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Any advice? Thanks.

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Sacrifice a little and get some BAO.

And XRP just to see how it goes when SEC loses.

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5.22 Eth & 160.57 LINK > GRT

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decent portfolio u can just hold at that ratio and make it.

riskier bet but you can diversify eth into smaller cap altcoins (Defi, but only the good ones will outperform eth) or link (highly likely to outperform everything this bull run)

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needs more SNX and AAVE

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Put it all into doge coin

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All in funfair

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GRT and LTO are the most obvious 10x right now

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>Any advice?

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>needs more SNX and AAVE
This. Top DeFi coins are still a mystery to normies. Easy 10x+ on both of those by the end of the year.

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never sell......;.........
and keep accumulating until you make it

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sup frens post your Defi picks and what other protocols/lego blocks you will like to see in the ecosystem

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LINK is a top defi coin

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My defi portfolio:

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interesting what is your portfolio size, 6-7 digits?

and yet normies still dont get it. few do, actually

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Get on my level faggot

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>LINK is a top defi coin
LINK is useful for DeFi, but its usage doesn't directly correlate to the increase in total value locked. AAVE and SNX are literally doubling these values about every month and the token prices are tracking those increases.
Hold your LINK, but in the next few months, the major DeFi platforms are going to outperform it based on easy to measure values - TVL.

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my advice is to get the arpa/bella twosome for airdrops

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Newfag here, started with 70k and now I'm here. Any legitimate advice would be appreciated.

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300k. Rook is my biggest hold

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Simple, learn how decentralized finance works and make your bag go to work.

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oof, it sucks when complete normies can just pump money in.
BTC/ETH/LINK is the ultimate normie pack

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Start transitioning from shit coins to top 20 coins. You don't need a 100x return anymore. Focus on getting a 10x from where you are with a lot less risky shit in that portfolio.

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go all in on Link

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outstanding advice. just hold, dont fucking move man. aave, link, dot even. just relax and wait. its boring, but the 10X will come dude and youll make it.

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Thanks for the advice. I'm buying a house soon - and gonna start putting in 3k a month into crypto in the top 20. Are there any specific you personally recommend


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LINK/ETH as standard picks

snx: synthetic assets
aave: lending
sushi: dex

likely keep LINK/ETH as majority and 1-2 Defi picks at most, concentrate the bets that are safer and a bit slower to moon

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Holy fuck anon turn all of that into ETH and BTC you're gonna give me a second hand heart attack


Also based

R8 me friends I am aiming for ~$2m total by end of 2021

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My portfolio is over 3 million so I try to be conservative. It's mostly in ETH (because I have held it for years), but I also hold BTC, DOT, ADA, and AAVE. That gives me good exposure to the leading smart contract platform, two promising ETH rivals in the top 10, and one of the best DeFi coins. I think AAVE and SNX are headed for top 10 positions in the new few months.

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i hold 100% link (not planning to sell) you think its a good idea to deposit as collateral to borrow snx/aave as a leveraged bet?

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I think OMG is a dead coin walking, anon. Rollups are more likely than plasma to be the near term scaling solution, and with the company having been sold recently, I don't see much point in holding it. I held OMG for several years and finally ditched it in December. I think you would also be helping yourself by moving some of the balance from your smaller caps into AAVE or SNX.

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What do you think of AVAX?

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convert your link to ETH for 3 days and then convert back into LINK

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I fomo'd into OMG @ $4.5 so I'm just waiting to flip it at like $6-7, then I'm planning on dumping my winnings from that into another low/mid cap coin (thinking AVAX as per my last reply)

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If you're not selling to avoid realizing a capital gain for tax purposes, I understand, but if I were all in one coin, it would make me nervous. I'm not comfortable enough yet with DeFi borrowing to offer an opinion on that strat.

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>What do you think of AVAX?
I would buy some if it were on any of the exchanges I use, but I'm not interested enough to open a new account to buy it. The problem it has, imo, is that it's not just competing to get mind share/developers from ETH, it's also competing with ADA and DOT which have much more visibility and momentum.

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>I'm just waiting to flip it at like $6-7
That sounds like a good plan.

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I do think DOT has its merits, but AVAX's confirmation times are insane for the industry if they pan out... 2-3 seconds is VISA compliant.

Then again maybe DOT is the better choice bc it can integrate AVAX and ETH? Idk... Good thoughts though thanks for the input

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It's basically perfect what would you change? Maybe add LTC and another shitcoin like GRT?

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First advice is to use a readable font.
Second is to ditch most of those shitcoins and focus on a few if you don't wanna dump into BTC, ETH, LTC, or LINK. I'd focus GRT and maybe PRQ. Never even heard of the others.

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Rate please. Was just BTC/ETH/LINK, but sold some BTC/ETH cause BADGER and DIGG looked too juicy to pass up.

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Badger and digg look sketch to me but to each their own I guess.

>15m or so volume
>Only on uniswap
>Shit circulating to total supply ratio

Personally I'd sell both into ETH but I'm more risk adverse now that I broke $250k.

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DOT gets people interested, then they upgrade to AVAX

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No balls no glory

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Yeah I’m mainly going off the TVL to
Mcap ratio potential for badger and the interesting rebasing experiment with digg. Definitely going to move shit back into the big 3 at some point, figured I could try to catch a big defi pump before the market cycles over.

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nice man, fine choices and semi-inspirational

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