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Alright gentlemen let's have a real discussion. Is the right move to sell or hold next week? Let's hear your arguments.

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Sell next week at a price you like if the squeeze does happen just don’t be mad

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sell the instant the market opens

only downhill from here, when it became headline new it was over

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I want to see if the infinite loss theory in shorting is true, so therefore I’m holding

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Hodl. 1k minimum sells inc. Short squeeze inc.

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Hodl to the death. It's not about money anymore. This is war!!!

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Already covered my cost basis. I'm holding just to be a part of this experiment.

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hey /biz/. I have a lot of old videogames i don't play anymore and i keep hearing about this place called gamestop? Apparently they buy and sell videogames, and people seem to really positive about them right now. Should I sell all my game discs and shit to them? Or is there a better way to make money off of it?

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If it hits 700-800 i think that's a sign to head out for me. 1k is looking possible but high risk

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sold at 400
fuck holding this meme shit,im taking my gf to mcdonalds today!

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Sell most at $1k or higher. Keep some shares just incase it goes $10k

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god, imagine the smell of her braps and vinegary shits

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nah braps are only sexy when they're from wholesome, healthy food

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Watch pre-market on Monday. If I think it's possible it goes above 500 I am selling right away.

There are a ton of institutions in this with much more power that bought back in September and would have already 100x their profits at that price.

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The fomo is only just beginning. Normies didn't hear about it until a couple days ago.

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Do whatever you want, I don't care what your finances are. I just know people are gonna be buying and holding for as much as they can get.

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not even sure why you'd be mad? you could just buy GME put options with some of your newfound riches.

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price will drop b4 the squeze they gonna dump Monday to get to prince to buy in

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Not to mention they couldn't buy from many brokers this past Thursday/Friday, both because of the limits and because accounts can take days to set up and get confirmed.

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Dunno whats right but to me gme has emotional value. I hold for the memory of the friendship and the good times we had during the last week.

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this isn't dogecoin, bro

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its gonna rise like hell because its going to go down a bit on Monday when the market opens again, wallstreetbet fags will buy the dip and all those people who heard about the whole thing in the media will also want to have a piece of the pie and invest

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price will drop b4 the squeze they gonna dump Monday to get to prince to buy out

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they're not going to hear that gamestop is a reinvented money-making machine. they're going to hear that its the personal little ideological war of an online forum of rumored-racist "failed to launch" anime lovers. that doesn't create FOMO that creates laughter.

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They didnt allow people to buy on thursday and Friday and the price still closed at $320 on Friday and they still have 120% short left, it's nowhere near over. Don't give in to the hedgies, their tactics aren't working

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>buy the dip
so they're going to immediately turn around and pay the shorts for being correct after all?

why does everyone keep saying this without realizing what they're saying?

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Holy shid, imagine if these people actually are buying stock.

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Hold, they can have my GME for $10,000 each if they want to end the shitshow.

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You and your girlfriend will never be real women.

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Soon the establishment will crash the market and take everyone's money. Just to show the little guy who really runs things. You are fighting trillions of dollars and the SEC can't halt trading, locking up your funds for months

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Reddit doesn't have the same stigma as 4chan. You go on Reddit's frontpage and all you see is Facebook-tier posts. Everyone thinks they're a part of Reddit, that's why it's impossible to stigmatize.

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Safest and smartest thing you can do is sell everything immediately and then short before the dip.

You will get 100x gains guaranteed.

Why will this work? Because they will halt trading 100% before the squeeze, they will never let the squeeze happen.

By shorting you are betting on the jews being jews.

By waiting for the squeeze you are betting against thousands of years of jewish trickery.

Do you want to send a message to the jews while holding everyones bags (including yours) or do you want to improve your quality of life.

Dont be one of those social media memers who videos themselves burning their nike shoes because nike mistreated slave children, only to rebuy your shoes a few months later once everyone has forgotten and moved on.

Bet on the jews, anon.

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Wrong. Many normies are waiting in accounts to verify and new brokers to clear their transfers. Buying power was artificially reduced on all the normie platforms and it still closed higher than the previous days.

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*including theirs (the jew hedgies)

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Everyone's talking about gme but what about nok, amc, and bb?
I have all these and was wondering what to do...

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imagine, wanting to short gme, but etoro doesn't allow short trades on gme and other meme stocks

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People say they're buying yet they're only going lower

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The other meme stocks are a distraction from gme. Gme is shorted much more than the others so the short squeeze is more likely to happen

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Who wants to sell now? A few paper handed plebs

Who wants to buy now? Big players, weekend news crowd, people with newly opened broker accounts, people world wide as news spread, and last but not least holders of the biggest short float in history.

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theyve been caught with their dicks in everything. no wonder god makes their leadership chew them off

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sell? never heard of her

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Lol sounds like a great way to get stuck with the bags since were all holding. Glad to see shills indirectly announcing we already won tho.

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now overlay that with the GME daily

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Maybe some of it depends on which brokerage you're going through,
and what kind of stake they've got.

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Personally I want a little bit of both. I want to be whole, but I also don't really care about the money. I only have two shares anyway, so I'm not going to make much of an impact anyway. I've set one share to limit sell at 450, and another to limit sell at 5,000. If this can go on infinitely, as I imagine it very much could, I will hold that share forever.

I have the feeling though that it'll just be one huge spike and then a massive drop back down. At which point, I may still be able to sell back at a profit while it's on it's freefall.

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How do you get a bloomberg terminal? Like do normal people pay 20 grand a year to use it? Is it actually better than just googling?

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This is becoming viral, more and more people are joining and buying.
I mean, who doesn't like the story of "some fucker fucking WS at their own game"?
I would say hold.

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Thats exactly what gamestop wants you to do. Just hold onto your games. Fuck them

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don't really care
going to hold for the lulz, it's only like 1% of my portfolio

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not only that, i see people on facebook posting about it and making memes in completely unrelated groups and pages

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Carv going 500% very soon. 620k float!

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Depends how things play out. We've got a whale on our side now who's holding the line against the HF price manipulation. That's why it stayed above $320 yesterday. He claims he's got powder to stay in the fight for at least a few more days. I'm in for as long as he's able to keep their schemes in check.

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This is an even better outcome than the squeeze happening
optics suicide

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>you have to choose between holding and betting on a complete market crash
im doing both, the crash is inevitable and the returns on offer are fucking obscene

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you get instant info on the stock market, whereas there's a delay otherwise

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I bought CFDs not stock because I'm literally a spastic. Are CFDs worth holding or do I get out while the price is up $50 over what I paid?

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The largest shareholder of Gamestop sold out on Friday, to cash in on the position.

