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Is it too early for our BATurday thread?

December got us to 24.1 million MAU, how many do you think we gained in January?

Also thotposter anon I got a three day ban for posting that JAV webm last time lol

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Where can i track the monthly users?

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I think there should be some significant increase, considering how many newfags got into crypto lately.

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>Also thotposter anon I got a three day ban for posting that JAV webm last time lol

gonna need an example

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I have 22 bat am I gonna make it?

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I bought 100 bat is that enough?

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$35-40 EOY

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henlo bat frens

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Browser stacks are for the people we will eventually profit off, unfortunately. Get a proper bag.

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Wait for brap anon to arrive, he dumps a ton in the Saturday threads. Really kino stuff

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If I give you *the* example my ass gets thrown out of the bar again.
What's "significant" to you? The neighborhood of a 2M+ increase has been the mean, so I would be hopeful for >2.5M.

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post a link to streamable or something, you can't get banned for that I think

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is anyone good with photoshop? lets make some memes and push this to $40 i have some really good ideas

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If Memeatlas anon shows up he'd be your guy. Keep an eye out.


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pretty sure the anon who owns >https://www.memeatlas.com/BAT-memes.html
lurks/posts in here, so just write down ur ideas

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Also if my consecutive Hitler dubs don't show us we are truly blessed by Eich I don't know what would.

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i've been subtly shilling this for a few weeks now
this is what Web3.0 was meant to look like

whats the point of MAU when it doesn't increase the token value?

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Is there any point in keeping the BAT I get from brave? I always immediately change it into bitcoin when I get it

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If BAT utility expands and there's no sizeable userbase, nothing happens.
If the userbase explodes and BAT doesn't have enough use to entice normies, nothing happens.

If BOTH happen, BAT can actually go somewhere. What's hard to understand?

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So you're counting on the devs changing tokenomics? Why not just move your investment to any token with already solid token data value capture (most defi blue chips these days)

Meanwhile DEC's token has multiple major use cases and isn't designed to be dumped (exchange your data value for real value, dLoans, dPay, DeFi integrations). It's also backed by all the data that users generate through mere browsing; regardless of ads. That's value + token use case.

Haven't even gotten into the differences in the browser itself.

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checked, BAT confirmed to PUMP. Keep using Brave kiddos

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i need someone to make the brave browser black and put a comb/afro pick in his hair

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So... Decentr isn't actually a product yet? I took a cursory look at the site and can't find any option to download.

Anyways, if you think the market will accept your crypto-related, privacy focused browser when it comes to market and Brave already exists and has 40M under it's belt, I don't know what else to tell you but good luck.

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that's stupid and furthermore gross
don't you want BAT to succeed? Interest by the black community is huge sell signal

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lmfao shut the fuck up

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shut up and make my meme nigger

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MVP is out in the form of a browser extension so you can test out how personal data value generation will work. Decentralised web means more than just getting paid for watching ads. Normies are waking up to the value of data they generate online and how only it only helps corporations get richer. Even without the browser, the decentr ecosystem is a gamechanger.

>good luck
Any crypto investment comes with speculation and risk.
If you only got into crypto today and held no bags, would you really put your money in BAT?

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BAT is unironically the White man's token. The central leadership has one Asian woman and one jew, and that's where the diversity ends.

No, I totally get the angle, but I what's the pull for normies if they aren't getting concrete payments? The kind of payback ecosystem decentr is striving for is a lot more fraught with difficulties than Brave's model where everything is already in their court.

As for me, I made it pretty big off LINK previously, and my attentions are focused primarily on biding time with BAT, and to a lesser extent XLM and GRT.

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there's a reason why nobody with even basic creative potential shares your worldview

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how does 22 cents sound?

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>personal data value generation
why am I acceding to data harvesting of my personal data again?

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I'm rich

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BAT heading back below 20 cents fucking WHEN?

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I see what you mean about the directness of BAT payments. But leveraging your data to produce value in decentr is only one extra step and I'm sure anyone smart enough to buy crypto in the first place can understand.

Fellow marine I salute you. Still my biggest bag.

I don't understand. By using any of the current browsers (Brave included) you're acceding to data harvesting. With Decentr your data is yours and you use it to leverage real world value.

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any data harvested, whatever my fiscal compensation, only empowers the the inhuman titans who can pay to process it, and thus be able to predict, and furthermore manipulate, large-scale human behavior for their own benefit. No pocket change one could offer me is worth that.

The genius thing about Brave, is it is a working product separate from it's long-term crypto philosophy. Meaning, one doesn't have to subscribe wholesale to the worldview of the product just to use the product. Just because people are alright with getting BAT for ads doesn't mean they'll be comfortable with getting crypto to be milked like cattle.

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Maybe $0.3 is the new $0.2 now? Can't wait to crab at these dizzying heights for the next few years!

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please buy BAT

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>Also thotposter anon I got a three day ban for posting that JAV webm last time lol
Unfortunate, lad. I've seen that reposted a lot around here too. I really only notice bans in here for thot posting when someone starts spamming or that 1 lad posts porn and gets rekt kek.


Henlo lad.

Thanks, lad. Posts like these are a big reason why I still dump.

I won't post that exact one (I have no idea where I saved it anyway) but I'll post some other clips I made.

What the fuck am I looking at? Imagine shilling fucking Decentr.


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Welcome back brother!

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WHere are all the pics of thots?

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Its going to take off once we get some utility, but at least you're putting it into BTC instead of some shit coin.

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I'll be posting a lot later. Got some shit to do now but I'll either dump here or the new thread if this one dies.

How's it going, lad? Sorry you had to eat a ban.

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I think you're projecting BAT's model onto DEC. Your data remains yours and you choose what to do with it. You don't have to ever realise the value of your data in the real world if you don't want to.
I'd suggest you give the white paper a read if you're interested.

>What the fuck am I looking at?

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Your posts are on another level holy fuck

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man that ass could probably shit

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where do you think she works out?

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You're too kind. I get unlimited thot content for free everyday, but I actually put the work to be able to post it. Always hand picking, converting, clipping, so this means a lot. Right now looking at this shit triggers me, but I do it for you lads so worth.

The best thot poster on /biz/ by a mile will always dump here first and dump here the most. Keep lurking and build a collection. Drop a request too.

I know where she works out actually. Shes your typical Miami influencer. I'll post more of her later when I have the time to look for them.

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Yeah. I bet it drops logs on the reg.

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