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Are women even worth chasing once you make it?

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>chasing girl named Janie

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Why would you text that shit to a woman? Of course she won't respect you. Women are for rape, that's it.

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Jus b urself and women will love you. After all, it's about your character, r-r-right?

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i would tell her its my world bitch i better not see you with another nigga *whips off belt*

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woman chase you.
Mountain comes to mohammed once you learn patience and discover self-worth.
You don't even need money

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>N janie

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Not for rape, but for domination.
Yeah, you need to avoid writing gay shit to women, they will rightfully treat you as a subhuman.

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Janie isn’t wrong in this instance. That man needs to find some self-respect. Imagine thinking of yourself so poorly.

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Once you have money you can literally have hordes of women to pick from

Why settle for one? There’re all whores anyway

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She’s right

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honestly, I kinda agree with her here. Stop putting us into a pedestal and just treat us normally maybe? Otherwise it’s totally your fault if she sleeps with someone else sooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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An attention starved vapid whore who can't keep her legs closed much less keep her cleavage under wraps? No.

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I made this Pepe

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5/10 for effort.

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yeah doing gAY shit like this instead of just casually dropping ‘love you girl’ every now and then is a major cringe signal

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Not today trantran

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not gonna lie, she is right shit is pretty gay

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You’ll never be

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She shouldn’t want to cheat either, you are right

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>be a woman
>never be accountable for anything ever
man that golden v must be a sweet deal

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I mean... she's not wrong. Treat them like shit, they love it

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It is a pretty cringy statement. I don't mind a guy being sweet but it's a problem if he is just endlessly simping. I'd probably not date a guy like that in the first places

>beta simps

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>reinforcing womens biological solipsism

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totally untrue, women make more money than men actually. Besides, it’s confidence that’s attractive, not wealth...

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Date fat chicks

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You want some honest advice?

Treat them like dirt and they stick to you like mud regardless if you made it or not.

Also what fuckin cuck ayylmao

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>get in relationship
>guy sends you cute message, shows affection, does other shit that probably feels a bit weird to him to show he cares about more than your pussy
>think i'm finna cheat on his ass
fuck off femanon. i hope all your shitcoins dump and you stay poor

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If you don't treat everyone you inte4act with like they're a mentally retarded child because you know you're better than them you're NGMI


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>guy sends you cute message,

that message isn't cute it's simpy and dumb. if a guy texted me something like "just thinking about you :)" it would make me smile

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Who could unironically date someone called Jannie?

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If you have truly made it, women will be chasing you.

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Do you want a family? Do you think you can find a woman who would be a good mother to your children? Are you capable of supporting said family? If you can answer yes to all of those questions, then yeah.

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Keep dreaming you faggot simp beta. There are more millionaires/billionaires per capita men then there are women. He clearly said "once you have money...." maybe to your broke ass $70k is "money" but to me he's talking about Millions and yes at that point all women are whores and you can have a horde yourself you simp beta cuck faggot. Kek.

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>Are women even worth

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it isn't simping if it's your girlfriend you imbecile. next you'll tell me saying i love you to your wife is simpy

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saying i love u is one thing its another when you tell her you are just living in it. That shit is pretty weak

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Lol look at this beta cuck

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Fuck Janie

also, don't take any woman seriously unless she's literally a 1 in a mil trade wife w/o daddy issues

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If you have truly made it your gf will beg you to let her lick your asshole

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>treating a woman who's slept with multiple men like a princess
99.9% of women are incapable of feeling intimacy.

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>chase girls
>not making them chase after you


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All women are whores, only girls are precious

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>making girls chase after you
>not being so beautiful and charismatic that they chase after you even with 0 effort on your part
It's over bro

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>thinks it's a-okay for his gf to cheat on him if he says she's wonderful
and I'M the cuck? Enjoy (You)r cheating girlfriend fag

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go back to wherever the fuck you came from

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the point is don't be a cuck and submit to women
fucking fag detected

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>don't fuck w*men, that'd be gay

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yea you're a cuck for wanting to be a cutesy affectionate bf. Girls dont even want that, theyre literally repulsed by it, so you're acting like a fag solely for your own self gratification.