I would suggest sell.

Its not going to go any higher than 300-400$ so don't waste your time. There's no new money buying for this to go up.

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>we've got a whale on out side

bro I-..

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big finance wants you to get scared and sell like a little bitch so they can recover things normally.

If you hold, big finance is screwed and jewed and you can potentially make money in the process.

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The chart is literally going to look like this.

You just vertical.

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Been thinking about this lately.

What if the "ladder attacks" haven't actually been ladder attacks but the actual whales slowly offloading their bags.

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It's up to the early investors to move the price up if they want the late comers to stay in
Otherwise, it's going to stall out
My eyes are on AMC, my GME position is too small to worry about

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sell sometime next week if the squeeze happens. hold if it doesn't. this is international now and even the normans smell blood in the water.

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Who Blackrock? I doubt they sold their entire position or the price would have plummeted on Friday. Normies are just getting into the stock. It still has more left to run.

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>ITT: hedgies seething and telling everyone to sell to own reddit

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You shouldn't ever buy CFD they're just fraudulent financial packages.

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If you're looking for money then sell, if you're looking for payback then hold because the longer you do the more the greedy fucks have to pay for it. As it is right now this stock is a knife in their gut, you can either pull it out or you can twist.

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Nobody knows when the shorts expire though. For all anybody knows, they could expire in 3 months

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Shit volume the moment brokers halted buying.
Google helping RH out with reviews.
Distractions of other stocks and shitcoins.
Outright lying about settling their position.
Buying ads saying they settled their position.
FUD on the media.
Shills on all social media platforms (for the shills, buy GME and you can quit your job for a year with that pathetic salary)

It can most definitely go above $1k. Hell, the peak might go above $10k for a while if the squeeze does happen.

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Don’t know where to post this but I heard there are two ways to prevent your RH account from being liquidated:
>set high limit sell orders
>use margin trading
Is simply “enabling” margin trading enough? Also, more importantly, if I do “opt in” even if I don’t even use the $1000 available through m gold, do I owe Robinhood that amount? Would really appreciate an answer

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>Foss Donald A
>Donald A. Foss (born 1945) is an American billionaire businessman, the founder and former chairman and CEO of subprime car finance company Credit Acceptance.
>owns 5% of GME


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Sell. The squeeze already happened. It went from 30 to 300+ for cripes sake. The original shorters got their ass handed to them. Yes the market manipulation was illegal as fuck and just a big fuck you to the public from the fat cats. However, although Melvin, etc reduced their losses through the manipulation, they still lost billions. Now the current shorters have an entry price around $200 on average. How the heck are you going to get millions of new investors to buy this? It's already become so famous there is nowhere left for it to go but down.

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those are just patches, they can't stop the wave of retards.

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This. Thanks to Elon and the current anti-fatcat sentiments normies will begin the fomo monday along with pajeet. Blackrock and co will be holding til wednesday at earliest and probably later. Jewish tricks will probably tank it to sub 200, the buy-ins will rocket it to 500+ by tuesday.
Hold til wednesday at least, go from there

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They will never allow this to happen again. The SEC will step in on the side of hedgies. And some sort of legislation for regulation of internet access will be passed to make sure that real ID is required to use the internet and furthermore only certain people can participate in stock market discussion forums. All the years of the internet allowing for shootings and terrorism don't mean shit, it'll be hedge funds losing a couple billion that kicks off the death of the internet as we know it.

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>that spacing
Israel is not a legitimate state, did you know that?

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You idiot. This isn't some super secret shit coin scam that you're used to. The more people that know about this the better.

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Literally shaking Melvin hands typed this

>> No.27180631

I'm thinking of exiting between 1/3 and 1/2 of my shares early next week if its stalled. It gives me a nice profit in case it dies and I still have more shares than 10+ of the average plebs combined if it does moon.

>> No.27180655

Yeah seem like Wednesday- Thursday will be the sweet spot.

>> No.27180751

Gonna get what I can and throw it all into crypto hopefully before they can get their hands on it

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AMC isn't even shorted that much. 52% short interest. That's a lot but no where near GME 260% at peak.

>> No.27180806

I mean, this whale is actively countering their attempts to suppress the price using algorithmic trading.

>> No.27180886

You just pay. It used to be a dedicated digital phone line and computer would be run to your location if you bought one but it's on the internet now of course.

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Since the markets literally disrupted trading for all involved, there is now a case for those holding shorts that they need a 35 day grace period.
As someone playing against the shorts in general, since they all doubled down, at much higher values, with much higher interest rates, their attrition is required, where as those holding stocks can literally sit and wait them out.
>Paid for stocks, with Possible loss of 100% of $5 shares
>Loans at 60-80% to sell a stock for $115, for loans at 10-30% to sell a stock for $8, soon to be loans at 100% to sell a stock for $300, for loans at 60-80% to sell a stock at $115 for loans at 10-30% to sell a stock at $8.
This math works for one side, and one side only, without them cheating like they continue.
And that's the point.

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hi Melvin, you know that nobody needs to buy it except of you? It is enough that current holders will never sell. Get it?

>> No.27181547


>> No.27181587

Paper hands/diamond hands is a meme to increase bag holders who think they’re being ballsy for not selling ever

>> No.27181633


This is molten piss volatility and if you end up broke you will never hear the end of it from clean shirt soapboxes on business news channels scolding you like a child. If you can afford to lose this money and you are either doing this to get gains to solve a problem, have enough wealth to do sex tours in Asia or to rock some punk shit against hedge funds, fine, have fun. But this can go right down the shitter, easily.

>> No.27181642

Even if melvin transferred all their shorts to someone else, isn't someone still on the hook to buy these back at some later date?

>> No.27181788

What are their options?

- They can just hold their short and hope the "pump and dump" "hype" dies down. But what are the collateral requirements? If the price doubles now, at least 10 bil more collateral are needed. Also, keeping in mind that time to cover is 5 days, as a broker I would request at least double collateral. Probably that's not even enough. If not 100s of billion of collateral are provided, they cannot keep this up, should price rice keep rising on "retail" buy interest, and it will end with a violent price upspike to uncharted territory.

- Slow covering over the next weeks or months. Price should rise, but not as violently.

- Extreme jewery like literally confiscating your shares or something.

>> No.27182161

I can't go right down the shitter easily at all. Stocks go up when people buy, they go down when people sell.

They've already sold 120% of the stocks available, they need to buy them back to balance the float, which means it's going up.

Anyway, it's nothing to do with gamestop the business any more, it's purely financial tsuanmi shitstorm territory now, and it literally could cause a major problem for the entire stock market, so the sec might well try and put an end to it, somehow, although it would need to be totally unprecedented and probably illegal.

