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Last two digits of this post will be AMC’s price

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Well alright

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wtf i just made $2000 thanks anon

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Wouldn't surprise me.

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Fellas, you should help me. I can’t understand why NFT is so hyped now??? How it works?

Checked Twitter today, everyone is talking about Poolz and their new protocol, I can’t even get what is it? Sorry, I am idiot

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I've looked at the numbers, and I don't get it, can someone explain why AMC and not AMCX?

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Might rise to $12 max imo. I really don’t think it’s going to get traction or that I’ll have any gains from it, probably just going to keep it out of spite

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you really have no clue what you're talking about

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im ready

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This anon gets it. AMC is chinese dogshit and there won't be a short squeeze

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Robinhood allowing purchases of AMC again but in full shares. This good news for cheaper stocks like this.

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AMC will dump their own shares on you fags they warned you ahead of time too so don’t act stupid tomorrow

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>why AMC?

For me it's next in line after GME runs its course.
>It's a company people know like GME
>A lot of shares shoted
>Unlike GME, it's not a shit company that would have probably been safe to buy and hold for six months even if none of this shit happened, but now you can buy and hold it for six months or sell it for 20x maybe if there's a short squeeze.

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I regret dumping $6k into AMC today but I'm holding out lol. I heard if it closes above $9.5 it could build momentum. I guess it depends how hard the brokers fuck everyone tomorrow.

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>AMC will dump their own shares

He hasn't noticed the meme stocks are 4x one day and 4x down an hour later. Doesn't matter.
All that matters will be the short squeeze and lust for it by the dogpiling retail buyers.

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so we recapitalize AMC until post covid when it rises like a phoenix? people forget that absent fear of chink flu AMC has always been a profitable stock that's real value would be somewhere around $25-$30 bones. I mean imagine even almost a year post total shut down pandemic and it was still floating around $4. despite numerous short attempts to kill the company. also every streaming company from Netflix, Disney, etc are all in together plotting to kill AMC for reasons that should be obvious as self distribution is more profitable. AMC is truly another company just like GameStop but one that could actually survive if it could hold off the consolidation into only mega corpos great reset

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Should I get in on AMC? I have about 1.4k sitting in my TFSA in cash that I want to get into something I can make profit on.

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AMC is 80 percent of float shorted now, buying AMC now is literally like buying gamestop a week ago.

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I'm literally new to this. I think AMC will bounce back regardless from where it is, but if it blows tf up like gamestop I'm happy.

Think I'll toss 500-750 at it.

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Without any bullshit or memes 20+ easy - got short attacked today they went all out and blocked buying. That was their play and people didn’t sell.
80% shorted

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Where the fuck do I buy AMC? I want more retard stock.

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here again.

Think I may even split and throw some in NOK too.

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Gonna sell

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Gentlemen :)

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I got into 60 shares for 14. Am I profiting if I hold?

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Legit, no memes here because I'm going to hate myself if I do this and it crashes. Do I go in tomorrow at open and buy more shares? What is the point of HODL it? Shouldn't I try to just get rid of it pronto before market dips again? I haven't been paying too much attention to it due to work

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150 at an average of about $15. I'm riding this shit to the top.

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I'll be happy with that

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We can't hold your hand here bro. Time to sack up. What's the matter with you, you want to live forever or something? What do you have to lose, some money? You're either in or you're out and you have to decide that for yourself.

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Not only is AMC a meme stock that's locked, cocked, and ready to fucking rock...

Not only is AMC massively over-shorted by hedge funds who will have to buy soon...

Not only is AMC actually GREAT great on the fundamentals with theaters set to re-open in just months with massive media hype...


Apparently, the debt holders converted the it to shares and probably sold them off (might be what was holding back the rise today). That's basically $600m given to AMC, and now it's baked in.

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diamond hand at [email protected]
Don't be a pussy

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Unironically entering a sell limit order @ $84 now

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>5k @ 7.85
please fucking GOD let this be true

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>20 at 10.11
>set up to buy another 8 at market open

Lets fucking rock.

