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How do I calculate it?
Should I sell at $999 since everyone wants to sell at $1000? Or put higher? I feel like enough people will sell after that where a $5000 sell price wouldn't fill.

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just don't let this happen and you'll be good anon.


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if you never sell the reward will be much better

ie, seeing bankers lined up against some walls


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if you sell below $1000 then you're a fucking nigger kike faggot.

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It’s never getting past 500. Gamestop will not be worth more than ford motor company

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>selling the future global reserve currency

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If you are making rational predictions in the current year, you are incredibly irrational.

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>Tesla will not be worth more than ford motor company

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do you knot understand what is happening here? or are you the kike thats pushing the $420 meme

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I don't think many would even buy it past 500 if they thought it would sell at 1k. Most people plan to sell on Friday right?

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You wouldn't buy something at 500 and sell at 600?

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What do you think about binary platforms? Do you know any good one on the blockchain? Found Baexdefi (#baex), a lot of tools, fiat, crypto, stock indices. I'm interested in their referral program, looks like a good option to get passive income for your wallet. blockchain open-source code can be safe imo

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It’s funny how obvious the bots are when everyone shuts up about crypto for a few minutes.

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A big issue is whether the Chinese investors have become aware of the spectacular GameStop short squeeze, now that the online press is talking about it. The Chinese investor is the world's biggest gambler. If they see GME doubling again in America they may pile in en masse, and even our predictions of price glory may be exceeded.

Can any Chinese speakers hre say whether GME has hit the news in China yet?

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