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I just bough 50 GBP worth of Dogecoin on binance. Being a dumbass I just did it to get in on a meme squeeze. Is there anything I can do with this? When do I want to sell it and where?

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How do I sell crypto into real cash? I can't find an option for it and I'm a total scrub

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You need to swap it into a cash currency again. Exactly the same you did to buy DOGE from cash.
Then you can withdraw into a bank account. Glad you made profit

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I don't know where to do that, lol. If you're trolling me I probably deserve it for being a little bitch yes

But help ;_;

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oh i can't put doge into gbp but i can put btc into it.

when it's time to cash out, do i put doge into btc then trade that into gbp?

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im an ex pro sf play

i can shimmy and do frame traps and crazy shit all day

i am too dumb for this

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my amount of doge is below the minimum value im allowed to trade for BTC

should i just wait to see if this gets big enough to surpass BTC so the minimum decreases? or

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dont convert it, sell it for btc/usdt/busd

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i sold it for btc, it has 'open orders.' i just wait and dont cancel right

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i made... an astonishing... 3 quid. my soul hurts

but at least i learnt a bit about how this all works

thank you for handholding my dumb ass

enjoy ass for gratitude

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I mean, you bought it and sold it in 40 minutes, what did you expect

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the value was going down

do you think it'll climb again

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i still didn't decide to buy in, i missed the two dips while having dinner. feels bad

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is the purpose to know when the dip is happening then sell before the dip finishes falling so you profit

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wouldnt it be amazing if I knew when the dips are gonna happen?

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im a new boy

im cool and white

teach me all you know

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what the fuck is that, namefag? here we all

not cool

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i learn

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My first crypto I've ever bought was doge at .012 this morning. Typically I just hang out in the work from home thread each day. But today I decided I wanted to make memes real.

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Good Boy Points?

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im trying to sell my btc 53 quid back into dogecoin and holding it

the trade is taking a while ;_; is this dependent on people needing it

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market sell/buy at whatever price you like

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heeelp im trying to buy doge with btc but the trade isn't working, it's taking aaaages

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should i make what im trying to buy with the same amount less if i want to get it earlier?

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it's rejecting because the price is fluctuating, try to buy like 90%

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this game isn't for you

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okay im in

damn you're a bro

how did that even work, what did buying 90% mean

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ill hold to the end!!!

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if you try to spend all your btc at once, but doge price goes up, you wont have enough btc to pay, so rejected

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HAHA what the fuck, i HAVE even less doge than before but it's skyrocketing

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4 hours ago
And please turn off that rig. The difference between btc and dodge is scarcity. BTC is designed to have limited supply, dodge is designed to mine coins abundantly so we have to artificially create scarcity by reducing the rate of mining. Turn off the rigs!


Give Award

what does this ledditor mean

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you dont mine. no more supply. demand keeps going up. price keeps going up.

come on this is high school shit dude

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>To protect your account, your trade will not be proceeded.

Also I'm guessing credit cards were a bad idea for this. I could purchase earlier but Binance is refusing and I want to buy on the dip, so rip

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Any Bitcoin related transactions is dog shit slow. That’s why Bitcoin fucking sucks

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And that's why I said try busd/usdt

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as in, buy those with my card first and then convert into dogecoin?

!!! ooooh

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Just buy usdt and then change.

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you cannot deposit usdt if your currency is gbp.
it needs to be
gbp-usdt-doge to deposit
doge-usdt-gbp to withdraw

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ok i get that but hwat do you mean by 'deposit usdt'

i get exactly what yu mean by needing to do that to get funds or give funds but I don't get the first line of what so well anyway, so it's probably not important, but yeah

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OH, I can't buy usdt directly you mean. OK!! yeah i gt it

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Or I don't? Wait, so, if I follow the other anon, I buy usdt and then convert to doge if I want it? Or do you mean I have to deposit gbp into my account anyway first to get usdt?