The whole financial system has been a basket case for years, maybe they'll let it all collapse via this so they can blame us AND get their great reset at the same time.

Who cares? I'm in for a couple grand, not the end of the world if I lose that.

>> No.27182354

Oh yeah, and look at how many people have joined that reddit WSB in the last month, millions - it almost perfectly matches the price chart. Over 7 million members now - that's insane and a huge amount of buying power.

>> No.27182460

off yourself jew

>> No.27182479

And the /biz/ cryptards are now just starting to google "how to buy GME shares?"

>> No.27182601

I am holding for ever. Fuck those motherfuckers

>> No.27182645

Shorts don't expire. And put options have publicly known open interest so you know when they expire. You don't know who owns though.

>> No.27182767

The only fucker in the situation would be you getting fucked when the share is worth $15

>> No.27182800

I just want to buy 1 share when it dips to 150 on monday. What do I input into my program? Limit order -> 150? If I want to automatically sell it at 400 afterwards, do I put a new limit sell, or does the "stop limit" combine both of these?
I don't really care about money I'm just practicing buying and selling stocks

>> No.27182815

If you threw in a a few hundred for 1 share, sure, hold it for the entertainment. But if you have 5+ figures in this shit you are a straight up cuck if you hold this shit and sacrifice yourself for some reddit faggots who got in <$20 and successfully memed this as some sort of conman-man vs wall street bullshit.

>> No.27182834

Sell the second the market opens. The majority of the short term short float expired Friday and settles at open on Monday. Additional short float was created this week at insane premiums because you "hodl/not about the money" faggots will change your time mighty quick when you're facing losing thousands in real money and tens of thousands in unrealized gains. Buying puts first thing Monday morning is actually the right move.

The bigger question is do you sell of all your equities completely. The reason the rest of the market has been dumping the past week is because the shorts have to liquidate other equities to cover losses. That hits like a brick Monday at open. I'm thinking about pulling out the 401k from my previous job w tax and 15% penalty just because I'm thinking equities markets roughly halve by end of week.

This is no joke gonna cause the great depression because it's counter party risk like we saw on 2009 on steroids. That's why media has spent the last week calling the GME trade right wing antisemitism even though it's wildly popular with normie public right now to see hedgies get wrecked. The financial press understands what's coming and that's why they're happy to make their ideological enemies look like the beloved enemies of oligarchs right now.

>> No.27182871


>> No.27182892

Something I'd like to know is if nobody is selling, how are people still buying shares of this stock?

>> No.27182953

>What do I input into my program? Limit order -> 150? If I want to automatically sell it at 400 afterwards, do I put a new limit sell,

>> No.27182973

You don't transfer shorts. They're not options. It's crazy that all these noobs know about options but don't know about something simpler like shorting. When you short, you have negative shares essentially because you owe shares to whoever you bought from. When you close the short, you buy back shares and you transfer them to the original share owner. The original share owner holds no short after he get's his shares back. He's just back to being a long holder.

>> No.27182982

Louis Rossman? Is that you?

>> No.27183042

I will kill all your family and gf if you still try to shill this fucking scam coin
don’t believe this bastards, use your brains
wanna check real high stat for crypto?
participate in stakenet and XSN results, 46m mc

>> No.27183108

So it will automatically buy it for me the moment it hits 150 or lower. If this is the main way people trade stocks, then aren't downward trends continuous as everybody's limit sells kick in?

>> No.27183127

retail hasnt even had a chance to FOMO. the first national news stories were on thursday. on friday every national news MSM primetime show and even local news channels talked about GME

if normies want to FOMO in they have to make a broker account. usually that takes 1-3 days to set up at the soonest. then they have to transfer bank funds. that usually takes 1-3 days. i think tuesday and wednesday you are going to see a bubble pump literally just from normies who never played stocks before in their lives

now the hedge funds are doing everything they can to stop this. they are running hit pieces in the media about how this is dumb and everyone should stay away. they have analysts live on air on CNBC bragging how they just now bought shorts and PUTs on GME.

institutions holding are going to keep holding and let me tell you why. if they dump their holdings the price tanks immediately and gives the shorts a way out. the institutions that are holding got those shares when they were cheap months ago, they werent retarded enough to buy in once the bubble and squeeze started. for them, it makes financial sense to keep holding because they can squeeze the shorts out of actual non meme companies. as the shorts have to liquidate their holdings in AAPL and other blue chips for example, the institutions on our side can buy their dips while they continue to hold GME. they can put competing hedge funds out of business. they can swoop in and buy up all the assets and top employees for cheap during bankruptcy. why would they give away that leverage to "lol sell at $500" which as i explained above would never work because no other institution is going to be buying at $500 and retail cant buy it because their volume is low and limited as it is by the hedge fund broker collusion

>> No.27183148

Some people are selling and the large institutional holders are selling some of their shares so there is stock to be purchased. Just not enough for the hedgies to cover their shorts. Don't buy into the media spin. The shorts have not covered all their positions. It's literally impossible for them to cover all their position. Theyre stuck having to pay us.

>> No.27183199

they tried that thrusday and it didnt work and now the new floor is $300. GME was $300 almost all day friday

>> No.27183245

I think its likely it opens up 500+ on Monday. Who wants to sell now? The ones that held into the close on Friday? Certainly not. Cant think of anyone else who would possibly want to sell at this point.

>> No.27183251

This guy gets it.

>> No.27183326

Nope. Traitors will be shot.

Not one step backwards. We HODL until they FODL

>> No.27183336

my price gets higher by the day, melvin

>> No.27183343

You need to place two orders. Limit buy and limit sell. A stop limit is something else. If you want to place both orders simultaneously, you would need a scripting platform that supports multi step actions.

>> No.27183361

Eventually they'll want to close their positions regardless.
Imagine 10% of your leveraged portfolio tied up in GME shorts. Paying interest on the short and the leverage. Just to spite retail investors? At most they can double their gain but risk serious exposure if it keeps rising.

>> No.27183390

they arent allowing retail to short, all brokers have cut off margin for GME and other tickers with the same exploit

>> No.27183410

We fucking HODL poster, we hold until they fold

>> No.27183461

Do you think there would still be a dip Monday then and a chance to swing? That's all I really want, a change to be playing more with house money.

>> No.27183462

hold because fuck wallstreet

>> No.27183473
File: 63 KB, 500x304, hold.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You guys know this is a revolution right?

>> No.27183476

this has happened before, and every time, the underlying crashes incredibly hard. take profits next week.

>> No.27183543

The 320 floor on Friday power hour was absurd. Barely any volume as everyone actually held.

