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Explain to me how Biden was supposed to be good for the economy?

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that's what people unironically want. People want to give all their income to niggers, wetbacks and other trash. They are very happy to pay more.

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>Increases corporate taxes by 7%
>Increases income tax by 15%
Fucking kek, congratulations, you just became a worse version of Sweden.

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>those gibs to niggers won't pay alone
Those kneepads are waiting, go to work goy!

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I'm serious you double niggers. How the fuck was Biden supposed to be good for the economy? You shitheads screeched about it for months coming up to the election and I voted for him instead of Trump. Now he's going to raise all the taxes and I'm gonna get shit on for it.

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>Biden was supposed to be good for the economy
Where the fuck did you hear that? CNN?

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I bought in to defense contractors.
Might as well profit from the coming war.

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Source for those numbers?

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are those numbers real?
I was about to immigrate to USA now I think Id rather stay in my socialist shithole

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52% income tax?!
Holy shit, fuck!
RIP Ameripoors

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Source: the turd defecated by a nebraskan trailer trash magatard

>37% income tax under trump
lol @ Americans who say europe has high taxes

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he's going to be good for crypto because he'll be bad for the economy
money printer go brrrr

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and all this while printing warehouses full of money per minute

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>15% income tax hike

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>I voted for him instead of Trump
kek, did you seriously vote for Biden?

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Fucking hell I forgot about that. The dollar is gonna go to shit in the next two years, let alone four. I need to buy tangibles now I guess.

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It’s suppose to be good for ISREAL economy
You thought they were talking about America? Kek

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>15$ minimum wage
>takes more than half of it
What did this accomplish?

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I don't care about politics I just thought that he would be better cause everyone on /biz/ kept screaming that he would boost crypto to the moon. I regret my decision and it was the first time I voted. I will never vote for these dirty faggots again.

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your money will go to welfare. isn't it good?!

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idk, become like europe but without healthcare?

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>I listens to biz about politics instead of doing my own research
See in the gulag faggot

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This is the only real answer

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Biz was full of shills anon

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Is this actually real? Fucking kek.

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43% CGT holy fuck

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>boost crypto to the moon.
Well if you live outside the USA yeah. Enjoy holding chang's bags while he cashes out and buys every woman from your hick town.

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His nominee already talking about crypto is bad because you can do illegal things and Also talking about unrealized gains taxes.
You faggot LITERALLY shilled this shit.
Enjoy it

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Wait, burgers need to pay this percentage regardless of the amount of the income?
Burgerland truly is a third world country

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How do you think amerifats were ever going to balance their budget?

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I am really hoping Chainlink hits 30-40 dollars so I was waiting for that. But it sounds like he will focus on the tax plan 6-12 months from now, and that will make it so I have one year for any moons cause it'll likely start on the new tax year. So before the new tax year comes around I'll pull out most of my linkies/btc and buy up real estate or something. At this point I am fuming and I don't really care if I sound like an ignorant retard I'll look more into his tax plan when the it goes to the senate or whatever. The house. WHATEVER.

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Three billion to Israel a year isn’t enough. We need to find a way to generate more taxes for them or America will not survive.

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80% of them can't even balance the scales.

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>Americans who say europe has high taxes
Americans that say this are parroting a meme without having ever actually confirmed for themselves is it's true. (It's not)

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>Always do the opposite of what biz says

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What tax would be the most effective against the rich

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>How do you think amerifats were ever going to balance their budget?

Get Bill Clinton a couple of blowjobs and back into the oval office. He'll balance that shit, google it if you don't know, he can balance everything except his sex life.

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are those numbers real? holy fuck why did people vote for him
i can get behind taxations to support some public services. being from the uk and benefiting immensely from the nhs, i don't understand how a nation like the usa still fleeces people for basic healthscare but whatever. i would love see a honest breakdown of where big taxation increases will actually be utilised but my fear is like what you are alluding to where a lot is going to needless social care and benefits

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>he thinks were going to balance the budget

MMT is here to stay

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China must be laughing their ass off these days. America is destroying itself.

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It's the same in most EU countries.
Only the gigarich gets different taxation schemes.

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>my fear is like what you are alluding to where a lot is going to needless social care and benefits
this + big military spendings against China

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And thought ausfags were cucked, America is literally going to eat itself alive in the next few years.

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Thats some serious european numbers there frens, gotta find a new place to change this commie shitty region for

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So the make it car in this fake economy should the be the Mosler MT900.
Literally brought to you by the you that came up with mmt.

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>unironically voting for a communist
You deserve what you are going to get.

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At least they will only charge these for incomes upwards of 250k. In Germany we reach the max tax bracket already at around 60k or so.

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>increases corporate tax by 33%
>increases income tax by 44%

Get your numbers right bucko

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>Europe level taxes
>Without free public healthcare
>Without free university education
Big fucking LOL

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He might destroy the economy, but you know what? At least he's not rude.

