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so, it begins.... the biggest transfer of wealth in human history..... the 4th industrial revolution....

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My lil xrp doin sum

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>price only up 8%
You got my hopes up anon, I need to dump this trash

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some proof to share?

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>he only buys at the top

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yes, my proof is xrp/usd chart and some entry-level TA

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could you explain for a non trader as easy as possible?

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others hold for a meme
I hold for the frens

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I'm planning on selling when the SEC case gets resolved and it pumps to it's ATH, and yes I did buy in around the top it was my first coin I've learnt a lot from the experience though and I'll make my money back soon so it's not all bad.

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It means that somewhere there's a labelled bottle filled with untaken pills, with OP's name on it.

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I need more time. NOOOOO...I want to 5x into this with 10 LTC as collateral but fuckin kraken wont let me transfer. been 4 days and they wont let me transfer out.

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dip in uptrend is completed, new high next. and by looking at daily resistance levels, there are none until 50 cents

ez 2x eom basically

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Guys chill the fuck out.
Buy more

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so 6$ possible? u think it will be in the 0.20 area again after the spike?

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definitely possible but not anytime soon

50 cents eom is very possible on the other hand

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Fuck it just put my DOGE profits in lets go

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40 cents eod fren

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bought $10k at 30 cents. You cunts better be right.

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OP here, elon is pumping BTC right now, so xrp moon mission is delayed, sorry

also btc's top will be 65k-75k

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