>> No.27183544

Thank you, I think I will buy the stock and then wait until tuesday and see if it rises from people buying as well.
One more question, I noticed the tickers on every site is slightly different. They're all delayed by different amounts, so how does the limit order know when to kick in? Is that delayed too or is it always going to be in real time?

>> No.27183568

the shorts on those stocks are closing their positions like crazy after they watched GME, short interest is down and those stocks were never as heavily shorted as GME was to begin with

>> No.27183629

Yeah? and when competing hedge funds and billionaires pull their stocks out at that price and the average person is trying to jump off the sinking shit what are you going to do?

>> No.27183726

Dude, this is just one fricken company who is only worth 22billion even after this run up. All the billions lost by shorters losing their money isn't even that much money being compared to the stock market as a whole. There have been days when Apple alone gained or lost more than 22 billion dollars in market cap. The reason the market has been down this week is because the fed announced they would be ending open market operations at the meeting they had on wednesday.

>> No.27183828

GME got shilled hard on the news in the Netherlands today. I think many people are actually catching up today. If pre markets aren't at least 20% I'm expecting an opening dip though.

>> No.27183857

For those who are playing this for the money alone, that might be the way to go.
But you seem to be missing what's happening, and personally I think you're going to miss even more profits.
>fed announced they would be ending open market operation
just in time. what is their stop date?

>> No.27183916

>this has happened before
This has literally never happened before. Not like this.

>> No.27183918

I'm not selling, this is personal.
Fed owns the gov, stop with the lies

>> No.27183946

Some people are no doubt selling. Also, new shorters are essentially creating new shares by opening new shorts. The short interest is still very high.

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File: 967 KB, 227x221, KPAXdissapoint.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a lot of these are index funds and are required
to buy shares of a stock part of a certain index. dont represent that shit as actively managed interest. also that pic is old, norges bank closed their position 31.12.20.

>> No.27184064

honestly all those jewish tricks are the reason its a huge buy signal. they are trying to stop the transfer of wealth out their coffers and into pleb hands

>> No.27184115

Hold the line with my 1k. I don't care if it goes down to $.01.

This is the last free decision you will have if we lose. We hold the fucking line

>> No.27184164

>f normies want to FOMO in they have to make a broker account. usually that takes 1-3 days to set up at the soonest. then they have to transfer bank funds. that usually takes 1-3 days.

A fresh robinhood account would be able to buy stocks in a matter of minutes up to $1000 with instant cash available.

>> No.27184197
File: 11 KB, 590x310, volkswagen.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hasnt even happened yet

>> No.27184207


>> No.27184211

Orders do not work off ticker data. They execute off whatever the real exchange has on bid at that moment,

>> No.27184251

my argument is listen to WSB not this faggot place

>> No.27184257

Remember: it's not about making money but sending a message

>> No.27184265


>> No.27184407

this guy gets it. also the reason why this will create a huge problem for the rest of the market and will be the catalyst for the great recession of 2021

>> No.27184448

Ive heard its possible for the stock to hit 5,000.
Id expect hedgefunds plan for the stock to plummet and profit off of that.
So why not, keep buying and forcing them to purchase at a higher price to fuck them with their arrogance.
i dont know what im talking about, but it looks fun.

>> No.27184497

Anyone who sells on Monday will end up killing themselves later that month.

>> No.27184498

Hold, once people realize there arent any more of those games left theyre going to go for 1000 a piece

>> No.27184506

Nobody is mentioning 4chan at all. It's all "young men from reddit"

>> No.27184510

thank you, first version were it makes sense that the big ones hold. can be, doesn´t have to be. but who sold the shorts. also the big once in this version?

>> No.27184541
File: 593 KB, 1242x1010, 252B09EB-D4F8-4CEF-9E5A-EAEB710E7A10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.27184613

>If the price doubles now, at least 10 bil more collateral are needed.
this is why they colluded with brokerages to stop the influx of new money on thursday

unfortunately that backfired since all it did was create a shit ton of angry peasants which made the national news and the whole thing went viral

>> No.27184664

>when you realize all the faggy financial bros bought mansions in Florida because Florida protects homes from being seized
How many bitcoin would it cost to have China bomb Florida, Cayman, Bahamas, and the British Virgin Islands?

>> No.27184666

won't go to 10k when everyone has this mindset

>> No.27184671

I bought a good till for next Friday, do you guys think there’ll be a dip on Monday and I can sell before it and re buy in? I’m just wondering how long they will hold out until the inevitable squeeze

>> No.27184674


Don´t tell them just like the silver plan.

Let it all die down so the consequences of our actions and inmediate silver buy plan can get into action.

>> No.27184754

up to you.... if you want to lose money for others to dip out and save their positions then hold... if you wanna save your money or make money then sell. its only down from here.... like dogecoin...

>> No.27184765

good luck bro. i dont think we are going to dip below $250 again

>> No.27184827

Could happen, if the market was that over-leveraged. Maybe Glass-Stegal (or wtf they called that) to seperate the lenders from the markets is a great idea, that needs to come back.
And, while we're at it, end fiat credit.
It is possible for a stock to be bought at a trillion dollars, if your account has the funds and someone makes the bid/offer.
When Porsche played a short squeeze against shorts who were aiming to bust up VW, they took $2000/share on the last few trades.
This situation is much more volitile, however, because Porsche knew how many shares they were holding.

>> No.27184839

Every time I see a shill post on /biz/ I set my stop limit $10 higher.

>> No.27184856

Arent those other retailers... I dont think you understand that the short position is borrowed off of a brokerage and not retail investors...
Unless it is I who is retarded

>> No.27184880

>imagine, wanting to short gme, but etoro doesn't allow short trades on gme and other meme stocks
Yes what the fuck is that, I wanted to short Monday but I can't wtf is this bullshit

>> No.27184932

>I'm thinking about pulling out the 401k from my previous job w tax and 15% penalty

well you dont know much about finances so im not going to take your opinion seriously. you can force your 401k to cash without pulling it out

>> No.27184937

Based Donald Trump poster.

>> No.27184947

It was gonna happen anyways.

Remember the hyperinflation that has not happened yet because of the 40% total of dollars being printed in the last 6 months?

That was gonna hit the US at mid recovery. At least now it hits us faster which means a possible faster recovery but don´t expect the stock market to be the same AT ALL.

>> No.27184967

Yes but they borrowed 140% of the stock to do that and it's at $320 and there's been no volume.
They didn't close shit.

>> No.27185029

the shorting hedge funds have bots buying and selling 100 share batches to each other every second within 1 cent increments to keep the price from going up

look at the public order book

>> No.27185041

There will not doubt be fluctuations. The hedgies were short laddering the stock to shake out the weak hands all last week. They will continue to do so because they have not other options.