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These are your voters
Is it a wonder the elite are so good with fleecing people with orange faux populist and empty suit white corporatist man
Remember if you don’t vote the other side wins

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>Well at least we don’t have HIGH TAXES
fucking lol

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Yeah. When Biden sniffs you, he'll give you compliments on your show-and-tell project

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America is unironically and absolutely finished.

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he doesn't know what day it is, can't tell his wife apart from sister, is coached through every public event but you know what? at least he never made fun of disabled people

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Are you fucking serious? Enjoy giving half of your paycheck to niggers, and you deserve it because you're a fucking retard.

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He's good for the economy for Jews. And niggers. Don't you want the poor, downtrodden Jews and niggers to get a step up in life?

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Why do you pay such heavy taxes but you don't get free healthcare and education?
You're paying taxes at the level of sweden and Germany

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sad times end of times

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just looked it up for germany, 42% starts at 58k€, but there is an even higher one with 45% which starts at 270k€

but remember, you dont get taxed everything at 42%, but only everything above, just checked someone making 60K has a final tax break of 27%

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>52% tax
>still have to pay for healthcare

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They've been paying 37% which is already close to Europe who gives you tons of shit for free

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*only income tax

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This is how freedom works you pay all the money plus tip and the boomers give you a firm handshake on what a great capitalism you did

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Americans make like 10 times the salaries of the EU, if you made an American salary in Norway you would be paying like 50% of tax.

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Feels good to be An EuroChad

Go print that dollar guys

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can someone give source on OP's image

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It's shit like this that makes it obvious Biden won fair and square. Trump just got absolutely played in the narrative wars this time around.

The groups I roll all voted for Trump in '16. They either stayed home or voted Biden in '20.

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Nice so his promised $15 per hour really is $6 after all the taxes and Trumps $10 was $6.8 now throw in the inflation his economic plan will increase and all americans are now poorer

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There's no source. It's fake and retarded /pol/ shit

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is that including healthcare contributions etc?not that bad anon thought it was worsein germany

I make £65k and it works out to 22% tax + 8%national insurance, 1/3 off to go to pajeets. and this is not even including company's contributions etc

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By the way, Americans have tax brackets, right? It's not a flat tax system. So that 52% should be for millionaires, no?

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how do you expect to repay those trillions of dollars you owe AND support all of your poor immigrants without taxing your middle class out of existence?
you don't expect the elites to pay tax do you?

>> No.26301801

But they have to pay for the oil wars. They don't pay themselves.

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americans deserve it desu

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>the inflation his economic plan will increase
you literally just printed $3 trillion because muh pandemic
inflation is unavoidable

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*Good for jews

>> No.26302098

Literally none of "us" (actual Americans) did this or want this. It's the kikes' fault

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It's embarrassing that no matter how many times people state this, poltards keep ignoring it. THOSE TAX RATES ARE ONLY FOR INCOME MADE OVER 400,000 DOLLARS. SO EVEN IF YOU MAKE 400,001 THOUSAND DOLLARS ONLY 1000 DOLLARS WOULD BE TAXED AT 52%

>"On a conventional basis, the Biden tax plan by 2030 would lead to about 7.7 percent less after-tax income for the top 1 percent of taxpayers and about a 1.9 percent decline in after-tax income for all taxpayers on average." -taxfoundation.org

But keep pushing the Democrats bad narrative

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biden will give $150B to blacks. aren't you happy your tax money will help underprivileged communities? you're not a racist are you?

>> No.26302241

Still lower than in my country. I fucking hate the Dutch taxing system.

>> No.26302242

Trump literally promised 500billion to blacks. Fuck off /pol/tard

>> No.26302292

you can literally google "biden capital gains 43.4%", which i did, and there's plenty of hits from neutral boomer finance websites talking at length about the numbers. it's real, even if of course the average /biz/ neet will never pay anywhere close to 43.4%

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first off, i don't browse /pol/ this is a disgusting board for antisemites
second, read up on biden's stimulus package. it's spelled out on the website. $50B + $100B of the $2T will be specifically for black entrepreneurs

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So bitcoin is going to crash because Biden wo, that's fun. I'm glad i sold 40% of my folio yesterday

>> No.26302351

Your 65k GBP is like 74k Eurobucks. if I put this in a German Nettorechner it calculates net salary of 44k Eur net of everything. So it is 40% of contributions to all kinds of stuff.

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I don't disbelieve you, but don't act like trump was better if you're trying to push some race baiting narrative

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Everybody knows that retard, keep sucking tranny and nigger cock though
Get the fuck off my /biz/

>> No.26302527

Are you literally retarded? Genuine question, I'm wondering if you have a diagnosed learning disability.

>> No.26302570

Kill yourself
I hope you never breed
I'm serious, kill yourself

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>Trump literally promised 500billion to blacks.
Source? I'm not going to put that sentence into google.

