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Massive cup and handle formation. We will likely break out in the next 30 minutes. I hope you bought the dip frens. Strap in and enjoy the moon mission :^)

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I bought on this dip. This seems early level. Hopefully we can hold the line. Touching 3 cents.

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You mad on these gains brah?? Get out old nigga.

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I made 800 dollars on dogecoin and now it's dead. fuck off you're too late you redditor.

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Time traveler here. Doge will reach $0.25 at the end of the week.

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Ignore the shills, we’re going to hit $0.10 tomorrow.

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I came here Ironically and threw 1k at it.

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Classic cup and handle DOGE bros. VERY bullish on DOGE.

Buy now or be a poorfag left in the dust

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Jesus you guys are pathetic

Buy $CLF

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$10 EOW

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Get raped.

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lot of resistance at .03, but it's been a tug of war all day.

It wants to break free. The doge wants to be a dollar.

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>Cunt Licking Fags

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It's not hitting above .05 screencap this.

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accumulated at 0.002 dumped at 0.06
its only dumping now, next accumulation phase is in 6+ months

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What will it peak at? Asking for a friend

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Screencap your mom.

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no volume doggie going nowhere as usual

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It's the dumb old doge fags who bought in at $0.000000000001 in 2017.

They are so fucking dumb for dumping every pump when in fact they could let it moon to 0.20c and reap the rewards.

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I will not be feared if it hits median. Throwing in another 1k

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>Massive cup and handle formation

There's maybe half a cup forming but with all-hype meme shit like this you can't really use TA at all lol.

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You clearly don't understand charts. Kill yourself.

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Just got off the phone with the son of the CEO of dogecoin, he said that it will most likely hit 30cents/share by next thursday

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>people still shilling doge on /biz/ after most redditors were bled dry of their investments and have since left
Ngmi. Go back to tik tok.

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You will not talk our coin down. Suck a dick.

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Fag here who hasn't sold, I mined 500k and chased wolong to 2 mil in the actual old days.

It's fun watching this coin pump over and over again, as each time it does the floor grows

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Last bump. Chilling.

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Getting comfy for the next 5 years

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I know your game bro, I got out of crypto a while back but I am a big whale in certain cryptos I won't talk about, and I used to do exactly that.

But this time it is stupid because this coin is so popular and memed that it could literally hit 20-40c easily if you dumb fucks just let it do it's thing. You can make so much more.

The coins we used to PnD way back didn't have this much celebrity endorsment, and you guys are stupid for not taking advantage of that.

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>0.04 waiting room
>it already hit 0.09 and promptly shot back down
I feel like this thread is full of disgruntled FOMOers that actually bought the top of a worthless crypto. Like what the fuck were you thinking? This board is so fucking full of morons I have lost faith in it a long time ago.

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It's a meme coin for shits and giggles bro, but when it's so easy to make profit here and you have no foresight to do so, you should honestly just kill yourself. youre ngmi

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I already made it. Used to come to /biz/ because I was in good company. Now its full of Redditors and fucking Robinhood idiots like you literally throwing your money at ACTUAL memes thinking you're gonna make it.

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it's gonna hit 40cents in the secondary altszn once BTC puts in its final high for the cycle. DOGE always consolidates for months/years in that 15-25 sats range before omegapumping to 150 sats. How much will 150 sats will be worth once BTC tops out in the 100k's?

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mined 500k in 2013-2014. Sold 200k in 2017 to have fun with BTC, but now im holding on for dear life.

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I'm with you guys holding ≈150$ in DOGE. I'm trusting in it and holding hard. It will make it, no matter when, cheers.

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I just told you im a whale from way back and you're calling me a redditor like an imbecile.

I've been in the game for a long time son and know more than you will ever know. I'm literally a multi millionaire because of crypto and I like gambling a bit and I think you are missing the point here with this coin and what you have at hand is a hot potato that's about to blast off but you have no imagination to let it ride and reap the results.

And like I said you should kys because you're a dumb faggot who doesn't listen.

I dont even own doge and dont care for it, but if you dont see what you have in your hand right now you are so fucking dumb its ridiculous.

I dont even want to talk to you because you are stupid beyond anyones imagination.

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The board isn't awful most of the time but it's full of shit like this since GME hit mainstream

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>tfw sold ETH and BTC at "New Paradigm" in 2017
Don't feel too bad, I spent it all on drugs.

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whats the secret daddy? buy low and sell high alot?

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You fucks its in freefall
Thread theme song:

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If you only invested pocket change, it's pretty fun to watch the drama. If it miraculously hits $1 I stand to make about $1200. If it bottoms out and never goes up again I'm out like $20. Very curious to see what everyone tethered to RH does throughout the week.

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Timing, luck, manipulation (Group PnD is one method). There's so many things you can do to be successful in crypto, but I took my millions and invested in property and now I'm chillin'.

I don't even work anymore, all my properties make me money daily and I'm on permanent vacation.

I had my fun in crypto and I still hold significant coins in stable coins, but I am over that shit, it took thousands of hours out of my life.

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Yeah. Manipulate reality bro. Best thing. Leave a good impression on the world.

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TF is this nonsense?
This current rally brought some of the lamest noobs ever, no thanks to RobinNoob

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>You mad on these gains brah?? Get out old nigga.

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Checked and fuck.

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>hey! this is a message i posted that's totally irrelevant to whatever you wanna talk about but I need attention SO BADLY PLEASE please give me attention I'm single why does noone want me?? Love me! Love me!!! WHY ARE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT A MEME MORE THAN MY NEW INSTAGRAM PICTURE WHERE MY HAIR LOOKS GOOD AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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You do realize that any hope of this shitcoin going up is dead now that RobinGoy is throttling demand, right? Those faggots at SSB are deluded retards who are trying to pump and dump on 02/04 without any plan.

Thanks for holding my bags

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>Massive cup and handle formation.
Does TA even apply to meme shit like this?

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Pump your coins in @satoshistreetbetz telegram group.

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