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it is impressive to see how the wagie cagie has evolved. This are miners from Belgium.

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Built for BBC

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Is this a bot?

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no idea sir

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The bad old days when white men oppressed everyone!

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Wrong. This was home. It's present version is the pod people.

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>white men had it so easy

At least niggers were out in the open fields in the sun working

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Big black coal?

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>If only you knew how bad things really are

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this pictures makes me want to turn into a commie

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Capitalism put all of these men into comfy (soulless and life draining) desk jobs and endless nights consooming Netflix

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As a Belgian who learned about the history of the mines, these aren't white people. It's a dirty ass job so we used to let Italians and Turks do it. Since they don't look like Turks, they're definitely Italian or some other subhuman species.

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Yes, including poor whites who in the early 20th century supported communism in huge numbers across the western world. Today working class whites are race cucks who simp for the white bourgeoisie.

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Funny, commies put the people they didn't like into that exact same situation

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its an elevator going down retard, the guys are fucking laughing

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looking for boomer rocks

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Easily controllable. Suggestable. The fool. Goyim.

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Look like I was spot on, these are in fact Italians: https://raimondorizzo.wordpress.com/2015/04/14/storia-il-carbone-belga-e-la-schiavitu-degli-italiani/

It actually came up, not down. And not that I see anybody laughing in this picture, but if they were, it's probably just because they survived it and nothing more. They were dropping like flies in there so I guess you had to be quite lucky to make it even out alive.

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Belgians white kek, most have very dark hair and brown eyes.

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Remember to thank crybaby liberals for things like work safety and child labor laws. Conservatives threw bitchfits every time and said it'd kill the economy and it never does.

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So do I and I'm literally whiter than the average Irish person. Or you actually *that* retarded to think that only blue eyed, blonde haired people can be white?

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Belgians are swarthy and often have BLACK eyes. You know this you fucking loser. Stop coping. At least Italians and Turks had empires and high civilizations. You had a diamond mine in the Congo. Kek.

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Half the population has dark brown hair and hazel eyes, yes, literally everyone knows that but only insecure little incels care about that. Btw, so do French people, Germans, etc. We're literally as white as people with blonde hair and blue eyes, because it has fuck all to do with the colour of your hair and eyes. There's this thing called SKIN TONE. I know you medcucks like to think you're part of the "white people gang" but you look more like Middle-Easterners than us North and West-Europeans. Seethe more manchild.
And also, learn some history.

My country isn't even 200 years old yet so how the fuck do you suppose that we had multiple empires and "high civilizations" whatever the fuck that means? Half of us were part of the Dutch empire and half of the French empire, both more successful than your medcuck empire. Those people would literally spit in your face if they would see what an absolute joke your shithole is these days, and how you're lazy and ugly. The literal laughing stock of the world. The higher you once were, the lower you'll fall, just like the Brits that once had over half the world and are now a small irrelevant island. I think we're doing pretty fine for a 190 year old country. Don't worry, we'll keep sending gibs so your fat women don't need jobs, retard.

Are you fucking joking right now? Yes, Irish people are white. Wtf is up with these dumb fucking retards on this board holy fucking shit. What skin colour do you think Irish people are? Brown, black? Are you calling them niggers or something? Maybe they're Asian? Fucking retard...

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This was just the elevator. In the modern day wage cage, you stay put all day.

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brown eyes wrote this

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holy shit please tell me this pasta

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learn more, that picture is from 1900 long before the first labor immigrants
those were bottom tier city dwellers, in the 1800's agricultural improvements let to large population increase which meant that the value of labor dropped through the basement (literally in the case of coal mines) and the worst cases of early industrial exploitation happened
tho it should be noted that without these 'jobs' those people would have starved on the streets
life expectency was short, both due to cave ins and long issues

it should also be noted that the italian laborers after wwII were bought as slaves in exchange for a share of the coal they mined and if the slaves were to run away before completing their 'contract' they would be imprisoned

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I literally already confirmed I have brown eyes. If you weren't such an insecure little faggot, you wouldn't give two shits about what colour your eyes have lmao.

Pasta is made by medcucks and as you probably already know by now, I fucking hate medcucks. So no.

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If it wasn't for the health consequences and low pay I'd prefer a life of hard labor over office work.

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Belgium isn‘t even a real country

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>this pictures makes me want to turn into a commie
Commies venerate the working class and labour like this, you fucking brainlet.

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>. And not that I see anybody laughing in this picture,
They're clearly laughing on the inside.

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Except there weren't any Italians in Belgium before we used them inside the mines. And as I already said in >>26427507, it's confirmed those were Italians. I don't know what you're trying to prove here, but yes, they were indeed immigrants.

I fully agree, it probably won't even reach its 200th birthday seeing how Flanders votes far right and Wallonia are almost commies at this point. I know it's a typical British/Dutch/German/French 'meme' to say that Belgium isn't a real country (idk if it's because of jealousy or just because you're uneducated) but you're baiting the wrong person here. I hope this shit country falls apart, and rather sooner than later at this point. But from whichever shithole you're from, you ain't getting a piece of it so please, continue seething.

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Eat shit commie

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>Flanders votes far right

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Ah, the beautiful Expo 58. What a great event it was, too bad I didn't live back then. I would definitely have bought a ticket or two. If you are trying to make a point here, get to it already before this thread gets archived.

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do you have any reading comprehension?
did you even read the source you posted

the picture is from 1900, as you yourself said there were no italians back then in belgium
the italian site you linked is using the picture as a stock photo it does not say it are italians in the picture
also take a good look at their shoes those are klompen, not something italians wear
i am saying you are an idiot for thinking those are italians those were belgian proles

schild ende vriend?