>> No.26302613

gotta fund dat platinum plan somehow lmao

>> No.26302624

>43.4% capital gains
burgers, now you are oficially europoors

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By this very thread there's tons of people that don't know this. OP just posted the very most outrageous numbers out of context and says LOL DEMOCRATS BAD. these taxes will be on the 1% and corporations as they should be, I can't believe how much the average person online shills for tax cuts for the rich.

If you actually read bidens tax plan even a little bit, he is not raising direct taxes for anyone under 400k while the plan is LITTERED with stipulations that most shit applies to people over 400k.

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>52% income tax
I fucking hate that decrepit old cumrag.

>> No.26302698

What makes me laugh about the US is they tax just as much as Europe but have none of the services Europe have. Fucking inbreds

>> No.26302782

Or how about you just Google it you lazy retard. This was talked about for weeks and you are too lazy to Google it when it's easy to find dozens of fucking sources. I'm sure no matter what source I post you are going to disregard it as new media so look for your fucking self if you are so inclined


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No they don't, the taxes for individuals that make under 100k is way lower than Europe. These tax rates are for only the extremely rich

>> No.26302835

I am never voting for your shit party again. You are a dumb party shill and I learnt from my mistake. Nothing you write matters because I've been visiting a bunch of financial investors sites who are pretty consistent and they've explained that this is going to hurt the economy for the middle class, even though the tax rates won't directly affect them. You can laugh at me for voting for your SHIT party, but you're a fucking idiot who seriously believes the shilling you do. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. You won't fool me again nigger.

>> No.26302875

I think you need to relax. I just didn't want to type "did trump promise 500b to blacks" into google, and it should be obvious why. Anyway thanks for the source, I'll read it, but seriously take a break. Not everyone asking for a link on the internet is le sneaky sjw tranny out to get you.

>> No.26302909

Are those numbers real? Fucking hell, I love the UK now

>> No.26302921

but it's white supremacy to not hurt the economy

>> No.26302966

I can't believe people bought the "white supremacy" shit.

>> No.26303029

Out of curiosity I just checked how much it is in Moldova.
Six fucking percent.
Gorgeous country, excellent food, cheap land and it doesn't Jew you out.

>> No.26303033

>These tax rates are for only the extremely rich
>small business tax an extra 10% under Biden

>> No.26303050

What "middle class"? Is there any left in your shithole at all?

>> No.26303056

Riddle me this batman, puzzle this ruse.
Your can criticise the whites, but never the ......

>> No.26303067

They are out of context numbers, taxes will not raise for 90-98% of the country.

>> No.26303078

Small businesses are "extremely rich"? particularly after one year of Covid hoax? Just seriously kill yourself you disgusting communist nigger.

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>> No.26303111

What context is it missing? Who will hand over 52% of their income to the state?

>> No.26303140

>Only the gigarich gets different taxation schemes.
In the UK you don't even pay any tax on the first £12.5k you earn. The average bong probably pays less income tax than your typical burger.

>> No.26303148

No one actually voted for Biden.

>> No.26303157

not sure what trump has to do with this. anon was asking what his tax money will get with biden, i pointed out the result
if trump won and implemented his platinum plan for blacks and anon made a topic wondering about what his tax money would get with trump, i would have pointed out that result
americans have a proud bipartisan tradition of funneling their money to underprivileged communities, and it is to their honor

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>> No.26303221

You’re a fucking stupid cocksucker
It’s people like you that don’t do any research themselves and instead just float in the wind of public opinion
You don’t deserve to live and I mean that with all my heart.

>> No.26303242

>No they don't, the taxes for individuals that make under 100k is way lower than Europe
Depends where you're talking about. The UK definitely pays less income tax than the US if you earn under 100k. Somewhere like Sweden, you're probably right. Overall US taxation rates are about the same as the average in Europe. The difference is euros use the money for healthcare and shit and American taxes go towards drones and Israel.

>> No.26303305

If you believe in the keynsian government-purchases multiplier as a legitimate explaination to stimulate the economy. You think this is good for the economy. Ps. I dont just saying why the masses believe its good for the economy

>> No.26303308

as a swede, this feels good

>> No.26303309

Socialism vs capitalism, giving money vs creating jobs.

Trump > Biden

>> No.26303316

not a single motherfucker giving sources outside of a picture of some screen

>> No.26303370

If you don't conform the nigs will burn down your home

>> No.26303398

Not all corporations are like the conglomerate bad guys in suspenders like in your gay ass movies.
Most businesses are barely making it an increase like that is more than their profit margin.
God, it’s embarrassing to think people like you actually exist in this country in number that were able to vote in the doddering old fool and his cackling witch of a side kick.

>> No.26303403


Since it sounds like you are from the UK, I will forgive your elementary school level of American tax brackets (especially since most Americans are at the same level)

The new tax bracket only applies to income over 400k AKA the extremely rich. And income brackets applies to tiers of income, so even if you made 401,000 dollars, only 1000 dollars would be taxed at 52% while the rest of the 400,000 dollar income gets taxed at progressively lower brackets, making the overall effective tax rate much much lower than 52%.

