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$1000 when?

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Almost gave me a heart attack

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Can't believe I didn't buy the dip at $100. I should fucking kill myself

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It's going up, still. It's not too late

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Best most underrated coin

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That was exciting. If I see near $250 I'm getting some more of them.

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$1k is inevitable. This will be a top 5 coin, I promise.

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this chart doesnt lie been steady going up for over 3 months

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theres 4bn liquidity and a product

this is unironically the comfiest make it project in crypto

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I just FOMOed into it too I really hope this pays off. Took all of my money out of XLM for this.

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It'll 2x by middle of week.

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Unironically my portfolio is only AAVE, UNI and SNX plus some HBAR I'm holding long just for shits and giggles. I traded everything else I had into AAVE a while back and I have no regrets.

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I actually contemplated selling this at $30

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ive got some XLM because it was the first ever alt I bought years ago, and made some money out of it, but if I had to take a project for the next 10 years AAVE will certainly be it, ive been bagholding since it was ethlend in 2017 and never selling

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I've been looking at AAVE since it was under 100$ in december and I feel like a dumbass for not going in on it. I was chasing shitcoins like GRT, XRP, XLM.

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Get rid of shit like XRP and XLM. It's obvious that new top 10 will be only DeFi.
Everything else will die.

My portfolio is SNX, AAVE, LINK, ETH.
I'll be buying all dips

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You are right because all I have been doing is gaining and losing, only caught a real gain of GRT. I'm just going to keep investing into AAVE because it has simply proven itself by the charts.

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This. wgmi

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I used to have 40% of my folio in btc an eth
now I keep selling them to buy more aave snx and link

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i did, then bought back at like 47, thank god

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1k is a guarantee. Once alt season truly begins, 5k is on the table, even close to 10k. The supply is just too sexy.

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What's the suicide stack/make it stack?

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Man this shit is fucking unstoppable

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I should have bought a lot more, fuck

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people paying several hundred % APR to short it. if they get squeezed it’s straight to $300

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$300 waiting room

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Who the fuck shorts AAVE lmao

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I don't feel bad for them.

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I have 25 ghosties, will I make it??

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i did.... fomo'd in at 100

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How does 50K sound?

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Ranked 14th as of now. Will overtake wrapped bitcoin in a few hours.

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Top 10 by March
Ive been saying it for weeks now

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not enough

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I have 1 lol

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I was a nocoiner until yesterday and bought 12 of these badbois because I liked the logo lol.

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DCA yourself until you have a bag. It's skyrocketing right now.

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I think I'll do that anon, cheers

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Bight at $110
Gonna make it /biz/ bros

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Meme into reality. Use old pac man pics to start.

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whats the chance of AAVE hitting $10,000?

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No joke. My mom actually tried to buy some crypto like 5 years ago and couldn't really figure it out. And then she found she had like $90 in BTC and $40 in ETH just sitting out on Coinbase. A few days ago when stuff was crashing and it AAVE was around $150 I texted her and told her to go swap everything + $20 for 1 AAVE. Now she thinks I'm a crypto god lol.

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Man I used to have like a million of these in 2017. Then I had like 30k of them back in August but sold right before the pump.

What was the conversion of lend to save? Like 40:1?

I thought about buying in on the massive drop on the conversion but there was too much fud about developers minting themselves like 30% of the supply.

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it was 100:1

tfw had 150k lend and sold at $40 after buying lend at $.05. please fucking kill me

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Just buy more when it dips. All alts will dip because BTC will take a shit soon to $24k

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that wouldve been 300 AAVE today at 100:1 swap. Worth about 80-90k.


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FUCK IT. Just fomo'd. This is one of the safest yet best performing tokens for months. Sold my UNN stack for a little over 11 AAVE. Not a ton but it is what it is.

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my grandpa had a saying that applies to the crypto markets
"you can't kiss all the fair maidens"
so many missed opportunities, how could one possibly snag them all
there's a point where I just have to focus on a few that I'm into and ignore the rest cuz there will always be that random shitcoin that moons and will make me want to fomo in irrationally

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I haven't been following AAVE in particular, why the moon today?