>> No.27185082

>I can't wtf is this bullshit
it's a margin requirement you can't match, or as likely, your broker cannot. and the lending to short these stocks was estimated between 50-80% interest.

>> No.27185094

I swear you FUD shills need to be curb stomped. We're not selling faggot, fuck off.

>> No.27185117

so retail investors are sniping those shares from the institutions as they pass them back and forth for market manipulation

>> No.27185119

I’m new to all of this but I’m sure a lot of the guys who bought in early have their limits set to $1000. I’m going to sell then, and after the inevitable dip I can buy my share back while also securing my initial investment. I’d be in a lot better position if it wasn’t for Robinhood’s fuckery, and unfortunately it’s too late to transfer over in time.

>> No.27185127

Polar opposites, it´s like Yin and Yang but with severe autism and high level market corruption.

>> No.27185192

There has been a ton of after-hours shit, and I'm not sure how that's been tracked.

>> No.27185203

For sure, but they look exactly the same kek

>> No.27185230


>> No.27185239

This. Do not underestimate the fact that a market crash may be the goal for some members of this disorganized mob. The question is- how far can that rage carry the value, and I have faith in reddit to remain retarded longer than a lot of firms to remain solvent.

>> No.27185289


Why? The only way this can succeed is FOMO

>> No.27185299

>Sell most at $1k or higher. Keep some shares just incase it goes $10k
Wrong. Hold them all, keep limit sells at 10k for now and be ready to cancel them. They are shilling the entire internet to cause FUD and that because its all that can work for them. Hold that shit and enjoy the kikes kvetching. You should be enjoying this btw...

>> No.27185311

>short share public availability: 0
sorry, out of stock.

>> No.27185315
File: 485 KB, 727x1828, reddit vs wallstreet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>next week

>> No.27185383

As someone who was only able to get on the amc train, i honestly would have sold GME friday

>> No.27185540

I see tha is anon I think I'll just stick with crypto all this hebrew trickery is a little bit too much to handle

>> No.27185541

The idea is to add the liquidity necessary to buy into the flight to safety investments, PM and BTC.

Yes, I think we could be looking at an inflationary depression. I know 2009 and 1929 were both deflationary, but the commodities bull, decade long near ZIRP fed policy, and covid reset already built in have me concerned about stagflation depression.

>> No.27185728


Fuck off 99% percent of us are hoping fpr a quick buck

>> No.27185735

It usually pumps AH but the volume is much lower.
It's also on different exchanges and their AH doesn't match exactly but are pretty similar. I'd say they've only managed to cover a fraction of shorts.

>> No.27185772

don't care, still not selling

>> No.27185856

>Bank of Norway
I'm sorry what

>> No.27185859

>if normies want to FOMO in they have to make a broker account. usually that takes 1-3 days to set up at the soonest. then they have to transfer bank funds. that usually takes 1-3 days.
Several friends of mine got in to this on thursday and opened accounts, they were set up within a day including adding funds.

>> No.27185886

I don't understand how people are saying they "wish they could get in on it" but that it's too expensive. $320 isn't a lot of money.

>> No.27185921

The weekend is the perfect break for the rest of the normies to get excited about Gamestop. Its gonna be a gangbang on Monday.

>> No.27185949


Those who got in at $100> are going to leave without running the chance of losing everything. Those who have been in since $20> will obviously GTFO because they will be literal millionaires. Those who got it from $100-$200 will sell once shit starts dropping and will be lucky to make 200% returns. And those who are just getting in now/those who bought at $400+ will either sell once they've lost half of their investments and/or will be the bag holders. r/wallstreetbets is pure fucking cringe now filled with retarded normies who didn't know WTF a short or gamma squeeze was until last week. It's the same shit that happened with 2017 BTC. Nerds will REEE that le ebil hedgehogs screwed them but in reality will realize this is what happens when you let emotions think for you

>> No.27186021

its a pension fund. you know, because their govt actually cares about its people?

>> No.27186041

To a lot of those folks, it's been a recession since July. Im not sure how to accurately value a stock when the point is dragging the stock market itself down to the level of the rest of the economy

>> No.27186281

22b before the shorts are even squeezed at Monday open. At 140% float, we could see a tripling of that at Monday open. And Apple gaining or losing 20b in a day isn't as consequential because it's marginal in its market cap. GME market cap explodes to $66b, which is liquidated from other equities, and then disappears within hours as it crashes back to a $6b market cap. And this spooks normies sparking a sell off

>> No.27186307
File: 50 KB, 1082x704, gme breaking market.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no, it wont because as i explained above there is broker hedge fund collusion particularly with robinhood. go try it right now and see. robinhood is not allowing purchase of GME, AMC, etc with instant deposit credit and literally all brokers have stopped allowing buying GME with margin. log into your borker right now, whats that message you see at the top of your account summary?

>> No.27186445
File: 113 KB, 1080x1080, 5f7866.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're afraid.
This look tells me to hold.

>> No.27186486

the big hedge funds shorting? melvin, citron, citadel, there are a bunch but those are the most public currently. they are all worth tens of billions of dollars.

>> No.27186513

Who's that?

>> No.27186563

To alot of these people, it's been recession since 1978. And 2008 was a hell of a kick in the teeth. Trump managed to make some turn around, people were happy to be in America again, and were looking forward to taking jobs in factories.
And then the jews in charge of the DNC decided that Biden was actually a good choice to let on the stage, no censor nor even censure for his sexual abuse and sale of access to the WH to foreign nations, and then they cheated to get him to win, in obvious fashion.
And now, a side show with a hint of rebellion. How will it play out, with unlimited dollar printing from the banks?

>> No.27186636

Hey biz, whats the difference between the GME shorts and crypto shorts? If you short something in crypto you need collateral and you get liquidated if the price increases instead.
Doesnt the same thing happen if you short stocks? Dont you get liquidated if the price increases past a certain point?

>> No.27186696

Almost everyone I know lives paycheck to paycheck and spends all their money on weed, booze, video games and cars. Personally I only started saving last year and I just turned 30

>> No.27186718


Or scared. My personal hype meter is the WSB subscriber count though. It's only going up.

>> No.27186751

I should be more quiet, I can't prove this isn't actually an attempt to drop the zepplin by a thousand cuts. It's certainly a quality lesson on jews.

>> No.27186756

Sell at what? What if i put my limit too high? I dont want to sell at market price i got fucked over last time

>> No.27186772

Gonna keep an eye on it all day, I've got a sell limit order for all but one of my shares at $500 which will bring me a tidy profit, I encourage others to do the same.