Every time a europoor comes in this thread and says "lol Americans pay just as much taxes as us and doesn't have healthcare!" That absolutely isn't true for 98% of the country

>> No.26303456

>43,4% capital gains tax

>> No.26303462

stock market closed at all time highs yesterday. Only a retard pays full tax rates, how do you think amazon gets money back every year and doesn't pay a cent?

>> No.26303589

Fuck you are stupid. You dont pay 52% on minium wage only on the highest income bracket.

>> No.26303602

I should start building a list of decent places to move to once my portfolio is big enough to justify it.

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File: 103 KB, 1280x591, IMG_20210121_134636_919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Not him but another bong here and our income tax works exactly the same way, anyone that's not a neet on 4chan understands this. However you're wrong that the US pays less income tax than the UK, it's about the same. If you earn 100k usd (72.5 gbp) in the UK for instance, you'll only pay around 22% income tax.

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kek at this rate you might as well move your investments to Denmark

>> No.26303804

This is the point - hes supposed to do what his chinese handlers tell him. In this case its to crash america with no survivors whilst making it communist.

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File: 180 KB, 720x720, 1609662339473.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Umm, sweaty, money doesn't matter when BIPOC trans bodies are being attacked by white supremacists in the streets.

>> No.26303864

You are a fucking brain dead retard thats never filed for taxes. You're probably not even American.

>> No.26303875

By carrying over losses for the pervious years? Amazon was running at a loss for huge while.

>> No.26303888

>Literally same day as inauguration Biden has a sub 50% approval rating in all the swing states where he just barely beat cheetoe hitler
If this passes the sniff test to you then call me Raaj and sit down son cuz I got a shitcoin to shill to you.

>> No.26303892

Land of the brave home of the free right anon?

>> No.26303914
File: 446 KB, 1086x610, ssfall18-spaghetti-eastwood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm fine with this. I need to make money just as much as you do

>> No.26303996

> tax bad
Being this stupid to not realize that in a low-corruption environment, higher taxes are actually beneficial to the economy.
> Corporate taxes are levied on profits, so corporations are forced to either evade tax, and use tax-aggressive strategies, or reinvest the profits in the main business therefore generate more jobs
> 52% payroll tax is bull if it's single tier. Probably it's republitard fake news, and it's levied on the highest (lawyer, investment) taxes
> Capital gains tax needs to be high, since we need to stimulate consumption not saving if we ever want the fed to stop printing money

>> No.26304038

White leftists are too stupid for democracy, honestly.

>> No.26304039

The 52% income tax is for the ultra rich right? I don’t believe he will make us wagies pay that much

>> No.26304066

Read up on high school economics and what high taxes does to both supply and demand, moron.

>> No.26304071

Implying these people have any sort of substantial income.

>> No.26304073

Bidens new tax plan is literally “10% for the big guy”

>> No.26304097
File: 735 KB, 2217x1618, redpi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol at the pozzed retard

>> No.26304098

So you think america is a low corruption environment?

>> No.26304132

Leftists hate freedom, especially economic freedom and free speech, with an incredible passion.

>> No.26304205

Taxation is theft. Full stop.

>> No.26304249

no, just income tax is 27%, plus around 14% for healthcare and retirement and social stuff which comes to 41% complete for the second highest income rate (next 270k lol)

>> No.26304256

>> Capital gains tax needs to be high, since we need to stimulate consumption not saving if we ever want the fed to stop printing money
High taxes doesn't stimulate consumption or increase demand in an economy. If you take a lot of someone's income, they're inclined to save more of the rest.

>> No.26304279

Hahah 63% tax at last bracket. Pay up goyim!

>> No.26304316

ITT zoomer who dont understand how tax brackets work

you dont pay the 52% on your whole paycheck

>> No.26304322

why don't they go live in a country that represents their values instead of trying to change the country, screwing up the majority of its people?

>> No.26304338

anon you forgot israel...

>> No.26304346

This thread is super confusing. Are they LARPing? What the fuck’s the goal here?

>> No.26304366

White men are literally the only ones financing the country and they get all the hate. You're slaves now anon, not oppressors.

>> No.26304371

How are they gonna determine who is black? DNA tests?

>> No.26304384

A jew tax.

>> No.26304388

aww did I hurt your feelings..... fuck your feelings. I'm an alpha big dick that pays less % of tax then you.

>> No.26304397 [DELETED] 

You're missing the fact be days capital gains tax. What you days it's correct in relation to income tax, but having a high capital gains tax makes people less likely to invest and more likely to consoom instead.

>> No.26304413

illegal payroll tax by the illegal IRS has been an issue for quite some time now

>> No.26304416

They like power, and dislike when people are allowed to disagree with them.