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An anon on /biz/ with an attention span larger than a squirrel's.

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Inb4 "This order was cancelled by Robinhood because we know what's best for you, goy!"

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Didn't they do this by diluting the shares which means the shares I bought yesterday are now worth <1 share of their previous value due to inflation?
I bought at 15.68 and am fighting back feelings of wanting to panic dump

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The shares release friday
The absolute state of this board

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Goddamnit. Guess it's time to nut up or shut up. Fine you son of a bitch, I'm in.

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Another newbie here.

Got almost 1.5k to play with in TFSA, was thinking of doing a split between AMC and NOK/BB. Any suggestions as to a ratio?

If I place a buy order now, when they open tomorrow, will I get them at open price?

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AMC after hours show that we are going to the moon on friday.

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AMC AH the other night didn't correlate to anything positive today

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Even if the shares didn't actually hit the market on Thursday, the dilution is now baked in.

It's fully possible the former debt-holders pre-sold as options as well.

It's also just as possible they're on the ride with us...

...to the moon

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I'm happy that they will live because of this event. AMC theaters are alway comfy. I have good memories with them. I think they're on a discount right now to be honest.

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No one could buy today

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Lets see where this takes me bois im psyched to see what happens to AMC stock tomorrow

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wtf i just made $10,000!

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trading212 isn't letting me cancel my limit order. they're pulling a fucking robinhood and nobody is talking about it because it's eurotrash

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Even if it doesn't go up INSTANTLY, if you hold until summer you will see big gains. I think AMC will be 30+ dollars by summer, easily.

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See WW3 was supposed to happen last year in January but the U.S. was too busy with Covid to care about the Russians ass blasting the Turks else to would have invoked article 36 and WW3. Now they made a trailer for the new Ghostbusters. I think they never made it. They got too cocky and thought we would be dead or their complete slaves. Release the Ghostbusters I'm calling it a hoax.

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Yikes. I'll be rich

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Also, don't forget. The small dilution was expected.

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Robinhood fucked everyone today

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>What happens to AMC's stock tomorrow?
we orbit >>26952400

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why do you say that as opposed to it floating around 15

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spank me and call me jenna you beautiful bastard

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>Market attempted to ruin stock
>People who can't into GME will back it
looks like a winner

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Dude no. Buy the morning dip. Don't lock yourself into whatever the open price is.

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We are good Samaritan investors. BTFOing the hedgies and saving comfy movie theaters.

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This is the long term look. Most of the people here are looking for quick gains. The dilution doesn't help them.

>> No.26954541

dont do this
wait until opening it will dip from peoples overnight sell orders

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MOONTOWN... and it's just the beginning.

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Because Biden and his leftoid friends are going to cancel his party's virus and promote this shit to look like a hero.

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how can I tell when the morning dip is?

I'm either gonna buy some now and just deal with it, but if I can get a drop before it surges in the morning I may wait.

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>sharted 80%
>recently got capital to avoid bankruptcy for the rest of COVID
>theaters will be back in force after lockdowns
>prices artificially depressed because millions of people couldn't fucking buy it today
>buying stopped by robinhood and other traders is ironically bringing more attention to it
>biggest meme right next to GME
GME sellers are likely reinvesting in AMC, if anything. Expect big growth tomorrow if brokers and short sellers don't ratfuck the market again.

>> No.26954908

Got 1500 at an average of $12


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But don't underestimate a crowd trying to get in early. With the media hype and coverage saying things like "AMC actually makes sense of all these memes" people will want in now.

If you're in for a quick buck, so be it... You might get to LEO, but not the Moon.
...and certainly not Mars.

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fidelity doesn't let you do it outright

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So many are talking about Baex(#baex) now, but I started using the project just today. Can defi binary platforms be profitable and transparent? Because this one looks nice with yahoo finance quotes source, a mathematical algorithm. There are too many stock indices as for me, hard to choose what to use

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trusted brokerage

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I have an order of 100 dollar is in amc scheduled for 9:30 tmrw on cash app i pray it works it didnt yesterday

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So set my buy limit for the morning dip to like what, 14 or so you'd reckon?