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bud, imma be honest here


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What currency do you have in your bank account?
Waht currency can you deposit into binance?
What currency can you withdraw back into your bank account?
What currency do you use to buy and sell doge?

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When I’m using Binance to deposit it says I have to enable international transactions how do I do that

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please kil me now, if this reaches 1 dollar I'm gonna regret my fucking old me who decided it was a good idea to sell it after holding for years only to recover some dirty 136 eur

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I literally can't get into Kraken, can't even verify my account if I could, and now RH won't even let me fucking buy any
I hate this world and I hate the jews

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I’ve never bought crypto but should I put 50 on Doge right now? Idk what the hell im doing

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i converted btc into doge instead. 5000 coins rn!! ill be excited when it's withdrawal time

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im holding

5000 coins bby

if this gets to 1 dollar i get 5000 !!

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Concentrate on the test on Tuesday first faggot

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spoonfeed me daddy what's happening on tuesday?

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he was implying im smol

he is right but not that smol or that kind of smol

tl;dr saying im underaged banned, but im not

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omg im such a retard, defeated by a 5th grader
aight time to go

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how were you defeated, anon?

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my stoned ass didn't get the joke until you explained it. i thought he meant something was gonna test DOGE on Tuesday.

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This is the most underaged thread I've seen in a minute

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I'm pretty smart and was even when I dropped out of middle school (...more than a decade ago), Anon. Not having concrete concepts wired in your head doesn't say anything about how adaptable you are

I think I learnt pretty quickly for babbies first financial lesson. I appreciate you spoonfeeding me, bru. All the best!

I just convert this to Good Boy Points and have it sent to my bank when it's worth more, correct?

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im a bum, not a kid, np

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that's the concept

only hold this one for a minute, try not to panic sell just yet, it's got more potential

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Memecoins aren't going anywhere this Reddit exodus and this thread has proved that now GET OUT

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im holding forever

ur shilling me ;_;

why would you shll me anon?

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HOLD HOLD HOLD the train never stops

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Does any fee free crypto trading exist? It seems like you need to pay fees to trade, deposit and withdraw with just about every platform

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well, exchanges need to pay employees and pay the bills you know?

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Because you won't make any money EngNerd

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Hold for a week at least that 50 will be 1000

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hey im new can u teach me about margin and cross and isolated trading

what are they even

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No one gives out knowledge for free that's why you Brits pay 9k a year to go to university. Anymore and you might find me.

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pls fren, just dont kill yourself if things go south

you are young and full of spirit and youth and still have a lot to live for and grow and learn

pls, dont be like the last young soul that invested here

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them brits GET paid to go to university full time, just saying

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It's crashhhhiiinnggg ahhhhhhh fagggotsss ruined it

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Can I go to sleep now? Things will be fine in the morning right?

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No we dont we have to take out loans for uni. You can get grants but those only cover a small amount so overwhelmingly you are in the red

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The reason it's crashing is because the US is winding down for bed. It'll continue tomorrow the same as before but we're in post-hype exhaustion for the day.

Have faith, we achieved something incredibly unprecedented. The train isn't over, just take your profits for how they are and buy when the dip is at its lowest.

I'm going to bed now because I've been up for 21 hours and I've been shilling on my PC for all of that time. Night you beautiful faggots.

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come on don't be a jew!!! im a good boy


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Ya know. Bit coin and etherium both started somewhere. Why not just hold bags?

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Stop worrying about meme coins and start worrying about electrics otherwise I'll call airstrikes to your location

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sell and sleep
the true battle has yet to come

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but im good with electrics anon, didn't you see the start of the thread, i can do footsies. my tekken is nuts

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Maybe learn to walk before you can run eh?

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- First massive decentralized internet launching soon
- Mozilla Firefox partnership in the works
- Works without using centralized datacenters owned by big co.
- 100% powered by the little people.
- Big co will no longer have the ABILITY to mute, ban & censor us.
- 3,000+ moonboys already own a HoloPort server.

#holochain #hot #peoplepower

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