>> No.26304427

You voted for Biden and youdidnt know he was raising taxes?

Are you serious right now?

>> No.26304438

>>26304256 #
You're missing the fact he said capital gains tax. What you said is correct in relation to income tax, but having a high capital gains tax makes people less likely to invest and more likely to consoom instead.

>> No.26304457

>a bunch of jews are going to pay higher taxes
>this is somehow bad

So let me get this straight - tax cuts and tax hikes on the rich are both bad?

>> No.26304470


>> No.26304475

No, the people didn't want this. This election was completely fucked up. My kids will never serve and I will not re-up. This country is fucked.

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It's in the book, it must be true!!! Even if the data goes against it!!!!

Notice this basedjack actually looks like Keynes.

>> No.26304497

Can't pay higher tax if your income is because of tax. It's literally just lip service.

>> No.26304518


This is just the first of many tax hikes and new taxes

>> No.26304565

Literally communism for niggers

>> No.26304586

Now you guys can pay reparations for the BLM movement

>> No.26304587

yup. they are already up like 30% since election

>> No.26304605

They should be concerned. Their bioweapon fucked Americans and when they get pissed they start bombing shit. 1/10th of the American arsenal could wipe out China in a week.

>> No.26304626


Yes, because he will hyperinflate the dollar and destroy America. You did good anon. Yes, everyone you know will be thrown into a death camp, but it's good for my portfolio so life finds a balance. Thank you for your service and I hope you don't know anyone near any major cities.

>> No.26304627

>tfw neet so pay no taxes
>tfw crypto stack is almost worth 7 figures but i wont cash out inside the US

>> No.26304671

>caring about humans
>on /biz/
jesus christ just go back to /pol/ you faggot no one gives a shit about peoples lives, least of all fucking amerimutt retards like you. I hope that they throw you in the fucking death camps, and I hope my crypto moons the entire time.

>> No.26304711

this retard here is why democracy was a mistake

>> No.26304747

It’s not you retard none of his policies are popular that’s why they had to cheat

>> No.26304839

Bidens tax plan affects people earning over $400k.
Now before you label me as a commie think about all the ways someone who earns $400k can avoid paying tax. Rich people will be able to dodge the fuck out of this, and the super rich do not even normally take any kind of salary, Steve jobs was on "$1 a year".

Doesn't matter anyway because Biden will blame the "bad economy" on trump and corona side-effects till he gets 25th'ed out for Kamala to take the reigns. That is when you will see some real shit.

>> No.26304896

Don’t kid yourself, he’s going to bend over for the chinks.

>> No.26304947


I'm not going anywhere near America now that its Weimar phase is ending. Yes, the death camps will be amazing for crypto.

>> No.26305127

Wew lad, here's 101 in modern science of economy:

"Good for the economy" is an empty slogan, you just repeat corporate propaganda without thinking. The goal of the government is to provide high quality public services to all people, not to allow rich people get richer. The only way to pay for higher quality public services is to increase tax revenue, the most effective way of doing that is to increase taxes. Tax system should be progressive because of diminishing value of money - 10% from someone's $1000 monthly paycheck is WORTH more to them than 10% of $10000 paycheck to the other person.

So: for a government to do a better job it needs more money. To get more money, it needs to raise taxes. To make sure this change is fair, taxes for wealthier people and corporations need to be higher than for the less wealthy.

Pretty fucking basic.

>inb4 Biden introduced communism

>> No.26305298

Lmao 43,4% is insane even by european standards

>> No.26305341

>52% income tax
>no social services whatsoever
time to become refugees

>> No.26305358

>ITT: retarded pol faggots who don't know how tax brackets work

>> No.26305481

>to send more money to Israel we need higher taxes
>to start more wars we need higher taxes
>still no universal health care
>higher taxes than Europe

Yep burgers are fucked

>> No.26305588

This, probably.
Things aren’t going to get too drastic with Biden. But kamela will unironically do irreparable harm to the west.
These are the final days of rome.

>> No.26305609

>nooo you can't save up money for your future, you have to be a consoomerist debt slave for the economy goy
off yourself

>> No.26305657
File: 41 KB, 635x455, bongtax.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not really
Apparently even Austria has income tax as high as 50% but then they also have a lot of state healthcare and they are doing pretty well.
Austria 50% income tax is probably well spent, in terms of what they get.
If the UK had 50% income tax it would be squandered but we still have RNHS
America having 52% income tax would be a dick up the spine because the system is too privatised for that extra tax money to suddenly equate to better government services.

Yeah so actually you are correct.

>> No.26305706
File: 32 KB, 615x439, f1k2im1q8bq51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hahah I'm European and shilled Biden as a joke.
Kind of like fudding Link on Reddit but on a grander scale.

>> No.26305714

>>still no universal health care
That's garbage tier. I'm a swede, and the only times I need care, i'm better off going to private providers, sincer the public ones are incredibly slow. For this, I pay more than 50% taxes. With all the hidden ones, it's probably over 70%.