>> No.27186847

Sell enough to break even, right the train up by selling at intervals. If it goes up a hundred, you sell some, another hundred, you sell more, etc. That way, you make gains but you won't miss out if the mythical short squeeze actually happens.
It will lose steam but you have enough pissed of people from what RH is doing that they will buy and hold out of spite. Ironically, RH might have just lit the fire on the whole fuse.

>> No.27186908

just 2 more weeks

trust the plan

>> No.27186921

no i mean who gets the shocks back. who gave their stocks to melvin and co. for the shorts.

>> No.27186935
File: 38 KB, 498x383, 1611869666702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Friendly reminder to look up

For GME it's around 5 days.

>> No.27187001

Nope they are purely shorting on trust and not collateral. If it worked the same the market makers would have already liquidated them, but they’re letting them short on promise only

>> No.27187044
File: 391 KB, 833x1102, 1611833263194.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>For GME it's around 5 days.
It's 2 at most.

>> No.27187056

Hedge fund shill.

>> No.27187071
File: 93 KB, 660x401, GME DID IT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah of course, theres going to be dips every day as the hedgeshorts try to shake the tree with megadumps. this stock is very volatile, and thats only bringing in more retail traders who are playing with it. its literally the most traded stock in the market right now. $300 seemd to be a pretty stable floor for friday though so who knows. i could see it going up to $400 or $500 and them trying to dip the price back to $300. i dont think there will be dips far below that because people just snap up the shares and tighten the noose around the shorters

>> No.27187158


>> No.27187167

The volume is going to be insane, don't trust that.

>> No.27187308

thats what im saying. its like a 21st century gold rush right in a lot of peoples eyes. everyone is wanting to rush in on the action. so even ignoring the mathematical factors of a short squeeze, the stock is going to go up just because of the hype alone

>> No.27187327
File: 65 KB, 920x539, bfm9A5E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People are already moving to SLV in preperation for the next target, the silver market. Should all kick off next week. Now is the time to move IMO.

>> No.27187383

solid take. either way we win by holding.

>> No.27187406

I don’t have a source I just used logic, because if they shorted at 5 dollars and it’s up to 300 dollars it would have already been liquidated if they had physical collateral.

>> No.27187475

That's just buying physical isn't? Not shares.

>> No.27187489

if i have a sell limit at 1000 how the fuck is it gonna get sold
who is gonna buy at 1000

>> No.27187524

Yah I know a few people who are setting up accounts just to buy GME. Even without the shorts, normies wanna buy en masse, even if it's only 1 share. That's gonna bring it up to 500 at least

>> No.27187566
File: 250 KB, 1228x1329, AMCGME.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These graphics are the evolution of GME an AMC yesterday. I dont know anything about finance but i see that the spikes and digs happend exactly at the same time.

Can we assume that it mean that the sharing prices of these two evolution were monitored by the sames algorithm and maybe the sames servers? ( i have read lot of times that the hedge funds use IT at the nanosecond for doing their business)

If yes, it mean that the situation is exactly the same for GME and AMC, if you look for Blackberry and Nokia, graphs are different.

>> No.27187632

Either the normies or the shorties will buy

>> No.27187647

You guys know 100% shorted meand 200% of the bags to be dumped?
And the largest holder is the worlds largest hedge fund, who has the power to commence the dump whenever?
anyway, have a nice weekend.

>> No.27187746

yep this is happening monday 11h00 EST

>> No.27187764

What are the chances GME actually stabilizes at a high price and people don't have a reason to sell?

>> No.27187784

I'm going to sell. Everyone saying they're going to hold is a liar.

>> No.27187811

Ive just witnessed brapshaming wtf

>> No.27187840

Let's assume the GME short squeeze continues next week.
Are most poorfag retail traders able to buy shares >$500 - especially now that Robinhood has restricted fractional shares?
Get out while you still can.

>> No.27187905

I'll buy your sell and hold it.

>> No.27187927
File: 45 KB, 480x332, Stalingrad_German squad in Factory District.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


ok schlomo

>> No.27187936

I hope so. If this is true there is chance the squeeze is going to be absolutely insane.

>> No.27187954

PSLV will actually accept redemption for physical from us small fries. SLV is controlled by JPM; you wont win with SLV. If we all focus on PSLV we can drain the Comex.

>> No.27187962

Finally, someone doing what I’ve done. Short since Friday close small size going to build in position on pops.

>> No.27188007

every day your trades are funded by the brokerage you signed up with, and at the end of the day they settle the net position with the DTCC. no, if you are retail, you are not trading directly with another retail individual. your broker simply ensures that both of you do exist, and their order book says that your bid/ask could meet, while respecting flags on the order such as $ limit.

>> No.27188071

Hold. If I hold and i am wrong, i lose 300 dollars worst scenario. Pocket change of a month. If I hold and win, not only i get a good laugh but I win anywhere from 100 dollars to the moon. This is the position of most tards.

>> No.27188088

As someone who missed the GME train I'll buy if the price drops to sub 300$. Otherwise I'll keep my AMC

>> No.27188133

So without market manipulation it could get to 1000$ or even more? insane

>> No.27188191
File: 170 KB, 750x502, biden blacks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you seriously telling me you dont believe in the biden economy of building back better?

>> No.27188273

I heard 1 billion page views. this is going to be like a nuclear bomb when it goes off.

>> No.27188277

lot of seething shitcoin fags in this here thread, pissed off they missed the boat

>> No.27188315

>no volume.
this is how i know you guys are dead in the water.

>> No.27188386



>> No.27188402



>> No.27188406

Sell at open or pre-market. Normies have already forgot and moved to dogecoin. And on top of that most hedge funds closed their old shorts when retail couldn't buy.

>> No.27188414

>You guys know 100% shorted meand 200% of the bags to be dumped?
That doesn't even make sense.

>> No.27188439

Im thinking of selling at 800 at monday morning rally then buying in again if theres a dip at around 400-500.

If it doesnt hit 800 im just back to holding

If it hits 800 and I sell but cant buy in no harm no foul I made some profit

>> No.27188453

Honestly considering they have let this get out of control and keep doubling their shorts and the market makers don’t seem to be calling in their shorts they’re just going to keep doing that and wait it out until there is government intervention. If they cover their shorts they will have to declare bankruptcy. They have nothing left to lose so they are just buying time. I actually don’t think the squeeze will happen. Which when the government comes in that’s when it gets interesting to see what kind of conversation comes from that.

