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How do we address the /biz/-question? What can be done so that /biz/ stops being a steaming pile of shit?
pic slightly related

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Also go back

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you had 3 years

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This, unironically.

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Bitcoin crashes and it goes back to a bear market. Only then can actual discussion take place.

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>I made another reddit thread
is this a raid? what's going on?
why so many reddit faggot threads the last few days?

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because wsb is actually better than biz now. Reddit is still shit scum platform but wsb is making waves

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yeah pretty much
I still despise reddit as a whole but wsb is getting better and better while biz gets worse and worse

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sadly enough its very true

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that would be pretty good

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Getting rid of pajeet scams like RBC and focusing on finding the real 50-100x future projects, then shill the fuck out of them until big investors start to buy our bags.

What /biz/ needs to do is cooperate more in shilling our coins to a bigger audience. This board shouldn't be a bunch of autists scamming eachother, but a bunch of autists shilling the coins they bought for cheap to influencers, rich fags, youtubers and a bunch of other human beings with significant money to spare

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flags. literally just flags. it's so fucking easy

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I'm not sure if flags will just result in /biz/ becoming /pol/, with slurs being thrown around in every thread based on the flags which ultimately would make biz utterly unusable

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>make biz utterly unusable
this board is already unusable

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You niggers need to go back and stay there

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Basically we need to cooperate in outjewing the jews, and we can only do this by buying low and shilling hard. I'm thinking that we should do regular threads with meme templates so we have ammunition for future shilling.

Being anonymous and being able to write literally anything about any coin is a HUGE thing that we can use to our advantage. If we combine shilling here with shilling on other social media platforms somehow then we can all make it, bizbros

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just fuck off already, you're part of the problem

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this. for the time being, enjoy the shitshow

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faggot, just because you can't see it doesnt mean it isnt true. I fucking love biz but man its so shit now that even reddit is doing better than us

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>wsb is actually better than biz now
ah yes please leave then now preferably

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There is only one thing to fix biz. Quality control and moderation. Wsb does that to prefection.

1) Ban all ips originating from India, east asia
2) if the above is too autist, then mods should moderate shilling.

This alone will elevate the conversations exponentially.

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dumb nigger doesnt see that shitty board is getting showed by a bunch of nerds from reddit lmao its hilarious

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soooo chainlink?

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>Ban all ips originating from India, east asia
you forgot turkey, africa, russia

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flags would be good

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set up filters and you're good.
Pajeets are healthy for /biz/. They keep the normies away - it's not hard to spot scams and rugs if you've been here longer than a couple of months.

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If you think reddit is better why don't you fags go back to it?

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Redditors larping as anons are easier to spot than glowniggers

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Well, link is already a thing, pretty sure most biztards have some.

I have small to medium bags from a bunch of small coins that were shilled around here, like STA, LOCK, XIO, FLASH, JRT, SWAP, AXN and others. So I just check the board now and then and if people post stuff about them I get onboard

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Get a designated /cry/ board for crypto so /biz/ can breath again

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because reddit is shit but wsb is better than biz. yall blind faggots circle jerking yourselves like fucking faggots

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Ya know what in a way yeah you should keep shilling it that way the retards leave for wsb...

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Yea it's gone down hill here for a while now, I'm not sure if most of the OGs are even here anymore

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Biz was on the GME squeeze crumbs since fucking February last year.

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/biz/ is actually great and working as intended. The scams and ironic fud is filtering people like you away. Go to wsb they're market gods and you'll make money.

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Make a discord for this purpose and post it here

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FREE 450$ FARM AIRDROP, Coinbase listing soon! This will 4x at the least.


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>reddit is doing better than us
most of /biz/ bought link at $0.2 - $0.5 and is sitting comfy riding this thing to 1k. But you are right nubiz is shit right now.

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Eventually these retards will realize crypto is better for making money, since boomers can't just "shut it down" when the price goes up too fast. Soon all these fags will be on uniswap. That is when we exit.

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GME up 20% while my DAO play (which I will not name) is up 60%
the difference here is that defi trades 24/7 and on the weekend lmao
reddit is just a bunch of plebs

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We need to kill the pajeets and the stingy jews who took over this doomed place

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The truth is that you should use both and play around with crypto and trad markets. /biz/ is full of misanthropes and people who hate humanity; fucking nigger sociopaths and autists who are LE BASED and won't hesitate to fuck you over by shilling you garbage to pump your bags. Reddit is libcuck central but they have the illusion of caring about each other for social validation.

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Considering how Hiro has been setting up v boards, it's a great idea in comparison.

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that we still don't have flags show that the owners get paid of by the shill groups
and the jannies they still do it all for free tho

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Why tf do you want to change biz to be more like Reddit?? Am I the only one seeing how retarded op & this thread is??

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All coins that have been actively shilled on /biz/ have done a 10-100x this month. I don't know the fuck you're on aboat, this is a gold mine. And no I'm not a newfag, I've been here since the board was created.

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Fuck these reddit fags

Go home

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For one, /biz/ needs to get together and have consensus on what we're going to meme into existence next. We saw what we did with $LINK. Some anon is trying to get a whole bunch of us to meme the shit out of Nokia stock and unload on reddit plebs to once and for all BTFO them out of existence. We'll let reddit take the blame and get /r/wallstreetbets shut down once the SEC shits furry on them


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becoming more like reddit is a good thing when the 4chan side is /biz/ and the reddit side is /r/wsb

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I don't want biz to be more like reddit, where the fuck did you read that?
I want to unshit biz, you double digit IQ ape

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Quads of truth!

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except XRP

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