>> No.26305741

>Things aren’t going to get too drastic with Biden
This is why I do not understand people who want Biden to die or be impeached over the China shit. Burgers have a short period in which they can bunker up, buy land + Guns and build their cabins before Kamala gets to wear the strapon.

>> No.26305746

>t. 80 iq antifa redditor

>> No.26305772
File: 639 KB, 2800x1867, 72B60177-7207-4017-B041-DE4221FB2F60.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I voted for him instead of Trump.

>> No.26305795

Don't niggers realize this will just encourage businesses to hire less people and use more robots? Cashiers are fucked already. Frycooks are next.

>> No.26305802

>The goal of the government is to provide high quality public services to all people, not to allow rich people get richer
>the most effective way to increase tax revenue is to increase taxes
You know nothing of economics, you stupid commie faggot. Hope you're not white.

>> No.26305821

yeah that's just what we fucking need, less investment and more consumption

are you fucking retarded?

>> No.26305862

What I said has nothing to do with "tax and spend" keynes.

>> No.26306107

This bs

>> No.26306139

Yeah I sure love our 60% marginal tax rate on income between £100k-£125k

>> No.26306214

Worst bracket to be in because you lose personal allowance. Once you earn over £150,000 it feels less shitty :^)

>> No.26306296

>You know nothing of economics, you stupid commie faggot
Well I don't know everything, but probably know more than you since I have master's degree in economics and will be PhD next year, writing my thesis on oligopolistic competition in public infrastructure (roadworks etc.) tenders.

>> No.26306361

>I voted for him instead of Trump.
You deserve the hell that's coming to do

t. non-retarded non-burger

>> No.26306366


>> No.26306425

Literal retard.

>> No.26306436

Why doesn't the government just print what they need? The national debt is irrelevant, and money can be created without consequence.

>> No.26306451

I get paid in company shares for the amount over £150k. Anyway I'm dumping as much as possible in my pension this year to try and reduce my tax bill a bit.

>> No.26306499
File: 930 KB, 1941x600, 1503461588327.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>permanent higher education leftist cuck with no real work/earning experience is giving advice

>> No.26306502


nobody, absolutely nobody with a piss worth of intellect should care about the reputation of American political parties.

>> No.26306506

Hey retard it’s almost like you should, you know, research what you’re voting for? It’s uneducated voters like you that fuck over everyone in the US

>> No.26306642

Do you seriously think people on /biz/ are economically literate enough to understand that?

>> No.26306690
File: 567 KB, 1000x688, 1593300609547.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

USA societal collapse is now inevitable, unemployment is sky high, all small business is bust.

The media's covid campaign destoyed the economy with left wing politicans and they cannot now reverse the damage the collapse is ahead. Only thing you can do is to give stimulus checks now and hyperinflate into oblivion like venezuela


Emperor palpatines servers daily doom news :)

>> No.26306790

>11 million amnesty to compete with domestics
>15$ min wage
>dems always want more taxes cuz muh big government
>gas already up 30%
>also wants housing equality to stuff retards who can’t afford a house into suburban housing a la 2008
>>he believed the dem propaganda

You know democrats are sole of the richest in the country?

>> No.26306829
File: 482 KB, 750x954, 1604758236598.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The synagogue of satan really does run this country. How do these fake jewish people do this?

>> No.26306836

I, for one, welcome hyperstagflation like the carter days! Make carter great again!

>> No.26306860

Have you seen the map of the capitol? It’s in the shape of an owl. Now with the globalist cage around it, it’s in everyone’s face the owl has been captured.

>> No.26306964

to be fair not even bidens team or leftists said he would be better for the economy. They simply said trump was racist. its an instant win button nowadays.

>> No.26307270
File: 236 KB, 1024x791, race and crime in América.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He hasnt gone into a /pol/ redpill thread

>> No.26307318


This is the crazy thing, you would be hard pressed to find a Biden voter who cares about any of his policies. What does that say about the future of American politics?

>> No.26307364
File: 30 KB, 468x500, 1601066329566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I need to buy crypto now I guess.

>> No.26307394

Retards take on economics. The rich invest money they don’t sit on hoards of cash like you commies think. They know the USD is fucking trash and devaluing every single year. The goal is to flow with the fed not against it. Having money sit in a savings account is essentially losing value.

>> No.26307431

>money can be created without consequence.

Kek - are you 12?

Quick question: did you ever stop to think why houses, stocks, etc were so expensive?

>> No.26307684

How long before Biden "falls down the stairs" ?

>> No.26307787

You faggot
You think paid shills are a meme?
Where the fuck were you in '16?

>> No.26307825

If the US had a NHS-type system It would cost us over 2 trillion a motherfucking year. Fuck that. That’s why your fucking Texas are upwards of 40% I’m not paying half of my money so wetbacks can get fucking healthcare

>> No.26307945 [DELETED] 

>The president whit the most ever
>More than what is mathematically posible
Come one man...
Although im interested in your anecdotes, care to elaborate?

