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LTO Network is a hybrid blockchain focused on business.
It’s the backend platform for any system or application to integrate with.
The unique architecture makes it GDPR compliant and extremely scalable.

Usecases vary from:
- Anchoring existing systems for data integrity
- exchanging data on processes that run between organizations in an efficient and secure way
- and soon digital identification of individuals and your companies when doing business online. (defi for business)

With a focus on partners that build domain specific applications, like in education, healthcare, and the government.
Those partners sell their applications to B2C, B2B, but also Government2Citizen.

>50% circ. supply staked. Staking rewards paid by clients.
>Deflationary supply. 0.1 LTO burn each transaction.
>Big partners include IBM, UN, AIRBUS, Dutch & Euro gov bodies

>Q4 2020 report

LTO recently just released the technical roadmap:
* More details around LTO Network 3.0
* DID (Decentralized Identity) solution for businesses (business passports)
* A lot of Major partnerships with both crypto projects as well as traditional corporates and companies
* Even more use cases going live in 2021

>Use cases:
>Staking and leasing:
https://twitter.com/Theltonetwork (new one)
>2021 digital identities



>/biz/ LTO Node - 99% weekly payout
Lease to address: 3JkihPXS5iPs8xDKcFQmhR8TVcAmDRUZpyx (also on website)


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when the bull run ends im going all in LTO

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Not a bad idea fren, LTO has the ability to perfrom in bear market like link

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Bought another stack during the dip

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hahhhahaha another thread? dont u know that this scam has been exposed? the vaporware scam with no customers, no usecase. It does nothing, it solves nothing. its almsot FTM tier curry stink. no one will use this. Radix is a supperrior solution to L2 and L3. give it up Kashmir Indian scammer stink

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Buy signal.

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20k stack leasing to LTO Node gonna swap some to /biz/ Node.

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/biz/ node?

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confirmed gay retard. go back to your jubic threads which is currently dumping

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Check bottom of OP.
We made a 99% payout node for us

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how else do people feel about the project.

i saw another anon all in with 80,000, which is madness

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10k LTO is a minimum to have. No-brainer top 20 coin

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500 000 LTO here

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Based thread.
This is a long hold no pump and dumps here long stable solid climb imo

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Anon, I saw an older fag put 150k usd from stock dividends straight into LTO, making a big green dildo for everyone to mire.
He's made it with btc back in the day and an absolute LTO whale at this point.
And that's only his stock dividends, diamond hands

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im stuck on a moon right now. i want to pick my next project soon. anything that isn't a SERIOUS defi is a meme to me right now. i need to pick something. im going to look into lto some more.

if i cannot envision it, im going to be forced to join the DOT network.

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Saved pic.

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Lto is doing digital ids in 2021 ,
kyc for individuals and businesses doing defi.
It's the roadmap for this year, might be big

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Heres similar that contains all my main holds if youre interested

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wth, y are we dumping ltobros

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The top 3 + great alt pick. You're gonna make it fren

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Because everything is dumping.

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>dont u know that this scam has been exposed? the vaporware scam with no customers, no usecase. It does nothing, it solves nothing. its almsot FTM tier curry stink. no one will use this. Radix is a supperrior solution to L2 and L3. give it up Kashmir Indian scammer stink

It's been 3 weeks since we broke 20 cents, we're holding decently.
Hehe give my boy.. elto some time

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true. higher lows

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This is price action from when UN news broke out in November.
Topped at 15, consolidated at 10.
Now we top 25-27 consolidate at 20.

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Slight oversell but the good thing is that the amount leased or staked is at all time high.
Everyone is in it for long term

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First time daily txs have crossed 100k!

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holy fuck lads its happening

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Looks like another discord tranny shilling a coin that has 20x already... $0.01 in Jan 2019.

Not buying your bags, faggot.

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