam their pump and dumps here. Maybe try not being so fucking new.

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I made the first RBC thread around 0.011usd and continued to shill it to around 0.03usd.

Also, fully white and Nordic.

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Heh, number gets bigger.

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I have both, feeling comfy on bao

Bao is a 1yr hold OP wagmi

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this, as soon as i found out that farming generates more bao supply i was out

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Fake and gay

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You fell for the FUD, the most convincing argument, which is why I bought 200k, was the fact that they had a working product, which is more than most 100m MC shitcoins.

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If BAO makes it early farmers are going to enjoy good income over 4-5 years.

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Hey guys look at the brain on this one>>26263746

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i was deciding whether or not to buy rbc a week ago or bao, i bought bao and lost 4k

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>the fact that they had a working product
which working product do they have you single-celled faggot? Have you checked their github?
kek prepare your anus, they'll airdrop your tokens into their next project, as they did with this one. You deserve to lose all your money.

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don't lose hope, there's going to be more moonshot opportunities for a good few years at least

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I take this back you fucked up RBC is fucking parabolic

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explain why bao is truely needed and explain why >>26263746 isnt right pls anon
i want to understand bao

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