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>post covid
Martial Law doesnt end

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you aren't buying anything now anyway. When does your broker have pre market hours?

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what am i in for lads

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I should clarify, if I'm gonna buy, I'd be placing the buy order I'm guessing? It just like queues the order up for when markets open?

I'm just with TD in Canada.

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Lads. please start pumping

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Hey guys first time investor, long time faggot.
So what's the game plan tomorrow?

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naysayers don't know what the fuck they're talking about. being shorted at 70% is a big fucking deal, people all just want everything to be gme 2.0 now and it's not going to happen ever again. 70% short is still crazy high.

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Get a folder filled with pink wojacks just in case this doesn't work

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I am literally retarded. What is my option here? Stop limit at a few bucks below what it closed at?

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No. That's too high. Ideally you want to watch for the dip and buy then.

>> No.26955839

It’s probably going to be fucking brutal.
DO NOT SELL. Reevaluate Tuesday. You are in this until then at least.


Try to get a GME and lots of AMC/NOK after the morning dip.

>> No.26955884


It would've been well beyond that had it not been constantly halted and removed from trading platforms today

>> No.26955946

Holy fuck lmao

>> No.26955966

if you click the option and hover over it, itll give an explanation.

>> No.26956023

Yeah I put in an order for two more. Fomo hype is going to pump, I'm dumping this one though, is anyone actually shorting AMC even?

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Im too poor to invest anything, plus im a bong and dont have the stuff, but no this:
Im fucking rooting for you, you glorious bastards. Make those kikes bleed. Suck those Hedgies dry. Buy, hold and dont let up, not until the last moment when they are begging, or beyond. Ruin them.
Im counting on you, you inglorious bastards.

>> No.26956132

Doesn't seem to. I'm in Canada, this is via TD's portal.

Just trying to figure out when to pull the trigger. I can handle losing 1.5k of my TFSA and still sleep ok, but if AMC soars I am hoping to make a bit of change at least.

>> No.26956159

I just bought $20 worth of $NOK. Should I cancel and buy in the morning?

>> No.26956177

Yeah. It's just an automatic order for when the market opens. Best case would be you get the actual open price. Worst case your order doesn't get filled before the open pump and you get fucked. I think it's a better idea to sit down and watch the line. It should dip around 10-11 AM.

>> No.26956316

Hmm, ok. I'm up early for work so I'll keep an eye on it I think and just place at the dip.

When do markets open in US/Canada? If I'm canadian I want to be watching the US prices right?

>> No.26956360

oh, this is almost exact interface of questrade, my bad.

>> No.26956449

make some coffee and watch all the TD videos and do the beginning investor course. You will be well prepped by the times markets open. Don't bother sleeping

>> No.26956630

No sweat man. I'm just doing it through my bank for now.

I'll watch for the dip and load up on AMC, BB and NOK then keep an eye on everything.

Is there that much more to it outside of buying the dip and just F5ing like a retard?

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i haven't slept in 3 days but IM STILL HODLING

>> No.26956798

The market opens at 9:30 EST. And yeah watch USD.

>> No.26956812

Buy low and sell high, also make sure you have real time quotes enabled

>> No.26956858

Guys in so nervous for tomorrow :/ all of my PLTR gains are in AMC an I'm a newfag who doesn't wanna get bogged into being down after 4 months of being up

>> No.26956874

Just hold until the summer people

>> No.26956915

how is it going to look in the euro market?

>> No.26956976

Ok. We're watching BB on the NYSE right, not TSX?

Is there a good site/tool for this? I just have everything in my google finance watchlist right now.

>> No.26957024

So you're saying it's better to buy right after?

>> No.26957183

might be a good idea to not use ROBINJEW to buy the AMC if u can help it.

>> No.26957262

are you not on TD? That is your tool, but if you need more tradingview is okay as a secondary chart site.

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>> No.26957294

If you're going through NYSE than watch that. The prices don't always translate between the two.