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>get rich
>get fit
>get an outgoing hobby
>do some plastic surgery if necessary

problem solved.

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If you play your cards right they chase you
Also. Be a man not a fag like that guy

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*cracks your lip with belt for talkin*

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If you wouldn't snap your gf's neck without a moment of hesitation the moment you found out she got fucked by another man she can smell your weakness and does not respect you

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you wanna hear a true story anon?
>have gf for 3 years
>never do any cutesy shit
>she cheats on me and I leave her
>get new gf
>she tells me to do cutesy shit
>still with her 6 years later
it's almost like different people want different things anon. unbelievable, right?

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I made that pepe

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RULE 1: Always show such true love to the girl with such statements that put her as #1 on a pedestal. If she reacts badly and wants to be treated "bad" simply explain to her that she should go date niggers and druggies that would beat her every day and break her teeth.

How MENTALLY DAMAGED do you have to be to be told that you are the best in his world and not find it romantic?

I do shit like that and I am in a happy engagement. But i am deadly jealous and would never tolerate my woman giving any attention to other men. And so is she towards me. I regularly tell her she is my goddess and i would do anything for her, including if someone gives her trouble to wait for him int he dark and stab him 10 times.

I have..money, a good job, a paid off villa pretty much, a car and an apartment.
Cunts like you can go date niggers that punch them in the face and scream at them.

You will never experience someone loving you enough to kill for you
you will never experience love
you will never own a worthy man and live in a villa together

you will always be a damaged whore with NOTHING to offer.

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>2 pussies in 9 years
of course

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Nigga they want someone to admire, not some pussy that submits to them for no reason

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stfu why is this board getting raided by so many morons now? Even the pajeets are more bearable

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Girls like it if you cuck for them if they're insecure and think you might leave them.

in other words your gf is ugly and/or fat.

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Why are roastoids like this bros?

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My current woman and wife of 5 years supported me early on in my career, and has been supporting me again in the past three years or so.

She's definitely worth it.

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it’s my fault really expecting a decent discussion regarding the income of men and women. You just lost a new member to this site.

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That text is absolute turbocringe though.

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I am the best person in the world, I'm a living god. It would insult me for my gf to tell me something that is obvious. I do not care what she thinks about me, she is human, I am a GOD

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>implying I didn't have sex between the two
there was a year between the first gf and the second. how the fuck do you think i met her anon? certainly not by sitting here beating off on a chinese tapestry forum

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you're just mad cuz u didnt make that pepe

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She wants to slob on Chad's knob but since she knows he probably won't settle for her she wants to keep you on the backburner.

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No. I'm being surgically changed back into a child once I made it.

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>you just lose a new member to this site

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Women are property

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the most based thing I've read by a woman in ages

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Post tits with timestamp

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From my personal experience having wealth makes one not give a fuck, and not giving a fuck about what others think is what some people perceive to be "confidence".

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You have to treat women like they're disposable

>> No.26499581

Gentiles are property

>> No.26499614

I like it when guys are a mix of sweet and rough... Too much sweetness is just gross.

>> No.26499629

>Get thrown out by your property 109 times

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The ends justify the means, we'll win in the end

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She is unironically right, and no you shouldnt treat women like shit, but they want to date a man not another woman

>> No.26499688

Why would you want to "date" a woman like that though?

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I don’t do that gay shit,

Whenever my girlfriend messes with me i shove her out of my bed onto the floor then joke that’s what she should expect

She’s tried shit testing me several times and in response I “jokingly “ said I’d put her through the drywall or kick her out and make her walk to her parents house in the dead of winter

Fastforward a year later she doesn’t bitch or argue with me, just usually sleeps on my stomach facing my dick and massages my balls for me when we get ready for sleep every night, feels nice. Now she’s talking about having my kids but at 23 I’m not sure if I’m financially ready just yet since I’m only now hitting low six figures on my robinhood account

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post the /lit/ edit

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based OC maker

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Because he's low test. Real men want teenage girls.

