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You can turn your back on him now, you can walk away and clean your hands of him entirely, you can pretend like you never supported him in the first place, you can act like your life was merely on pause for four years and now things can resume as normal, but I will never forget the way things were. Every single one of you were beyond elated when he defied the odds and crushed Hillary and made the Young Turks break down in tears. You stuck by him through the phony Russia investigation, the sham impeachment, all of the leftist lies, Charlottesville, the travel ban, the border wall, the rigged election, all of it. Yet now when he's wounded, you walk away from him and leave him to bleed out with no one by his side. This is after he spent four years delivering for you, fighting for you, and destroying his reputation for you. This is beyond cowardice and I truly never thought /pol/ would sink to these lows. He was your president, never forget that. He did it for no one else but you. When the history books brand him as an aberration of America's values and a traitor, I hope you remember that moment in time where you knew the truth but refused to stand up for what you knew was right.

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He's another puppet of the elite.

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Relax anon. Trump isn't a traitor the media and the Dems are smearing him. But he also didnt deliver on a lot of things:
No wall
No arrests, no hillary investigation
Pardons rappers & criminals but ignores assange and snowden
Lets blm riot and burn down cities
Doesnt do anything about the censorship and then gets censored himself

I was a big trump fan initially because I really throught he was going to change a lot. But in the end he did a bit but not much. Certainly he held back the shit that is now going to hit the US and the world and for that I will be forever grateful.

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sirs fuck off to /pol/ also buy grt sir

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