>> No.27188497

the institutional lenders and those same hedge funds who also lend. they were shorting each others shorts or we wouldnt be over 100% shorted for GME. so someone was breaking the law somewhere

>> No.27188503


go back to e-coins of donuts, you're too short for the ride, sez this carnie

>> No.27188531

there we go, now we're speaking the language

>> No.27188548

Buy more next week, might cause a real Holocaust in Minecraft

>> No.27188558

It’s the biggest investor class in the world now. At some point their going to come for link en masse. Let’s fucking go.

>> No.27188689

Look, it's going to collapse eventually. The best bet is to sell on monday and short.

>> No.27188692

Correct. They're also quick to rubbish it because they literally don't understand the logic behind it, and assume it's just another of their shit coin pump and dumps.

>> No.27188741

his source is the fact there were 240% shorts on float at one time. if people were lending based on collateral for the shares you wouldnt have over 100% since the lenders would be required to set aside those stocks as untouchable until returned. but they were lending out the same share to multiple hedgefunds as is apparent by the fact we are over 100% shorted

>> No.27188771

No, SLV is paper. Heavily manipulated by JP Morgan shorts.

>> No.27188830

You can buy the same stock multiple times. If you owe me 100 shares, you get one person to sell you 100 shares, you give me those shares, then I just sell you the same 100 shares over and over until I'm paid back.

>> No.27188843

i think that volume is probably institutional and probably hedging against market implosion

>> No.27188861

I missed the boat on this but can afford 1 share. If it dips and I buy, how likely is it I'll make a profit?

>> No.27188883

Does wbets shill crypto sometime? Just imagine what we could do if all of them got into link

>> No.27188919

Yep. Physical is high premium already as they see the approaching storm. PSLV is a good play here too. I hold physical for decades but it is just my emergency fund and I won't be selling.

>> No.27188920

High risk but high reward

>> No.27188928

The squeeze completes Monday at open. Buying back at any price north of ten dollars is idiocy. Do not do it.

Even if you wanna repeat this squeeze in the additional puts hedgies bought this week, you don't do it before the price here corrects to market fundamental levels or close enough to. So buy at $40 sure but definitely not $400.

>> No.27189022

This is pretty much wealth redistribution, if people actually hold this shit it could shoot up to 50k for all we know.

>> No.27189032

I thought Burry and Scion sold?

>> No.27189035

No it fucking doesn't, don't believe this fucking hedge shill sowing FUD bullshit.

>> No.27189139


More these guys getting in early, they have calls targetted and he has done a good study in this. Sorry to post reddit but it is the worlds biggest hedge fund right now and worth reading. 6m people playing with their pensions is not to be missed.

>> No.27189150

I believe the most certain squeeze may yet be about 35 days out, since they shorted on their shorts.
I will be Hodl.

>> No.27189170

You should probably ask /b/ what to do

>> No.27189182
File: 7 KB, 320x180, ABDF678B-E783-4E52-BB45-BB323A237298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only one investment strategy...
Fuck niggers
Fuck kikes
Fuck trannys
Fuck jannies
Fuck hedgies

>> No.27189198

He wants gme discussion to end so we can go back to crypto pnd.

>> No.27189241

They won’t let you rebuy once you sell. One share is all they are allowing people to buy.

>> No.27189248

zero, unless you think "high" is like, $25 to $50.

>> No.27189314

You have these bolshevik fucks right where you want them. Fucking hold you faggots.

>> No.27189397

Robinhood looking more and more likely to collapse. Might not see your money back for a while, if at all.

>> No.27189412

Do you think Robinhood will still have the 1 share limit rule? I own a couple already and might get one more if there's good dip but not sure if RH will let me

>> No.27189444

Divide and Conquer to distract people from GME

>> No.27189463

Trying to decide if it’s worthwhile to buy more... I’m only in at 4 @ 250 but feel like this really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I guess setting a sell limit for one share to cover my loses would be the smart move ?

>> No.27189508

Already hit max media attention, only possible direction is down. Should have already sold.

>> No.27189519

IG (biggest broker in UK) announced today they will stop buying of GME, AMC etc on Monday. The fuckery isn't over yet.

>> No.27189527

... Why are people seriously still using Robinhood after everything that happened?

>> No.27189536

you don't have a source because you're wrong. they were liquidated. thereafter, collateral requirements on GME allegedly shot up to three times position size, but the real total requirement hides the true number. https://archive.is/axHtT
the short float everyone is touting was last updated january 27 and reported on the 28th, and it will not be reported again until the middle of feburary. https://www.finra.org/filing-reporting/regulatory-filing-systems/short-interest#overview

>> No.27189581

The squeeze hasn't even started yet, and it doesn't matter if retail traders cant afford to buy shares once the squeeze starts, that's the whole point.

>> No.27189591

The narrative of Melvin fags:
>It will never go up
>It will crash on Thursday retards, the kikes will rig it
>Its crashing in Friday sell
>The squeeze already happened
>Sell on Monday at first hour (they are here)

>> No.27189679

I think this is the right play but I'm afraid of some jewish trick to stop me from being able to buy back in

>> No.27189718

I agree. They don't care anymore. But they will still try some halfassed "its over, everybody go home" psyops next week.
I don't think it will work though, everything is too transparent right now.
Maybe the government will announce some sort of "slow cover" bailout program, where they announce to buy back shares in certain intervals. Or some other measure to prevent a violent short squeeze.

>> No.27189747

How many people do you think they paid to go on wsb and biz to do this.

>> No.27189804

These schizo images give me anxiety

>> No.27189923

The majority of the Melvin shorts expired Friday and squeeze at Monday open. That's when the shorts are forced to buy. But the second those shorts but, they'll be selling which means the moon mission is gonna last an extremely short time before the plummet, even more so because no one who actually works in finance is touching this on the way down at 10-20x is fundamental value. If you try buying a falling dagger to stick it to hedge kikes, you're throwing them a proverbial life saver.

While I'm not 100% , i think whatever puts bought opened this week don't expire for a month meaning your choices are holding $30 stocks at $300 cost average or selling at the moon on Monday morning and rebuying in a week or two at fundamental levels for another coordinated squeeze

>> No.27189968

Bots are hella cheap.

>> No.27189996

That’s all I have anyway, got in way late and am poorfag. Luckily though I managed 10 shares of AMC, so we’ll see where that goes.

>> No.27190020

Wouldn’t you love to know kike

>> No.27190035
File: 1.51 MB, 425x481, 1604123468735.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]









>> No.27190038
File: 125 KB, 1123x658, GMEshort.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>his source is the fact there were 240% shorts on float at one time.
this page says it's at 249% float and it was last updated January 30.

>> No.27190125

They came here after wsb automod started nuking the bots. They actually expect the ~4000ish people here to make a difference vs 6mil on wsb.