>> No.26307994

America is finished. China is the future

>> No.26308027

Fuck, meant for >>26300944

>> No.26308032


Trump still got 12m more votes than 2016 and the election was won on tight margins in the same states as before (other than Georgia which is trending blue overall due to Atlanta)

>> No.26308051

>The goal of the government is to provide high quality public services to all people
this retardation is what most Americans actually believe. We are beyond fucked.

>> No.26308246

This too.
Either trump was blackmailed, or he was controlled oposition all along, whit the goal to demoralize any insurrectionist and further the ABSOLUTE STATE OF THINGS in 2021

>> No.26308351

best thread I've seen all year
trump was a jew lover anyways

>> No.26308398
File: 269 KB, 640x354, 1564751694102.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I voted for him

>> No.26308577

>My roads are filled with potholes
>I have company healthcare
>I don't give a fuck what child gets blown up in Iraq
Name ONE benefit you have seen from taxes.

>> No.26308602

Idiots that still file

>> No.26308630

Can't give an exact date, but expect to hear about it in about 2 weeks.

>> No.26308677

>He genuinely thinks the clown that sits in the president's seat matters.

>> No.26308852

All of 'em except Northrop are part of my 'evil' portfolio.

>> No.26309054

Does it matter, yeah otherwise they wouldn't steal an election.
Is the clown in the oval office consequential? Not really the deep state will neuter them from making any everlasting changes

>> No.26309057

Its derivative from white man's burden.
Fucking bleeding hearts.

>> No.26309427

Why do you brainlets fall for the binary opposition bait all the time? You all scream from the rooftops about how mainstream media is bullshit and then you uncritically & unironically regurgitate the mainstream media reductive discourse.

Have any of you ever even heard of long term and short term debt cycles?

You all need to grow up

>> No.26309547

Taxes that corporations already don’t pay...

>> No.26309688

Biden is going to sink crypto:
>Janet Yellen suggests 'curtailing' cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, saying they are mainly used for illegal financing
> 'curtailing' cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin
> 'curtailing' cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin
> 'curtailing' cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin
> 'curtailing' cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin

Start selling, the Biden dump is coming.

>> No.26309714


>> No.26309823

You don't pay taxes anyway so what the fuck are you bitching about?

>> No.26309846

Thank God, I'm a NEET. I voted for Trump, but Biden's tax plan is supposed to increase the amount of money I get nearly double. I also don't think they'll increase the money I'll pay on taxes considering I make none.

>> No.26309849

Government doesn't "print money", actually in most countries "the government" is separate from the central bank so theoretically government has nothing to do with creating money, just collects it in taxes and spends it on stuff like pensions, health care, infrastructure etc. But the central bank doesn't "print money" either, I mean they do mint physical currency, but that's an insignificant portion of the whole money supply. Most of the money supply is actually created by commercial banks. Central bank can make it easier for commercial banks to create more money out of thin air (make it "cheaper"), but that's it. The only real way for central bank to "create money" for the government is if the government borrows from the central bank and then this debt is written off, but if the amount of money "created" this way is too large it may trigger hyperinflation which is a scary fucking thing, causing panic on all markets, run on banks, empty shelves etc. So moderation is necessary.

>The rich invest money they don’t sit on hoards of cash like you commies think
This is a common misconception, disproved by dozens of studies, most recently last month's paper by David Hope and Julian Limberg from London School of Economics and Political Science. The "trickle down economics" is a lie fabricated by millionaires.

>> No.26309895
File: 237 KB, 1137x1125, 1609532226324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>43.4% capital gains

>> No.26309982


>> No.26309991
File: 298 KB, 1482x1276, trump is the second coming of hitler. and thats a good thing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Despite him losing/giving up/getting cheated, Lets do some trump posting.

>Tons of rape/racism/misstreatment allegations, all false so far
>Hated by the msm, holliwood and online media
>Victim of the first great online shilling, still won.
>Got smeared for the silliest things (ketchup on steak, 2 scoops, eclipse)
>4 years, 0 scandals.
>0 fucking wars started.
>Had to be masively cheated out in the elections

Not that the guy is perfect tho (pardons, israel loving, his fucking "GREAT" speeches...) BUT he is what the world needed from the USA.

>> No.26310002

>black entrepreneurs

Kek slinging crack is entrepreneurial these days?

>> No.26310046

Thank you anon

>> No.26310053

you will never be a real girl

>> No.26310113

Wrong board poltard

>> No.26310260

this isn't twitter faggot....

>> No.26310309

False. There may have been a time when semi intelligent people were posting things pretending to be idiots, but then that attracted idiots. Almost nobody in this thread is even thinking "tax bracket" when they look at pic related.

