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You guys made me rich off GRT and PRQ in the past two months, and now I'm seeing this shit more and more on this board. Doesn't look like a bad buy in right now and I have 5 ETH i can throw in, but I need someone to sell me on this coin.

1. Is it true that this coin was also recommended on Stansberry research with PRQ?
2. Is token needed and is there any inflation/deflation plans?
3. Is the team all white?

Any additional info would be great as well

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just buy bitch

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1. Yes
3. 90% white

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>1. Is it true that this coin was also recommended on Stansberry research with PRQ?
yeah i guess
>2. Is token needed and is there any inflation/deflation plans?
no its not i think
>3. Is the team all white?
dont know

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The supply is deflationary , staking rewards come from client usage.

More info here fgt

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1. Yes
2. Yes, the tokens you buy are the same tokens that are used by companies.
3. Mostly white

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Rewards coming from client usage is one of the most important aspects. This coin will be sought after solely by people to park their money, since the APY is high and transaction volume is stable. With more companies adopting it, and APY growing, even if the price of the token is volatile, the ROI would negate losses simply by passive staking.

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The roi will also increase, feels good to be early

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Alright bros, i'm almost there. Is this a good entry or do you think there will be a dip? Saw this shit crab from like 19~23 for a bit

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Price prediction eoy?

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why should this notascam succeed?

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>yes its true that iw was shilled
>more than 55% coins are already locked ad staked (7% anual)
>no one is willing to sell it
>working product with tons of legit partnerships
we are going for $1 EOM

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DCA every 3 days or so but Q1 is when the UN project goes officially online, we still don't know the exact date as thats a decision from the UN when to go live. There's also news of shrimp-business adopting LTO tech in the next weeks.But expect a steady rise over the next quarter, depending if Bitcoin shit's its pants. If it "dumps" because of peoples uncertainty, unironically buy, because they actually have companies with transactions behind them. It WILL reach $1, it's only a matter of time

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nocoiner here, what should my split be between LINK and LTO? thinking about DCA-ing 1k each week by week until I get 5k in LTO and then going all-in on LINK.

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here's what the graph looks like, looks pretty natty to me

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buddy boyo, there is no room to make GOOD gains in LINK anymore. GO all in LTO and start your staking operation and just HODL. You will thank me.

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could you post a link to this index? What its based on?

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website called shill.watch
tracks posts, posters, and threads about various coins (only for /biz/). I don't find the "shill index" to be very useful because Rubic got like a 10% lol, but it's a great IQ test if you can recognize an organic pattern. just look at the patterns for BTC, ETH, and LINK and then see what shitcoins match those and you'll see more natural discussion

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thanks man, saved it
Hope you are doing well and wish you all the best
remember to have enough sleep and dring a lot of water. All the best buddy, greeting from luxembourg

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>LTO has partnered with VIDT Datalink to launch authenticated artwork and to verify and publish sensor data from smart chips that are manufactured by IBM
sounds like it rides on the same idea LINK does, v. exciting to see an opportunity like this at a low price
yw mate, WAGMI :)
cheers from Santa Cruz, CA

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Q3 chainlink oracle collab bros

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how can you say this with a straight face lol? I'm not hating on LTO, but with how fickle the crypto market is, the price could easily be sitting at 10 cents by the end of year. You are losing half your money. 7% staking ROI does not negate that, not even close

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more coins stakin=less coins on a market=pricer per unit increase

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Just did a bit of my own research (also read the LTO stansberry paper) and bought in. Project looks legit and promising. Thanks biz bros

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They're based in the Netherlands and partnered with DUSK network. Once Dusks Mainnet and registered STO exchange goes live in April their interoperability and complimentary features will add massive value for each other blog.ltonetwork.com/dusk-firm24-tokenize-dutch-shareholder-registry/

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all the best anon

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