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And I'm sorry to say that most of you guys are not the players.

This is being used to stop retail from playing the game. Something to think about: if most of retail was banned from participating yesterday, then who really drove up GME 65%?

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not selling

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It doesn't matter.

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Still at it huh? At least get a less generic picture for all these threads

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This is sad

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literally kys in Devil May Cry 5 shill

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Ok, then i think i will hold

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KYS hedgey kike nigger
Never selling

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im having fun holding. i dont need the cash
unless it gets to crazy number im just gonna chill

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That's the thing which i find suspicious. If you look in the forums, most people invested a few hundred. This can not move a market, billions are needed for that. Most likely, big funds have invested heavily and this short squeeze was just a meme. It went from one pocket into the other plus the money of retards.

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but i will still hold

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Thanks for the reminder to buy and HOLD more.

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>dude its just WSB Mods scamming you, ITS A PUMP AND DUMP
>dude you are not the real player here, something is off so you better sell
>dude the squeeze already happened
>dude hedgefunds covered their shorts already, its over
>dude the SEC will only go after retail investors

hedgies come up with something new each day kek
if you weren't showing how much in panic you are right now I would've already taken profits

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Nice try, Melvin

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stfu retard.

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Implying you’re deepfuckingvalue

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we have not won until every jew has been hanged from the neck

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>then who really drove up GME 65%
Some kike closing a short, a cascade event is more and more likely

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Holy shit he's shaking in his boots

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You said no one was putting over a few hundreds on it

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they have an ulterior motive for saying this but it's unironically true that a bunch of n00bs are going to lose money on this

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>That's the thing which i find suspicious. If you look in the forums, most people invested a few hundred. This can not move a market, billions are needed for that. Most likely, big funds have invested heavily and this short squeeze was just a meme. It went from one pocket into the other plus the money of retards.
If a million reddit fags each invest a few hundred how much money is that?

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They made a mistake trying to ban this stock and AMC
now everyone will buy
some to say fuck you wall street
some to say fuck you kike

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30 shares at 85. Not selling.

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Other big institutions are in the play

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563 shares at 34. Not selling :)

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gtfo Moshe

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>values purposefully detached from reality

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What do you mean most of retail? There's way way way more brokers than just Robin Hood and TD

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This. I reccomends trading up to this pic OP

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its millions of poorfags.

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>some to say fuck you wall street
>some to say fuck you kike
but those are the same thing

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it is pump and dump

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This isn't about GME.
This is about a shitload of naked shorts out in the wild.

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Not really. Anyone with IQ < 100 is saying fuck wall street. Anyone with an IQ > 100 is saying fuck kikes. Anti antisemitism is an IQ test.

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It's a backwards pump and dump

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I just bought a few more shares, get fucked kike

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some of these are funny..... like SBUX

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they just added the other stocks to make it seem like they werent trying to block GME AMC NOK and the other shorted. Transparent kikes

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I'm going long the ones that make no sense.
I have an idea of why they're targeted.

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its regular pump and dump.

now make sure to hodl! and we always need new buyers.

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well they are having liquidity issues because RH is not well capitalized.

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Its true a lot of anons are going to lose money on this and are incapable as of yet to understand how or why (the how/why is unrealistic gains or viewing this as free money, if you have no exit strat youre a retard)
I agree with the hypothesis of shadow fuckery trying to ban retail
But still holding dem beans till i sell em all ITM

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what's the estimated length of the inverted despair phase

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>then who really drove up GME 65%?
Asians and indians getting in on the deal.

It doesn't even matter at this point if Melvin managed to pull out and close their positions, GME is still HUGELY overshorted. It went from 140% to 240% and now it's back to 140%.

Someone else is going to pay, but it's not the retail buyers.

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Fuck off, kike shill. Get liquidated.

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>well they are having liquidity issues because RH is not well capitalized.

This liquidity issue is much bigger than RH. Notice how the market sold off yesterday? Citadel and other hedges were obviously selling off other stocks to cover shorts or double down. GME could theoretically crash the whole market now if they don't cut their losses and cover.

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we're effectively in a silent auction and bidding against each other for the profits we expect to take from (((international finance)))

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What happens on Monday?
Does Wall Street collapse?

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nothing happens as long as retailers cant buy shares

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>GME is still HUGELY overshorted
spread across a lot of people, there is no squeeze

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>all of these midwits bleating about how they're selling at $1k and on Monday

This means the top was $470, two days ago

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People were bypassing robinhood share limits by taking call orders at low% and excising them for 200 share blocks. We are not retards. Maybe you are?

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It's cringe but also kind of true that the whole thing depends on everyone being retarded with no exit strat. If it really crashes, your 'exit strat' won't save you. If everyone set a stop loss the volatility alone would kill this thing.

All or nothing (for everyone) is the only way this conceivably works. But it won't be like that I fear

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Europe could trade completely fine
t. German

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Then why are you posting about it?

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Checked, you can ask hedgies for that

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>get called a kike shill for any discussion on GME not adhering to the narrative
Yeah retail gonna get bogged for sure

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And it's important to note $470 was an insane, 30,000% return on GME since its 52W low. That is about as money printer as I've ever seen a stock that isn't a literal penny shitter, and that's not enough for greedy redditors. If you HODL FOREVER you end up the bagholder.

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You tards ever do you DD? Fidelity, Vanguard, and Blackrock have a combined 22 Million shares in this stake...they're the real players at the table we're just along for the ride

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okay so everyone just moves to DeFi/crypto? mission accomplished

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>Blackrock have a combined 22 Million shares
BlackRock literally has a stake in everything.

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Not selling and also
I don't give a fuck

Fuck hedgies. I have enough to cover my losses and buy a yeas worth of tendies. Fucke em

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like which ones?

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those are for ETFs dumbass

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>bump stock up from single digits to triple
>not realizing its time to sell
Yikes! So many chumps are gonna be made out of the crash

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Your broker will sell it for you on your behalf with or without your consent. Enjoy

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You will pay two hundred bucks for one of my gme bags

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Ok, but i'll keep holding until then

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Just for the record shill, every time you guys try these low power-level attacks, my grip gets tighter and Imy resolve to buy more stocks increases.

This isn't about money for me btw (I just like the stock).

Please don't jump off of a building (in Minecraft).

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Fucked up, meant to say two thousand. Sorry, drinking rn

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No worries anon, though, why would you let a $10k bag go at such a bargain

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