>> No.26310336

So that's on Biden's agenda, to close loopholes allowing corporations to siphon their profits to tax havens. Actually this is something that's almost impossible to do without international cooperation (which Trump saw as TREASON), so I'm actually hopeful Biden will be able to work with other OECD countries to have a global solution.

>> No.26310529
File: 14 KB, 240x251, uh huh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They will crossreference who voted for him

>> No.26310675

holy shit youre retarded

>> No.26310737

holy shit the more you post the more retarded you sound

>> No.26310971
File: 134 KB, 600x601, 5114ED6B-3774-4419-9C0D-B62381541C28.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This has to be bait. There’s no way you’re unironically this retarded.

>> No.26311047
File: 451 KB, 1907x2074, sexuality is fucked - autogynephilia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bite me bitch, report it if it bothers you that much

I'll give you that i wasnt aware of tax brackets, but then again im worse-american, But whats the deal whit raising taxes, specially for "small bussiness"? Were they too low?

Not gona lie, that sounds sweet.
Then again, trump lied about his promises too.

>> No.26311130
File: 490 KB, 1000x1099, philosophy behind the importance of the internet hate-meme machine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, it could very well be an ai/research group trowing a feeler to gauge sentiment

>> No.26311966

>Poorest country in Europe
>Lowest econ growth rate in Europe
>People are drooling violent retards that can't even speak properly
>Smells like piss

Does quality of life mean 0 to you anons?

>> No.26312160

your vote no longer matters hahahahahahahaha hes going to import hordes of shitskins who will vote democrat. one party system no bud. you sold your nation and its people out. unironically castrate yourself you absolute fucking subhuman.

>> No.26312264

Biden's the capitalist dream, he just sold your futures.

>> No.26312395

A bullet.

>> No.26312406

>Implying that Biden, the elites or the left give a shit about the average man

>> No.26312520

China is 2 generations ahead of the USA in missile technology, they would do much better in a war than you think they would.

>> No.26312658
File: 260 KB, 1473x862, 1606764009905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Taxation is a huge obstacle to creation of jobs and entrepreneurship.
The more taxes you need to pay, the more benefits you need to make in order to pay the taxes.
In a high taxed society, only people very skilled and educated are able to make enough benefits and min/maxing their company to run a viable business.

Taxation is unironically benefiting elites and fucking good working people who try to climb the social ladder.

>> No.26312695

/pmg/ is open for all

>> No.26312704

fuck it. time to quit my job and become a welfare monkey.

>> No.26313143

KEK in all caps

>> No.26313169


the fuck they are lol

>> No.26313259

>implying Americans have enough iq to comprehend what's good or not for them

>> No.26313284
File: 35 KB, 600x600, 1596315564414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

smart man

>> No.26313299

>Taxation is a huge obstacle to creation of jobs and entrepreneurship.
That has been proven in numerous studies as false. It's propaganda perpetrated by the millionaires. There are literally ZERO peer reviewed studies (i.e. studies with high quality data and no methodological errors) showing that lowering taxes has beneficial effect on labor market. It's a myth.

>> No.26313361
File: 71 KB, 594x455, us-revenue-3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


why are you parroting kikemaster talking points on taxes? Do you think the super-rich pay income taxes, retard? Do you think small businesses can lower their burden to 0 like the kings (e.g. Amazon)?

>> No.26313483

These tax figures are proposals. They have to make their way through Congress where they will be changed. Further, I see no problem raising capital gains for profits over 400k/year.

>> No.26313549

>Do you think the super-rich pay income taxes, retard
No, this is why tax evasion should be a criminal offense and anyone siphoning profits offshore should be put in jail. Also another reason why wealth tax is a good idea.

>Do you think small businesses can lower their burden to 0 like the kings (e.g. Amazon)?
Wow great argument. So because corporations have been able to bribe the whole Republican party and 80% of Democratic party then we should just accept it? Taxation should be progressive, Amazon should pay much higher effective tax rates than small business because their scale gives them an edge.

>> No.26313639

wow biden just made my link iron hands hardened for the next 4 years

>> No.26313789

>It's propaganda perpetrated by the millionaires.
Brainlet loon.

>> No.26314166
File: 14 KB, 256x400, 47263810-256-k584701.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>irst off, i don't browse /pol/ this is a disgusting board for antisemites
OMG. There's antisemites on 4chan!?

>> No.26314173

That's what economists have been finding in studies for the last ~30 years. Only studies showing the opposite are literally written by large corporations or their puppet organizations like CATO Institute (literally founded by Koch Industries with the aim of misleading the public).

I don't blame you for thinking otherwise or mindlessly using "commie" or "socialist" epithets, I used to be like that too before I started reading actual studies. Most of society is brainwashed by those people in power to believe those lies and to vote against their own interest.

>> No.26314260

>shit applies to people over 400k
Dude. You're on /biz/ you disgusting faggot. We're all here to make $2 - 3 million. Why the fuck are you on our board?

>> No.26314299

You have blood on your hands now.

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