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Yeah I'm on TD. I'm just not sure where to see it in Webroker.

If I'm trading through my bank then I'll just monitor their end in this case. I'm not gonna go hard.

>> No.26957457

sadly that's where all my money is right now. never using this shit again after this

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>> No.26957552

same here bro same here

>> No.26957582

Good luck lad

>> No.26957654

Nice info from last week. Find AMC (and not AMCX) here and post a screen cap of that instead
The absolute brainletism of this board, it's no wonder you retards get riled up over 40 stocks

>> No.26957689

Should I hold onto my $20 $nok or cancel and buy again in the morning?

>> No.26957737

thanks dude. I'm trying to figure out where to get started with all this. I'm fully aware I'm swept up in the meme but I can handle a little risk.

>> No.26957869

buy the dip retard what is this a loyalty test?

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>> No.26957930

Market means "buy it at whatever price someone is willing to sell it to me for". This can be good on good volume and without insane volatility, but do not use it when a stock is halted or going fucking nuts. You will get a terrible fill.
Limit is what you should use most of the time. It means "do not pass this amount". If you set a limit of 12 dollars, it won't buy at 12.01, for instance. The moment it can find a fill for 12, or even lower, it will buy that for you.
Stop market means "If the price hits some value, sell the stock at market prices."
Stop limit means "if the price hits some limit, initiate a limit sell for some price (say, watch for 13, initiate a sell for 13.05).
Trailing stop market means "Follow X% behind my stock as it goes up. If the stock goes down, stop, and if the stock passes you, then sell at market." So a 5% stop loss would follow a stock from 1 to 10, but if it went down to 9.5 it would trigger the trailing stop.
Trailing stop limit is the same, but initiates a limit sell instead of a market.

Generally, you want to use limit buys and limit sells. Market buys are usually a bad idea unless you're trying to get into a stock as it moons.

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>> No.26958058

No fag I am new to this and don't know

>> No.26958174

so Market as it dips, limit otherwise?

How do I determine the limit I want to set? Do I just base it on if it's going to dip from what it opens at?

>> No.26958176

Check marketwatch, it's 78% shorted or something like that

>> No.26958199

can we do that on robinjew too?

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I invested $400 today. If I dont get it and its a bust its only $400.

If it sky rockets I can make a couple thousand and finally start some renovations on my house.

>> No.26958339

I got 1200 shares @ 12.99. You guys think I’ll do ok?

>> No.26958401
File: 602 KB, 680x477, robert.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sorry sir, our tumbling stock price has forced us to re-implement the no singles policy

>> No.26958409

subtract from my last 2 digits for a more accurate price

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>> No.26958558

Just wait 1 week, if it doesn't blow up then I'm getting out when theatres reopen.

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>23.7% share short only

I will never financially recover from this

>> No.26958576

What's a "reputable" agency? I'm getting the fuck off robinhood and put in a background check for Webull. Is that any good?

>> No.26958621

Someone give me a very clear, direct answer: If I've never invested in anything before
>What are some options for sites or whatever for buying?
>How quickly can I get set up and actually start buying?

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File: 145 KB, 1280x720, EFB9F104-AEC3-4EA0-B356-DE605D68059D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gonna buy a few shares, should I set a limit price to lower than right now expecting a dip or just set at around the current price?

New to this

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I use TD Ameritrade but they have to verify your bank which I did with a phone call.

>> No.26958887

Webull pulled the same bullshit today. They'll do it again too if they have to. Just use E*Trade or Schwab

>> No.26958926

Didn't Ameritrade shutdown the meme stocks?

>> No.26959004

They shut down options trading, but normal buys/sells are still a go.

>> No.26959014

They did but I'm in already so I don't care.