>> No.27190289

Well, that would be downright logical. Get that out of here!

>> No.27190447

I mean they have 50+ million shares outstanding to cover, maybe more now considering >>27190038

Every 100 dollars it goes up costs 5+ billion dollars. So the return on investment from even spending like 20 million dollars on ads, message board shills, risking fines by blatantly manipulating the market is pocket change.

>> No.27190482

I carry $2k cash with me everywhere
Also holding 50 GME @148

>> No.27190559

Yeah they’re going heavy on the psyops campaign to try and wiggle themselves out of it. It might work on some people, but we clearly saw them with their dick in the cookie jar and they’re trying to gaslight us

>> No.27190652

They closed most of the shorts at $10, $20 dollars. Most shorts are now from when it was $300. Sorry squeeze aint happening.

>> No.27190662

Yes with lovely ~100 stock volumes. It's HFT, not whales.

>> No.27190671

It's this >>27186696
I find it kind of funny and try to downplay the fact that I'm not really worried about losing hundreds to my friends

>> No.27190686

anyone buying AMC ?????

or BB??

BB canada or US???

>> No.27190728

>5 dollars has been deposited to your account from jewberg goldstein

>> No.27190753

Look at the Short Double downs this week.
HFundies are seeing record highs and think they can borrow sell and buy back once it all crashes when they Ladder trade to force it down and hoping WSBtards sell off enough to buy tendies and choki milks for rest of year and this causes OutConUS to sell off holdings too.
If they can time it right they can make bank on the doubled down shorts that bury all their losses to date.
Hold now and they are fucked. FUBARed.
Banks and Shorters are Cash poor right now. They are making naked bets and praying the Big Lie "You won. Sell off and Go Home." works.
What use is it telling the village idiots this?
We are all face first in our tendies wishing we had Mulan sauce once again.

>> No.27190765

What the fuck do you think happens Monday morning after the squeeze? That 140% of float doesn't just get bought. It then gets sold immediately after so as soon as the market moons it crashes in the blink of an eye.

If you buy the falling dagger, you are saving a kike. Let it correct to market. Do not buy until there sustained flattening, then if you think another squeeze will be organized for the new 100% that originated this week with feb expiry, buy in advance of that at real market levels not pnd levels that actually benefits the shorts that get called on Monday. Unless you believe hundreds of thousands of normies on RobinHood are going to hold $300 cost average stocks when it's dropping to $30. Ayy lmao. Don't be a fucking fool and don't be a tool of kikes by buying their $30 bags at $300 because you think thousands of normies will lose big money just to hold a worthless stock at 1000% loses to fuck over new kikes a month out.

>> No.27190779

The fuck? The short float is 250% right now. https://financhill.com/most-heavily-shorted-stocks-today

>> No.27190815

I keep seeing this naration of their shorts expired Friday. Shorts don’t expire. Call and puts options expire. Shorts are basically loans and the loan insurer decides when to recall the loan

>> No.27190838

>still have 120% short left
all the data that exists on the current short position was updated on the 15th of january, meaning you don't know what actually is still shorted. For all you care the low 100's drop might've been their move

>> No.27191121

exactly, all that happens is it's bleeding the hedges dry with interest payments. I start agreeing more and more with the juden who said these were unsophisticated people

>> No.27191128
File: 395 KB, 640x640, tenor-2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Redditors are giving bunk financial advice through this whole thing.

If you have a stake in GME, you should have some a large portion of your shares at $400, and held some for the squeeze. Even DPV cashed out some. Some faggots are literally buying GME at $300+ and not taking any profits, violating pretty much every rule of investing.

I cashed out at $430, made a cool $50k, and now holding the rest in case the squeeze does pan out.

>> No.27191347

underrated toast

>> No.27191444

The 320 floor was to 100% guarantee the 320 calls got exercised but not the calls written above that level. The deathly silence after that pretty much guaranteed the stock is going to moon next week. Think like a hedge trying to fuck other hedgies

>> No.27191445

and remember that shorting info is updated twice a month, first mid-month, and at end-month. Seeing that during the weekend the market is closed, you'll only know monday

>> No.27191477

Yes, but what matters here is the timing. 140% of float settles Monday at open. It will moon, then it will crash as will as it mooned. You can either sell them your bags on the moon, or you can be a fucking retard that is helping jews by trying to hurts them and your can sell them your $xxx cost average bag at $30 on the other 100% of puts they bought this week in February.

Just know that you are banking on hundreds of thousands of normies holding a memestock at 1000% its value for a month. Good luck w that anon. I'll buy your bags for $20 come February for the next squeeze instead

>> No.27191590

see >>27190038

>> No.27191615

This is very convincing, they must be paying you a high premium

>> No.27191656

i think theres a chance that could happen. its definitely not 0. i explained it in a post on another thread but the tldr version is GME could make a deal with the hedgefunds to print shares for a fixed price to bail them out of the infinite losses from shorts. GME would then become a top 500 company overnight with tens or hundreds of billions in cash and our new normal fair share price of GME will reflect whatever the sales price of that deal was

>> No.27191777

thats why the squeeze happens, thats a direct component of it

>> No.27191832

that is of course implying you trust that data. For all I can see, every single website that keeps that data had this updated only in 14th of january

>> No.27191920

i have enabled extended hours trading in fidelity.

if i set a sell order now, would it possibly trigger in premarket monday?

>> No.27191991

on thursdays first halt the hedgies had a computer issue an fucked up their manipulation sales volume and the price shot to $4,500 in a fraction of a second with some confirmed sales as screenshots on reddit showed. that triggered the market freeze and gave the hedges time to get their bots back in order

>> No.27192053

no, there is a separate radio button that becomes available on the order window when AH/PM trading is available, and for orders to exist in AH/PM, you have to do it from there.

>> No.27192162

Honestly. What if I buy a call and put both expiring a few months from now. Wouldn’t one of them go up a 1000% and the other just die? Seems like a no brainer. I would only get fucked if the stock actually stay stable

>> No.27192170
File: 1.99 MB, 3264x2448, 20210113_082536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This. They let the mask slip. Explain in detail to all your normie friends that the news stories telling you to stay away from gamestop are blatant propaganda. Then ask them if it really seems so far-fetched that they would lie about something as catastrophic as covid

>> No.27192177

got it . thanks

exiting my position if its in the green monday. only 30 shares

>> No.27192232

yeah literally everyone ive seen trash it thinks of it like a pump and dump because they dont understand the technicals

>> No.27192279

I'm holding 179 shares of BB in the US. The rest of my money is held up in GME at the moment. Is there a difference between BB CA or BB US?

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