>> No.26499741

I know nothing about her, but she really didnt say anything wrong there, she cant stay with a man like that its totally normal

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Franky, you shouldn't do that shit too often either. She should never take you for granted. Make her earn an 'I love you' and you'll hear it from her everyday

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Well I don't know about the second part, But the first part is right. Some of us have to learn the hard way though that women don't actually like gay shit like our mothers taught us. I got taught by my mom to treat women wonderfully, tell them all this gay shit, etc. etc. and I did, and it never worked out for me. Then I actively started treating women like shit, and I got more attention than ever before. Now I def went too far, it's about finding a balance I've learned. But you know what's crazy? My mom recently was talking about her dating history in her life, how when she was in her 20's she was dating this multimillionaire, who she said she thought he was a great person and would have made a great husband...and yet she broke up with him. Why? "He was...too nice. He was too safe. I wanted more".

I desperately wish that women would be honest. I wouldn't have wasted so many years being a faggot towards women.

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>Are women even worth chasing once you make it?
Depends on what you want to do.

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Post tits with timestamp

>> No.26499845

Nah nigga u ain’t gonna have no test when civilization collapses and we lynch all you pedophiles.

t. 1030 t score as of November

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>Stop putting us into a pedestal
If I could put you INTO a pedestal, then we could all just take turns fucking you, and disregard women entirely.

I'll give some women on here some advice.
NEVER EVER let your husband leave the house without his balls DRAINED.

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How big is your dick

no homo

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Women aren't worth chasing ever.

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Civilization will never collapse. I will force you into a wage cage and you will eat ze bugs.
t Schlomo goldberg, destroyer of worlds

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Only 7, wish that played a factor but the main differences I’ve noticed after starting to pin test were that I only need 4/5 hours of sleep, huge appetite and increased physical performance

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Post pics of mom's tits

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No woman is worth chasing.
You should try wooing

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woooo these nuts gay boy

>> No.26500072

Yeah it's a bit cringy, it just seems like she's overly judgemental

>> No.26500083

>Kisses Anon's left nut
Do you feel better now, Anon?

>> No.26500097

I’m physically in a wage cage rn on the night shift but I do it so I can afford some nice bison steaks and more stocks

Mmm tasty

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based women, that is gay af

>> No.26500301

Yes, but now my right now feels a little dry.
Everyone knows that dry balls are uncomfortable

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Men never say "I love you" to their women, only aspergers maladapted morons do.
When my woman asks me if I love her I say "Yuh?"

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I need someone to take care of me and my domain, also give good genes to my offspring.

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We were all lied to be everyone from our mothers to our teachers to our cultural icons about how to treat women, once you hit about 30 you stop giving a shit and women respect men who don’t respect them, it’s the weirdest shit, but I guess why would they respect a man who grovels at their feet either? Life is weird, man.

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>ever wanting a 3dpd whore
>ever getting married to a 3dpd whore

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Ok, let's apply some Bengay to alleviate the dryness

>> No.26500441

It's not the 1950's
That's not happening anymore.

>someone to take care of me and my domain
Your mom

>also give good genes to my offspring.
Artificial insemination and surrogacy.

>but I want to have sex
buy a hooker, or fuck 20 year olds.
They are all dumb as bricks and will fuck any 30 yr old who looks like they have an ok paycheck

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You will eat ze bugs when one pound of meat costs $10k

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Oh no! Please don't leave!

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>"He was...too nice. He was too safe. I wanted more"
Your mother is a nothing but another hole.

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I had this girl drunk off my fucking dick,
and after I texted her 'I care about you' her whole demeanor changed.

its such a hard game. You have to make them feel like you respect them as an individual while not giving a fuck.
its the not giving a fuck thats the hard part.

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I'm Jewish, have you tried being Jewish?

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>You will never experience someone loving you enough to kill for you
ngmi, You both have a fucked up mindset.

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