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>the italian laborers were bought as slaves
>after WWII

>human zoo

jesus christ Belgium

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>idk if it's because of jealousy
Why the fuck would anyone be jealous of Belgium?
I mean, I live here but there is literally nothing to be envious of in this shithole.

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Ah yes because Italians coming to Belgium to work in the mines had to bring their own shoes (which they'd definitely have since they're so extremely rich to begin with, right?) and there's no way they would receive like the most basic shoes available here. Nope. I guess there was this rule; if you didn't bring your own shoes = you're fucked. Working on your bare feet it is!

You're an absolute fucking mongoloid, do you know that? I guess you hear that a lot, but I still think people should tell you that more.
The first Italian immigrant that came here to work in the mines arrived in 1888. You're literally making the whole
>hurr durr they only came after WW2
shit up, you dumb uneducated retard. Yes, I have the ability to read and comprehend things. You're good at hiding it, or you're just trying to troll at this point but it's failing miserably. Unironically, end your miserable fucking life already. You're the dumbest fucking cunt I've ever talked to on this site, and I've seen my fair share of dumb retards.

I don't know what's going on in the mind of these losers but they're clearly triggered by something... The
>Belgium isn't a real country
meme mostly get used by our neighbouring countries since everyone else barely knows we exist, but they can't stop saying it every 5 seconds til the point they probably hate themselves for over-using it all the time. If you wouldn't care about a certain country, you simply don't talk about a certain country. That's usually how it works in this world, so as I said, it must be something. People are jealous about literally everything in life so I guess we have some kind of hidden treasure that they are aware of but us natives don't.

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Good to know. For a moment I thought they were sleeping there. It would break their backs and turn them into useless miners.

Lucky thing we have communism these days to keep people like you under control. I dont like commies, but if you and them die fighting each other, I will surely try to reap the profits from it.

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All i see is sexism. Get those women in there.

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so you are retarded
any immigration of scale only happened after wwI, and mostly after wwII
those people in the pic were just poor people
you do realise belgium has had a mining industry since the medieval period right

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look up the Dutroux Affair
Belgium is one fucked up place

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>wooden shoes
What in the actual fuck

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What is the point of having walls and a door if they are see through?

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Are you retarded? Do you even know the history of communism?

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Just an American.

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You're the definition of a mongoloid. The men in this picture were Italian and that's the end of this story you inbred retard. Who do you think knows more about this subject? Someone that actually lives close to these mines and knows a lot about their history, or a mouthbreathing midwit browsing /biz/ just to get political with people? I think you overestimate your intelligence Giuseppe.
The only reason you're having this discussion with me is because I called your kind subhumans, which you clearly are and you only confirmed it to the people who still had doubts about it. Now stop replying to me and go be poor somewhere else, or better yet, use /biz/ for what it was actually created in the first place.

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de woede is heerlijk
alst nog niet duidelijk genoeg was van mijn schild en vriend eerder, ik woon ook in de streek en weet de geschiedenis
dat waren arme belgen in de mijn in 1900
en als ge echt wilt doen waarvoor biz is gemaakt ga wat rubics ophemelen in plaats van blij te zijn dat er nog eens wat anders gebeurd

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Blij zijn omdat één of andere domme mongool hardnekkig blijft volhouden dat er nog geen Italianen in België verbleven voor het einde van WO2? Bij nader inzien zijt ge waarschijnlijk zelf zo een half-Italiaantje uit Limburg zeker? Hoe fucking getriggered moet ge wel ni zijn om u daar op ne zaterdagavond mee bezig te houden, jongens toch.

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Wow they're literally me

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Dude the Irish are worse than Niggers

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is fucking retarded. Atleast the chairs are top tier. Also got one for 150 with nets only. But why THE FUCK DO THESE BOSS NIGGERS PAY FUCKING 2K FOR THOSE SHITTY TABLES IF A HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE JUST COSTS 200-300.


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pot verwijt pekzwarte ketel hier hé vriendschap
gij zijt hier ook en ik zou zeggen dat ge lasterig zijt dan mij en alsof een zaterdagavond nog een betekenis heeft nu onze kutregering alle plezier heeft verboden, elke dag is zaterdag sinds thuiswerk

en ja voor WO1 waren italianen in belgie een afrondingsfout

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No idea, never spoke with 'em. That's not even the point and you know it. At the end of the day, their pigmentation still shows they're white.

Dus omda ge nimeer buiten moogt komen gade de mensen wa liggen ambeteren op 't internet? Uiteindelijk weet geen kat of da da nu 'echte' Belgen waren, of Italianen, of ne mix van... Hoogstwaarschijnlijk da laatste. Ma om nu te zeggen da er letterlijk nul Italianen in de mijnen werkte pre-WO2? Effkes serieus blijven he matsko.

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lel /cope, no blue eyes and blond hair. ngmi

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Fuck off toothpaste faggot

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pre WO1
en letterlijk 0 is natuurlijk niet te bewijzen, maar ik zei dat het merendeel van die mensen in de foto arme belgen waren en bevolkingstelling lijken dat te staven
en we zitten op fortuin, mensen ambeteren is wat iedereen hier doet

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>pre WO1
Da zijn precies toch al een honderdtal dat hier vóór 1900 waren. 't Zou dan natuurlijk juist moeten lukken da da de die op dieje foto zijn, dus 'k zal u dan toch maar gelijk geven zeker? Al wast maar voor de lieve vrede te bewaren.
>en we zitten op fortuin, mensen ambeteren is wat iedereen hier doet
Ja oké daar hebde een punt.

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we zijn hier allemaal vrienden, vriend
dat de winsten op uw strontmuntjes hoog moge zijn

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Das zeker da. En mercikes, bij u ook man.

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mooi einde

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