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What's the best exchange for buying stonks now that Robin hood has kicked out?

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god, to think i'll be rich next week and i'll be able to get an ass like that

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What should I use for buying cryptos? Binance? Coinbase? Kraken?

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Install opera
Vpn settings: Asia
Turn on vpn


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be careful where you get the surgery. brazil has some nasty stories

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Someone told me to avoid binance since its chink shit

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Beat me to it.

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I'd plant my face in her ass right there. I'd grab her hips to keep her in place. Don't care what I get charged with.

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Binance doesn't implement kyc
As long as you never access from a US up, you're under the radar
When accessing the site, you must make sure every single time that your von is set to Asia

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Kek, even if you do get rich enough to afford an ass like that, you're small duck energy will ensure erectile dysfunction, cementing your status as an incel. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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bitrue exchange there is no kyc and never had a problem

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Bitrue, ppl are legit sleeping on this great exchange

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>imagine the smell

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I'm looking to buy boomer stocks

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just run away after

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chinance is ok but bitrue is better

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FTX.US (US citizens)
FTX (rest of the world)
can hook you guys up with a 5% fee reduction. Founded by MIT engineers and ex-market makers.

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I already did it from Europe.
Can I use vpn now or I am fucked now?

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same thing here

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Buying stocks, not crypto, I'm sitting on enough link and I'm not selling that shit

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Fair enough. Do you just buy and hold or do you trade?

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Interested as well. RH is garbage

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...you were saying?

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I don't know, I have a lot of experience buying and selling crypto, but I've never messed around with stocks.

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She does look like the right kinda gal to marry you for a green card then divorce you for your house. But! Slamming that puss puss might be worth tanking your net

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good one lmao

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Ok.... That was a good one

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