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I was feeling bad about only having 24 AAVE, then had to remind myself I only had 9 two weeks ago
It will never be enough anon

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Big boy players discovered AAVE

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fuck, this makes me feel better about only having 35, I bought 3600 with it was LEND (2017) and dirt cheap, completely forgot about it for years, logged into kucoin and saw 35 the other week, just been watching it grow and grow. Wondering how high this can actually go

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BZX will make AAVE aavbsolete ! AAVE will go to 0 and BZX to $100. You have been warned.

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your grandpa is a wise man.
20 AAVE here, bought at around $0.20 when it was still LEND.
My only problem is that i didn't buy more
AAVE, LINK & ETH are my main holds

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I could consolidate some other shitcoins and buy more but I like to stay a little diversified.

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Can you guys slow down and let eth catch up, I'm losing too much aave to Impermanent loss

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Oh, shit.

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Ah so it's a pump and dump, gotcha

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>i like to stay a little poor

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Odd's are actually breddy gud. All it would take is for most of the people that 'tether up during a downturn or a bull market, to realize that they should send those stable coins to AAVE for ridiculous apy returns. Then, repating the cycle. But this time you park some of your profits in stablecoins on AVEE. In theory AAVE could overtake Bitcoin.

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Yes but the dump part is missing..
AAVE will just keep flying with a little correction here and there

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Kek, I wish I bought that dip. The way I see it though, is that it's never too late to buy into AAVE.

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Bzx tards, remember them fudin aave back in the day 3 hacks ago

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My guess is people are starting to realize how much money they can make using it with stablecoins.


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I wish I bought this when it was .77 cents in 2018 with lend baka

it's done a 400x almost when you remove 100x for the aave token ofc

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*Bear Market
I see AAVE as the coin and platform that is the most impervious to any future crashes. That's the genius of it.

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Bancor. No impermanent loss.. I'm in the aave pool myself

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I’m literally crying because I missed out on this.

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#2 in defi, less than a billion from #1 maker
I bet financial institutions will want some of this, They will have to adapt and get in on the future of finance or become irrelevant, which mean huge gains for us.
What a time to be alive

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From where does aave token gets its value? It's not used as collateral or debt like synthetix. You can stake to make it work as aave emergency reserve if something happens but is there nything else? Perhaps a dumb question but I didn't find out the answer from their tokenomics.

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same here anon. i bought AAVE back when it was LEND and sold too early. how do you cope with missed opportunities like this bros?

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keep em comming

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ohh shit what have you done

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Not sure, but what is eAAVE?

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Also, 18,000,000 Total Supply

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bros, can someone sell their stack so I can get in? I was sick and couldn't make it in the last few.

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Dumped 10 for profit boys

Got 500 more so no biggy my next 5% target is 450 cya there in 1m

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powerful trips

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Take that profit and put it up on AAVE for 10% APY lol

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Literally shoved in 15% usdc pool on aave v2 LMFAO

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If it was a pump and dump he wouldn't have removed it from the exchange

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Same. I bought bzrx instead of this. JFC

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No cry... just DCA yourself back in and buy the dips. It's still early for AAVE. Sure, you missed the initial moonshot, but there's a lot of growth left in it.

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I don't know why this board is so fucking obsessed by LINK. AAVE has outperformed LINK so much

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SNX might pull an AAVE

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Based and superior IQ-pilled. Kek

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why did I long ltc instead of this

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I think at this point they are both destined for glory. My intuition says the the mountain jews behind SNX may be a bit too late to the ball. I wish them luck otherwise.

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same. same. could have bought 100 aave bought 50 ltc instead FUCK.

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Imagine the smell

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When the fuck are they gonna move my v1 loan to v2?

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Imagine the amount of victims they'll go on to create.

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Already going back down, wtf

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Dips are for buying. Be grateful

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I hope so. I missed the boat on LINK because I wasn't into crypto back then.

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