>> No.26959040

Set a sale limit to $35 a share, i dont think itll make it past 38-45
normies are scared to repurchase considering most sold and took a loss

>> No.26959066

it doesn't matter if you got diamond hands fren hodl. AMC unlike GME is a viable business only chink flu fucked them up. the stock was $20-$30 post shanghai shivers and survived at $4 even a year post chink shit. AMC is ripe for at least $30+ once actual demand resumes. how many normies you think are going to go ape shit for Iron Man 99 once covid is gone and pay $50 for a small popcorn and soda

>> No.26959110

Heads up, there will not be much of a dip, if at all. Remember, many people were not able to buy AMC today, only sell. Anyone who got spooked has already sold. There is going to be alot of buying tomorrow.

>> No.26959111

Robert don't do this to me, you and I were brothers in the popcorn mines

>> No.26959240

So you think it's worth just placing the order for the open at market then and set a limit if it crawls like 2 dollars above?

>> No.26959297

Watch and hodl. That's it.

>> No.26959302

Set to buy 400 more in the morning

>> No.26959317

nigga without cape shit even redditors become nazi's ala this wsb shit happening now. you can be sure bread and circus will be amped to 100000%

>> No.26959318
File: 22 KB, 640x314, 2B1A94D7-2AF6-4BF0-B904-BFE6ED92B294.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26959335

This. Remember that a lot of studios are also waiting to release their films until after the coof (e.g. No Time to Die) so the smart thing to do is just HODL until then and not get embroiled in this meme short shit.

>> No.26959450

yeah I think if I grab AMC I'm going to sit on it unless it absolutely skyrockets tomorrow.

>> No.26959460

If AMC manages to open tomorrow at less than $20/share, then yes you should snatch it up.

>> No.26959487

selling now is retarded why not wait till the summer to admit defeat

>> No.26959678


yeah but the shares they're issuing are basically the same price i bought it at so whatever

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itll dip on monday, just rebuy

>> No.26959765

thank you fren,

>> No.26959816

I want to believe

>> No.26959836

If they dont halt us Im thinking minimum 30.

>> No.26959847

Etrade and Schwab also did it. Webulls clearing house did it, not them. Their clearing house also got spooked by the RH lawsuits and allowed trading again

>> No.26959982

I'm not a pro, don't take my advice. Just a guy who has a position in AMC.
It stands to reason that because of todays slide, one would not be dumping at the beginning of the market day as the majority of people never had the option to buy the dips earlier today. I could see the blue balled buyers wanting to take advantage of the relatively low price of the stock.
I wanted to expand my position to lower my overall price avg. but never was given the chance.

>> No.26960024

I know this feel. Whatever happens, you have more time. There will be more stocks to ride with.

Reminds me of losing a couple hundred in penny stocks this summer. But I believe this will be different. We’ll get to 20 at least tomorrow.

>> No.26960084

did we get left holding the bag with AMC? I don't see it in the most shorted stocks list anymore

>> No.26960205

I have $400 left and 300 AMC and 1.5 of GME. Should I dump the $400 into AMC or GME come morning?

>> No.26960312

the math says AMC

>> No.26960329

Anyone who bought it at any price prior to tomorrow is gonna be more than OK come next week.

Most people aren’t talking about what’s really going on here, the hedgies already blew up, their losses are cascading. There is literally nothing they can do after we held the line today to stop AMC from going to 100 and beyond.

>> No.26960390
File: 42 KB, 500x375, D5D3D8BF-6473-4C48-B720-BC1276B0CFE2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m going INSANE over my 45 @ $17.50 shares!!!!!! Aaaaaah

On one end I believe AMC will boom at open and that I should sell at a high limit if it hit, but another end tells me we won’t even hit 15 before the people who got in cheap start selling off their bags. Or worse AMC themselves dump on us.

How do I relax knowing I have to hold through these possibilities?! My hands aren’t built for this but I lose if I sell

>> No.26960427

Short interest is 79% as of tonight. Just trust me bro.

Or go to shortsqueeze dot com and see how many shares are short for yourself, and divide that by the 57 million floating shares out there

>> No.26960433
File: 46 KB, 690x404, amc3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just remember what the normal potential of the company is, and factor in the boom associated with the end of the coof. That boom (or just a return to normality) could very well eclipse whatever happens tomorrow.

>> No.26960448

Does AMC have a real chance of going $100+?

>> No.26960491

think of the diamond hands who held gamestop till 40mil

>> No.26960497

no LOL

>> No.26960513

Gamestop was shorted at 150% before the hedgies doubled down to make it 250

>> No.26960531

Jerk off unironically. Jerk off then eat something, go for a walk, smoke a cigarette, whatever. Just do something, put the screens down.

>> No.26960534

bro if anything u can hold it for 5 years. AMC is a good company

>> No.26960565


>> No.26960580

My gf and I put in $100 each all or fucking nothing

>> No.26960582

no-one knows

>> No.26960583

Honest answer is no one knows. My opinion is that it is possible but not likely.

>> No.26960585

just wait and see for tomorrow. remember profit is profit. could be back by the summer anyways

>> No.26960696

Doubtful, but even if it helps that boom is months away. COVID will last until at least late Fall in the USA.

>> No.26960714


>> No.26960723

Worst case you're just stuck holding for awhile until theaters re-open and the stock recovers naturally. It was never going to stay at <$5, the studio chosen won't let the theater model die. Look at the backlash WB got when they put all their movies on HBO Max

>> No.26960737


>> No.26960812

this is another real thing most people aren't talking about either. the hedgies are fucking spooked off GME and trying to liquidate any other massive short liability as fast as they can. buy and hodl as once parasitic shorts are removed I bet even average stocks of average companies gain at least 10-15%

>> No.26960890

im buying 700 dollars worth of calls tomorrow; i dont give a FUCK

>> No.26960923

dude just get hammered drunk and wake up at like 130pm. and remember you don't lose anything until you sell it

>> No.26961005

I think most people are in this boat anon. I would use another broker but I wouldn't be able to transfer funds in time. Once this fiasco ends I'm ditching asap, these fucks are going down in flames.

>> No.26961141

an $8 stock with worse fundamentals hit $300 plus a day or so ago. we are in uncharted territory, but remember unlike GME AMC is actually a viable stock if they could still fill theaters. only chink flu devastated AMC not lack of real demand. shit it's even possible under Biden that AMC could leverage a fucking government bail out, if they bailed out travel why not entertainment?

>> No.26961147

Checked and hitting sell when it hits 84

>> No.26961206

Absolutely. Behind the scenes they are out of ammo. They have no more money. None of them do. They are having to sell their other shit just to not get margin called and force liquidated. Look at the broad market now. All of today’s gains erased after hours as they had to liquidate many many millions of dollars of long stocks to stay afloat.

another thing people missed today, at a few of the trading halts the reason for it was there were no sell orders below absurd levels. At one halt I caught a glimpse before they cleared it and the next sell order was for 50$ when the stock was trading around 8. They were halting it because there were NO SELLERS but still loads of buyers despite the fact most people who wanted to buy it were prohibited by the crooked brokers they use.

We have much stronger hands on these shares than people realize. Don’t get scared by the price action, it’s the machines fucking with you. AMChads

>> No.26961208
File: 570 KB, 1022x692, x10 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.26961299

fuck it. i am buying AMC when the markets open at any fucking price under $20

>> No.26961391
File: 257 KB, 391x401, 1611881311458.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's get AMC up to 3 figures bro.



>> No.26961472

fuck that. the last THREE digits of this post will be AMC's price

>> No.26961654

Fidelity, bought in some shares before the who robinhood trickery. You can buy GME there as well.

>> No.26961734

Scroll down to the bottom and read the disclaimer. That’s a scam site to sell newsletters and other shit.

>> No.26961901

In addition the short interest in amc increased today alone by 15%.

>> No.26961961

If we do this, I expect a reserved seat with my name engraved on it in every AMC theater in the country and a diamond encrusted popcorn bucket.

>> No.26962326

60 shares for $14?

>> No.26962734

My broker let me set a sell for GME @ $100,000

Get gud

>> No.26963260

if it didn't execute (it didn't) you didnt buy anything, you just pre-ordered it

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